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1 Nov , 2019  

Welcome back to the cocoa swatches YouTube channel. If you are new, my name is Oakland a and I created this platform called cocoa swatches, where I’d like to swatch things under deeper and darker skin tones like myself, and if you are returning welcome back thanks for thanks for watching thanks for sticking with me on This youtube bang. So today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite favorite topics. Bronzer, I feel, like I’ve been searching for bronzes three years now written articles about it, don’t swatch compilations about it done it done it all really.
So you know Betty again change the game, drop, bronzers and eight shades and really make people sit up and you know do what they do so today we’re going to talk about the fancy bronzers we’re gonna talk about what bronzers are currently on the market for Darker skin, what’s the difference between bronzer and contour and the day? Do we even care all that good stuff, so in swatches, of course, so get interested and all that please stay tuned and keep on watching so just for reference? Here’s what I look like with my base makeup done, but nothing on the cheeks. So this is what I look like before. I start applying anything to that area to start off, I’m taking cocoa Maddy and I’m using the 190 bronzer brush from plenty. I love this brush because it literally just hugs the place hugs. I love this brush because literally just hugs, it place it. No, I can’t say this phrase. What I was trying to say is that it hugs your cheek in the exact right place. So that’s Coco. Nadi, it’s subtle, but still giving me a very fresh and warm look and that’s the side by side. So hopefully you can kind of see that you know that met that cheek area is just a little bit more intense, so you just saw me apply it Coco knotty to the sides of my face. I feel like this is a great bronzer shade for me for reference. I am the shade 4 4 5, and I just feel like I feel like this bronzer just gives me the perfect shade of brown. It is warm enough to create some kind of effect on the face, but it’s not too red it’s not too neutral. So, like I said for reference at 4:45, I heard some people saying that they didn’t think they could use Coco Nadi and they were kind of in the mid 400s. Do not be fooled by the color of the pan. This bronzer is, in general, are going to swatch a lot lighter than they actually apply. Might try to find it down here.
When you go into the store and swatch a bronzer, you should you shouldn’t just go like oh, I can’t see it like make sure you really like rub it in, and this bronzer in particular is very buildable. So really rub it into your skin and see how it layers before you make a decision on which shade to purchase. Now, I’m going to go in with mocha mommy just for reference just to show you what it looks like so for, like a normal really. Actually, I would say a normal day. I think I actually really prefer cocoa naughty mocha mommy. But if I didn’t want to you know, spice things up, intensify things build it up. Take things to the next level. I would definitely go in with mocha mommy and, like I said, I love this bra, like this bronzer brush, obviously like if you get anything, if you, let’s say the fancy bronzers over for you get this brush, though, like this brush for real, like it’s just honestly, It’s just perfect, but for this specific application, since I already kind of went in on this cheek portion, I’m gonna go in with a very direct kind of more. What’s the word detailed approach with the mocha mommy, because I really want to use it to actually just sculpt the face and intense that we did earlier. So I’m applying that just coming to the hollows of the cheek bone kind of right under where I apply Coco knotty, I want it to be a little more and more sculpted and that is Coco knotty, plus mocha money. Hopefully, you can see the difference between mocha mommy and Coco Nadi for those again, I’m four for five and I really feel like you can use both of them. If you are my shade, or even maybe four fifty again do not be afraid of the color that the product is in the pan, so y’all just saw me apply the fancy bronzer in two different ways in a very kind of more Messier way or more. I don’t know what the word is, but the bigger brush even the more kind of detailed way, with a smaller brush. So now I want to quickly go over contour versus bronzing, so the match this Mac palette. Specifically, it’s called the. What is this called Studio Fix? Sculpt shape and contour palette. This palette is a great representation of the difference between contouring and bronzing.
I’m gonna put some clips that I took yesterday for IIT TV, which kind of demonstrate that a little bit further, but literally you can see in the pan. Typically – and I said typically because you know there was an owner was in makeup. I don’t want to just point that out, like I know, but whatever the makeup gods deemed as a contour shade in the beginning or whatever was something like this. So this is called shadow a little bit literally supposed to be creating a shadow on the face to kind of sculpt and pop those cheekbones out to really give you that chiseled look. This is definitive, which is more of that warmth. Those red brown tones, which really gonna kind of illuminate accentuate that she can kind of add more different way, not so much of a chisel but just kind of like a it’s there. It looks good you look fresh and so that’s kind of the friends, and hopefully that makes sense and you can kind of see on the screen but again end of the day. Makeup is supposed to be fun and there are no rules, typically for darker skin tones. Whenever, at least I’ll speak from my personal experience, when I have encountered contour shades they’re, usually in the middle somewhere, so they’re not super super Dan actually, but they’re, not really warm they’re kind of like a neutral brown and that’s kind of the the world or the Lane that most of us are comfortable and it’s that kind of neutral brown shade so before we get into the last topic that I want to talk about, I’m gonna quickly just finish my face and we’ll get right back into it. So I’m back, I got my full face on now. You can talk a little bit more about these bronzers, so to pick up where we left off, as I will say before, do not be fooled by the shade of the bronzer, the shades. The bronzer looks in the pan versus how it swatches versus how it applies. So I’ve got a bunch of bronzers here, we’re gonna talk about what bronzers are on the market and swatch a few of them I’m gonna. Actually, I did a full swatch compilation post the picture here for the ones that I’m getting today and we’re only gonna concentrate on a few just for time purposes, but yeah I’ll show you all what I mean so first, let’s start with one of the first Problems that I ever started using this is the headband bronzer from Miranda Beauty. There’s there a swedish brand, and this is definitely something I also want to point out that a bronzer, the the shade of a bronzer in general are usually warm Browns.
Do it right? So warm brown could mean a little has a little red has little yellow had a little orange mixed with the shade of brown. Basically, you know there’s a lot of face powders that come in warm brown. There are blushes that come in warm brown and these products can also be used as bronzer. If you have or let me speak for myself, I watch a lot of youtubers with lighter skin tones that use bronzer use that mac mineralize skinfinish powder as a bronzer, and I use that to set my face. So it’s very kind of lightweight, not very pigmented, and so the point I’m trying to make is that pressed powders can also be bronzers not supposed to be super pigmented have kind of those brown tones. So when I first got this, they sent me this in PR – and I was like oh my gosh like this would be a perfect bronzer and the more I started using it and calling it bronzer. These are coming here, bronzer too, because it really is a great bronzer shade for deeper skin tones. So if you ever go to their site is gonna be listed as a pressed powder, but I use as a bronzer. So it does look pretty red, but hopefully you guys can see that I don’t mind that see like my first, like just do this initial swatch. Hopefully you guys can see it looks pretty like red, but after I like blend it in it kind of like you. Can see it’s more of a brown like tambour, I know y’all had tanbark in your clay grounds, it’s kind of whatever minded yeah bark, Bert bark, so it’s like bark so yeah. I think, was like a year and some change ago. That’s the bronzer that I demoed, because that was really the bronzer that I used every day. Another bronzer that I grew to love was this Bobbi Brown, one in the shade deep. That is again a prompt that doesn’t look very dark in the pan, but when I swatch it – and I hope you are seeing this – I do not have a monitor at the moment, but when I swatch it it gives like it’s kind of like cocoa naughty it. Just gives us kind of nice warm Brown effect when it’s when it’s blended in and I’m not sure if you ought to see that. But if not the pictures on the screen somewhere of the of my arm.
But this bronzer is actually one of the second Broncos that I found, but I really love it’s not like super pigmented. It’s not going to give you something. Super just wasn’t sculpted, but it brings some warmth to my face and I really like the effect that it gives me. So. Let’s talk about the fancy bronzers, because I think that’s what we’re all a lot of y’all are here for the fancy. Bronzer is my opinion on them. I really feel like. I want to give props to a brand that was kind of I feel like the first to ever say you know what we think that people would deeper skin can use bronzer, and this is the way that we’ve interpreted, that you know. I know that girl on has had a deeper bronzer that people have used for a lot of years, but you know it discontinued. Covergirl, evany bronze is another one, but I feel like the difference between the way. Fenty does a lot of things in the way. Some of these other brands do looks these things that they actually are intentional about their marketing and the way that they want to tell the story of their products. It’s one thing is to create a product for a deeper skin tone and just kind of throw it out there and say: okay, it’s there, but if you know the people that the product is catered toward, don’t know about it. No, it’s kind of a useless launch. In my opinion, you know if the person can’t go in a store, buy it or you know if the person there’s no kind of marketing or any kind of there’s, there’s no way for the person to discover that it exists. There’s no point of launch to me, so I feel like Quincy’s like one of the first break.. Like you know, shave ranges of people that they can use bronzer. I feel like that’s, really cool. That’s really amazing! Now you know at the end of the day, makeup is supposed to be, you know fun and for you so there’s nothing. This is that this bronzer must work. I you know so, for some people they don’t like it – maybe it’s too red or to me cetera and that’s completely fine and I’ve also heard petit back some of the darker 400s feel like it’s not dark enough to sculpt. With that’s a completely valid critique feel like with every launch, you know, there’s room for growth for critique, but I do feel like this is a great start and it was a really exciting launch me personally: ask someone: that’s like a bronzer aficionado obsessor.
I don’t know what kind of word you want to use. So that’s on that now. For me, I’m horrified I really feel like some people were expecting different things from bronzers. For me, bronzers bring more to the face. I want to sculpt the face like super like chiseled, I’m gonna use what I showed earlier, the contour powder, or something more natural, typically for darker skin tones. We are sold contour powders that are in the middle they’re, not too neutral, not too. Actually, you know they’re they’re, nice kind of neutral Brown and they give us. You know the definition that really work and that’s what you’re looking for for a bronzer, probably won’t like bronzers in general. Bronzers are really gonna, be more subtle and a little bit warmer. So for some people they want, they might want to read bronzer because for them that’s what complements their skin tone and their undertones for some people right, it’s gonna be too muddy or etc. So just keep that in mind when looking at the bronzer category as a whole, so yeah got lost in got they’re talking about fancy and bronzer. So, let’s just quickly finish up, I want to call out prime Beauty. This is one of the very first indie brands that I came across that was kind of like you know what I don’t see any branches for deeper skin tones. You know in the space, so why don’t I make my own, so I thought that was really dope. Really cool they. Actually, I feel like have one of the deepest bronzers on the market. Right now it’s called chocolate, Liddy it’ll be somewhere on the screen, but I’m gonna swatch, the one that I wear, which is Bronzeville, and I know it’s hard for y’all to see. But that’s on the screen already. But let’s let me just try to do a live demo again like what I select rounders, I’m like I’m rubbing it, because how it just applies with one kind of sweat. It’s not really how it’s going to look on the face, but this is one of the probably my top five right now bronzers, it’s one of my favorite shades. It’s not it’s like neutral! Warm! I don’t know. Should that tell this guy but neutral warm brown, and it’s kind of this perfect for me – definitely props up to prime beauty. You haven’t check them out and if you’re looking for a deeper bronzer than maybe some of the ones, you’ve seen definitely check out chocolate.
Lady, so yeah and last but not least, let’s discuss so we have a wild card. We have hoola bronzer by benefit, so I’ll be honest when I saw benefit launched a bronzer outside like okay. Well, you know it’s been a really long time like if you care that benefits for watching deeper bronzers, but you know I’m still kind of intrigued, because they’re hoola bronzer is so like kind of unanimously like the best bronzer for lighter skin tones. So I was kind of like, let me just see what’s up like I don’t know, I have very mixed feelings, sometimes with brands. You know decide that or I don’t know what the right I don’t want to spell condescending or something or whatever, but you know I have mixed feelings when brands kind of make them move towards being diverse. You know, I think, or obviously all learning we’re obviously moving to a place as an industry where we want to be more diverse, so you know you the brand at brands. I mean I know that they have to take the step so that I guess it’s the way that they move. Some of these brands are moving. That kind of makes me pause before I kind of get excited, or you know, applaud any of the efforts, because some of the brand’s the way that they move you can tell that’s, not genuine. You can tell it’s just a money grab, some brands are like and you know, brands are made for people, so there could be people within a brand. I really want to move forward with the Denisha, but for whatever reason it’s been stopped. For you know, years and years so who knows you know, I can’t say that benefit hasn’t wanted to make darker bronzers, but now that the industry is shifting, there’s finally opportunity there was finally an opportunity for them to launch so I’m just for now. You know, I don’t think that benefit is necessarily known for their light foundation, shake rain or anything. I feel like it’s pretty poor actually, but in terms of this bronzer, I’m just gonna give them the benefit of the doubt. For now. I know that they’re, like the brow queen, so I feel like when a brand is known for something specific If they falter in other categories, then you know: I’m not gonna go super tough on them, but still, I think, want to point out that yeah their complexion category is not that great.
But I like to say I was intrigued by their hoola bronzer and I was pleasantly surprised, so I picked this up in toasted This is a deepest what they offer and it’s actually pretty dark So this one has a little brush, and so I guess I’ll just demo it with the brush over here, but as you can see, it starts off like kind of like this brick red but as I blend it in and get actually pretty deep and I’ve tried It on – and I actually really like this shape, like you know, this is actually gonna make it into my You know: top 5 bronzers too, like this This is a it’s like another like deeper, it’s a deep! It’s it’s not a neutral side So if you are losing warmer, you may not like it and it’s pretty deep So it’s also like use with caution I didn’t pick up care about, but now I’m feeling like I should go Do that because I didn’t feel like I didn’t think that this one was gonna, be this dark so yeah, while Carla toasted bronzer is kind of kind of cool kind of dope If you’re looking for a bronzer another bronzer, that’s new on the market check this one out so yeah I think That’s all I have for y’all today I hope that this discussion was helpful Difference between bronzers and contours different You know the application of the fancy Bronzer apologies, my camera was tripping, so the footage got cut off, but hopefully you saw how I applied Coco Nadi If you are my shade, you can wear a Coco daddy for four or five That’s my shade and I can wear a couple nah guys like it again, my top It’s honestly, it’s perfect I really like that shade for me and maybe just because my personal preference of the way I wear makeup, but I love that shade, so don’t be afraid of how it looks in the pan versus house on the base so yeah I hope it was all helpful Let’s just have a discussion, you know, do you feel like you need bronzer? Would you ever do you use certain products like a pressed powder or a blush bronzer? Let me know in the comments below Let’s talk Thank you so so much for watching If you liked Alright I’ll see you next one thanks, eyyy

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