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Dinner date night makeup

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel who’s lighting, weird the Sun keeps shifting, so I hope the Lighting’s okay. So I thought I would do all the makeup. Video I’m going out to Jer dinner with some friends. I really talk crazy, sometimes I’m going out to dinner with some friends tonight. So I’m was about to put makeup on. I figured I’ll film it. No I’m just gonna get right into it. I don’t know what I’m gonna do we’re just like going with the flow. My hair is so weird today.
I washed it this morning, but I put like way too much, leave-in conditioner in it. So it’s like it’s like very waxy right now, so I’m gonna use the new. Well, it’s just new shades but glossy a perfecting skin tint and stretch concealer. They expanded their range, and so my new shade is g11 in both and I haven’t used them yet. I think they’re the exact same formula, but just to be sure, I’m gonna mount for you you’ll have to look on their website and like match up the photos of the different people to find your new shade. Some some of you have like messaged me and they’re. Like I’m Mac c59. I don’t even know what that’s a shade. What would I be? I’m like. I have no idea yeah, it’s the exact same formula and as far as I can tell same color as the light I was using, I’m gonna do stretch under the eye. I don’t know if I want to do like full glam makeup tonight or just cash. I think just something cash and glowy can’t go wrong with that right. Okay, I’m like really dark under my eyes today, so I’m gonna go in with tart shaped tape. Just a tiny bit. I’ve really been loving. This concealer for, like a fuller coverage. Gon na cover up some blemishes, I had like a rash on my face the other day. I don’t. I have literally no idea why I haven’t changed anything about my skincare in a while and okay, I have like hives the other day I saw. I still have a few I’m gonna go into yield archive and take out the Anastasia brow definer. Did they still make this um? I haven’t, purchased it in awhile. I used to use this all the time. It’s like a thicker pencil. Then the brow is that I normally use mostly just because it like fills in more I’ve, really been wanting to get my eyebrows.
My crew belated lately because I haven’t been tinting them because my hair is getting lighter and lighter, and I really hate how sparse they are on the ends like I don’t even pluck them. They just don’t grow here anymore. So I’m thinking about it. Okay, boy, wrong! Okay, I’m just gonna use this little mini alarm or see a caviar stick in vanilla, kiss just as a primer, okay, I feel like doing something warm and soft on the eyes, so I’m gonna use this huda, beauty, eyeshadow palette called warm Brown obsessions. I’m gonna take this color down here. It’s like a light brown. I’m gonna. Take it on this fluffy brush, I’m just gonna do a light wash of that all over the lid, I’m using many more I’m gonna. Take it under the eye. Oh, so I’m already starving what time is it Alexa? What time is it dinner is at 7:30, okay. Next, I’m gonna take this like rusty brown shade up here, I’m gonna take a bit in the crease and outer corners focus. Might not only one who doesn’t like these morphe brushes, I don’t like the way they blend. I really just like the Mac brushes they’re, my favorite. Thank you some forever and I got the morphe because I thought, like they’d, be a cheap Blake replacement. Just have like multiple they’re okay, but I’m like oh I’m, just taking a little bit of that rest color, underneath my eye. Okay, for a little definition, I’m going to take this NARS Velvet eyeliner in the shade Mambo. It’s like a dark brown. I’m just gonna take that on like the outer lash line, and then should I take it and some I want on all right. Well, we’re already doing it and I really don’t like what in what you normally don’t like how I look with eyeliner on my waterline and I kind of regret it, but we’re gonna roll with the punches okay. Now I’m gonna curl. My lashes also been thinking about getting a lash lift. I hate how like straight my wishes always are like look how much better even before mascara I think it would be life-changing Can i using my Chanel leave volume on the top? Stop, maybe get down me um? Okay, I’m for bottom lashes, I’m using glossy eyes lash slick because it doesn’t smudge and every other mascara smudges on me on the Bob bronzer.
I’m gonna use my trusty milk stick I wish they had like a skinnier one like they have like the mini sizes of like the under, like, though I blue, the blue thing, and then they have like the highlighters, but they don’t have this in the mini stupid cuz This would be perfect in the cheeks anyway I love this It smells like play-doh, not one of my selling points but, like I don’t mind it kind of nostalgic, I just like how easy it is and how it looks and where’s okay, okay for blush, I’m going to use the Charlotte Tilbury cheek to cheek swish and pop Blusher in the shade, love below looks like that really like this color and there’s a technique to like how you’re supposed to do like the swish and then the pop and whatever I just mix them all together Okay, so now the debate highlighter, I’m not highlighter Whenever I debate that, I use the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter because it’s like a really subtle and then just dot it It’s like a subtle, glow, just kind of a click sweaty, and I love that because I think the makeup I’m like not into heavy makeup and if I like, have like a full face on that I don’t like to do highlighter really cuz Then I think it looks like to dawn love the cupid so highlight, though, what should we do on the lips? I’m going to try something interesting here, I’m going to use this Urban Decay liner in the shape broken and then I’m going to use this Revlon product The cushion lip tint in the shade 210 pretty kiss, I think, that’s supposed to be like B What’s a called Clinique, not Clinique, Lancome juicy shaker’s Whatever I don’t know, I weren’t, I returned it on in target once and I bought it I know how I get sense, pretty! No! No! I don’t like this twist up, because now I have too much That’s it That’s my finished Look I’m ready for dinner in three hours, give it a thumbs up like subscribe All the products are listed in the description below and I’ll oh, I didn’t mean arrived You

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