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Cosmetics collection and storage 2016

1 Nov , 2019  

You, Oh so welcome to my makeup collection. I did just finish doing a beauty room tour. So if you guys are interested in touring out my office Beauty, room area then definitely check out the Beauty room tour. but for today we’re focusing on the makeup collections. My vanity is from Ikea, so starting off on top of my vanity here I have this acrylic organizer that I got from Amazon and I just keep some of my favorite Anasazi liquid lipsticks at the back of it and then some of my kind of higher-end liquid Lipsticks, so moving on to the other side of my vanity, I just have some more makeup storage.
I also keep my makeup brushes here in this spinning organizer from Amazon. It’s also from Target, and then I have this acrylic organizer box from Lexi Beauty. So in this acrylic organizer I pretty much keep my everyday makeup in it, so I’m going to go ahead and go through each drawer with you guys this first drawer up top here kind of keeps most of my face product next drawer. I like to use this drawer pretty much for kind of new products that I get sent or that I purchase, and I pretty much keep it in here. Just to remind me, while I’m doing my makeup, to make sure that I use it in the next drawer. Here is all of my eye and a brow product. This last drawer is probably one of my favorite. First I keep this TARDIS contour palettes. I really love using that they Becca a highlight palette, love that I also keep here snuck along the side, my most used. Contour palette ever this is the Kat Von D, shade +, light contour palette, and then I have some makeup: geek eyeshadow palettes. I also keep my Beauty blenders back there. I keep some lash glue, tweezers scissors setting sprays so in this first drawer. Here I keep all of my foundation. I keep my drugstore foundations along the side here, some high-end along the other side. Here this drawer is where I keep a lot of my primers, finishing powders foundation, powders and also concealers, these little acrylic organizers. If you guys are familiar with me and my channel my snapchat, then you know I love these acrylic organizers because three of these fit perfectly in the alux drawers. I did come across them, though, at home sense in winter, so you might have to keep your eye whenever you’re shopping so right along the left. Here I have some primers and I organized them again by high-end and drugstore.
So I have some high-end, which I know the Nivea is not high-end, but I just use this so often that I just kept it here. I have some Smashbox Becca backlight benefit, Porefessional Marc Jacobs, makeup, geek step are storing that makeup, geek makeup for ever step. One primer to face hangover: we have the new Milani primers. Over there we got Nix, we got covergirl Maybelline, so this section here, I kind of like to keep setting powders and also some foundation powders, and then I have some more back here, mainly three of the Ben Nye luxury powders. So over here I keep concealers outside of the ones I have in my everyday drawer. I have the naked color correcting fluids. We have some Mac concealers here, Maybelline and Sephora Maybelline again bare minerals. I also have a bunch of Becca concealers back here and also a nyx concealer palette. Now moving on to the next drawer, I like to keep all of my eyeshadows here. So these are the same Hartmann organizers that I was telling you guys about, but in this drawer, since it is deeper. What I do is I keep 6 on the bottom and 6. On top. That way, it actually allows me to have extra storage on the bottom right now. I don’t have anything in it, because I have a lot of extra space right now ever since I declutter and stuff, but over here on this one, I have my Milani Bella gel eyeshadows and I love how perfectly it fits in here, I’m obsessed and then underneath It I sneak in some drugstore quad and this one here I have all of my color pop eyeshadows and then along here I have two layers of L’Oreal pressed pigments, this Giorgio Armani ice to kill I shadow, which is so gorgeous and underneath this layer here I Have some more eye shadow and then along decide? I have all of my anastacio waterproof gel colors, a Mac Paint Pot and then along the back. I just have some jumbo eye pencil some eye, primers, some kind of cream shadow sticks back there. I have a bunch of eyeliners honestly, don’t ask me why all these eyeliners, like makeup geek Urban Decay, Rimmel this section here. I just have some brow products, Anastacio, Milani, elf, Becca and then in the next drawer. I just have some setting spray and then this drawer down here is completely empty for some extra storage if I need it in the future. So now, moving on to the second set of five drawer Alec stores from Ikea, the first drawer is probably my favorite dry.
Ever because this is my highlight drawer, this organizer here is literally God said: this is by a brand called Sony and they sell Aquila organizers that fit perfectly in the Alex drawers. So I have one of their compact organizers in here just to store. All of my highlights – I have some Becca highlights this. One here is in the shade pearl. We also have the infamous opal here, also some limited edition Mac highlighters, the new Urban Decay afterglow highlight powders Bobbi Brown NARS, all of the anastasia highlights here. So i keep all of my high-end highlights here and then my drugstore ones over here, some color pop highlighters and another Physicians Formula back there. I just keep two highlighters that don’t actually fit in the organizer, because they’re a little bit too chunky and then also behind there. I keep some cream highlights and moving on to the next drawer. I have another one of those Sony organizers in this drawer, but this one keeps all of my bronzer. I have this hourglass bronzer. We got Becca Urban Decay, deep bronzers, covergirl, NYC, NYC Smashbox and then, as you can see back there, I also have some more products. So we have that Mac interupted, which is too thick of a compact to fit in these. I also have three boxed products by a benefit. I keep them together, just so that the boxed products can be together. So you have hoola dandelion and Dallas. Next drawer is a deeper drawer again, but what I did is I took another one of those Sony, cosmetics, organizers, but this one is the blush organizer, so the compacts are a little smaller and instead of having three big rows, you have four smaller rows for smaller Blushes, so what I did for the since this drawer was one of the deeper drawers and I wanted my blushes to be like lifted. I didn’t want them to sink into the drawer. I just laid down six of those same Hartmann organizers that I showed you before. As you can kind of see it in the back there, I laid them down upside down to give it a base to lay the Sony organizer on top of now. I know that is a little bit of a waste of space, since this is a deeper drawer, but personally for me, I’m not pressed for space right now, like I have a ton of extra storage. So it’s okay for me to do for right now. So, like I said, I keep my blushes in here.
I have them organized again by high end and then drugstore in those two rows. So I have a couple Milani blushes. We have Jordana. We got some NYX. I have all of the new Becca shimmering skin blushes and also some of their kind of regular blushes, also the urban decay powder blushes that I’m obsessed with and tart exposed, which is one of my favorite blushes ever next drawer. I keep all of my liquid lipsticks. So this organizer down here is again by Sony cosmetic, so right along the side there, I keep my Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, along with two Make Up For Ever liquid lipsticks over here I have all of my oprah cosmetics, liquid lipsticks and some lip line lick Lipsticks, some anastasia, we got some of the nyx lip lingeries that i’m so obsessed with. I love love, love those so next to my vanity, i have this closet where I use for extra storage right up on top. Here I have this aquila organizer from Sony and right now it’s pretty empty on. I don’t have anything in them right now, except for some Anastacio lip glosses. I keep all of man associate lip glosses in here so up on this first drawer. Here I keep my pressed pigments and glitters inside the organizers are from by Al Gauri and just on the side, I have some glitter adhesives. After that I have some liquid lipsticks. This is an idea that I actually got from ashtag makeup love on YouTube. I believe her name is: these are actually just ice. Cubes, stick trays from Bed Bath & Beyond, and I just put some smaller size liquid lipsticks in them so on to the next drawer. I keep some more lip product, so I have some jumbo lip pencils. The Revlon ones some wet and wild a lot of elf over here some high-end lip glosses and then some drugstore lip glosses. And then I keep my lip liners. So all of my high-end lip liners are here and then I have a bunch of drugstore lip liners. So next I have my lipstick drawer and these organizers are actually from Amazon they’re from the brand called Shanny. But you could also get these same. Lipstick organizer that I got from Sony, cosmetics and you could just put two side-by-side here and that would fit perfectly as well. Now. The next two drawers here are empty and I just have them for extra storage that I might need in the future and then moving on to the next set of six drawers.
I keep my eyelashes in this drawer. The next drawer here is also empty. For extra storage in the future, whenever I need it next, I have a drawer filled with nail her nails. I have yet to try them, but they sent me over a huge box with a bunch of them like I have two stacked side-by-side next drawer. I keep all of my extra makeup brushes. I know this seems so excessive, I have to just have extra brushes for certain reasons and then down here. This is like my backup, drawer and also my kind of random storage drawer. So this is the drawer where I just keep all of my product backups in so anytime, I run low on my favorite Holy Grail product. I will have it here and then along the side here I have some Mac empty pallets, I’m not using them right now, but I keep them just in case in the future. If I ever decide to just start using them again and then the last George’s houses all of my random makeup bags, which is kind of excessive but they’re, really good for when you’re traveling or anything like that. So I just keep them kind of stored right down the bottom here, so next in my Beauty room, I have this really large Hayworth that chest that I got from Pier one Imports so on the top of it here. I just have this lipstick holder that I got from Lady Mosque. I just keep any gold lipsticks in here. I did. I just have this acrylic organizer from by Al Gore II. These are four lip glosses, but I just use it for liquid lipsticks and I have all of my Anasazi liquid lipsticks in here and then underneath it. I have this Muji two drawer, which I keep some more liquid lipsticks and I just keep my pretty gold liquid lipsticks, just because I love how it looks so. I have all of my. These are actually lip glosses story from Gerard cosmetics. I just have them all. Lined up here I have some lip splash liquid lipsticks back there next drawer. I just have some colour-pop liquid lipsticks in here and then this Hayworth chest here actually stores. All of my palettes. I like to keep my smaller eyeshadow palettes in this drawer and I’m obsessed with just the layout of this and how well these palettes fit in these drawers. So I just have all of them kind of slanted up on each other, because I find that it looks really good. But it’s also really practical, because you get to see what each palette looks like.
I have a bunch of buxom self-made palettes that I made myself line up here. A backup highlight over here some elf over there and some Sigma back there. Then I have my favorites Tila eyes: are the window palettes all lined up over here makeup geek many MUA palette, tarte tartlet palette, the tartlet and the bloom back there, and also some Anastacio palettes all lined up there. Maybelline lined up there and covergirl lined up there. Also L’Oreal and Coastal Scents, and also makeup geek, Vegas and Too Faced natural matte palette. So in these second drawer here I keep some more eye shadow palettes, and these are just my regular sized palette so along the side here I have for Urban Decay, palettes, BH, Cosmetics, Carli, bybel, elf, palette and makeup forever and then all of like my rectangular shaped Palettes are just lined up along this side. I have the Urban Decay Naked pallets Too, Faced chocolate bar hidden treasures by dosel colors, it cosmetics, naturally pretty lorac Pro palette, and also the bomb nude tude. This one has been my favorite lately. This is the dose of colors hidden treasures palette. It is so beautiful, like the shades are amazing and the that is so bomb. The third drawer has all of my kind of Z, palettes of shadows that I put together myself. So we got makeup geek Anastacio here. Some morphe – and i also keep all of my morphe palette here, so this is, like my whole morphe collection, all in one drawer. So, moving on to the last drawer here is where I keep all of my palettes that are for the face, so you have cream, contour highlight blush palettes and all of that jazz. This is the newest limited edition, Tarte palette, the NYX stroke of genius palette that I’m obsessed with and love so much the anasazi eye, cream, contour palette and Nastasia glow palettes. There are four elf contour blush and cream foundation palettes back there. So after the Haworth chest, i just have a couple makeup products stored on these really decorative shelves from Ikea on this part of the shelf. Here I have this really nice kind of, like candies, are looking thing that I got from home scents and I just filled it up with my Gerard cosmetics, liquid lipsticks, and then this thing I love so much. This is from Amazon This is by inter design I’ll link it down below, but I keep my Tarte lip glossy paints here, which I really love, these lip hland jumbo lip ease and some color pop back there and then on the next shelf.
Here it’s probably one of my favorite shelves Just because I love this palette so much it’s the Tarte Park, Avenue princess a limited edition palette and then next to it, I have this a mug that I got from Anthropologie calm and inside of it it just houses all of my Kylie cosmetics, lip products and Then down here I just have some jeffree star liquid lipsticks inside an empty bath and Bodyworks Can’t then I have this Charlotte Tilbury gold bar highlight it is so beautiful, so it was only right for me to have it on display and I just keep all of my gold and rose gold highlighter compacts in this little guy and then all the way at The very bottom I have this gold lined acrylic organizer that I got from HomeSense and I just keep all of my Milani makeup in there So some Milani amore matte lip creams and some Milani rose blushes So, on the other side of my Beauty room, I have another lakh shelf, so I’m going to show you guys some of the makeup that I store on here so on this shelf I have another one of those by Al Gore II and lip gloss holders in here I just keep these Stila stay all day liquid, lipsticks in here, which I, these are probably one of my favorite liquid, lipstick formula ever and then two of the new melted matte liquid lipsticks from Too Faced that I’m still testing out and then on the next shelf Here, it’s probably one of my favorite shelves as well again, another one of those candy jar Looking jars that I got from home sin – and I just keep a bunch of my drug cosmetics, gold lipsticks in there – and I also got this gold display easel from the dollar store onto the next shelf Here I keep some two-faced products, so this little jar here, I actually got from home cents and you’re supposed to put like cotton pads in it But I decided to just put some Too Faced melted lipsticks in there and then this is a compact organizer by by Al Gore II from Amazon, and I just keep all of my two-faced, bronzers and blushes and stuff in here lined up So that is it For my makeup collection, I hope you enjoyed watching and also got a couple If you enjoyed it and thank you guys so much for watching mmm

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