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Decoration: Repair your squid skin 16

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey it’s me today is a squishy makeover. Oh that’s sound yeah, so my last squishy donation, was fun. I wouldn’t want you to miss that quality content, so go watch it if you haven’t already I’d. Imagine definitely definitely definitely the most requested. Squishy from that unboxing was this piece of work. Are you go ahead start typing? Next, I saw a lot of comments requesting this little teacup. Oh my gosh, this is so cute. I think the biggest reason that people were requesting this teacup, though, is because I said I have a teapot.
This is the teapot that I spoke of. I think it’s only fair to make these two together as a set move over. Come back come closer normally, I do three squishies total, but I think I’ll squeeze in a little bonus today have a cookie you’re, welcome, let’s jump right into squishy roasting, so we’re starting with this train wreck. We have several things written on it. Help me. Please help help me and there’s a massive hole in the bottom of it don’t go in there on the top. There seems to be quite a lot missing, but I did find in Australian coin shoved in one of the crevices. Thank you little surprise in this dope of frosting, which says flat what the heck also some sort of heart bead. Let me just take off this kind of ribbon song that it’s wearing more money, a secret message in here. It’s either fair with a weird arm or something else, I’m not really sure and don’t look at that there’s more. There are a couple mutilated strawberries, there’s this no idea what that is. I found a clue this. What is that and gathering up the rest? Let’s really dig in there: Oh wonderful, it’s a bunch of chopped up phone. I think we finally cleared this thing out. Anyone left in there last call come out come out, so this is everything I pulled out of there admire it. I’ve got some work to do on this thing now. The top is in really bad shape, so I’m actually just gonna chop everything off instead of trying to repair. What’s left of this, it’s a complete mess. There are too many little tiny pieces. It would have just taken me way too long to try to reattach all of that piece by piece. Oh, I just noticed that that’s a smiley face drawn on there creepy, so I just smoothed out the top completely well, not completely. It’s still really chunky.
I found these in my collection, but I’m primarily interested in the little dollops of cream on the top. One is not quite like the others. You got a small dollop man, so, yes, I am going to remove those little dollops. You monster. Don’t worry about these. I’m sure I will eventually make something out of these in a future. Video here are my dollops three of the same size and one that’s a little small, so I’m just trying to figure out how to not make them look awkward together since they’re, not all the same size. I decided that I needed to fill in the gaps in between, so I’m using a couple of the strawberries that I salvaged from the top. I found this ripped mini squishy that I think is a cookie not to be confused with this cookie we’ll deal with that. One later and continuing with the fruit theme, I thought that this could possibly pass as like a half of a pineapple ring, maybe a bit of a stretch, but I’m going for it anyway. I found a little leftover wedge of a lemon squishy. I honestly don’t even remember where this came from. I think I’ll take a slice of that too. Oh yeah, that’s the one and for the last piece of fruit, I’m cutting it out of memory foam and yes, I started with a chunk that was way too big. It was an accident, and this is gonna, be a blueberry, that’s somehow larger than two strawberries put together. That’s fine! We’Re moving on I’m going to take some slick, paint and start attaching all these pieces with the paint. Usually, I would glue the pieces on first and then use the paint to just kind of fill in the gaps, but since there were so many pieces that had to be attached to this one, I didn’t feel like it, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it this way, Because it’s actually a lot harder when everything is sliding around let that dry. So now everything is secured on there. I’m gonna turn my attention to the large rips in the cake. This time I am gonna break out my fabric glue, so I’m just applying a thin layer of glue in those rips and then using some rubber bands on there to keep it closed while it dries and 30 minutes later the cake as good as new. Well, not quite new, there’s a missing chunk there. It looks like teeth marks from an incredibly small human okay and to fix that I’m just gonna use a small chunk of memory, foam glue it in there. I decided to just kind of hold it there. Instead of using a rubber band because I didn’t feel like it, why was I being so lazy that day? I don’t know what was I saying? Oh yeah, then I trimmed the foam down to blend it in with the corner of the cake and I’m gonna.
Take my paint and oh yeah, the glue wasn’t dry. I just had to kind of mash it in there slosh some paint over it and just cover it up the best I could, while I’m at it, I’m gonna go around and fill up any cracks, chunks and rips that I see. In fact, there were so many cracks and damaged areas. I ended up just kind of coating, the whole thing in a layer of slick paint. I mean yes, I am gonna paint over the entire thing anyway, but when I do the decorative paint job, I use a mixture of slick paint and matte paint. Oh wait! This is a moment. Okay, I do all of the repairs, with straight slick paint right from the bottles mouth and that definitely helps cover a lot of the rough areas and smooths everything out. Finally, everything’s in one piece: I’m gonna use some white matte paint and I’m just doing a base coat with this. It’s just so much easier to paint over white then trying to cover all the craziness that was going on before it just saves. A lot of time I love a fresh white squishy, so I’m mixing the colors for my cake, I’m adding a lot of white to each of the colors, because I’m going super pastel for this one. Here they are. Why are you so wobbly? Ah, there’s a little nubbin on there. Let me get rid of that I’ll just kind of cut toward myself: Oh nope, okay, there we go. This was such a long process getting up to this point. The repairs just took so long and I was so eager to get to painting I’ve actually been looking forward to painting a cake like this. Even though I’ve been sent this cake two-three-four lots of times it wasn’t until I get this little gem that everyone is suddenly interested in. Seeing this one get a makeover, you guys like to see me suffer, but I’ve had the idea to do this cake in pastel. Rainbow for such a long time, of course, I didn’t plan on having to completely scalp the thing and start from scratch on the toppings, but that’s fine. I am doing a blended rainbow look for the little dollops and also for the filling and then I’m using the same pastel colors for the fruit as well. Obviously they’re not very natural colors. These colors are a little iffy for fruit, but you know I wanted to use the same colors just for cohesiveness sake.
I actually quite like the way it looks right now with the bright white, even though that was just supposed to be a base coat. But I am gonna stick to my original plan, which is to use a vanilla cake color for the cake layers. What kind of cake even is this? I don’t know I’ve never eaten a cake that looks like this, but I want one I’d imagined me KEK. Okay, that’s the last time I’m gonna use that bit I’m moving on to the top, which I am gonna. Keep white but I’m gonna use some slick paint and make it a thick layer of white so that it looks more like frosting. Finally, I felt like I should add some detail to the fruit because they were looking a little bit like pale blobs. So I just want to be clear that these are fruits. They definitely look weird in these colors. The pineapple may not even be recognizable. I don’t even know what that looks like. So here is the final result. I put so much work into the squishy. I hope you like it. No, you know what you better like it, I’m just kidding. Oh look, they both have the word me on the bottom. Personally, I love it and it’s a massive improvement from what it was before. I love how the colors look. I love how the feeling came out. It’s so pretty. Somehow glitter got all over the bottom of it. Did you do this bonus? It can breathe yeah it’s alive, there’s probably still some sort of creature living inside of this thing, so I guess it makes sense. Okay, moving on to the teapot squishy, now this one actually wasn’t sent to me. I bought this online probably around a year ago to do a squishy makeover on it, but it hasn’t gotten much use or attention at all. Weird. There are a couple holes in it. It just came like that notice. The eye is a bit droopy there, yeah hello and I thought crooked eye Murray was bad. Let’s just create a new face. The first step with this one is going to be to sand it because the surface is very smooth and this will help the paint stick better. Now I’m bringing in this cake chunk, the cake part is just kind of trash mm-hmm, but since the Rose is still intact, I’m gonna use that as decor on my teapot, so I’m just cutting that off and it’s gonna go right on the front of The teapot I’m trimming that up and getting rid of all the extra foam on the back so that it lays down nicely.
Then there’s this little bump out for the shape of the lid. But I’m actually gonna smooth that out and try to get rid of that, because I want to change the shape of the lid. I need that space to fit my giant rose here. I go gluing that on there and securing it to dry nice booty there. We go now I’m going to fill in that little gap with some paint just to give it a nice seamless, look and also I’m gonna try to smooth out the area that I cut into. I definitely should have taken more time to smooth out that area with my scissors cuz, it was really lumpy. I had to do so many layers upon layers of paint to correct that when I could have just taken some extra time to trim it up a little bit better and save myself the trouble. Oh, you got a booger just right right there, oh wow. I think I ended up doing like maybe ten layers of paint to try to smooth out this area. It was really extra. Finally, I’ve gotten rid of that lumpy chunkiness and I’m painting this white and this time it’s not just a base coat, because I am actually going to keep most of this white. I feel, as though many of you were expecting me to turn these into mrs. pots and chip from Beauty and the Beast do chip from Beauty like if you agree, I do hate to disappoint you. If that’s what you really wanted to see, of course, I think that that would have been cute. I personally just enjoy creating my own designs versus using a character from a movie or TV show, or something like that out of all of the squishy makeovers I’ve done. I think I’ve only done one character from something else and we all know how that went. Wait don’t worry about it. Marie I don’t know. I just get so much more satisfaction from creating something new out of my head. I wanted to do a nice proper, looking tea set with the rose and nice little golden accents. I wanted sophistication. Refinement turns out, that’s easier said than done. Oh, this is one of those where I’m just like making it up. As I go like what is this little shoulder doohickey right here, I don’t even know once I got to this stage, I felt like it was basically done, but there was still something missing. I tried adding some polka dots.
I hate that I hate that so much. I ended up stepping away for a while came back the next day and decided to add some little gold detailing to the edges of the petals, and I think that that helped a lot to make it look more finished and put together. Here’s the before and after I don’t necessarily think that it’s so much better than before. It’s just quite different styles before it was like a wannabe cute by just kind of derpy, and now it’s like wannabe sophisticated, but I do like it and I do prefer the new one. My favorite part has to be the gold on the petals. If I hadn’t done that, I feel like I wouldn’t have liked it that much, but that was just the right detail to pull it together, although I do feel like. Maybe something is still missing. Oh, the teacup, so here’s the little teacup that is gonna go with it. The sender’s initials written here – and I mean you know it’s cute, it’s small, but it’s a little plain. It’s one solid color. There is a small amount of damage, but nothing compared to what we’ve already seen today, so I’m gonna quickly repair the damage to the handle, and just like that, I’m getting to the paint here goes more white paint. I think I use like an entire large bottle of white paint for this episode. Once I’ve gotten this little teacup completely white, I’m gonna add the tea in there fill it up. Is this the right color of tea? I feel like it’s so wrong, but that’ll do this is part of the same tea set as the tea pot. Of course, I’m gonna go for the same feel, so I’m painting a rose on the front, but I am gonna use a different color because you know I don’t want them to be like exactly the same. Give this little guy his own identity and that looks kind of ugly. The dark lines were a little bit obnoxious, so I went over that with a lighter shade of blue to make it look a little bit softer. Yes, that’s better now for the little leaf, which was terrible just know, so let me fix that up a little bit. Okay, I am gonna add a gold rim around the top of the cup to match with the teapot and the tea color definitely looks wrong. Now so I changed that to a darker color. Finally, I’m gonna add a few more little gold accents but um just a side note I did remove the gold outline that’s around the outside of the flower, which you’ll see in a second, because I thought it looked ugly So it definitely has a lot more detail now and looks a lot more interesting and unique.
So that’s good I think it’s really cute for some reason I really like how the tea looks when you squish it I don’t know, I can’t explain it I just like it, but I definitely don’t like it as much by itself as I do when it’s with the teapot I think they look really nice together You know they complete each other, but you know what they need, something to be even more complete and you know what they need this cookie Where did this cookie come from? I have no idea, so this may be a cookie or it may be a really small, cruller doughnut take your pick or if you use your imagination, it’s a pineapple ring no either way it is really boring and it’s dirty So, let’s freshen this up a bit I’m gonna pull out the strap and then I’m gonna paint it with a cookie color suspiciously similar to the vanilla cake, color and once the whole thing is completely covered, then I’m gonna add some shading My goal was to make this somewhat realistic I made this just for the tea set I thought it would be nice to add a little tea Cookie thing You know nice cookie thing tea set, but it looked a little tube ready So then I added some powdered sugar to make it look a little sweeter Like a cookie cookie, cookie, cookie and voila, it’s done pretty quick and easy, and here they are all together I think the cookie does add a little something extra to it I’m a big fan of this little tea set So, oh, no, don’t dip the cookie in the tea that doesn’t even make sense Oh I’m feeding you! I’m feeding you! No! You know what we need to do now Have a squishy tea party there’s only one cup of tea and one cookie so who gets it now? This is the worst party I’ve ever been to where’s all the food you just made me share the teacup No, this is boring, so I thought this would be cute, but it’s actually just kind of creepy and weird so never mind On that note, I hope that you guys enjoyed this squishy makeover It’s weird I didn’t do any animals and not a single sprinkle to be seen, but I still really liked what I made I hope you guys like them too Thank you So much for watching and I’ll see you next Friday, bye

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