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Decoration of pumpkin Yuanshu in autumn farmhouse DIY

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone – this is Cindy with monarch, mom DIY. Thank you so much for joining me today on my channel. If you are here for the first time, I hope you will go ahead and hit that subscribe button. If you like, while you’re there go ahead and hit that Bell icon, so that YouTube will notify you every time I upload new content and for everybody. It really helps me to grow my channel and be able to bring you more content. So, for today I have three more fall: farmhouse decor DIYs using items from the Dollar Tree.
I love pumpkins. I love that. I live in the Midwest again, where farms out here grow pumpkins, we’re starting to see them now, as the leaves are starting to change colors. So I’m not sure how many more fall. but I still have lots of ideas. So I’m hoping that you’ll stick around for those with all. That being said, I am using a sign that I bought at a thrift, store nine of the pumpkin ornaments, some paint, some jute twine and some Buffalo check scrap of paper from Hobby Lobby. So I was going to paint the front of this and then realized I wanted to use the back. It was already painted black, so I’m just going around and painting the edges of this sign, I’m actually going to use the back of the sign as the front of my new sign and the raised edge is going to be perfect for the frame that I want. Next, I’m taking this acrylic paint in the color pumpkin and I’m going to paint my nine pumpkin ornaments from the Dollar Tree. Taking one sheet of Buffalo check scrapbook paper, I’m laying it inside and just using my fingernail to mark the edge of where I need to trim so that I can cover the back of this sign with the Buffalo check paper. Next, I’m taking some matte-finish Mod Podge from the Dollar Tree and putting a good layer of it on the back of this frame, and then I will adhere the paper down and just smooth it out as best I can to get out any possible air bubbles and Let this dry completely! Next, I’m taking a little bit of my white paint, my chalk paint and just very lightly. No, I love these painters paint markers made by Elmer’s that I buy at Walmart. I’m just going to write the letters for happy fall one letter on each pumpkin. I use the paint marker then to go around and make each letter darker and bolder and more white. I also forgot to mention that I did paint the tiny little stem of each pumpkin with my truffle brown chalk paint next, taking my jute cord from Walmart. You can also purchase this at Dollar Tree, I’m just making nine small bows that I’m going to hot glue to the stem of each of my pumpkins, just to give it a little bit more of that rustic farmhouse touch that you all know I like, and I’m Just hot gluing these on here, what are some other words or phrases that could be spelled out with these cute little pumpkins.
I’m not sure if I can find anymore, but I’m always open to great ideas, leave a comment below and let me know what else. Besides, happy fall could be spelled out with these pumpkins. Now that our sign is all dry, I’m going to space out my pumpkins so that I can hot glue them to the board and also a little bit overlapping each other. You you, and my last touch is just to take a piece of the jute cord tie, a knot on each end and hot glue that to the back of my sign. I think this will probably sit on a shelf, but if I ever do want to hang it, I have the hanger to do so. What do you guys think I love how this turned out for the second DIY, we’re using two of these, which Halloween signs a felt pumpkin and this pack of metal words from Dollar Tree? The first thing I’m going to do. I really liked the wood look of the front of this sign, so I’m going to replicate that on the back, putting two of these signs together, I’m going ahead and taking my Waverly chalk paint in the color white and giving both of these signs just a really Good coat of it on the back once that paint is dry, I’m just taking one of my paint sticks here and I’m drawing with a pencil where the lines of the planks would be on this sign. Next, I’m going to take my chalk paint in the color mineral and I’m going to paint every other plank with the gray. Just to give this sign a little of the farmhouse look with the multi-coloured pallet wood. Next, I’m taking this felt pumpkin. I used it last year as a stencil and spray-painted over it, but I wanted to read: I wanted to use it for a project, so I’m taking my waverly chalk paint in the color moss and I’m going to paint the pumpkin part kind of using this bouncing Motion just to get the orange covered with this green color, I’m kind of using some greens before my fall decor this year and I just didn’t – want this bright orange so, like I said, I’m painting the back of it with the moss and while my pumpkin is Drying, I did need to let that sit overnight, because it was the material too felt material, I’m taking this darker gray in elephant and I’m just very lightly going to dry brush over my white and mineral gray planks. Just to give this sign a little more of a weathered look what I love about the dry brushing is you can do as little or as much as you like, and if you end up putting more on than you want, you can either go back over with The original pink color or take some sandpaper to it to lighten it up, I’m going back and just touching up some of the areas on the pumpkin where the orange is still showing through and now I’m taking my black paint marker and going back over my pencil Lines just to make the different planks a little more defined, and now turning my signs over I’m just applying a little bit of hot glue to these two paints stir, sticks and gluing them across the back to hold my two signs together to be one wider sign And the last thing I’m going to paint on this orange pumpkin will be the stem I’m using my waverly chalk paint in the color truffle.
I was really glad to be able to use this pumpkin again that I had used last year in a different way. I really like using up things that I have on hand and once my pumpkin was completely dry, I’m just taking some hot glue and hot gluing it to the middle of my sign. Now any of the three words in this packet of three metal words from Dollar Tree would have been great. I decided to go with the word harvest, because I’ve already used welcome and thankful in other projects. This fall here, I’m just trying to decide which of these fabric fall leaves from Dollar Tree, I’m going to glue to the top just to give that added touch, and now we just hot glue everything on and then we will add another jute string to the outer Two holes of the sign, I’m not worried about covering up that sign in the middle. It doesn’t really bother me, so I’m just going to put the string through tie a knot in the back and then do the same on the other side to have a hanger on my sign – and here is my finished product of pumpkin decor number two for our Third and final project for today, I’m using this thankful and blessed pumpkin from Dollar Tree one of these blessed. This Homestake signs and some chalk paint also not shown here. I am using one of the metal like garden. Hangers you’ll see it in a little bit. I decided to use that as I was going along in my project. This metal leaf did not want to come off, but I did use some pliers and was able to pry it off as well as removing the raffia bow. I decided to go ahead and use the front of this pumpkin, so I just took my sanding sponge from Dollar Tree and sanded off as much of the glitter as I could, and also the little bit of glue residue at the top. I decided to go with a softer look for this DIY and used the color plaster. It’s just a little bit more of a cream than the white, and I’m going to paint the pumpkin part of this With the plaster chalk paint you you, I’m only going to use one piece of the steak sign and I’m there’s no glitter on this piece.
So I’m just going to go right to painting over it with my truffle chalk paint, and I believe I did give both the pumpkin and this sign two coats of the chalk paint just to make sure it covered over the words that were on the original design Now I’m taking the metal word welcome from that same three pack of words and I am painting over it with the plaster color just so that it will stand out more on that truffle sign I also wanted to paint the metal leaf, so it wasn’t so shiny and I’m using again my waverly chalk paint in the color moss once my pumpkin was dry, I’m taking my mineral light, gray, chalk paint and, like I did on those small pumpkins in the first Diy I’m just taking the side of my paintbrush very lightly and giving some shading and dimension to this pumpkin and kind of, like I did on the wood plank sign in my second DIY I’m now taking this ink or black chalk paint and lightly dry, brushing on the brown sign just to make it look a little more like woodgrain Now that my welcome sign is dry, I’m going to hot glue this to my sign you’ll see here My first attempt at hot gluing it I waited too long and the glue dried, but no big deal just glue it again and stick it down I decided to lighten up my gray shading a little bit just by running over it with the sanding sponge, a tiny bit here, I’m just reattach the raffia bow and also the metal leaf that I painted green Now you could just reattach the jute hanger that was here and then to hang the welcome sign It may be just hot glue I am using my crop-a-dile big bite to make these holes a little bit larger, because I decided to use that plant hanging chain that you see here just for something different and I somehow lost the footage of actually taking pieces off the chain But you can just use pliers to bend the metal and take, however many pieces of the chain you want I did use the to two of the three hooks to the bottom of the pumpkin and then used the hanger original hanger at the top So and I really love how this one turned out to I’d love to know which of these three projects you all liked the best Let me know in the comments – and I will link here some of my other fall decor DIYs I hope you guys really enjoyed this and that you’ll come back subscribe to the channel, give it a thumbs up, and let me know what you want to see: do you want to see more fall DIYs or do I need to move on to Christmas? Bye,

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