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30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, it’s Kelly. Welcome back. for you guys I used to film these every single month, but for 2019 I decided that I should do them every two months, so this is a current update for you guys on some products that I’m loving, that I highly Recommend then I can’t stop reaching for so. Let’s go ahead and hop into it. These two primers I have been so impressed with so first aid beauty. You already know I love their original primer, which is the coconut skin smoothie primer and they recently came out with two more primers in that lineup.
So this is the ultra Repair, hyaluronic primer and then the second one is the pores begone matte primer. Now they’re both white, so it’s kind of hard to see them. I did a side-by-side of half my face and the other half, so I will leave that link down below if you wanted to watch it, but both of these I really enjoy – and I actually recently recommended this guy in my Sephora vib recommendations would have recommended this. One as well, but this one is an Ulta exclusive, but if you need hydration, I think this is a really nice option for you and this one. I actually think I’m going to be reaching for a ton in the summer months, because it’s mattifying and smoothing without making your skin look dry and dull, it’s kind of more of a satin natural finish, so I really enjoy both of these primers. Now a foundation favorite. This is the pur cosmetics, 4 in 1, mineral makeup. This is a very old product. I mean it’s new to me, but it’s definitely been around for a very long time and this is a powder foundation and I feel, like powder foundations, are kind of coming back into trend these days, and I just love the ease of this. So I take it with a rounded foundation brush and just buff it onto my skin and if I apply a very thin layer, the coverage is very sheer, but if you go in and build up and layer a little bit on, you can get a nice medium Coverage, I can definitely cover up any imperfections that I want to. I did film a get ready with me sharing how I apply this so I’ll leave that linked below, but I do like my creams. If I’m going to do any concealer or anything, I will do that first and then powder on top, and I really like this on days, where I’m going to be wearing my makeup for a very long time. I took this with me when I was in New York, because there were days I was wearing my makeup 1214 hours. I would apply it very early in the morning and then I would have it on throughout the day, and this isn’t necessarily the longest wearing, but because it’s so effortless – and it is a powder – it’s very easy to touch up.
You can’t really touch up a liquid foundation. You can but it’s a bit of a process, and it’s not always gonna give you a seamless result, but you can just pack a little bit more of this on a few hours later and it’s a really nice simple touch-up. So I’m such a big fan of this for my easy makeup days. I see myself using this even more in the summer months, all right, a few months back, I finally gave in to the hype and picked up they take home, the bronze bronzer from the balm. So this bronzer is just so hyped up so popular, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, because I tend to prefer a somewhat warmer bronzer bronzers that have almost more of a red undertone and give you kind of a very sunkissed look. Whereas this is a lot more neutral and it almost leans onto the cool tone side – and I didn’t really think I liked bronzers that color, but this has grown on me so much and I enjoy that. I can use it as a contour and I thought at first that it was just gonna work as a contour and I would have to go in with other bronzers and that’s really what I was doing. The first few weeks that I had the product. But then I realized that it actually is a nice tone to bronze up my entire face. You can use it exclusively to contour, but I feel like once you start adding it around the temples and other portions of the outside of the face. It does actually have a little bit of warmth, so I really like this and I feel like the price tag, is not bad at all. It’s on it it’s about 17 dollars, so I mean it’s not a drugstore product, but for high-end, it’s very very affordable, and I definitely would recommend this. I can see what the hype is about and I’ve had so much fun reaching for it, and I just the ball really has the cutest packaging. You can’t deny it so. You may have noticed that recently, I’ve been into some very neutral makeup, looks and not a ton on the eyes and not a ton on the face, but a very bold pop on the lip and I’ve been especially liking, colors that are more orangie tone. More coral and this lipstick has been one of my favorites to reach for in the spring. This is the shade to lip treatment from Physicians Formula. Now I have raved about their liquid lipsticks before the formula is just so comfortable. It’s very reminiscent of the Oprah liquid lipsticks in the sense that they’re moosie and creamy and hydrating, and they don’t dry down completely completely now. This is actually very similar to the color. That’s on my lips today, but it’s not the same color. This is the shade orange fizz from bite, which I have a feeling will be a new favorite for me, but these are just the tones.
I like right now: okay, this one in particular. It’s almost a red, it’s I mean it is a red, but it kind of has this coral orangie undertone to it. So it’s a nice spin off of your traditional, bold red and it’s perfect for the spring. I wore this. Actually, I use this and get ready with me the same one that I used the pure foundation, so this has been a go-to for me, alright and the persona cosmetics lip glosses. I really really really like these a lot. I’m already a lipgloss lover and this formula is superb, so they have it three shades. This is toffee, this is honey and then I have peach, but I can’t find it and I went to look for it in my purse, which is where I suspected it would be because it’s peach has been the shade. I thought it would like toffee the most, but peach is actually my favorite, so that one has really not left my purse, but I just went to check my wallet and it wasn’t in there. So that’s usually a sign if I have lost a lip product. It’s probably because I love it and it’s like going in and out of purses and bags. Do you guys feel like that? If you, if you lose a lip gloss, it’s probably your favorite color. Does that always happen, or is I just mean. If you want to see that, but the thing about this formula is that it’s a little bit more sheer so the colors are going to be very well. I did such a bad swatch of that. Oh, my gosh. Let me swatch that again, that’s a little bit better, but because it is more of a sheer lip gloss formula, the colors are going to look so different on every one. It’s going to depend on what the natural color of your lips are. These are just a nice, sheer tint. So honestly, I think any of these colors would work on most people just because they are so sheer even like. If you have a very deep skin tone, I still think the shape peach, which is the lightest one, would work on you because it’s just a nice wash of color and these all have little micro glitters in it. So it gives you a nice Sheen helps the lips look plump. These are very hydrating, they’re, very thin, which is what I look for in a lip gloss formula. I don’t want it to be sticky and globby, and these look beautiful on their own as a very, very subtle look or you can layer them on top of a liner or on top of a lipstick, okay. Moving on to skin care, I really don’t have a ton to mention, but I have one product that is bolon my socks off blowed, my socks off: that’s not the expression, so this is the first day beauty retinol eye cream.
Again, I mentioned this in my Sephora vib sale recommendations, so I did not anticipate to love this as much as I did, because I have heard from some people that it is a little bit too intense and I have very sensitive skin. So I kind of thought that this was going to maybe give my under eyes a reaction. I thought I would have to ease myself into it and I actually did not at all and my under eyes love this stuff. So before this, my go-to under-eye cream, it was the skin and eye cream law serum. It was the skin, and I was like probably gonna repurchase this because I loved it so much. But I had this in like a backup store of things to try, so I brought it out – and I liked this even more than the skin eye someone and I still highly recommend the skin Iceland one this your under eyes. Well, I guess I won’t speak for everyone, because everyone’s under eyes are different. I’Ll. Tell you my experience, my under eyes are so smooth after I use this. If I don’t remember to put this on before bed, I will get some puffiness. I will wake up this. Actually does help to cancel out some of the blue, or, I guess, prevent the blue, like I look like I’ve had a great night of sleep when I apply this. This is fantastic. It’s pretty pricey, but I would repurchase this because my under eyes adore this retinol eye cream. All right. Let’s talk meiosis, so I have two favorites one. Is it color spoiler alert? It’s the color, I’m wearing right now, we’ll get into it, though, but my other favorite thing for my nails these days.. So in case you haven’t heard yet glass nail files. Okay, if you are into wearing your natural nails – and you don’t like to get your nails done, but you really want to keep up the sorry this is like shaking in the container, but you really want to keep up the health of your nails. I highly highly recommend investing in a glass and nail file and the beautiful thing about glass nail files is that they’re not supposed to dole? If you buy a high quality glass nail file, it should keep its grit, basically the whole lifetime of the nail file. A lot of glass files even come with a lifetime guarantee, so this one I bought off of Amazon, but I actually do have one more glass nail file that I thought I lost and then I found is from the brand context skin. So I’m gonna leave a couple link down below it, doesn’t matter which one you buy, I mean get a higher quality one of course, but these this is the best ten dollars you will ever spend my nails, love this so much.
I even got my best friend hooked on glass, nail files and she will send me pictures of her nails and they are so long and I’m like that’s your natural nail. You didn’t get acrylics and she’s like no. That’s my real now and the good thing about these is that regular nail files will kind of leave your nails cansada open a little bit JT, but with a glass file, it’s so smooth that it actually seals the cuticle as its filing. So your nails are much less likely to peel and I am someone who has terrible peeling nails and I’ve. Actually, this is a tangent on the side. Let me get into it. I have been trying to deal with my peeling nails for a while. Now I think that it has to do with my diet, because I’ve been vegetarian for almost two years now and that’s kind of when I started noticing my nails starting to peel. So I’ve been making sure I get enough iron and other things in my diet. So hopefully the peeling will subside eventually, if you guys aren’t peeling nail people. Let me know if you have any recommendations, but this actually helps a lot. I feel, like my nails, are much less likely to peel back when I’m using this, because it just leaves the ends so smooth and they’re not as prone to just flaking off. So I highly recommend this. I really don’t use a nail clipper anymore. I just exclusively file my nails and I’m obsessed with it. I am obsessed with it, but sticking with nails at my favorite color right now for the spring, is this one from NCLA this is in the shade members-only? It is the polish that I’m wearing right now. I think this is my perfect spring color. I’ve actually been looking for a blue similar to this and hadn’t been able to find one. This one I did receive in PR from NCLA this is part of their spring collection that they call the country, club collection and I’ve actually been loving. All four colors in that collection. You’ve seen me post them, mostly on my Instagram stories actually recently. If you follow me on Instagram, I recently added like a nails highlight to my Instagram, because I just I love painting my nails, a lo different nail colors and you guys are often asking me questions about what I’m wearing. So I did leave a highlight over there and I have worn of all four colors from this collection. I’m obsessed with all of them, and it’s kind of funny, and at that time I had only tried those two and then I had an older and Cla polish. And I am back to say that I was wrong and maybe just the pink that I was wearing in the Barbie collection.
I noticed chipping on at a normal rate, but I don’t know maybe it’s just this country club collection they last so long and again I have peeling nails. I keep saying that, but nail polishes don’t tend to last. As long I mean because it’s not the polished chipping way, it’s my actual nail, but with these I get almost a full wear of a full week of wear time before they start to peel like five six days is basically an eternity for me for my nail. Polish not to chip, so big big fan. It can’t stop bring this color this the second I put it on. I shared it guys on Instagram. I was like this. Is my new paper nail polish color. I just want to wear this every day in the spring. I’m pretty obsessed with it, okay, so those were some nail and makeup and skin favorites. Now I have a to fashion fashion accessory items, it’s my new go-to, so this is from Miranda Frye and it is the Lola chain – that’s the name of the like chain, and then the charm is told separately, and this is the Alpha charm and obviously I got a K. This is Miranda Frye and I do have an affiliate code. If you guys do want to use it, it is Kelley 10. You guys are always asking me about my jewelry and it’s basically all Miranda Frye. I try to link everything down below. There are a few things I get from like Target or whatnot, but for most part for the most part they like dainty gold pieces that I wear everyday are basically all Miranda Frye. I mean earrings all that stuff, so this necklace has done my go to I just think this charm itself is so cute. My best friend actually bought the same charm because she thought this one was so cute. She has it on a different chain, but it’s the same charm and every time I see her wear it. I’m like. Oh, that’s a cute necklace, I’m like oh, I have the same one and then my final accessory favorite is this bag. Now, but this is the Angela Roy Hamilton crossbody. So it is a shorter length bag, so it kind of I don’t wear it as a crossbody, because I feel like it’s kind of short. If I do that, I tend to just throw it over one shoulder and it hits right around the waist. For me I mean I’m pretty petite, but it hits me like right around my hips, which I guess is not the same thing as my waist. I should have explained that better, but Angela Roy is vegan leather and I just adore this bag. It is so soft and I’ve shared with you guys, a couple other vegan leather handbags before I also love the brand Mellie Bianco If you want a more affordable option like not super affordable, not the prices of like forever 21 but more entry-level bags, I would say: they’re, nice vegan, leather, that’s Melly Bianco, but I feel like if you are starting to switch and stop purchasing leather.
But you still are like a luxury bag lover I would highly recommend Angela Roy the first time I heard about this brand was from Andre italiano, and I know that she has quite a few bags from them as well, and I just feel like the quality is so high and whenever I wear this, it’s like Such a simple bag I can’t believe how many compliments I get on this You go Oh that’s! A cute purse, I’m like it’s just Brown over the shoulder bag, but it’s it’s really cute It’s my go-to! I’ve been wearing it basically every day in spring You know in the winter I wear a lot of black, I’m usually grabbing a black bag, but now that it’s warming up, I feel like this is very springy, and I love it has so many pockets on the inside nice faux suede in here What do I have in here? Let’s do a little what’s in my bag, not a ton actually, because my wallet is over there This, Oh, when I was in New York, you guys how Mean Girls, the musical I posted that on my Instagram stories You guys probably saw that we did standing-room-only and I didn’t even know that Broadway shows had that option So, basically, if it’s like a sold-out show, you can purchase a standing room ticket and we were kind of thinking You know this might be terrible, but it wasn’t that bad and it’s only $30 If you do standing around lease, so I would recommend doing that Yes, I haven’t here a hair clip a portable straw You should see whenever I take this out in public and just like fold, my straw to other people are like What’s she doing? That’s, basically it right now, because my wallet is sitting over there, but but this has just been my go-to spring bag I love pairing This with different outfits, I feel like it’s Spice’s them up quite a bit This was sent to me, but I actually would purchase another one of their bags I would spend my own money Anna, I think they’re completely worth it, especially if you’re looking for a more luxurious, treat yourself vegan peace, so I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my current favorites Let me know: do you like seeing them every two months? Would you prefer that I go back to posting them monthly, or should I do them even more like seasonally, let me know your thoughts down below please give it a thumbs up Also, leave me your current favorites What can you not stop reaching for? I would love to know Thank you guys so much

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