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Cut your own bangs.

1 Nov , 2019  

Literally, just one two three, so I’m gonna cut bangs am I gonna regret this heck yeah we’re gonna. Do hey yeah I’ve actually had bangs before it was in eighth grade, and I told myself I was never gonna get bangs again, because this girl told me that I look like Bremen Rock. So I was like damn and that kind of hurt, eighth grade feelings and don’t get me wrong. Ruttman rock is beautiful. I would love to look like Bremen Rock, but when I first got bangs, I was trying to look like this one Instagram model right and she was like you look like Brooke Monroe go okay, so I’m gonna find some pictures of me with bangs.
It’s not. He I’m still gonna.. So I’m sorry if it’s bothering you too, but I don’t know why I didn’t notice also. I would just like to talk about how I’ve been gone for literally forever. I’m sorry, I literally haven’t posted in three weeks and I’ve just been so unmotivated, so unmotivated and I just haven’t had any inspiration film. So I’m so sorry, but I’m back and I’m here to stay. I remember when I got my bangs cut in eighth grade. I did it in San Francisco really impulsively and the lady cut them like really really thick. So I kind of looks like a little boy with a bowl cut. You know, but I’m just worried that me getting bangs is gonna make me want to cut my hair shoulder length and just do a whole Dora moment. You know this one. I have bangs in eighth grade, embarrassing. Okay, I don’t know I’m just kind of scared, because my hair is curly and I know I’m gonna, like probably straighten my bangs a lot um and I’m also scared that I’m gonna look ugly. I don’t know I’m not as worried about that because, like it’s not like, I’m cute now anyways, so I don’t know I’m just bored with my hair again and I feel like this is something I would do at like 3 a.m. right, but no it’s literally 5 P.M. I think I’m not even gonna watch a tutorialright. I’m just gonna do this based off of how I think it’s done. Ok, I think we’re gonna migrate to the bathroom. So the light is better: yellow, yellow tangs, ok, we’re in my bathroom. So I think that this is a good amount of hair to cut and novel hold on. This is not even oh, my god wait.
Okay, maybe I do need a watch’s of twirl. How to cut things. Wait guys, I’m so scared. I don’t know if this is. I mean, I know this, isn’t a good idea, yellow, yellow you know uh-huh, should I just cut it? Should I just cut it shine, just put the scissors to my hair and cut it. That’s it. Someone said no balls cut your bangs. So now I have to cut my bangs, they said no balls does I have to I have to you guys. Can blame and Jack win more cuz? She said, no balls do it. So if I look ugly, it’s Jacqueline’s fault, not my god. If I shouldn’t do this, give me a sign right now. I didn’t get a sign, so I think I should do it okay. So we start. We start. Like short right, I mean no, no, I’m not short. We start like long yeah. Oh wait. Wait! I’m not ready literally just one two: three, oh no! No! No! No! No! No! I’m not gonna. What did I just do? Hi, I’m gonna wait, stop stop so funny. We stopped, I cut them so thick stop. What did I just do? What did I just do? Oh you can do what you like. What am I supposed to do in this matter? What am I supposed to do? I cannot leave. God would lie to me like that, and I see a lot of people do this when they cut their being so I’m just gonna. Do that stop stop? What did I just do? What did I just do? I’m gonna go get a hair straightener, I’m gonna go get her. I’m gonna straighten it. I’m gonna straighten it it’ll be fine. Okay, I’m literally gone from YouTube for three weeks. I come back in. This is what I do. I make myself uglier uglier than I was before um. I think I’m just gonna go sit down for a little bit and process like what I just did. So I think I think I’m gonna go. Do that. It’s fine! That’s right! Here! Yeah! That’s! Okay! Um you know I’m about to go downstairs and show my sister and my sister about to make fun of me. So let’s let’s go do that. I look so ugly. I look like a little boy, I’m really sad about it. It’s not that you’re lying. I swear. You’Re willing to meet come closer, I’m not lying, it’s actually really cute. No, it’s not! Why is it luring you’re gonna cry? I’m really gonna. Do it you don’t like it cuz your hair’s not done put your hair down! Oh sorry, like this Frenchie, it’s mine No, it’s not! Oh my god! I look even uglier.
Oh no! I don’t want anything to do with this Alright, I’m not here, I’m not I’m not either yeah That’s why I told you not to do it dude Why are you yelling at me? Cuz, you didn’t listen to me and now you hate it, I’m leaving, I feel judged in here I literally I don’t like the vibes and I don’t I don’t I told you, I don’t like the vibes, the air so negative I look so ugly, I don’t know what I’m gonna do from here I don’t know what I’m gonna do, maybe um Just when I thought I couldn’t get any uglier You know I literally knew I was gonna regret it I knew it and I was like you know: what’s still gonna, do it cuz, you know, I thought it would be like fun Huh know if you wanted bangs and you were thinking of it and you wanted to sign here’s your sign, I’m your sign Don’t do it hold on Let me go look straighten it some more wire they look frizzy hold on I am really upset with God for not giving me a sign that I shouldn’t do this time to go cry and then I’ll be back sitting by God Be back in five seconds once I guess I just looked at the mood change Okay, I did my makeup and I feel slightly better, like I feel a little bit a little bit cuter I don’t feel too ugly I still kind of do I regret it Yeah yeah, I do regret it I wish I didn’t like I wish I just like bought fake bangs on Hamazon or something I don’t know, but I didn’t and now I’m stuck with it until they go back so they’re uneven I went live so you guys have already seen my hair, oh wow anyway Here’s my makeup um, I don’t have any face makeup on I just did blush lashes, lipstick with freckles and highlight uh I don’t know if I like it or not I feel like it’ll grow on me, and I wish I did it Okay, because today is Monday right I literally leave for VidCon Wednesday, so I’m gonna have bangs during VidCon and I’m gonna feel so ugly and like so I wish I waited until after VidCon, but it is what it is Well, I’m not happy This is a fake smile thanks, Matt, that’s not how it goes I start crying I’m gonna go bye, oh what a beautiful eyes!

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