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Dew without Makeup Course

30 Sep , 2019  

I feel like a Victoria’s Secret model in this robe right now, like the dorky version, you got groomed yesterday, so she’s, nice and pretty, and I think she knows it. Mm-Hmm Starbucks for breakfast don’t mind. If I do one Saturday morning, hey guys, welcome back to my channel, so today, I’m gonna be filming. This makeup look right here it’s Saturday morning, so I feel like I’m not gonna really do much today, I’m not doing any crazy, big event or anything and probably go to the movies go out to eat or something I just wanted my skin to look really Nice and healthy, if you want to learn how to get this glowy dewy skin, look very natural, just really enhancing your natural features then keep watching.
I literally just woke up and it’s like early in the morning, so I still have things weird things going on in my eyeballs, so just putting it out there for you guys, I just don’t my skin to look really good and I want to like look very Natural and just like a better version of myself, so I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use this priming water from Smashbox. It’s a photo, finished priming water just to hydrate my skin, I’m gonna hold it a little further away every time. I spray something in my face always go and I hold it it’s so weird. My focus today is for my skin to look very healthy, dewy and glowing, so I’m gonna take cover this cover. Fx custom cover drops and I’m gonna mix it with this Becca backlight priming filter, so I’m just gonna take both of them on my hand like yeah and I’m gonna mix in some of this priming filter, just to give our skin a little glow. I have both of these guys on my hand, I’m just gonna mix them up with my Beauty, Blender mix them together and then work it onto my skin wow. That’s pretty good coverage make sure you get your neck, so everything is your neck. Isn’t detached from your body? That’s like what are the most important things for me. I’m like. Let me get my neck, really quick, so that it looks like one piece and just balance my beauty blender into my skin. I like the the back. Was it clogged the Becca backlight priming filter? I like this because it gives your skin like a very subtle glow. It’s not an intense shimmer all over her face, which is what I thought it would be when I first got it, but it’s really nice. Actually. Next, I’m going to do my brows. I have been using this brow brush lately, it’s called it’s from blink and these guys are in Sephora.
I believe on the end of the brush is so narrow. It works really good at getting precise lines on your eyebrows, making. Those hair like strokes – it’s like one of the best brow brushes I’ve used so far, so I’m kind of stuck on it and I really like the spoolie. It has like tiny little bristles. It’s really hard to find a really good spoolie, because I feel, like most brands, don’t really care too much about this spoolie. There’s big gaps in between and they’re just fluffy. That is nothing to brush through your brows. This one is like really short, bristles and they’re. Close together, so it literally grabs each hair and it like combs right through them. So it gives you a really nice brushed up. Look so I’m gonna go ahead and fill in my brows. I’ve been using the brow Zing’s lately from benefit I’m using number six and number four mixed together. I’D like to start right in this area, so go straight across getting in to the eyes, I’m going to use the violet Voss pro-rider dye palette. This is like a really really huge palette. It’s something you can use every single day rely, so I grabbed it and I was like okay, I’m gonna use like two colors, I always like to set my eyelids with the neutral color shadow and then I’ll go back in with a crease color. To add some dimension back into the eye, so I’m just gonna take April because April looks like she’s pretty skin tone looking I’ll pop it all over my eyelids in the mirror. Oh my god, huge, huge marady, see yourself. Do you fear? So? Oh my God. Look how many of me, as there is whoa? That’s trippy, that’s trippy, my god. You see that this is the m5 21 and I’m gonna pop that all over my leg pick it all the way up to the brow bone and if you don’t have like an eye shadow, that’s your color or close to your skin. Color just use your powder that works too we’re just trying to neutralize and set everything on the lid, and then I’m gonna take a crease, a crease brush. This is the M 507. The first color that pops out for my crease is Abigail. I feel like this is a really nice matte topee, shade work it through through the crease, and we just want to add a soft nice soft dimension to the the crease. This brush is from the makeup Shack it’s in number t12. It’s a fuller, fluffier brush softening up the edges and just kind of washing them as their color through the crease. I want to add a little bit more of appreciate, so I’m gonna take Josie just focusing on the outer part of the crease and then I’m gonna work it through with that makeup shock brush just just soften up the shadow.
So that’s basically all I wanted to do to my eyes just make them look like a healthy natural, looking eye, okay and then for my concealer today, I’m going use the NARS radiant creamy concealer. This is in Canal and worked that underneath my eyes just to cover up those dark circles. I feel like the radiant creamy concealer is a little bit more lightweight and it gives you that luminous radiant look. So I’m highlighting my face right now. This is giving us like a base, highlight at the same time we’re concealing our under eyes blend that, in with my Beauty, Blender, I’m actually gonna go around my mouth because it tends to be a really dark right here: lightly, puting the beauty blender to blend It out because when you use lighter, like a lighter hand, to bounce it, it just blends a little bit easier and it still leaves the coverage that you want. I feel like if you bounce too hard, it picks up a lot of the product, which is good. If you have too much, but if you really want that coverage, you want to use very light patting motion. I’m gonna go in with this honest, hacia cream, contour palette, bringing back the dimension. In my face these we use a lot of foundation and concealer. That can kind of just make us look washed out so for that I’m going to use two shades right here going in with my Sigma angled cream contour brush, I’m going to take it right down my nose closer. Your contour is the smaller. Your nose is going to look so I like to make it a little bit more narrow towards the end, look a little bit more pinched in and then I’ll do these little. This little triangle shape right on I’m gonna go in with this Stila kitten hue. Highlighter illuminator, I like it because it’s a cream and it’s gonna make your skin look like skin. So I’m gonna go ahead and highlight on the center of my my lids nose, cupids bow and then I’m gonna go in with this tota dewey. Stick right here – and this is gonna – give your skin beautiful, dewy healthy, look, so I’m gonna go in with this. It makes your skin kind of give you that wet. Look, it’s really really pretty. I actually did a photo shoot with them me and a few other girls We did a photo shoot with the ciaté.
Dewy sticks, it was so fun There was a photographer there named Sasha and she did Kylie’s pictures So she did our pictures I’m gonna be posting it on Instagram soon It’s so cool everything’s like very, like natural glowing, just really beautiful and I’m gonna take it on my finger You can apply it right onto your skin, but I’m gonna take it on my finger and I’m gonna go over those highlighted areas and you’ll see that everything is gonna be amplified This is in the shade glow Oh, my goodness, look at it It’s beautiful, it’s like your skin is glowing and it’s dewy and it’s healthy, and I love it So I’m gonna put it right on the parts that I want and highlighted That’s gonna give us that glowing dewy, wet healthy Look! Can’t even put this on your eyelids to give your eyelids that wet look It’s also good for like a beach day like beachy hair and your skin is just like supple looking and glowing and healthy and dewy, oh so so so good I’m gonna take this mascara right here, I’m in excessive lash my makeup forever and just coat my lashes really good Before I pop on the fake, the false lashes, then you just start at the base and just wiggle your way up I like this mascara because it’s not super wet it’s kind of dry, so it really grabs on to your lashes So now my lashes are there they’re, saying hi to everybody, I’m gonna go in with these Lily lashes These are super natural, looking, but they’re really really pretty they’re in the style Goddess Look like this they’re, so so pretty and very wispy and natural-looking I’m gonna put these on really quickly Did you get it so I did you get this so handy for the cheeks I’m going to take this Stila glow, watercolor blush, and it’s in the shade Rosewater looks like this on The inside looks like that So I’m just gonna pop that onto my cheeks, just a few little dots I feel like my lips are really dry, so I’m gonna put on this issue a conditioning lip treatment It makes your lips super soft and then over the top I’m gonna put on this makeup forever lab shine diamond collection gloss in the shade D 16 Thank you guys for watching so go ahead and check them out and that’s it I love you guys So much don’t forget that you are amazing, you’re beautiful and I love you Okay, I’m done bye, dollies

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