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Creepy color contact lenses… Pray for my eyes

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey everyone. Last November I had this idea and it was basically to try a bunch of colored contacts that are like Halloween themed. We are going to get a little spooky today. I think Halloween themed contact lenses are so cool like the cat eye, the red all different colors. I just can’t believe there’s even an invention that can change your eye color.. I can already tell that I’m going to destroy my eye makeup, because I’m not the best of putting in contact lenses but wishful thinking so yeah today, basically we’re just gonna be trying on some really crazy contact lenses.
. I don’t know. I just think it would be fun for the Halloween season. I will link all the lenses I try on down below, but just so you guys know, I bought these with my own money and I’m not working with this brand and they did reach out and want to work with me, but I ended up not working with Them so I bought these with my own money. Whatever I say about them is honest, but I don’t think this will be much of a review. I think it’ll be more just for fun, because I like can’t wait but ok, let’s get into this, I have to go wash my hands. So let’s see the first ones, look like they are going to be well. I can’t really tell because everything’s written in like a different language, but here are the first ones they have a little sticker on the side, but I can’t read it: it’s got a little grey swatch, but I don’t know if these are great. Like I said, I ordered these – I didn’t say this. I ordered these back in November, so kind of forget. Oh so, the first contact lenses we have to try on are these yellow cat eyes. These are going to be so scary, I’m actually so nervous. I really hope that this brand is legit. I’ve tried their contact lenses before, but I mean I don’t know how to classify things as being like I safe, but I’m hoping that they are so also. I got my no prescription, so let’s just open these up with the havoc. I don’t know how to get into this: oh gosh, so how you do it just ripped up like the packaging? How do I open these? I literally have to Google how to open contact lenses all right. but I did it wrong from the get-go. Oh my mom’s gonna be so mad there I’m getting one. I did not think this was gonna, be the difficult part. Why? Okay, I got it. Imagine struggling that much just to get the context open, so keep in mind.
You guys be able to pull tabs and metal caps. Okay. So let’s open this up, oh there. Now it’s easy to open up, so I have to get the contact. Oh dear god, this is difficult. It like doesn’t want to come out. I’m gonna lose it all right. I got the contact lens out all right. I think so. I have worn contacts before you’re supposed to just have it so it looks like a bowl. I am not feeling confident about this. I started off not good. Okay, get in my eye – oh my goodness. It looks so scary and like when I close my eyes. I can see like a little bit of the yellow, but okay. First one done only took me 45 minutes. I’m pretty sure this is not how you get a contact lens out. Let me just grab you, let’s pray, that it goes on semi smoothly, okay, oh my gosh! I am crying I’m crying and wizard. So here’s what is going on. Can someone explain to me why the pupils I thought like with cat eyes? They would be like that, but they’re kind of like this like? Do you see what I mean by the way? My eyes are watering because I just poked them a million times, but they aren’t hurting like. I actually can’t feel these contact lenses. I thought that these ones would be like kind of wizard kind of thick, but they’re. Not so that’s good, but they don’t sit. How I thought they would, I thought they were gonna, be like straight up and down cat eyes, but they’re definitely like tilted in, but okay here are the first ones fairly smooth. What do you guys think? I think we’re gonna call this one lizard realness. So, let’s get it closed up? Okay, next now taking them out. Is this just as difficult for me? Oh, be such a good idea and now I’m not so sure and look. I actually got them back in their containers. Okay, so the lizard eyes, I think I’ll give them like a 9 out of 10 they’d get a 10 out of 10 if they were straight but okay next, so all the crazy ones are like in these packages. So I have one that looks like it’s supposed to be like actually worn on an everyday basis if people want to have different colored eyes natural-looking. So here they are, but I don’t remember what color they are and they don’t really say. I kind of I’m gonna guess a green just by looking at them. These are easy to open. No, these ones feel a lot thinner. All right wish me luck, hey she didn’t want to go in. What did that do? Did that do anything look at? That is that a clear contact did I buy a clear contact lens with a zero prescription.
Okay, no for real, though I do see they lightened them a little bit like a little bit more green in this eye. Do you see that honestly, I’m gonna make an executive decision and say that’s not worth putting in the other one, because it’s a lot of pain for not much change. So, let’s move on. Ok, we’ve got another one okay, so these are red. These are like super super scary-looking. They look like demon eyes, so I’ll give them a go, find the small perforation. No, I’m also scared like grabbing this little metal, because I don’t want any of it on my hands when I’m sticking contacts in my eyes, you feel me okay, same diff. Let’s do this! Oh that’s the wrong way. It’s a super hard to explain, but basically, if it’s like folded the wrong way, it won’t be nice for your eyes. There we go, we got the cereal bowl. Let’s begin! Oh, oh! You know what this makes me. Think of. Actually I have seen someone try contacts. I think it was on clever TV like years ago she was trying contacts and she just couldn’t do it and that’s how I feel right now. I just can’t do it I’m not giving up, though I’m gonna get this ow, you guys actually hold on. No, you know what I’m not giving up, I’m getting the other one in.. This was a good idea right. Everyone’s gonna be like this is actually really dangerous. I’m like I’m safe for your eyes. Trust me. I know all right. Cereal –bowl get in my eye. It looks even more psychotic right now, because one eye is red see. This is a perfect example. Would you stay committed? It pays off. This looks psychotic. This looks so scary actually hold on like with my bun and like my black turtleneck, I look so crazy. Okay, I need to send a picture so these I will give a actual tie down to Ted and they look exactly like. I wanted them to um. They actually, I don’t even hardly feel them the only thing I feel it’s like a crumb or something up in this one, so so yeah, okay, we’re gonna take these out now. Oh, it feels so good when you get them out like it’s just so nice big shout out to people who wear like colored contacts like every day. I know there’s some like makeup gurus that wear like the blue ones every day, just like huge shout out, I don’t know how you do it I do think that, like normal contacts do feel like thinner cuz, I did wear contacts before back like in grade eight or something for just like a year and other than that.
I just didn’t wear contacts or glasses, but I know from experiences that usually colored contacts feel thicker than like actual contacts So just keep that in mind Like I understand, I’m being dramatic trust me, I know next pair, let’s see what we got This is the last pair Oh, what my guess These are so pretty they’re purple, I’m so excited Let’s do the old rip into the okay God, I’m ready to go clean, washed, fingies bowled, let’s party my poor eyes Oh, oh, my goodness, I’m becoming a professional contact lens put her in that didn’t even hurt Maybe I spoke to you seen other kind of hurts Alright Next one please going as smoothly as this one, so weird how it like finds its way onto your pupil My goodness they’re in dry the tears, oh, my goodness, and they match my headband ooh These ones are definitely something I can get on board with they’re like black on the outside, then purple then pink right in the center, and when I close my eyes, I can only see a little bit of purple in this eye So maybe it’s not even on this side, but that is no big deal no problem I really like these They kind of give the effect that, like circle, lenses, do in the fact that there’s like the dark layer, so it kind of makes my eyes look like bigger, giving these a ten out of ten Wow I actually really like this like if you were a butterfly or like a fairy, and it was purple and pink, you could wear these and just like the added touch, alright guys Actually I did it like I don’t know what I thought, but there was only four contact lenses for me to try I think I have like two more, but when I was looking for them, they just like disappeared That’s what happens when you order things in November and don’t film till October I basically could title this Mia struggling with contacts for ten minutes straight so but anyways Thank you guys, so so much for watching If you guys are excited for the Halloween series that I have going on So let me know down below If you are also excited – and I will see you guys in the next one – bye

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