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Dark crease instagram makeup

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey you guys, it’s tailor-made James here and I have a little princess will be stay because she wants in the other room with me. So that’s just how it goes, but anywho today we are back for another tutorial. We did create. Look, I’m loving how it came out. I actually loved everything about it. You like mommy’s makeup you like mommy’s eyes, you like it. Okay, maybe we’ll do it on you sometime, okay, but yes, you guys I’m not gonna talk too long, because this just are getting rowdy.
So I hope y’all enjoyed this and it is a tough over being the fact that my two mouths this heart is hurting. So I am talking with a bit of a list, but that is okay, so make sure y’all like comment subscribe and hit that mommy mommy make sure you guys like comment and subscribe. If you think they don’t know this occasion bill before you continue watching. If you did the subscription button, you will see a notification bill. Make sure you guys hit that okay anywho. We want to go ahead and jump into the tutorial and maybe I’ll follow me on Instagram Facebook and Twitter TaylorMade James. It’s all the same Zillah telling my day with all the same ta I lor everything aja, make sure y’all keep on watching alright now, so we just taken the anastasi a dip brow in Ebony paying back to using my dip brow, at least for right now, because The pencil just makes it look too sorry hairy or something so this just gives it a really clean, sharp look. So I’m just back to my dip brow until I can get that you know clean my brows up really nice until I’m ready, you know to clean them up, but right now I’m trying to let them go out so back to the dip bar we go and I’m just using the Anastasia. I believe this is the 7b brush, but I’m not a thousand percent sure. So I’m not gonna say I would just put it in the description box down below, because I don’t 100% remember and the name of the biased unaware of the brush is completely rubbed off sorry about that now. Y’All know I love my P Louis base, but I have not gotten my new bases yet so I’m just mixing it with a little bit of deep tart deep – and this is just a clean up, my brows – I’m not gonna use them. I’m not gonna mix them both just for my eyeshadow, I’m just gonna clean up my brows with the to mix, and it is the rumor number two eyes shadow base.
But if you are a deeper complexion, I do highly recommend you go or like my complexion, we can use like a three or four. You know for our eyes, shadow based. I wouldn’t recommend using the number two, because it’s too light and it just it just won’t. Look great, I’m just using my foundation color, my huda beauty, mocha foundation mixed with deep, because I don’t want it actually, my color. I wanted to look cleaned up and really sharp, so I mixed it too, so it could be a little lighter and then I’m gonna clean up the top of my brow she’s in a Mac 252 ash brush and if you guys cannotice, I’m using a hand Mirror this whole time, so I’m starting to gets in the way, because my stand up mirror was missing. I didn’t know where it was until today. I just found it in my mom’s room, so don’t mind me and that mirror it’s gonna get it away a couple times. I’m just blending that out! That’s why it’s my bravery brush all of her brushes will be in the description box down below all the numbers that I used and I’m just popping that on there you know just blending it all out. Look around it says you can’t do with that round. Okay, yeah that was so sharp boom. Just like that, I mixed a little Beauty mocha with my NARS foundation. It is in the color. I can’t remember off the top of my head for some reason: it’s the color Macau and I’m just using the insta pop think. Brush by Real Techniques to blend that all out now yeah, I know I love on your stick. Five, six flawless foundation, sticking ebony that ain’t going nowhere. It is my favorite ever it gives me such a bronzy look and it just contour so beautifully like that is abyssal it bit it Daniel it, and I just know everywhere: I put my contour – isn’t new y’all just all over the place, just all over the place. Just throw it on there, I’m just kidding, don’t do that, but yeah I’m just placing it everywhere. I contour now I’m just using a japonesque domed brush. It did not have a number on it or anything like that. Just says the name of the brand on there and I don’t have the packaging, because it’s very old but yeah.
I know I use it all the time. I love it so much so yeah. I need to go pick it up. I got a filter and let me have an embargo and get one half off so yep pick it up big, yet pick it up. Eh. Let me stop my I’m just I’m just excited. I don’t know why it’s good, I thought it’ll be forever. So I’m really really excited I’m just using that same brush to pass that concealer until my brows, because y’all know how I feel about a harsh brow. We just gonna soften it up and then I’m just going into my tart in the color deep. This is the shape tape and the color beat, and I’m just doing my three lines per usual above I mean under the eye the two on the chin, the three on the left during the forehead in the news and I’m just using my Real Techniques setting brush. I love this brush for blending its bark for blending and setting. So that’s all I’m doing right now. It’s just a blending blending blending that up I’m using banana powder banana powder and light yellow powder mix. I don’t know how to pronounce the company’s name, but I will put it all in the description box down below, because the name is a little difficult for me to pronounce. Even when I asked other people to pronounce it, it was difficult for them too. So I put it in the description box down below, but I absolutely love these two powders and that’s just the mac mineralize skinfinish how it is dark, steep y’all know I love that tube runs down days and that’s just a mix with diction brush a powder brush. All of my brushes will be listed down below it’s nothing, new yeah it’ll all be down below. This is just the mac. Mineralize skinfinish and dark deep is they’re two totally different things: dark deepest and dark. Deep dark, deep is darker, so I’m going to do the dark deep is to set all over using my it’s. My railway bridge. You gotta, throw that face spray spray spray, everybody katie’ll spray yah. I know I love it. That’s the same company with the setting powder. This is their orange blush. I love it. I was so scared of orange blush, but now I’m just like okay give it to me raw all right now, I’m not afforded to my do. This plays best of us around to palette and I’m going to set these burgundy and then I went into the festival palette and I use that red all the brushes that I use, like I said, they’ll be listed down below.
This is the same palette festival palette that I used. I used it for the pink and for that orangish, yellow tone to blend all those out, and I just stacked my colors first before blending them and now, as you can see, I’m going back and I’m blending the yellow and then I’m going to blend the paint. Just like that, but we just stacked all the colors first, because it just it keeps the powder from from you having having to layer so many powder on top of each other, because then it gets chalky and they don’t blend and he starts to get flaky and They just don’t look good, so it’s best to blend it this way, so that you’re not layering powder like five six layers on top of each other. When you try to go deep into your crease, I went in with some black. I did my hoodie Beauty palette in my hand. I didn’t film that part. I forgot I’m sorry and then I went back into the Mac 262s brush and my P Louise Rimmer two days to cut at crease. Okay, you need to cut a cut, it cut. It cut it put it. I want to throw up P, Louise eyeshadow palette, and I use the white color out of there because there’s so Baram and it’s so pigmented and it’s not chalky. And then I went into my arm Zulu palette and I mixed the white with the the grain in that palette and I create it like this light green color. But then I decided you know what I don’t really like it like that. So I went back in with the green and just tapped it all over, and then I just went back into the cerrado two palettes, a burgundy color and I tapped it on the outside out of corner of that green and it just made like a beautiful purpley. Like color, it was so pretty Oh, I fell in love with that, so I did my winged liner off-camera and now I’m just using the NYX jumbo eye pencil and I’m putting that in my waterline and then I’m gonna take that sand green out of the Zulu palette and I’m gonna Put that right in my waterline and then I’m gonna go work backwards, so I’m gonna start with the black and then i’ma work my way down to the Burgundy, to the Brad, to the pink and then to the yellowish Berger yellowish, orangish color.
It’s gonna be the same colors I used on the top, I’m just doing it on the bottom In Reverse I love this conspiracy control by Urban Decay They are the Holy Grail I absolutely love it I actually went ahead and just put my lashes on off-camera, so I just went ahead and put it on off-camera I use Beauty, bakery pedi cakes to give me that nice purple hue – I don’t want it to be like purple, just like a purple lipstick So as you can see, I’m working that product around because I’ll put a very little bit I just wanted to give like a purple hue and it did and it was so pretty and then I took the Mac lip gloss On top of that I don’t remember the color of this lip gloss, because my daughter took the freakin sticker off the bottom, but I would I try to look it up and post it in a description box, but I used that purple gloves to add on top to give off it Like you know that purple hue will make it glossy, because that lipstick is very, very matte if y’all know about it, yonder was mad, and then I just went back into a MAC Cosmetics tirole – and I just used this as a topper – to put all over to create a nice, beautiful, shine and a nice gloss, and it was so so pretty It was everything I want it for this lip and it just came out like flawless, I’m so happy with it Okay, boo, you finish it you looking pretty saucy right now, where we get, though, where that dough, Oh, where it asked oh wait, a wicker come on now you do it too much Put that wig on excuse you all right, y’all! We are finished with the final Look, I hope you guys enjoyed it Yes, I left from King house I think this look is really pretty Maybe I’ll do some more like color combinations like this, I really like hurricane mount All I did was look at the color wheel, like pinkles green, complementary to green, and so I was like Oh let me do finger green like it was I just wanted to come with you guys That’s it! That’s all! Well yeah! I love y’all both off the hump I’m over here, you know, say: bye, bye, say bye, bye, bye, do the highways Do my shadow to sunray

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