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Dip in Powdered Nails – Suzy’s Step-by-Step Course

30 Sep , 2019  

Well, your vote is in.. Let’s do this, so dipping systems can be kind of confusing because there’s so many steps and you have to do some so quick and one you have to wait a few minutes. So I’m gonna try to break that down easily and simply so we can understand it. So if you’re doing this on natural nails, you want to remove a little bit of the shine, push your cuticles back and remove that cuticle sticky surface and make it all nice and clean. I’ve already done that, because my nails are actually acrylic we’re gonna.
Do this on acrylic, so my nails are already prepared and all I’ve done is slightly buff them, and all I have to do is just remove the dust before we get started. Okay, just gonna grab my glasses, so I don’t grab the wrong bottle. That would make things even more confusing okay, so most dipping systems are generally the same and the number one thing you use this is the bonding agent. This is what we can do to all fingers. At the same time, the stuff can dry there’s no urgency for it. You do want to use it because it cleans the nail completely before we start using the product, so I’m just gonna gently paint on each and every single nail. I’ve got some previous product. I didn’t hear before we’re just gonna ignore that these have been filled and fresh and they’re all shaped and ready to go. You won’t see the color underneath here once we get the powder on okay. So that’s the first step, that’s done so. The next step is called the base. We want to make sure we’re doing this step one at a time, so don’t put second step the base on all of the nails at once. We’Re gonna do one at a time. This is really the glue that sticks. The powder on to the nail okay, so this stuff can be a little bit stinky and it also needs a little bit more speed. You don’t want to wait around too long because it could completely dry because it is like a glue, so I’m gonna remove my little holder and I’m going to use a clear base first. So this is my clear powder and when I talked to Benny he’s the manufacturer of this stuff, he did say that the color helps absorb better to the clear and he get a better color. So that was good to know. Now, after we do this clear coat, we are going to want to do with color. So I’m gonna prepare my color now so I’m nice and ready – and I’m going to pick this beautiful purple. I quite frankly, would like to see which way all of life, but we’ll do five. Today, oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous okay, we’re gonna put the base on first now, wherever you put your base, is where the color is going to stick.
So you really want it to be smooth like a polish application everywhere, where it’s not the powder will not stick so we’re gonna get the base on we’re. Gon na paint this on very carefully again. Wherever this is, the powder will stick. I can actually smell it. I’m used to that smell very similar to our nail glues. Now, when I put this in I’m gonna dip it in, but I do want the product to kind of fall on it too, and I’m gonna leave it for a second or two, because I really want the part to absorb into that finger. And I’m gonna knock the excess nice. Now I can let that sit for a bit now. You can take a duster and wipe away the dust on the sides. However, I don’t really want to do that yet because it’s not quite set it’s a glue, it needs a minute to dry needs a minute to cure. So, while that’s setting up, let’s do the other one, so we can do all the base ones. First, it’s that when you do the base you’ve got to do the color right away. So you don’t want to do all the bases and then do all the dipping separately. You really kind of want a base and dip okay, so I’m gonna keep going to the next finger until I get all the fingers covered with the base, I’m gonna need a little bit more for that side. Now I accidentally hit my finger just a tiny little bit on the skin, so I’m gonna take that off, okay and then I’m gonna dip it into my clear base. When I talked to Benny, I did ask him: can I just skip the clear base and he said well, you could, but if you’re doing it on a natural nail you don’t want to, but also for a smoother color and more pigmented. It’s best. He said if you use the base, make sure you get up to that cuticle to let all the powder to get on there. Okay and then you can just knock the excess off with your finger. Okay, they’re set pretty good. Oh I got one more. Let’s do them, you do want to get rid of the access to okay. So let’s put our clear bass away and with the index now we can dust off a little powder, see that’s dry now and it’s good to get rid of the excess. Actually, I’m gonna leave the pinkie and the thumb for a minute make sure that they were totally dried before I start wetting it away. Okay, let’s get into some color. I’m really excited about that.
Okay, this beautiful shade. Look at that, my goodness, that’s gorgeous! So we’re still working with the base as the second coat you don’t have to go to your other steps. Yet the base is still what we work with to make the powder stick. So we’re gonna go back to that index finger again and we’re going to put the base on make sure you get it all. You want to cover that whole thing where the base is not the powder will not go. Okay. Did this gorgeous color in get it right up to the cuticle she’s gonna? Let it sit in there for a sec. I don’t want any missing spots that is gorgeous whoo. I got my eye on this burgundy color. Let’s get a look at this: oh wow. Okay, here we go with the base again, so I’m gonna paint some more of the base on which makes the powder stick. I’m gonna dip this gorgeous wine color in oh man. It’s really pretty! These are very heavy pigmented powders. That’s what makes dipping powders special is. They are quite heavily pigmented. Okay, now, let’s try this beautiful, sparkly blue one. Look at that, so the sparkles are a little bit different and I’ll. Show you why so, let’s get that base on again now, just to remind you, this is a glue and it dries pretty quick. So you only want to do one finger at a time. Don’t put your glue on all the fingers. First, okay, we’re gonna dip! This beautiful Sparkle whoa just give it a little shake, but it really soak into that glue. Wow. Okay, I’ve got my eye on another one, which is this beautiful green again. When I get the base on there now, I’m going to make sure I get the tip really covered, because if you notice on this, one didn’t stick as well get that right in here. Okay! So now I’m just gonna wipe the dust off of this index finger my thumb, let’s not forget the thumb. Okay, so I think for the thumb I can’t this color is so pretty that is early, okay, again we’re still working with the base. Now I’ve noticed the tip of one of my fingers that i shouldíve even the last two fingers. It didn’t quite stay on the tip, so I’m gonna try to go more gently in the tip, maybe I’m pushing too hard. I don’t know, but I mean let it sober up a little bit there and then go right in cover that cuticle completely mmm. That did better. So maybe when I’m going in I’m just gonna the tip is not getting fully absorbed. That looks beautiful. Okay, so because I’m so used to acrylic application and gel polish and nail polish being perfectly smooth. This is a tiny bit bumpy from my liking, so I’m just gonna take a little bit of a file before I dip any further see.
If I can smooth it out, because I don’t want to continue that – oh I’m just trying to smooth it out a little before I get too deep into color coming into a second coat okay, I think that did help okay, we’re gonna dip. It again to give that true concentration of color, so we’re going to go back into our purple. This is a time we can make sure you get the sides completely just like you would, if you’re polishing, so when you’re dipping you do want to kind of keep it at that 45-degree angle, I’m tilting my jar up all the time because I’m trying to make It for the angle for the caravan I am noticing, when you do, do it with a 45 degree angle, it will lessen any types of bumps or glitches, so there is some special consideration for the glitter. If you want to shape this with your file, you cannot do that to the glitter directly. So then you have to do one more coat of the clear so another coat of your base. That’s if you’re going to file a little bit and shape it a little bit. I don’t want to forget about myself. I gotta say I’m really loving this thumb color, so I’m just gonna paint the glue on tipping this beautiful color. Now you do want to give it at a 45 degree angle. I am holding it for the camera, but I’m still at a 45 to the chart. Okay, so I decided to clear cap the blue glitter, but I decided not to clear cap the green glitter, so you can see the difference when you clear cap. That is only meant to be if you’re going to file a little bit on that particular finger. So I’m going to do that, but this one we can’t file on it because we didn’t clear cap it, but I wanted to show you the filing process too right. So I won’t do all these lids up. But just let me just cover some of these, so you don’t have any contamination with powders okay, so this one needs to dry for a little bit, but these ones are pretty dry. So this is the one we want to shape a little bit. You can see. It’s getting a bit thicker too, whenever you add more layers, you’re, just making it thicker and thicker and thicker, probably one of the reasons why I’m not really big on the dip system, because if it’s just a color I’m looking for, I would rather just put it On with a polish or a gel, but I mean this stuff is pretty strong and though this is not meant to long gate, not meant to put a form on it and build a nail out this product. The dipping systems are really meant to be put on natural nails by not lengthening them or putting it on acrylic or gel.
So I just want to thin this a little bit and just because it’s kind of lost its shape a little with all the layers that we put on it see. If I can retain that shape a little bit, it does make them stronger. I will say it does: you’ve got natural nails and you’re trying to make them a little bit stronger. This could certainly do that for you, I’m at liberty to file this one simply because we put the clear capping on top the clear capping of the powder. This is same premise when you’re doing acrylic or gel when you’re encasing the glitter. You want to put product on top of it to encase it to protect the glitter really because, as you can see, we don’t want to file directly on that. Okay, so that gave a nice little shape that brought back the shape cuz. I was kind of losing it a little bit so we’re just gonna dust off all the excess and now we’re gonna put on the activator okay. So, let’s go with the first to not the glitter ones. Let’s just focus on these two right now, so the activator is this one and the activator is going to work as in sealant. Basically, so that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna paint the activator on to seal it. It spreads out a little bit. You can see it’s spreading now. You do want to let this dry. So let’s get the activator on the glitters. Now an activator is working as a sealant. We don’t let that soak in and dry for about 30 seconds. So once you wait 30 seconds, you then can file again. If you want to make a little smooth. I like to file it in between two, because I can try to make it a little bit shaped, so you just want to do a soft or a gentle file, and you can do some more smoothing. You don’t want to take away any of that beautiful glitter diffic systems are cool, they’re, a quick way to get some color and they are pretty strong. But I have to say no matter how much and how thin you try to do it stiffing systems or even how much filing you try to do in between there’s generally on the thicker side, and I think it’s because it coats the whole thing when you’re doing Polish, you have a little bit more control to do a thinner near the cuticle and thinner near the tip right or thinner on the whole thing in general Okay, so now you want to clean these off.
You can wash your hands if you do don’t use soap, though, because you don’t want it to interfere with the next step So I’m gonna clean off all the dust that I can get right into the cuticles to get all that dust out of there Now you don’t want to wipe that pinky if you left it with just the glitter on there Okay, now so I will say when you get to this step, go back to your base and make sure that you close it because it is a glue and any little bit of air getting in There will start to harden it right up and you may go use it one day and you can’t use it because it’s all harden up in there so just to make sure that’s closed So the activator and the top coat in this system work pretty closely together and to get a really good shine Benny from joy Mia says you want to work with them close together, so we want to put the activator on and then the top coat on right After so I’m going to do activator and then top coat for each finger Okay, so here was my activator Now I’m gonna do it for the glitter one, because I do want to protect that I want that glitter not to be knocked off It stays pretty shiny, that’s pretty and you can see it starting to dry up now Don’t want to forget my thumb, so you just want to wait for about 30 seconds, and then you want to apply the top coat one more time and kind of a slower kind of massage it in kind of layer make sure you get it everywhere, and this Will be your final top coat there? You have it that’s nice and shiny, so you ask what the other two bottles are, because there are six and we’ve really only used four So the other one is a vitamin oil and the last one is a brush saver So if you’re getting a lot of product because you’re dipping so much onto the brush, you can dip it in here to clean it off So, let’s use that cuticle oil, okay and they let that soak in I’m gonna wash up the glitter around the edges and then we’ll look at the reveal shots These colors really are quite beautiful Joyeux mia has sixty colors to choose from for their dipping powders and they have sixty more coming That’s pretty exciting I can’t wait to see them well Thank you for joining me and I thank you for voting on your selection for the dipping powder I had so much fun I hope I was able to break down it step by step

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