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Customers make up dark skin melanin pop-up UK

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel hi. So today we have actually get today. She’s gonna be glad so actually um don’t wear makeup at all. So she don’t like a love me. I’m sorry, my copies gonna be lots of you guys yeah. She never I didn’t she never one lashes before you guys. The makeup is really just minimal subtle, and so I’m excited to see what she’s gonna do for me yeah. So you guys so we’re gonna to Ashley’s makeup. Now, I’m there will be back so we’re gonna show you guys the process we’re gonna, be walking us through the process.
Okay, so she’s, exciting. Alright, so guys, if you guys want to see Ashley’s makeup process, stay tuned, not true! Yeah! Are you guys I’m gonna stop there clean face? I was on the cleaning so okay, so you guys look at her hair, all natural she’s, very thinking, she’s, very natural, like hundred percent natural, she loved his natural. You know my is not true. I’m gonna use this as the base Mac become prime okay. He liked all of my prime exist without Chloe effects like mister. Please look on their face, but sometimes when is too much you can make your face. Look like yeah, so just wanna know, but you guys today I’ll be using Bobby Brown. Okay, Bobby Brown. This shape is espresso. Okay, big guys. The cream foundation cream foundation is me, shade espresso from Bobbi Brown, sometimes we’re gonna missing today. So you guys a little using a Beauty Blender for that okay, somebody’s getting the nose could be out. Put that back of my hand. So on that up the back of my hand, I so then I love sorry, nice! Well, you guys! That’s pretty yes, Wow! Okay! So for the highlights – and I’m contouring – I’m gonna get my friend w45 this one here somewhere he’s not too high like okay, I’m so looking forward to see ya she’s gonna look like I’ve known her for years. Universal wear makeup, so excited highlight yeah. So yeah this is the highlight of all, because the way I do them, I highlight the faith and leave the other side as a contour, contour yeah, all right, so guys, I’m going to pass the saints okay.
Let’s talk Pass has a little bit of orange somebody’s. Not the same sponge is always better because we sponge you can control where you want it to be, so you can just hold it like so and just sit guys. So what does this do? Yeah this sucks? He said the highlighter he made the consider. Not so please cuz, if you don’t say it, consider my star running okay, thank you. So you guys. So this is just to define it shake yeah see, that’s the other side see a guy. Before I do the brows. I would like to say: let me sit here because you know I didn’t set or this areas, so let me say them so they are set before I even finish the brows. Yes yeah guys, so we always say it so the foundation will not move. So that’s why I’m just doing now so Kentucky guys NW 58, so for the nose I’m using the lighter one, which is NW 55, so that it knows no bit too harsh, so yeah take the other side. So this is now the time for me to feel so fill the brows now some reason Rimmel guys, remember pencil. He chose outline and Philip yeah and outline yeah. There are few so the out my hair me to get a shape that I want. Yes, that’s. What’s the rush, it is like you’re not ready to do your makeup time date at all, there’s no rush of any harsh line, so I’m gonna. Do you find the browser be more sub using a concealer for that so yeah, some hidden, NW 45. You so same foundation mm-hmm, so for the shuttle something natural, so I’m giving this one force. Is it dark, chocolaty Brown, very dark? It looks like black, but it’s not black. Is it chocolate? Brown? I’m gonna lie down here: okay, one two, this woman, Mack yeah. So this is a chocolate brown from mark summon list or the pole are used in the description box, so make sure you open the description box very precise, get that very soon didn’t ya this. I know this is coke. It’s a Hulk shadow I know this cuz, I’m you see almost all the time somehow applied has just here top of them with a little bit of light around just a little bit yeah just so it’s a little bit out there.
Just a little bit so this one is from open, TK Okay, vice palette, just gonna bring it out a little bit more Wow, yeah, okay, neutral yeah yeah, yes, um! Look at the line on the gel liner open down First time guys like they say I used to like yeah, so this is the one I’ll use to clean up the same father, Mac, mineralize skinfinish started when I’m not feeling it so guys So I did extend certain little beads and that’s a little bit more I can’t see those hotline, you cannot take it down sweep blending now with a big Brush Lady applies so, oh you do that by a tick off the same part of go back, you’ve lined again blank okay, so the mother of fun, like a contouring twice The first time is to say it second times to plenty out it’s when you played now you go back to the nose Are you playing okay? Okay? So now you blend the neck, I saw some guys wow So now we’re going to do the blush blush is bronzy at the same time, it’s a nice color So gonna see me using this just here Okay, so this is fun sleek, you guys so gonna line with a brown like yes whoa these guys Yes, guys yeah so guys can see on highlighting but yeah just open the eyes I know I’m here just open the eyes again what I see now you’re going to spray the face To finish I really like yes, you’re a nice even for everyday mm-hmm So I don’t know who I am anymore, but it looks amazing I feel like it’s a really nice New Year’s Eve Christmas You look loved in the eyebrows The lip color is on point as well, even like for everyday I really love it It’s amazing Thank You Chi Chi, and now I never to do my eyebrows, I can try that and parental weekend with the lashes as well Let’s see mmm nice

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