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1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, I’m Marla, and today I’m gonna, be showing you guys how I’m gonna be doing my makeup everyday for a high school is here I’m going into 10th grade this year, which is high school for me, and I’m really nervous. I’m gonna be showing you guys, also a little bit of skincare and how you can squeeze that into your tight schedule in the morning for school. which is really exciting, because I use them all the time like they’re my favorite things ever so with that being said, let’s go ahead and, as you guys know, waking up early most the time we also wake up late, but if you do want to squeeze in some skincare, this is a way to do it.
I’m gonna be putting on my face mask right now, so I’m gonna pull back my hair, oh great. Today, I’m going to be using the primer mask and this one is a five in one makeup primer. So it’s perfect cuz we’re like doing a makeup tutorial today, plus it only takes three minutes which is so fast and so easy plus you can multi-task while doing it, so I’m gonna actually be making breakfast well. I have my face mask on and you can kill two birds with one stone, even though you don’t actually want to kill two birds, you know what I mean, so the thing about these face masks is that I use them all the time and the reason why Is because I love how they make my skin super hydrated and, like super glowy, this one’s pink, okay, okay, these face masks are so affordable, they’re, three to eight dollars each. They have two different types of masks: they have everyday use masks and then they have a supercharged ones where they’re like really good for your skin and those are nice to use every once in a while. If you just want to give your skin a good reboot. So before I put this face mask on, I just wanted to say: Sephora collection is having a challenge where you basically put on your sheet mask and then you can go in public and do it because they’re trying to prove a point that skincare is very important And you can do it anytime anywhere today, I’m gonna be using my face mask while I’m making breakfast for myself, so I’m gonna go ahead, put it on it’s a little cold up. First, but it’s a nice! It’s a nice just like wake-up call, especially in the morning.
Oh, you honestly just skipped a makeup tutorial. You can go like this to school and these are safe on your eyebrows. They won’t revive your hair, no one’s gonna. Take me seriously. No, I love it when I put on a face mask and then I go downstairs and be like hey mom. I need something and I don’t tour that I’d have a face mask on, especially like the black charcoal ones and she’s like oMG. Like scary, you know it’s a nice little prank, the hydrating prank. Let’s go make some breakfast for breakfast today, I’m going to be eating some almond butter, toast. I make this all the time. It’s so quick, so easy and it’s really delicious. So I’m going some bread. This is a full green, healthy, multigrain, bread, it tastes so good. So my toaster is heating up and then at once it’s heated up. I’m gonna go ahead and put in my bread, I’m smiling, you can’t really tore it out, but I am, as you guys can see. It’s been three minutes. My toast is not ready and so is my face mask. So I think eyes can see. There’s a little bit of extra product and I’m just gonna rub that into my skin, so I’m gonna go ahead and now that my toast is ready, I’m gonna eat my breakfast and then you can go. Do a makeup tutorial! I a good breakfast. My skin looks amazing besides these two pimples, but I’m refreshed, I’m primed, I’m ready to go so. Let’s go ahead and start this makeup tutorial. I don’t have to wash off the extra residue because it’s supposed to be there, so we’re gonna be starting off with concealer. Concealer is definitely a game. Changer you need it. I mean you, don’t need it, but you know what I mean, especially when you’re waking up early. All of a sudden, I’m gonna try to fix my sleep schedule soon. So wish me luck, but this is the bright future. Sephora collection, gel serum – and this is my all-time favorite concealer it just has a very loose and if as a it, has that and I’m putting this only where I need it and that’s why I love concealer is because it’s not like an entire layer. It’s just concentrated to where you need it, so I’m putting on my two pimples and then I would prefer putting it in a triangle, because when you do it blends it downwards and upwards and it just looks more natural. Instead of just a concentrated like bright circle or a dry, I ain’t using no Beauty Blender, I’m gonna be using my fingers today.
My fingers whoa. I accused my ring finger. It’s just the best finger for this honestly wise at the ring finger Wayne Goss. I was watching he’s super good at makeup and he’s super good he’s, just a really good makeup artist and one of the tips I got from that. I love is first off the waterproof. Mascara keeps her eyelashes curly, but second was the longer you blend with your finger, the more it melts into your skin, and it just looks more. Even so. It definitely take your time with your blending if you’re, in a rush. Just okay, so now I’m gonna be moving on to bronzer and bronzer is so important, especially during the winter. Four people are pale. Like me, Slim’s your face out. It adds a little bit of warmth and color, and it definitely helps to revive your skin and make it look a lot more healthy. I personally feel like when I have a little bit of bronzer on my skin. Just looks overall like a lot healthier. This stuff is good, okay, so next up for blush, I love blush so much it’s just as a it just adds warmth. It adds life and cuteness. So that’s I’m gonna be using today, I’m using the opposed eat it by benefit. I literally just got this today and I’m so excited to use it less up. It’s like a super bright, pink color, but I love it. I love the way it looks, and so I’m just gonna be smiling and then I’m gonna put it right here and bring it up to my temples. A little bit got some in my hair, that’s cute and then I’m just gonna take my fingers and blend that out and I prefer cream blushes over powder. But that’s just me: okay, so I’m gonna be moving on to eyebrows next and eyebrows they’re. Just super good for putting your face together today, I’m using the precisely my brow pencil by benefit – and this is in the shade four and a half or anyone wondering I do have a little tip for you guys if you are going to get a brow pencil. Try going ashore a shard to go about a shade or half a shade darker from what you normally would get, because your product ends up lasting so much longer because you use it a lot more alight handed and you get the same effect if that makes sense.
So yeah, if you do it light handed, you still get a lighter color. I start on my weakest point so where my arches, it’s kind of sparse, so I like to go in and just draw in a few hairs and then I just lightly very, very, very lightly. Go in and I added a few hairs at the front. I love the way bushy brows look and that’s why I don’t normally wax my eyebrows. I do pluck my unibrow like every other day because it likes to grow back and it’s not cute other than not. I like to keep my eyebrows pretty natural-looking, nothing too crazy. So this is before – and this is after I don’t know – I’m trying to look at the viewfinder, but it’s like not too dramatic to where, if you’re sweaty during peeing, you wipe your face. Your eyebrows not gonna come off. So that’s why I do like you. Might makeup natural, because if I have a problem like that, it doesn’t look like half of my face is coming off, which it can’t be a problem for some people. So now I’ve filled in the sparse areas on my brows and I’m going to take a borough gym today. I’m using the milk make up a cush fiber brow gel, and this is in the shade Dutch just taking a little bit of this and I’m gonna put it that way. My brows are a little bit more tame. I like to brush up my eyebrows. Just a little bit so what I do is I sweep over the brow product and do that for both sides and then I kind of wiggle my brush. I love the way. This looks, I know a lot. I like a lot of people, don’t, but I do they’re a little crazy right now. Okay and now I’m gonna be moving on to my eye makeup and I have been doing this for the past couple of weeks and I absolutely love this eye makeup. Look using the Too Faced peach palette and this one is beautiful. I love it smells good. Nice smells like peaches taking charmed I’m sure summer, young and pure, and I mixing those all together and I mixing those all together and then I’m tapping off the excess. And then I go from my bottom lash line and I flick it and what this does it? Just helps elongate your eyes, so just follow your natural eye shape. What I find works for mine, I kind of have hooded eyes So what I do is I just follow my bottom lashline and I flick upwards and that works for me.
It might work for you So you can try that out and then what I do is I go back in with that darker brown color and I fill it in so I connect it to my actual lash line So this is just like a super quick super simple way to do a natural-looking, winged eyeliner without actually putting in too much effort, and it’s super easy to do because I know I can’t do a cool winged eyeliner and now I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna curl, my eyelashes I did get a lash lift so they’re pretty curly already, but just just because I’m gonna go ahead and curl them a little bit more using my shadow, eyelash curler This is one of my favorites, I’m gonna be using the lash craft, big volume volume, extreme Sephora collection, mascara, that’s a mouthful but Eddy mascara will work so that wraps up today’s that makeup look I hope you guys enjoyed it super natural and it’s perfect for the first day of school and for an everyday look once again but it is a buy three get one free on the sheet mask So if you’re gonna be buying sheet masks, why not buy three and get a fourth one free? So I will have a link in the description box to support collections sheet masks also be sure to enter at Sephora collections A sheet mask challenge so choose out your favorite sheet mask and then post a picture of you masking out in the world So you can be like, oh in the grocery store wearing a face mask or at the pool, or something like that You know and then on your photo then use the hashtag holy sheet mask and then tag at a C, and then you can also tag a friend in the caption If you want to like, dare them to do the challenge too, then the funniest pick that Sephora collection chooses will be featured on their Instagram, which is super exciting I mean, I think, that’d be fun, challenge to do, go ahead and do it you guys want to and send in your pictures, they’ll be fun and yeah I love you guys a lot thanks so much for watching and bursting until the end, and I going through this together you want to see from me and yeah That’s about it! I’Ll see you guys in my next one I love you guys a lot so I’ll see you guys later bye

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