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Desi Perkins’s night skin routine and I went to bed at Harper mall.

30 Sep , 2019  

What, let’s get I’m ready? Okay, so this is what I like to call the transformation stations we’re about to transform. First, I got to put my hair up, so I like to use this silky scrunchie, because it is the best for your hair all right. So now we got our hair up. I am going to take off my lashes, so nice, so these are my House of lashes, iconic lights and I love them. So I need to find a semi safe spot to put them so that Steven later thinks they’re spiders.
I love that next I want to remove any eye makeup that I have mascara all that stuff and I like to use the Neutrogena oil-free makeup remover all right, so I like to just press it into my eyes and gently rub back and forth lightly should remove All the mascara and eye makeup anyhow going on if I was wearing gel liner glitter. All of that I would be going through many of these, but because I’m not wearing too much today, I’m kind of just worried about mascara, I’m just gonna give it one more go just to make sure we’re really all the way gone. These are actually silk paths, because I have a cotton phobia. It’s very strange. I know all right we’re good. I like double cleansing. I love oil cleansers, it just breaks up all the foundation and I got a lot of it on right now. So I love to use the touch-up pure one-step cleansing oil. This stuff is just gonna break everything down and you want to make sure to use it with snow water. It breaks everything up better if it’s used dry. I always love to pull the skin upwards, because gravity is already helping pull it down and we don’t so. I always use that rule with all my skin products motion. Now I’m gonna grab a washcloth, a damp washcloth right here: water yeah I like to use a nice warm washcloth, because it’s gonna open all of your pores and get it ready for all the other skin products. You’Re about to apply. Get that hairline. You guys get the hairline do not forget, because I know we all push bronzer up into our hairline and that’s where most of the makeup kind of stays left behind your ears, all right perfection, I’m pretty sure I still have makeup on. Even what do you think that you took all your makeup off? That’s a lie.
Now, after the oil cleansing, you want to double cleanse. That’s what I like to do. This is the Sunita’s lemon cream cleanser I like to use it with this exfoliating pad. So now I’m just gonna take this, and in really gentle circular motions, I’m gonna apply this face, wash Oh smells so good lemon pie, just a nice scent. I really just like this exfoliating pad much more than any face wash with those little microbeads. I just feel like they might get into my pores or cut make micro cuts in my skin because some are so abrasive. So I just like this. I have control over how much pressure the neck. You always got to remember the neck. It’s definitely something that will tell your age once you get to that point in your life. When I was younger, my mom would tell me that, and I was like okay mom whatever and now I get it and you don’t really start to get it until you see some things happening and then you, you know one of those. So much water is going down my robe right now all right, clean washcloths who pat dry people pat dry. You don’t want to rub or tug your skin, because that causes wrinkles, and we don’t want that. Okay, so now toner, I did not use toner. I felt like it was one of those products I didn’t really need and then I started using it and it’s amazing. Not only does it control your oils if you have oily skin and then it also helps with breakouts, but when I see the toner pad after I apply it. The amount of makeup leftover on my face shocks me: I was shook ready for this clean, but it will have makeup on me. I promise you oh yeah. There we go. I love especially applying this over where I have breakouts lisam right now. I have some some things going on and that’s fine. It happens to the best of us so especially right here, I’ll just press it into those breakouts. I actually discovered this product on accident once I sent my husband out for spa treatment for my breakouts and he brought a toner and I was like what is this. This is not what I use for breakouts, but it ended up saving my skin. So it’s pretty insane and I’ve been using it ever since now. Do you see this? This is what I was sleeping with after I used makeup wipes all these years.
I didn’t know now. You know I just got a lot of dry, make sure the toner sets into the skin before you move on. So listen. I am latina, so I tend with my skin tone to get hyperpigmentation spots. All of that I started using these brightening peel pads. They also help with the appearance of pores and fine lines wrinkles just all of that, all the good stuff. These pads do they’re, life-changing or if you take the pad and just run it lightly along the skin. Sometimes it does have a tingly feeling. That’s because working everything I always notice a huge difference when I start to use these with my texture in my skin. It really helps with the texture. I had a bunch of little bumps and they went away with these peel pads and also every time I have spots. I always focus the pad in that area and it really helps brighten and lighten them a lot quicker. I use these every night. I use one. Every night, unless I feel like my skin, is doing really well and then maybe I’ll skip a couple nights. You know when you’re feeling yourself and you’re like wow my skin’s doing so good, I’m gonna skip some stuff and then the next day your skin reacts terribly. Let’s just go up the neck to, let’s not forget, okay, now it’s time for a face oil. I love face oils; they just make you feel so hydrated and I know a lot of people with oily skin get nervous about face oils, but they actually help oily skin, so I enjoy them. This one in particular, is the luxury face oil from drunk elephant. I recently started using this and it has just knife healing properties so especially if you’ve picked at your skin, which I definitely don’t do ever this stuff has healing properties, and it just is so hydrating. So I just use a couple of drops of this and I press it into my skin, just like a little mini facial and it makes you look like a dewy dumpling tip. I love to drench my skin with this oil before a flight. It is the best you’ll arrive, is so glowy and so hydrated. It’s like this perfect barrier between the airplane, air and your skin. So, lastly, for the creams, I’m gonna apply my nighttime cream this one I only use that night because it has a lot of ingredients that you don’t really want to be using in this.
So much my facialist told me to use this She says it’s one of the best, so that’s why I use it That’s the real reason So now I’m just gonna Pat this into the skin I do know that it has a lot of good stuff in here for skin texture, fine lines spots, and this is good for every night It’s your night cream Does all this work while you’re sleeping you don’t have to do anything, you just lay there and it’s what’s working for you, so take it on the neck almost forgot I would like that to be resurfaced as well Okay, mom always listen to your mom Let me tell you: these are awesome Okay, they have a multi-purpose for me, so these are peace out, acne healing dots and what I love about these is that you can just place them on your breakouts and they don’t move because they’re sticky They stick to your face and on top of that they’re like a skin tone, so it disguises your pimples too So when you go lay down next to your husband at night he’s not like whoa What’s going on, I mean not that I care I’m always looking crazy sheet masks face masks, so we’re just gonna go crazy here, because we have some issues happening so look boom Do you see that you don’t see it anymore? Do you now we’re gonna? Go ahead and pop it on that one boom: excellent, excellent feeling pretty good about that I mean I have a little redness, but that’s good, so we’re gonna move on now It’s time for chapstick, don’t forget your lips! It’s very important! You don’t want to wake up with them Looking all dry and tales of the Crypt Like you know what I mean, this is actually from Christian Dior’s The creme de Rose I recently found out they discontinued this, I’m still gonna use it because it’s everything to me, but I’m just letting you know, do your You should have kept this product It’s incredible! Alright, that’s it! That is my full nighttime routine Thank you So much for hanging out with me, and I will see you soon No I’m done it’s all yours good! Thank you!

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