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Dance 2K19 makeup how to mix your eye shadow – very detailed

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my channel, I’m finally back with a new tutorial and today is gonna, be a prom inspired, look because crime season and it’s right around the corner and she’s actually going to prom this year, and so, let’s jump into this tutorial actually Did one eye off camera? First, just Ally knew what I was doing and I actually like doing it so going forward. My tutorials will be like this um, so yeah and I’m taking my absolute New York brow pencil and I’m using the shade smoke.
I only use the shade smoke, you guys don’t use any other color, I’m seeing um themes and comments about this. I only use smoke. I’ve only ever shown smoke so yeah. That’s what I’m using to shape out her brow. So this part is pretty self-explanatory. If you find you have an issue, it was precision when you’re sculpting out the eyebrows don’t be afraid to use your hands as anchors, whether you’re resting your hand on her cheek or, if you’re, having a place on her forehead, don’t be afraid to use your hand To make sure that everything is nice and steady when you’re doing this part, I’m also taking my BH Cosmetics blending brush I’m using the V 5 blending brush to blend out the concealer around her eyebrows and keep in mind that when I blend in my concealer, I’m Tapping and pressing the concealer intoher skin, I’m not doing circular motions, I’m not wiping I’m tapping it in underneath I. So what you’re gonna see me doing next is just bringing her arch down a bit lower, because this brow is just naturally higher. So I’m just bringing that down a little bit now, I’m taking my P Lewis base and I’m using shade number three. I’m not using a lot of this, of course, because the color is um very different than her natural color. But as all my shadows to be very nice and pigmented, which is why I opted for the lighter base and I’m just gonna apply with the two to four brush and then I’m gonna take em blend. Out. With the more I mean with the BH Cosmetics, v5 brush and again, I’m tapping that base intoher eye and I’m meeting it with the concealer. Now I’m going in with the P Louise eyeshadow palette, I’m using that warm brown shade I’ll have it listed down below, but it’s equivalent to max Brown script and I’m gonna use that in her crease this is the morphe.
No, it’s a sigma. This is sigma! E40 brush and I’m using that to tap the color intoher crease area. I like to start in the center or middle of the eye first, just to really emphasize the round shape of the eye before bringing the color outwards. So if you notice I’m tapping the color on first and then I bring the color up, but I’m still tapping you want to tap because the base that you set underneath you did not dry, you didn’t put any setting powder. The base is too wet. So when you’re tapping the shadow on you’re actually setting the base, if you do like one shield, wiping motions immediately or you know try to swirl the color in what you’re gonna do is move the base underneath and then that’s how you get that patchy. Look that the shadow start to separate so just I know it’s hard to do at first, but just try to tap that color on, because it really makes a difference. Now I’m going into juciest um worried a palette and I’m using that dark cool toned Brown and I’m taking more fees and four for one brush and the same thing. I’m tapping that color and below that reddish brown. Then I’m placing that in her crease area. But I’m not covering the first color I put down. I still want that first color to show and again you want to make sure you’re following the round shape of the eye and as I’m tapping now, I’m bringing that color up a little bit just so that it’s a gradient meeting between the reddish brown and the Dark brown: now I’m going back in with that reddish brown color, I’m taking the edge of my brush and I’m using it to tap on the color. I kind of just want to meet those two shades and make it blend more, so I’m taking the edge of the brush and I’m doing that and I’m doing tapping in circular motions I’m tapping in the direction towards the darker color. I hope that makes sense. Try it out you guys and you’ll see like what I’m saying, but I’m just tapping downwards. Basically, now I’m going into the saharan palette and I’m using that red tone and I’m gonna take a clean, more feaf info for one brush and I’m gonna put that right in between the dark brown and the light brown. This is the jelly and between my sandwich, so I’m gonna tap that color in between then I’m just going back in with that lighter brown just a little bit and I’m blending it all together.
So um this footage got lost. Somehow we couldn’t decrease. So if you are new to my channel, I will link that down below I’m using a brush that I customized and flattened myself again.. If you are new here, but this is the matte 250 to s brush that I did cutting you down so that I get a nice precise, cut crease. If you have been on my channel before you know that sometimes I use two brushes to get a nice precise, sharp cut crease, but today it wasn’t necessary because I got it really really sharp the first time, and once I cut my crease I’m just taking that Same blending brush and I’m tapping off that extra product on the lid as well as blending it outwards, because I don’t close my cut creases I like to smoke it out. I, like I, love the gradient look on the eye, so I really really close my cut crease I like to leave it open and now I’m just taking my cut crease brush again and I’m just bringing some of that product down. You want to wipe that extra off on your brush, whatever’s left and make sure you’re just bringing the product down and top tapping the extra based on that you used to cut the crease, because you don’t want too much wetness on the lid when going in. To add your colors going back into that warrior palette and I’m using that beige color and this is a clean cut, crease brush, so this doesn’t have any base on it. I use that first and then I’m gonna go in with a more feet in 4:33. Brush to apply that color and you guys I get a lot of questions about the brushes that I use.. So I’m just gonna put that out. There I literally use like four or five of the same brush every time anyway, I’m going in with my second shade, which is also from the warrior palette. It’s like a nice yellow gold like a dark, yellow gold and I’m using that I’m using the same two brushes I used before the beige, I’m using those apply, the gold color as well. I’m just gonna meet those two colors together. Now I’m going in with that dark brown and I’m going to start to smoke out the edge of my cut crease, I’m using the morphe m44 brush. I mean not important for an m4 for one brush and I’m again you see me tapping that color.
I’m tapping that color really lightly. This part can end up being very patchy and blotchy. It still even happens to me some days, so you just want to be really gentle. You want to really tap lightly. You don’t have to apply pressure when you’re using eyeshadows for something to come out. Super pigmented, it’s okay to be gentle. The colors still aren’t gonna show up and I’m just repeating the same steps with that. Reddish color. Look at that every! Oh, my god! It’s so pretty. I love these colors, so I’m just continuing to smoke out that cut crease. I want it to be nice and dark and pigmented, so that is a nice agreement from light to dark. So now I’m going in with one of my new glitters that will be on my site within the next two weeks. This is gonna be called a chopper. So right now I have custom mixes on my glitter, which released on February 1st and they’re. Pretty much all sold out, so this is a topper which is gonna, be a new line of glitters which you just use to top off your eyeshadow look, so it won’t be like completely covered in glitter, but you get like a nice sparkle effect and I’m Just using some lash glue and I’m using a morphe two to four brush to apply the glitter and I’m just gonna apply it like less than halfway across on the lid. So moving on to foundation, I’m gonna be using three different foundations. I’m using NARS zombie foundation, I’m gonna use that forehead jawline cheek area because and keep in mind we’re matching her face. We’Re not matching her chest. I’m gonna go in with Lancome 540 and Mac NW 55 and I’m gonna use that to apply all over her face. Like I was saying when I’m matching her chest for matching her face, we don’t want to make her face too dark, though, because her chest is so light, but we also don’t want to make her to light and match her chest because we’re not about to lighting The ball: it’s beautiful chocolate, okay, it’s best to consult with your client and ask them what they want to do. If they want to match their chest, you know do was do what they feel most comfortable with, but in most cases like this is how I handle the situation. Unless they tell me I want to make my face lighter. I want to match my chest.
Okay, so I’m just taking my Real Techniques brush and I’m using that to apply the foundation and also keep in mind on my website. I have online courses which are available for free so and they will be sent out on March 1st and it’s a foundation series. So it’s different options for you, so yeah about the website too. It will be linked down below glow-up Academy is my brand and you can subscribe to the website to find out when the glitters will be back in stock. But for right now I have pigments in stock and you can check out the Instagram page, which will be down below to see swatches of all the pigments and everything else. But the glitters will be back in like two weeks or so when I say, and by the way, if you’re wondering this is the same concealer shade that I used on my eyebrows. This is the Mac in C 15, I’m taking my foundation brush and I’m going to blend out that concealer underneath her cheekbone her chin, her forehead and underneath her eyes. When you are blending the concealer, you really do want to take your time. Don’t rush this part. It can be really tedious but making sure that everything is nicely blended into the skin. It makes a difference in and so just really take your time with this I make sure it’s smooth and blended, so this is luscious balance setting powder. You can use my coat on the site for money off and I’m using the page to set her under-eye, I’m using a damp Beauty, Blender sponge to sponges from shop mistake. I’ve spoke about before on my Instagram and on YouTube. I’m like it doesn’t blow I’m using that to set her under eyes, I’m pressing that loose powder underneath her eye, not a lot. I just want to set it right once it’s a I’m gonna go in with our CMA no color powder, which you’ve seen on my channel before with another chocolate model, and I’m gonna use that I’m gonna use a good amount of that underneath her Eyes to bait, and then I mixed those two colors. We used it for her forehead, her chin and a little bit under her eyes as well. Once that’s um, you know hooked on her skin for a little bit. I’m gonna take my foundation brush and I’m going to press that intoher skinny all right, so once we have all of that off, I’m just I’m showing you guys how I smoke out my bottom lash line.
I see this a lot. I just want to say something when you’re doing eyes and it’s like heavy on the top meaning. You have a lot of colors a lot of detail, glitter smokey, whatever the case may be. You do want to add something on the bottom of the eye, because you just want to balance out the eye. It just looks more appealing aesthetically when, if there’s something on the top to put something on the bottom, it’s kind of like algebra, whatever you do to the left, you do to the right. You want to do the same thing when it comes to the eyes, because it’s just balances the look out all right, so moving on to contour, I’m using this new black radiance foundation stick and the state after darker shade, which, as you can see, it’s a really Really dark great for contour, so I’m gonna use that first to contour her nose and I’m just using a small eyeshadow brush, I’m not a huge or nose contour. I like to define the bridge of the nose, but I don’t like to like make noses super small anyway, I’m taking my Real Techniques cheek brush and I’m using that to blend out the contour on her cheek area as well as her jaw line. You don’t want to forget that your line make it nice and chiseled. Now now I’m going back and so the jewsĂ­ is wearing a pallet, so we doing multi-use today you guys and that’s what I’m gonna use to contour her, and you want to use this very lightly because on the eyes we can see how dark shadow pink. It so you want to very lightly use this shadow to contour her cheeks, and you want to contour upwards and outwards. You never really want to contour down. You want to lift the face up. So if you contour down you’re gonna bring her cheeks down. So now I’m going back, and so this is a hammer palette and I’m using that, like reddish brownish color and I’m gonna use that other bronzer on her cheeks just to warm up her skin. Now we’re moving on to the glitter underneath the eyes. I get a lot of questions about this. I use an angled, eyeliner or eyebrow brush. I apply the glue with this brush and I apply the glitter, the glitter. That’s all I do you guys, so I just wanted to show you guys like just how sparkly this glitter is We all know like on cameras like these is really hard to capture this article, but her eyes are sparkling, but anyway, I’m just gonna spray.
Her face down with this art, natural setting spray and I’ve been talking about it’s like the Holy Grail It’s like it’s really: it’s like eight dollars, so you’re gonna saturate, her face down honey, and this is what she’s looking like so far, I’m going in with this becca blush, which is this beautiful rosy color gorgeous on my chocolate Girls, don’t be afraid of blush It I just love, I can’t live without blush Like I love blush like we have blush for a reason Don’t be scared to blush your face Blush your clients face like it’s all about the right, color and the right amount, and I love blushes that have like a nice machine and I’m like it just gives the face a healthy rosy glow anyway, moving on to the lips, I’m using like a dark shade And like a peachy, shade kind of to create the color I was going for and I’m just using a small concealer brush to blend those colors in together Then I’m going in with a dark lip liner I switched over to a night moth’s by Matt to line her lips now we’re going in with my highlighters on glow-up Academy This isn’t the shade closest and I wanted a shade for my chocolate girls that give the same effect I, like a white gold or icy gold, will give for a lighter girl without looking at she so kind of like a more easy like I was like that beautiful white gold color I wanted that same effect on darker skin girls without looking ashy So that’s what grossest is it’s kind? It’s like a cool tone highlight anyway This is the completed Look You guys tell me what you guys think look how cute she is Oh, my god This is so late, prom or birthday or date night It’s all up to you, but I think I’m gonna do like a prom series, but yeah you guys know I had to come through with the phone footage So this is in my makeup room with all of my box lights and my ring light That’s what it’s looking like, she looks beautiful in chocolate all right You guys! Thank you guys so much for watching you are a real one, a real one anyway I’ll catch, you guys on the next tutorial I love you guys around bye,

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