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Cosmetics 2017 high end and pharmacy lighter / lighter palette Deanna borocz

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel hope, you’re all doing well. once you guys. As most of you know, I am doing my entire makeup collection in categories and in chunks. it’s obviously going to be highlighters. This is probably one of my favorite things to purchase. I asked Lee love highlighters, so I have a bunch of them. I’m going to going over. All my favorites today, as well as showing you all of my high-end and drugstore highlighters together, I have power highlighters.
I also cream and liquids to go through with you.. I will be swatching some them as well, just to show you also my favorites and why I love them so much. I also just wanted to say I am in no way shape or form trying to brag about all of my collection and all the puffs that I have. I love makeup. It’s my passionate soon to be my job, so this is something I love to do and I love to play with and again I love collecting makeup. then just keep on watching. because we’re gonna be talking about highlighters, which you guys know is my absolute favorite. but I’m a first start off by showing you where I have all of my highlighters and I’m going to go through all the ones that I have and show you swatches of my favorites. So, starting over on my home goods organizer, I have all of my auto stocks, glow kits as well as three of the makeup revolution highlighters. I always to keep a couple in here as well as in this drawer. Moving down my desk, I just have my loose highlighted from Mac, and then I also keep a couple in my original beauty box. I only have a couple here which I’ll go over with you all, and the majority of my highlighters in my double Alex Shores, youtube OC, Alex six drawers. The first ones are just overflows of how that is a kind of fit elsewhere which are going to be. These ones these are both high-end in drugstores, and my favorite drawer is my highlighter drawer, so I have it by high-end drug store and then overflow and then over here I have my highlighter palette. I definitely need to kind of find a better way to organize these. Just because I have so many going on right here, but I do want to show you all what I have and what I send my favorite. I wanted to start off by showing you all of like my liquid and creams as well as ones that I have on my vanity and in my acrylic organizer. This one is just the first little category of highlighters that I have that were in my overflowing drawer. That, but everywhere else I wanted to start here and we’re gonna move on to my other highlighter drawer.
So, starting on this side, I have a couple of Becca highlighters. This first, one that I have out is their rose, quartz highlighter, which is absolutely stunning. I also have champagne cloth, which mine sizably broke. I still get a lot of use out of the scientists have to be careful with how I store it, but this is a really beautiful color. I only wear this on days that I don’t want that. Much of the glow, because I don’t think it’s that intense, but it does still look beautiful on the cheekbones. Also in my everyday drawer I have my Anasazi Beverly Hills, so Hollywood highlighter this is my holy girl highlighter. Ever I never want to run out of this. This is a beautiful light, white gold and looks stunning on the cheekbones. Another super similar one is Laura. Geller’s gilded honey, probably seen this all over as well. This one’s a little bit more of a true goal that still isn’t super super dark. This one is super intense and it’s everyone’s favorite for a reason. I also have all of my honest, Coffea cloak it so to keep in my big organizer. So I have my Anastasia moon child glow kit. This one is gleam, which I don’t know if they make this one anymore, but it is absolutely stunning. It has a lot more of those pinky tones this next one is called Sun dipped, which is probably one of my favorite ones. I also have that globe is definitely more of the golden e bronzy tones and, last but not least, I also have the ultimate glow kit, which is not my favorite, it’s a little bit chunky and glittery, but I’m glad that I have done my collection. This is the Mac and where I carry shimmering loose powder that you can use as a body glow, which I actually really like, and I wear this a ton during the holidays. Now we move on to all of my lip creams and liquids, the first one I have. I click to keep in this box just because I think it’s super pretty, but this is the Becca and Jacqueline Hill shimmering skin perfector liquid. I also have the NARS Copacabana illuminator, which is a beautiful pink from the drugstore. These ones are similar. This is the L’Oreal True Match Lumi in W 101 golden, and this one is by next. This is their born to glow liquid illuminator in the color gleam. I also got a new product. This is the cover FX custom hamsa job. This is Ana color, sunlight, which I have to swatch me, because it’s so beautiful and pigmented. That is not even that much, and this is like liquid metal.
It’s so pretty. I want to get all the other shades in this, especially for my kit as well, but this again this in the color sunlight. I have two of these Stila all over shimmers. I have the bronze e1 and I also have kitten. I love mixing in with my foundation a couple of like stick products. I have the wet and wild one. This is my color marigold brown, which came out for a special spring and summer collection, and then this one is the benefit Watts up highlighter, which is a really nice champagne color. I have a couple of these Sephora ones, this one’s pretty new because I loved this one. The flow these are the radiant luminizing jobs by Sephora collection is first one B letter. One is in warning lights and this next one that I have that I recently got is called ultra light. These are super pretty on their own or maximus foundation. This one is my favorite one. I also have another one of these Becca shimmering skin perfecter liquid. This is in the color opal. I have a couple Mac products. This one is the mass lustre drops in the color Sun rush. I also have one of their cream color bases, and this is in the color shell, which is a frost finish and last, not least, I have an elf shimmering facial whip, and this is in the color, lilac petal and then moving on to this organizer again. These are like my overflow, so I have a little bit of everything in here. The first couple ones are by Bobbi Brown. These first, two that are in the special packaging is we’re from an holiday edition awhile ago. So I have bronze glow and pink glow, which they actually have as permanent colors. Now another Bobby Brown highlight shimmer, brick that I have up here. This is another special edition one. This is an e color, pink, which is a really really pretty neutral, shimmery pink on the side. Here I like to keep my dior highlighters in their little sleeves. These are from a collection, but they actually release them now, I believe permanently. So this first one is called glowing nude and this other one is called glowing pink moving back here I have one of these Sephora ones. This is their micro, smooth, baked sculpting trio, and this is in the color wheel, manizer also, however, my makeup for everyone, these are quite hard to find, but they are beautiful. So if you find it definitely pick it up, this is their compact shine on iridescent compact powder in number three. I also, of course, have my Mac extra dimension skin finish in oh darling, just a dupe for twisper of guilt staff.
Here I also have a bunch of wet and wild highlighters these, firstly, we’re actually in the collection, so these were all geometric, highlighting powders that came out during the spring. I also have two of their highlighting gold bars. so I got one of them and then I found another one in store so how to pick up a backup. This is so gorgeous. If you like, those really nice goalie hi. I wish they would make this permanent, because this is just so pretty on the cheeks and it feels super high it a couple more. What in wall highlighters that I have you guys know and probably have seen these before? This is the mega glow, highlighting powders in precious petals and the darker one is called crown of my canopy. I also like to keep my Ofra highlighter and Rodeo Drive, which is another one of my absolute favorite gold highlighters. A couple of pallets that I have back here. This first one is by tartness, is their skin twinkle vol.2 pout, which are actually like a lot more than the first one. I also like to keep my Becca and Jacqueline Hill champagne glow palette back here. I have a couple of extra Laura Mercier highlighters, so they couldn’t fit elsewhere. So this first one is their mineral illuminating powder in candlelight, and I also have another one of these. This is her illuminating powder in devotion, which is the lightest one of all for Arase. At least I have one of the G way highlighters and the color citrine, but mine sadly broke so I had to push it back together. This is very, very fragile if you definitely have to be careful when you’re traveling. With this and last, not least, I have much huge your skin at nude air summer, glow powders. This is very similar to the allure mercy wanted this one was just women edition, so I want to start off with some of my highlighter palettes that were on the right side of my drawer. Some of these are like blush and highlight duo. So i’ma start with those first first, you are from the Mac called a collection just this last year. These are both extra dimension, skin finish duos. So this one is the copper duo which had whispers guilt as well as this beautiful Rowney blush, and this next one was the peach one. I believe so this highlighter was called and the blush was called at done. I also have to keep two of my wet’n wild blush and glow trios in my highlighter jorb. So this first one is called Sunset Junction and this other one is called solar-powered moving on.
So my palette, I love this. This is from BH Cosmetics. This is their wild and radiant baked illuminating in bronzing palette. If you actually had two bronzers as well as two illuminators, I also have the famous sleek one. This is called solstice, which I really like our three powders in here, as well as a cream one. In the corner, I also have my hourglass ambient lighting palette, which has three of the colors in your I like using this as a really nice mellow highlighter. This looks beautiful on brides for bridal makeup, as well as setting your concealer under your eyes. I also have the more feet: desi danger palette. This is a collaboration that she came out with with more see this one is brand-new by Sephora this one’s their illuminating palette. This is a very nice natural palette. So if you want something, that’s not too intense, and if you are just starting out with highlighter, I would recommend this one. I also have the essay edit this with the glow in ital. This was indeed gritty and glow holiday palette. So this is the faced out. You can totally use these as eyeshadows as well. This is actually a brand new one to me. This is the makeup revolution, ultra pro glow palette. You can actually find this at Ulta now. This is so pretty a little bit more natural kind of like these two. For one, I also have my makeup geek and Kathleen Lantz hi Lenny palette, which I do want to get some of the individual highlighters, because I love this formula these next day were actually holiday releases. So this first one is the Urban Decay Naked, illuminated tria, which actually wasn’t that fond of. I also have the Stila. This is this star light star bright palette, which they actually have individuals of these now. So there are three shades in here, and kitten is definitely one of my favorites next up. This was also another holiday pollicis by Laura Mercier. This was the fallen Bob’s face, illuminator collection because they’re, actually just mini sizes of all the other four limited that she has. A namasthe at least four pallets. I have one of my newer one, I’m obsessed with it. This is by B, Bella cosmetics, it’s called their fairy dust palette and these are huge pans and the colors in here are absolutely beautiful and they are so insanely buttery and really really intense. So now I have all the rest of my highlighters off.
I pretty much just pulled out all three of the containers that were in my drawer, as well as some of the random ones that were on the side. I missed that with some of these and then move my way down to this first, one that I got from IMATS. This was the RCM, a warm gold powder. You can use this on its own as a highlighter or to set the fee just give the face. A really beautiful white iridescent glow, I have all three of my wet and wild highlighters. These were actually in the Fergie collection, but they have them out now in different packaging without the Fergie name on them with different names. These are a great alternative for a higher-end highlighter if you want something a little bit more affordable another. What mom highlighted I have is the illuminating palette. This is their mega Glo one and the color at catwalk pink. I do have a couple more makeup revolution products. This first one is one of my favorites from them. This is the pro illuminate, and this is what it looks like it’s: a beautiful white gold, really nice and creamy, and this is really affordable. These next two from makeup revolution – I just recently from ulta these – are so beautiful. These are their skin kiss calendars, so the one I have here is called peach kiss and this other one is called Golding kiss. These highlighters are so big and oversized. These are the jeffree star, cosmetics, skin frost, so I have King Tut, which is my favorite one. I want to get Siberian gold as well, because I love this one. This is in the color peach, cotton and my least favorite out of all of them that I have is called princess cut. This one is just not very pigmented nor creamy. These are actually some of my more affordable and drugstore options. The first one I have is by next to sister duo, chromatic illuminating powder. This is my favorite one out of all the ones that came out with, and this is Anna colored Snow Rose. Next, I have the soap & Glory glow all out highlighter, which is a beautiful, really natural glow. This gives your cheeks a really nice peachy, pink iridescent, like you’re just glowing from with it. I have all three of the L’Oreal True Match: Lumi powder highlighters. So this is the cool one. I also have the neutral one, which is a really nice kind of rose gold, and this other one is the warm one which is a beautiful, bronze eagle in the front. Here I have my Sephora holiday. This is their micro, smooth, baked illuminizer and they color light beam, which I think they’re discontinuing, but this does give such a pretty glow to the skin and it has little particles of shimmer in there. Also in the front here I have my Topshop chameleon highlighter in the color mother-of-pearl, which is absolutely insane.
If you like something really intense in kind of dual chromatic, you were going to love this. I really love this product. This is the been night Lumiere less powder in the color lx100 ultra bright, which I actually like to use on top of other highlighters. If I want something really really shimmery and a little bit more glittery, I will spray my brush with some fix+ and add a little bit of it. Another been night cause that is really beautiful and super underrated. This is the shimmer powder and the color cameo, which looks gorgeous on the cheeks very similar color to the Cameo luxury color. But this is a shimmery. I actually have one of the hard candy baked blushes. This isn’t a color 127 honeymoon which are actually to use as a highlighter because it does come off as like a nice peachy glow. I do keep a couple of my Physicians Formula, shimmer strip, so I have two of them, but you look very very similar in the pan. This first one is called Miami’s chip that has a little bit more pink at the top and it’s otherwise a little bit more PG is called Waikiki strip. If you have a couple more of the makeup revolution, highlighter, I think guys can tell a trend. I love them this first one is their shimmer, brick in the color radiant, which is so similar to all the other I’ll be brown shimmer strips. I have two of their vivid baked highlighters. This first one is actually called peach light, so it has a really pretty iridescent pink glow, and this other one is called radiant lights, which is definitely your typical champagne color another one from makeup revolution. This is a new one to me as well. This is your strobe highlighter in the color gold addict, which is so pretty very, very nice and bronzy, which I like for the summer. So I could not wait to start using this and I have a little bit more of a tan. This next part is from makeup Academy. This is their unless your skin shimmer Halliday. This is in the color pink shimmer this one. My essence in the clip here – nude, it’s a very nice neutral, highlight if you don’t want something too crazy. I would recommend this one. Beautiful lit from a tank glow, I do like to keep all seven of my la girl strobe light strobing powders in here.. This is 120 watt. This one is 110 wow. This is one of my favorites. This is called 100 watt. This pinky one is called ninety one another one of my favorites. This is a beautiful peachy gold. It’s called 80 watt, another really pretty rose gold.
This is 71 and last, not least a little bit more of a bronze eagle. This is 51. I have another hard candy product. This is the glow all the way in the color tiki. Next I have two of the opah illuminating powders. This one was my all-time favorite one back in the day, this is called pink diamond. It’s a really pretty iridescent paint and this one is called yellow diamond, which looks exactly life NARS albatross, another really nice product by BH Cosmetics. This is the illuminate by Ashley Tisdale in the color illuminating shimmer. This is a very nice natural glow. The last couple products I have in my drugstore section, these first two are by physician’s formula as well. These are their natural nude and warm nude highlighters. This first one is natural nude, which is definitely one of my favorites, and then the other one is called warm nude which, as you can see, is a lot more warm than the natural color and also at least in the back here. I just have two of the NYX illuminator, so first was called ritualistic this next one is called Eggman, except it also mentioned these. These are also by makeup revolution. They have three different colors. The first one is called golden goddess, which is a beautiful goal. This next one is called goddess of love, which is a really pretty peachy pink, and this last one is my favorite is called goddess of fate. This one is like a really pretty champagne, they’re, all so smooth and so ultra pigmented, and you cannot go wrong with any of these shades. So next, i’m gonna show you my high-end jaw. A lot of these first ones are matte. This one is one of their iridescent press powders and the color sparkling rose. I also have some of the mac mineralize skinfinish is so this one is in soft and gentle which, as you can see, is super well loved. I have another mineralized skinfinish, this one’s in the color light year, which was from like a spacey limit edition collection. I do have two of the extra dimension skin finishes, so this one is whisper of guilt when the other color I have is superb. It’s like a really pretty cool tone, pink. The last matte color I have is their magically cool liquid powder, which I wish they did not discontinued, because this was so cool. This is by Laura Geller again, this is in the color peach glow. I also have one from Stila: this is like their kitten duo, so there is a lighter one on the left and then a little bit of a darker champagne on the right.
I do have one of the three of the Tarte new highlighters user, Amazonian clay highlighters, and this is any color exposed, which is the lightest one. Of course, I also have albatross from NARS, along with one of the other ones, that actually is advertised as a blush. This is called reckless and alack useless as a highlighter. These two big ones are by Urban Decay. These are the Naked illuminated powders, which you can use as body highlighters. So the first one I have is called aura, which is like a nice peachy goal and the other one I have is called a luminous, which was the first one that came out with this is a beautiful, really shimmery pearl color, another Urban Decay holiday. I have that I love this is one of my favorite ones. Recently. This is the Africa highlighter in the color sin, which is another really nice white goal. I do have three more of these Becca shimmering skin perfector, the first one I have is opal, which is actually my least favorite out of all of them. Next, this one is called moonstone, which I believe is one of their second two lightest shades. And lastly, I have rose gold which you can use as a blunt Tauber, but it also looks gorgeous as a really nice natural highlight back here. I also keep two more of my Anastasia highlighters. This one is called starlight, which is the lightest one, its agonised icy pearl, and then this other one, which is due for Mac superb, this one is called Riviera, have a more random ones. This one is by the balm. This is the mary lou manizer, which is everyone’s favorite from the balm. I also like to keep my Too Faced candle light. This is in the regular one. I do know they have a warm one out right now. I also have two of the hourglass ambient strobe lighting powders. I really really love these, so the first one I have is called euphoric strobe light is my favorite out of the to recognize, bronzy champagne and then the other color I have is called incandescent strobe light, which is a lot lighter and doesn’t have as much chunks Of shimmer in there a couple more Laura Mercier powders. This first one is the other face illuminator in indiscretion, which looks like this and on the other one I have from her. Is the matte radiance baked color and highlight oh one, which is a beautiful neutral. Looking highlight that again can be shared out for something natural or built up for intensity. The last couple ones I had back here this is: did your shimmer powder, any color, amber diamond, which was super limitation.
Last, not least, I have three more of my Bobbi Brown shimmer, brick, so the first one I have is called pink quartz. This is one of my favorite wants to wear a couple years ago. I also have a limited issue, one this one’s called sunset, pink and last, not least, probably my favorite one out of all of them, but unfortunately this is no magician as well. This one is called sandstone and the last one at least I have my last drawer – covers to art by makeup revolution. These are their radiant light. These are great dupes for the hourglass ambient lighting powder is this first one I have is called Bree, and this next one is called exhale. These next couple ones are actually a lot more of my Mac powders. This first one is one of their Glee and tones powder in the color dunes at dusk, which is really pretty. I also have another one. This is one of their mineralized skinfinish use in the color over earthly, which has a mixture of all three which I loved mixing together. This is their studio’s finished face powder and a color gold, which is a loose mineral powder. You can actually get this online and at their pro stores, the other three that I have. These are from their new extra dimension. Skin finish line. I love this formula. Probably one of my favorite formulas besides the mineralized skinfinish, is that they have so the first one is called double gleam, which is a nice kind of silvery gold. This is my favorite one. This is called show gold, which is so crazy, pigmented and gorgeous on the cheekbones. It has like eight-year, deafening and then last. What I have is called beaming blush on the side. Here I just like to keep some of my artist Couture highlighter, so the first one I ever bought this is actually in the old packaging. This is in the color yeah and then these neck, so you’re on the newer packaging that I got from IMAX. So these are brand new clothes to me, they’re so gorgeous when you’re using a mineral powder from any brand. I would definitely recommend spritzing your breasts with some fix+ or some setting spray and then applying it to your face that really adheres to this one is called Illuminati. It’s like they’re, really pretty gold. This one is called gold digger, which is like a white gold and then the last one I have is called cocoa bling This one is so pretty and so iridescent reflective that is cocoa, bling another couple of loose powder highlighters.
This one is from Shu way This is their glisten brightening powder You can use this as a highlight as well as setting your under eyes I do have a couple of Anglo sparkling tests I got these from i’m at duke music on they face two eyes and me body So this first one is in number tubes is a really pretty gold, and this next one is number 7 This is a neutral tone Champagne I also want to keep some of my eight hot medics, hello, light powders These are two of the new collaborations they have so this first one is millenium rose, which is a very nice neutral highlight, and this one is called Bella brilliance This is the Sephora Midnight magic face and body powder This is a really really glittery powder The I like to use on my decollete and on my neck and shoulder this is any color at rose gold I also have the wet and wild rainbow highlighter This is their unicorn glow highlighter, which is really really fun I haven’t use this on my face yet, but I think it would look really cool and then these are just three of a lot of the color pop highlighters that I have These are some of my favorites or else what broke spoon, which is also another favorite This first one is a really really pretty iridescent color, and this is any color over the moon, which, if you like holographic, highlight as you will love this one The next one is in the color wisp, which is a really pretty bronze eagle, and this one is in the color lunch money and the last, not least in the back here These are just a couple of my star crush minerals, mineral glow powders These are very similar to the artist Couture highlighters or any other mineral highlighter, so I have 11 of the nude shades, but I love these are very, very affordable and they give a beautiful glow to the cheeks alright I hope you all really enjoyed it, please make sure to give it a big thumbs up if you did and subscribe If you haven’t already also with me comment down below on what your absolute favorite go-to highlighter is finding out about new ones and of course I love hearing, while all of your favorites are so again Thank you all so much for watching I love you all

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