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Crazy Jennifer Lopez transformation! -Dharamsaba

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys, thank you so much for watching at my JLo transformation, which went a little crazy on Instagram. So I thought why not do it on the tube as well? So as you can see, I am starting already. I’ve just used the NYX, the illuminating bone, to glow primer. To get this JLo glow going on. As you can see, my whole face is shining and it has to shine because we are going to transform ourselves to JLo J to the lobe and then I’m using my favorite, if not my most favorite foundation of the whole world and slimness, if foundation by Armani And I am in the shade 6.
25 and then for corrector, I’m using motives page. As you can see. This is a beautiful like concealer, /, corrector and boutot. It hides my whole horrible under-eye circles and here I’m jamming to JLo and then I’m using the liquid camouflage concealer by Catrice and Oh 20, which is a drugstore concealer, but a really good one. You know we are going to blend everything, it’s a shame, but I still don’t know what this sponge is called. I think it was complexion, sponge or something well, it’s a sponge by real techniques that I know people and then I’m using one of my favorite powders. This is a translucent powder by Laura Mercier. Well, since you all guys requested it. Of course I doing it for you and I’m sorry for my English. It’s not perfect, because English is not my first language. So I’m sorry. If I make a lot of mistakes, I am going to bake, of course, and, as I said earlier, she has a really strong jaw and we really have to you know, accentuate it and therefore brows. I am using a very simple eyebrow pencil. This one is by Rimmel and I think it was in shade, like brown, usually I’m using a dip brow by Anastasia, but she her eyebrows, are very natural and not really defined So I am just using a little bit of pencil and then smudging and I’m also making my brows a little lighter with this mini brow, gel and highlighter in one after that, I am using the Naked palette by urban decay, and I know that I’m starting with Buck as a transition color and then I just I’ve just added a lot of shimmer and if you use like a bronzy gold and pinky shimmer, you should be good and just do like what you want just add a lot of glow you and I’m also applying The same eyeshadows on my under eyelid and she never really wears like black on a waterline.
So that’s why I’m wearing this pencil body looks it’s a white one It’s not really white! It’s more beige and under that I am applying a little bit black, just to get my eyes a bit more defined and also more extended, and then, of course, we have to add glow onion and then I’m adding a little bit more glow on my brow bones And we’re information You really are contouring and I’m also adding a little bronzer to the side, since my forehead is more white than hers, so to make it more look more narrow I am applying bronzer Now I can baby now I kept in again now people screaming What’s the deal with you and now I’m adding a lot of highlighter This is Mary Lou’s highlighter and from the balm and I’ve also used the golden rose, gold and highlighter on my whole face and unfortunately I don’t have her nose because I really love her nose So, that’s why I’m really not contouring, because she had a she has a really natural wide nose So we don’t want to make the nose too narrow and for the lips I am using To be honest, I’ve used like a ton of lip liners, but this is one of them and this is a drugstore lip liner, it’s for Catrice and it’s the hey, macadamia, Hey and then a liquid lipstick from Anastacio and naked, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Her wearing a Mets nude lipstick So that’s why I’m wearing this gloss on top – and this is Turkish Delight by Mars, which is a really pretty color and last but not least, I am wearing the ice cream, which I love, and these are cocoa And then, yes, you should loosen up your hair I’ve used a lot of extensions from luxury for princess in butterscotch and beige blonde If you want to purchase it to use my coat deal um to get some discount Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to see my other transformations Thank you for the love on Instagram love You so much bye, bye,

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