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Customized Sasha velvet doll [?? Proud?? Cooperation]

1 Nov , 2019  

. I know I know I’m myself as shook. Everyone is shook, but this is another special collaboration with these talented artists to celebrate Pride Month, which I think it should be every month. You know, but you know what we will take, what we can get make sure to check out doll motion and the light pull Kyra’s workshop and moonlight jewel and I’ll leave their links down below. For my doll, I will be making Sasha velour from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9. I’ve always loved her artistic views and the messages that she conveyed most of her looks are intricately designed and very clever.
I’ve also seen her perform live and her shows are so unique toher and it is literally art in motion. The look I’ve chosen to make is her season 10 meet the Queen’s. I just thought that it was really really creative, graphic and stunning. It gave me so much Cruella de Vil vibes, but I think it also is because I’m biased to black white and also red I’ll be using this Barbie that I actually found from savers and thought the shoes really really cool and unique. After doing research, I found out that she is a chemotherapy doll created, as Barbie’s friend called Ella, to give a better understanding and strength to children fighting cancer all over the world. I thought she was a perfect match for Sasha velour, because Sasha is actually a bald Queen in tribute toher mother having cancer, her mother struggled with chemo and losing her hair, but Sasha really pushed her to embrace her bald head and still see beauty and femininity Within I thought that was such a beautiful sentiment and I wanted to do the same with the Ella doll. I want to give her a new life to celebrate our cancer-fighting heroes all over the world and also give pride to the lgbtq+ community. Unfortunately, one of her arms is broken, so I will be giving her a mate remove body. Instead, I will be replacing the made to move hands with the original hands that she came with, because I love how they are posed. As usual, let’s get her a stone and remove her factory paint. Then, after spring, her mug with mr. super clear, I will use my watercolor pencils and pastels to sketch her mug. Having a raised eyebrow will create more eyelid space, which will help with feminizing a masculine face. Sascha eyebrows are very graphic, so I’m trying my best to make clean and sharp lines.
Let’s also not forget her semi unibrow. I think I’ve heard that she also refers to it as her own crown, and I thought that was genius. I’m over drawing her lips to change the overall shape and expression. Sasha’s iconic makeup is actually inspired by Frida, Kahlo and Nosferatu, and pretty much just looking like a fierce evil queen for contouring Sasha likes to exaggerate the lines of her contour and have it blend toher head so I’ll be using tape to create a defined line And shade it with pastels, drag makeup in real life is like repainting a doll. Actually, you have to cancel out the natural features to achieve the look you’re going for. I also contoured her jaw to modify the shape and make it more angular. I use a light. Touch with pencil to contour her nose, I do want her nose to be really really defined and really really thin and sharp and pencil will work a lot better and I just buff it out with a small brush. Then I use white pencil tohighlight her nose. It really emphasizes the new shape that we added and it makes it a lot thinner, smaller and point to your looking and then I color her iris and alsoher eye shadow everytime. I spray MSc. It creates a new layer and it saved the older layer. So I keep going back and forth to everything that I want to be more brighter and more pigmented. Then we go ahead and give the graphic contrast with the black pencil and go over her eyebrows and alsoher the eyeliner sascha velour has definitely become one of my favorite queens of all time. I just love that she knows how to perform. She knows how to turn looks and that she is nice that she’s actually kind when I saw her perform of praying by Kesha live. Oh, my goodness, you guys, I really my mouth was wide open. I could not believe it was happening. It is so good. You guys should check it out, it’s all over YouTube. She performs really really well. She uses projection lights and all that she’s fully equipped you guys it is such a production number, and it’s definitely a must. I added small, lower lashes and thin gray lines to give the brows more dimension. I use white acrylic paint to clean up her sclera and add the cash lights as well. I give her lips a coat of glue and I sprinkled red fine glitter all over it, and I wait for it to dry before cleaning it up.
It looks really really cool. Very sparkly last part is adding the lashes for a three-dimensional look and now we are done with Sasha volutes face, and I really really love how it came out. It’s very weird but the contours interface, the line they look so satisfying because they’re so sharp and clean. I don’t know I’m gags, I’m groups like I can’t. Let’s go ahead and move on toher outfit like a lot of Queens who joins drag race. I cannot so I embrace my hot glue couture, and so I had this dress made by deluxe designs from Instagram. She is a drag race fan, to which I was shocked. I was gagged. She is amazing. You guys should definitely check her out. My conic dress, made by Diego Montoya on Instagram, was actually worn by Sasha. Twice she recycled it to make it look like a gothic scaparelli. Inspired, look! Oh! I found these black and white trims from a local fabric store and I actually cut it in half and I glued it together onto the bottom of her skirt to create these ornate lines and flowers. The real main challenge, when you’re trying to recreate a certain look, is trying to translate that into doll form, obviously the fabric that she used for her skirt. The real one is a different fabric. It looks a lot flowy and it’s not as structured as these trims, but I think I was able to achieve a look a lot more accurately because I use these trims and because I customized them to the length and also the width that I need them to Be and we are done with the black side, and I am really satisfied with how it came out. I am really really proud of the technique that I use for the trimming and the overlapping of it. It looks really really good. It took maybe like a full one day for the black part takes a lot of patience. Now, let’s go ahead and tackle the white side. It’s actually really funny how satisfying this looks sped up, because that wasn’t the case when I was doing this in real time. It was kind of annoying and the process was really really slow. Sometimes I really wish that we can move that fast. You know and we have completed the bottom of her skirt. It looks really really cool. I added some wire under her hemline, so I can actually manipulate it and pose it as well. So now that’s out of the picture.
Let’s go ahead and move up top. I use cut-up faux leather fabric for her shoulders to give it that sharp angle, and I also use that for her asymmetrical peplum and then I paint her left side white to match the entire side. I found this metallic fabric that in doll scale, can look like chain, mail or scales, and I’m just gonna attach that toher neck and then I use my hot glue Couture to add details all over her dress. Obviously I used the reference photos to make sure that I added specifically to where it needs to be and because hot glue dries kind of transparent. I’m gonna go over it with black and white paint, and next you guessed it Margaux I’ll be using actual fine glitter glitter glue, puffy glitter sequins litter, any other glitter literally. I’ve used so many glitters and beads for this dress. So beware: when you’re using glitter to work as clean and organized as possible. Obviously I’m speaking from my mistakes, so um yeah don’t do what I did, which is like scattered glitter all over my table and floor haha yeah. I found these micro crystals from Joanne’s. I believe and I’ll be using that to divide her dress in the middle and then I just added smaller, crystal beads on the white side and black beads. On the black side, it actually looked like black pearls, which is really really cool and so yeah. I just kind of scattered it around her dress. I want her earrings to really move and be animated when I move the doll, and so I’m using these micro chain links that I got from Joanne’s and I’m just gonna glue that to this crystal earring that I found from the dollar store for her hands. I’Ll be painting her left hand, white and her right hand, black, I’m also gluing. This faux fur trim that I got from Joanne’s on to the ends of her sleeves. Next, let’s go ahead and whip out our clay. You can use air-dry clay, polymer clay, but for me I’ll be using epoxy sculpt and I’m gonna go ahead and combine the two elements together to create the avatar I’m just kidding. But we will be creating in the heart that decorates her chest, which I also paint in ruby red. I also added red strings and thread to cascade down the heart. I think the original is beads, but that is too big for doll scale I also cover the entire heart, with the red glitter for added definition, and because I really want to use it I’ll be adding these garnet micro beads onto the heart for her dagger I’ll be using one of these crosses that I got from Joanne’s, and this is The one that I thought would be perfect for the dagger used into the heart.
I used all packaging for the blade part and I actually just creased it in the middle to create more of a dagger appearance, and then I’m gonna super glue the cross onto it Then I will be painting the blade silver and the cross gold I added a crystal in the middle of the cross and then I highlighted the perimeter of the cross with white pearl paint Now, let’s go ahead and put it together, alright mama, to create the dripping book ketchup ketchup I will be using the full leather painted in red and draw the ketchup drops all around it: cut it out and then add glitter all over it Then let’s go ahead and glue it ontoher dress for her hair I use this remnant from my Alice doll and I just coat the entire thing with matte Mod Podge and I just pushed the hair around to create the swirl Let it dry overnight and you have your hairpiece This is actually surprisingly, very easy, but very satisfying to make I don’t know it looks really really cool and I just go ahead and glue it ontoher scalp and last, but certainly not the least, is her shoes, Sasha velour, loves wearing platform shoes because she usually Has really really big gowns and really really long gowns, and I think the platform shoes really really helps her, so I just painted black and white for each shoe and obviously we give her the red bottoms It is my favorite thing to do on shoes If I can do it – and I think the whites, black and red really just matches the entire dress and the entire look, kimchi, violet, chachki, Roger todrick, Hall ha and don’t forget about me – stop hey beauties This is something that we should be celebrating every single day, because the LGBTQ community has accomplished so much and we have to celebrate people’s authenticity, individuality, charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent Be true to who you are and don’t let others deter you from your one True self and always remember, love is love and it gets better Oh

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