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Dance with me Megan Batman Megan Barton

30 Sep , 2019  

I won’t just choke from all the What is that I’m getting major birthday notes here, yeah my birthday, your birthday I actually am it’s to the song to do Do you want to get old again? Okay, go! I told you I wanted to get they didn’t even say anything Yet, Oh is how you met okay girl as in the band? No, it’s not It was like Okay go You have any guesses new Drake, no old Dre, no current living and aging in real time Drake, it’s not Drake Guinea, handsome! I’m not going to give you a hint! I’m just going to tell you! Oh my god, it’s a throwback song like Beethoven and we talking more Mozart Those are composers from the exact same time period and that’s way too far Back no it’s to ride with me by Nellie, never heard of it You’ve never heard of Ryan yeah I’ve never heard of it, but even so, I’m pretty sure it’s ride Whipped me with T You know H, because it’s more tip top tip top You mean hip hop, no really doesn’t even matter All I wanted to do is there’s a bunch of my friends too some that we grew up with we’re fun That’s it we’re going to find those fine What friends you can even find anyone tohave this conversation with you I have friends I’ll pick them right now in a group chat and we’ll just see how many of them show up Okay, my guess, all of them yeah right up, take the body front neck Don’t know how to act without the vouchers on a Rooster’s bringing nothing back You should give an impact type of laughs with us sky’s the limit and the haters can get bad at work here Oh that’s, big pain once again, II paint change Every time I switch things it feels great making a living on my brain instead Akane I got the title: come on mama now name change Many critics check with no shame up to the famous song I can’t find no more I’m the name now in and out My own countries, out of New Jersey 20, be telling me about a 40 of it And what see you can I make it better right I’ll be on the next flight back everyone huh, okay,

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