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Curl to line (transform)

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s going on my YouTube family issue by cell stylistic. I need to make sure that y’all do something for me make sure you’re in a subscribe way that bring the notifications so you’ll know every time they are gonna live. I know that you’re, probably gonna, like it and for those of you that don’t oh well do what you do exit on the pegs nah, I’m just kidding anyway.. Raven. Actually, where we actually I’m actually trying to wrap our air with her scarf because she brings her scarf, she does not know how to wrap her head.
Yes, Raven. I called you out so she brings her scarf to the salon so that when I’m finished and I’m dying, I can wrap her hair back up and she’s good to go but yeah. You guys already know pretty much. What I do right now and currently, what I’m doing a blow dryer here with the round brush raver, has a lot of me out. She baby shampoo behind him, but she has a lot of it like her. Ponytails are really really deep, like her man is humongous, and I absolutely love and adore her hair. We kind of go for the straight look. Cuz it lasts for her actually want to carry and one day do some cousin and I give her some curls. You know just kind of do it up, but we’re gonna work in today. Oh yeah. So you guys a lot of people actually about myself. Person sent me and it’s pretty much very simple, and I think I’ve explained it in a couple of my other surprise. Videos that I have out, but my technique simply is taking in sections depending on the density of the person’s hair and the texture of their hair, which is probably half an inch to an inch party. I’m a one-pass guy offset that for the longest you see me hit the root and then once I go back in to chase it, it’s an all the way down from there. So that’s pretty much my self press technique. It’s just making sure that my blow-dryer first of all is a good blow dryer. So that doesn’t require me to have a lot of heat during the present process and then, after that, knowing to evenly distribute the heat through the hair, so that the hair does not start to revert bang. So that’s really pretty much. My self present technique other than me doing the silk route, which really kind of men’s everything together So you do see me do a lot of cigarettes.
I have learned over the years as it can work wonders for you again I don’t know who created their technique, but we bless the hair gods for you every day I know that I do because then it’s truly been a tremendous tremendous thing that has happened to their industry as it relates to your voice Honesty I also do want to add that you need to have good product and you also start your still person technique Add the shampoo bowl everything’s everything excuse me He starts at the shampoo bowl once there is getting cleansed and it does not have any product any build-up on it, and you can’t have a good blow dryer and a good flat iron You will have a silky silky texture with a lot of movement A lot of body I mean, when I tell you it starts at the father – starts at the phone I have seen some people do surprises and they use too much product before they blow dry, the hair they use too much product after they flow through our hair, which can weigh the hair down I like to start with a clean campus before I start using a lot of products So if you see me use anything, sometimes it’s gonna be a leave-in conditioner for sure, and I also will use a heat protective but I’ll make sure that the heat protector that I use is light is manageable It’s not gonna weigh the hair down Now One of my favorites I do use the s3 sound, buy influence I also used thermal seal my influence as well, but you just really have to know how to use those products when you use them and it will work wonders for you but yeah, but I’ll share that piece so yeah, so I’m gonna If you have any other questions and want to know anything, and some people have also been asking where I’m located, I am located in Charlotte North Carolina If you want to come and see your boy hit me up, hey you guys, you see this beautiful young lady sitting in my chair, she’s, a part of a group called brave, along with my cousin, make sure y’all go and check them out You can find our music on our digital outlets I personally bought mine through iTunes, got everything for me as Apple, but make sure you check them out They have some great music out [ Applause, ]

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