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Dive in a $$store’s trash can + updated gold ring!

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s up everybody I just ran by a like dollar store kind of place. They’Re downstairs real, quick. I there’s time stuff in here, so I don’t have any of my diving stuff. I don’t have my tripod or anything, so it just barely because it’s footage might not be is steady, but I’m gonna try to just get as much as I can. Here’s this whole bag of toys, some of them look like they’re broken. There’s a little gnome woman, so I’m just gonna take this whole trash bag.
Right here looks like this is our most of them are so these are my only bags right now. Just these, these are all solar-powered little dancers. They were selling for $1 straight line and they fell out of the box, but I’m going to take one of the boxes so that I can are two of the boxes, so I can put them back in just so. It looks more professional, this one’s broken. It kind of looks like they’re just getting rid of all of their summer stuff. Oh look at that. This whole bag is full of stuff. What are these so? These have been cut. So is that that’s okay, I’m still gonna take this whole bag right here, whose little this is a bunch of gardening, stuff, little butterfly a bunch more little fraud, these little animal with sound solar state yeah. This really must just be all their summer stuff. Here’s another windmill, that’s popped, somebody just screened enough. Luckily it looks like most everything was on it. That’s it they’ve broken earth. Luckily they didn’t do that to all of them. There’s all those things we’ll see stuff yeah. It looks like it was all right on the top, so there we go a ton of little solar dancers. I love this gnome one they’re, so cute some of them might be broken, but it looks like a lot of them aren’t and their cute little kid toys. Even if they are broken, especially for the garage sale this weekend, but that’s just a quick I was just driving by – and I thought I’ll check day – two check it sohere it all is laid out on the table. The majority of these little ones are broken. Their solar panels are missing, so I don’t know if they intentionally broke them or if they maybe we’re just faulty, because they’re all still wrapped.
So I don’t know why they would wrap them back up after raking them, but a few of them work. These ones are just bought in their heads away, so there are squirrels. There’s lots of monkeys back here, there’s a few dancing, ladies and there’s lots of gnomes over here and there was this really cute little birdhouse, and this was the only one of the birdhouses that wasn’t broken and it’s like pretty much in perfect condition. There’s these spinning wheels for your garden and they did bend the sticks up to try to make them no longer usable. But this one was a thin one and I just bent it right back and it’s a little bit crooked, but it would definitely still work so I’ll just try to bend the knees back. These are just a little bit thicker of metal these cars right here. I actually found at CVS on my way home. I didn’t even know CVS sold these types of things, but there’s four cool little cars right there, these little butterflies with glass wings – and I guess you just hook it like on a pot, a potted plant or something those are really cute. Only one of them was broken and it’s missing just one of its glass wings right there, then all of these are in perfect condition, still they’re fully wrapped they’re these little animals that make us sound, and it looks like you pull out that white paper right there. This one was unwrapped, so it has like a little clip that you clip maybe on a plant or something, and then I’m gonna pull this out to test it. So it definitely works and they have a little motion detector right on the front there. So that’s really cool all of those work, there’s 13 that are still fully packaged and then the one that’s packaged these lights. I was actually really excited about, straightener or curling wand or something more expensive. They have learned how to like solder the cords back together. So that’s something I would like to check out in the future, but first something like this, so these are just like a couple dollars for these and that they’ve cut every single part of the cord. I just don’t think it’s worth doing it for these, and then these are This is just like a velvet little ribbon thing for the fourth of July, maybe or something – and these three are tablecloths and they’re really thick, but they have cut them, so they sliced them.
Here in the middle on most of them, but I think you could even just like cut it fully and just go ahead and cut it in half and then it’s still like a four foot, long tablecloth So those I think that they tried to ruin But I don’t actually think that they’re ruined I think that somebody could still definitely use these and just make them a little smaller, that bird is still cooking, so there you have it okay, and then I also wanted to update you guys, so I went and I just left the jeweler – I got it appraised and unfortunately it’s not a real stone, so they they got me at first they’re like this really could be real It could be like a few thousand dollars for this ring They thought that it was um, Harrod, peridot, peridot, yellow said it in the comments I can’t remember how you pronounce it, but that stone and they were like it could be a few thousand dollars and I was like okay, okay I’ll come back, so they called and then ended up just being made of glass So the band is still 14-karat gold, but the the stone is not real They said I could probably still get about 150 dollars for it and they cleaned it for me, and I have it on just to show you guys look at that seriously It’s so pretty Oh and the other thing that they said they said that it’s handmade and unlike a custom design that was handmade and it was probably from the 60s or 70s So it is vintage It’s handmade, it’s real gold It just is not a real gemstone, but still one hundred and fifty dollars If I can get that for it not bad at all but I just wanted to show you guys what I have been up to today and update you on the ring and yeah there You have it so, if you’re around stores right now that are having like discounts on their summer items, go and check their dumpster because there’s a good chance that they threw it all out and you could get it for free So there you gohappy, diving and I’ll See you next time

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