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DIY artificial granite countertops and paint cabinets, a total of 150 dollars!!

30 Sep , 2019  

I’m going to show you how you can transform your current kitchen from this to this in under $150. It’s a very simple and expensive project that requires a few basic materials. What you will want to do first is clean your countertops with a heavy duty, degreaser called t SP. You can find this in the paint section at Home Depot. You will buy the concentrate and mix. However much you need with water to make the solution after that is thoroughly cleaned, going with a 220 to 240 grit sandpaper on top and lightly sand.
This isn’t to remove a whole lot, but rather the counter you want the countertops to become more porous, so it’ll absorb the most paint make sure all of the dust is removed before you put any paint or primer on it. Next you’ll want to tape off your cabinets: hardware, grout lines, anything where you don’t want paint on it. We are going to be painting our kitchen cabinets next, so I didn’t worry too much if paint got on to our cabinets, so the first step in the painting process is going to be the primer when you buy it. Have the paint store shake it up? For you, so you don’t have to do a whole bunch of stirring when you get home like I had to. You, want to pour a generous amount of the primer into your paint, tray and use a foam roller. This stuff is really sticky, so make sure you use a disposable roller and wear gloves. If you prefer not to get it on your hands, it was pretty hard to get off the off our fingers and hands. While my husband rolled, I went in with a foam brush and got the edges where the counter meant the backsplash part, while you’re rolling make sure it’s a smooth surface. If you see lines from the roller just go back over it with a softer touch, not soheavy on the roller follow the instructions. Your primer reads for mine. It said to let dry twohours before applying a second coat. If it looks splotchy, that’s okay, because you’ll be putting a coat of paint on top of it. If you’re doing a different color or a darker color you, you can have your primer tinted to the color of your selected base coat my base coat for the granite. Look, I’m going forward is going to be white and my primers already way, so I didn’t bother having it tinted. This next clip is a time-lapse of applying the second coat of primer. You won’t be rinsing your brushes out, so once you’re done, with the primer, throw the plastic tray and the foam rollers and any sponges you used away, be prepared to open windows and have vents going because the fumes are very strong.
I didn’t film the painting of the base coat on top of the primer, but apply it just like you did the primer, a nice even coat and watch out for streaks on this coat as well. Here’s how to make the veining on your countertops look like granite. We wanted the granite look, but didn’t want to spend the money on it. So this is a really cheap, easy way to get a granite. Look for I’ve seen online for $25, but for us it cost think of a 75. So we use the Behr paint at Home Depot. Our darker color was in the color, cracked, pepper, and what we did is we take these sponges. You can get them at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, make them into little pieces that’s easier and what you’ll do is you’ll. Just get a little bit out of the container dab off the acts, the excess on it and just dab it on the counter top. There’s no perfect way that granite looks it’s a natural stone. It’s so be creative! It’s however you want it to look. It’s a really nice way that you can customize your granite, so I just kind of had a sample picture. I found on Google – and I went with that – just took this dark gray and made the thick veins with the with the sponge, so I tried making them kind of go sideways curved a little bit, not so much straight, just kind of wanted it as natural as It could, I guess, after you’re finished veining with your darker color you’ll go in with your lighter color. We chose a dark gray and a light gray. So at this point I’m going in with my lighter gray and all I’m doing is going on top of the darker gray. What I did is, I went kind of on the side just to make the lines a little thicker and a little blended. So I just went on top, or I should say on the side of each of the black lines, not black dark gray lines that I just did with the cracked pepper, and I went on top of this. With this light, gray, called silver stone, both of our paints are bare. We just got sample bottles at Home Depot. They were about five dollars each, but you can do the acrylic little bottles that you find at Walmart Hobby Lobby, Michael’s that are like a dollar those I’ve seen on YouTube as well so and they those worked out fine.
So you can do those as well they’re. Only like a buck for the bottle and you don’t really use a whole lot of paint anyway. So that’s probably fine as well, but I just had this from another project. We are trying to do on the countertops anyway, so I just use this and then after you’re done going on top of your black lines. You’Ll just want to fill in the gaps with the lighter gray as well. I wanted a really white light gray, countertop granite. Look so I didn’t want it too dark anyway. I didn’t mind if a lot of white showed so just in the really heavy saturated white areas. I went in with that light gray, color and just made some extra little lines or splotches here and there and make sure you do the side of the countertop, where, like rolls off once you’re done veining with your dark color and then blending it a little with Your lighter color you’ll go on top again with your base coat. In my case, it was the white and I’ll show you in a second but here’s, the island after I blended it out with the white and you’ll notice. The lines aren’t as harsh that it’s just softer so I’ll show you that after this time lapse, and this is our kitchen island. At one point I noticed there is a little bit too much white spots, so I put a little more veins in but use the like for veining, which turned out really pretty too before blending your veins with your basecoat. You want to let that dry. What I had done was I started going on top with the white and it just kind of absorbed the gray a little bit too much so then it just kind of got messy. So let that dry for a little bit and then go on top with your base coat. So this is the side of my countertops and this is now dry, so I went on top with this white. I got this Apple Barrel, the white at Walmart. I think it was five five to eight dollars so not expensive at all. I have it here in this tray and then I dab the excess off on this plastic plate, and all you do is just go right on top of your darker lines, your in my case, it’s the dark gray and the light gray, and I’m just gonna Blend it out, so it has like a more natural look. It’s not so dramatic like and all you’ll do is just dab your sponge along the veins. You don’t have to go in the blank spots. You’Ll just go right on the veins and it’ll blend out beautifully.
It’s so cool to see this transformation, as it goes from really drastic to just really soft and as you’re doing this process, you’ll see it’s like. Oh it’s becoming more like granite, it’s so fun. This was a really fun project. I’m really glad I found it online. I didn’t even know you could paint countertops I’d never done this before this was my first time trying it and it was a success so try it do it and as you’re going if you notice as you’re blending, that it just looks a little too white or Not quite the color feel free to go back in with your accent, colors and add more veining or splotches. I definitely did that. Mine was had too many random white spots, so I went back in with I believe my lighter gray. I did more of my lighter gray and just kind of filled in those holes there. I also got a metallic silver paint at Walmart. It just so like it would show, it would be more shiny, like granite is, but I don’t know if it was the brand. I got, but it did not look like it just so it didn’t work. So I probably if I could redo it, I’d get a different, maybe darker or just more metallic II shiny color, because what my countertops are lacking after this project is like the sparkle. I guess if you have you’ve seen granite it has that sparkle in it. Mine just doesn’t really have that. I would say mine kind of looks more like marble, which is totally fine, but it definitely doesn’t have that sparkle that granite countertops have, which is fine. But if you’re going for a darker granite, look like maybe black with Browns and beiges mixed in you’ll probably do a gold, and that looks really pretty too so. Just get a good accent, color good brand, so that accent really does show. When I put on my veining and blending when I did all that, I wore a glove because you’re using sponges, and it just like absorbs so much so I would recommend using sponges just because it takes days to get it off your hands. Even though it’s washable it’s just annoying tohave on as you’re filling in the holes with extra color, you might notice that it’s kind of scary or it looks too thick or something but don’t worry, just keep blending and go around it and it will end up Blending out and looking really really awesome like, I was surprised how I thought I messed up, and then it just kept going really well now that the countertops have had enough drying time we’re gonna go over it with polyurethane.
and it is a oil-based one. You want to make sure you definitely use an oil-based polyurethane because it will make a difference, especially using it in the kitchen and with all the paints that we just used. You’Ll want to use an oil-based product. I am applying it with a disposable. It will be absorbing quite a lot of it. So they’ll probably you and check the they’re going. You don’t want it to be stilling or dripping really you so the first layer polyurethane is now dry and what I actually just did is. I went through with my electric sander here and I did sand the top layer with 240 grit.. Haven’t mentioned anything about it, but I just think it feels really weird like it doesn’t feel like something I would put my food on, but now with it sanded it just it feels a little better. So I’m gonna sand in between each layer of the polyurethane that I do, except for the final coat. The final coat will not have will not be sanded, but just to really like sanding – and I just did this one but I’ll show you again kind of what I did so I don’t apply any pressure. I just let it glide along. If you don’t have a handheld Sandra, it’s gonna take a bit longer, but um it’s possible. So the purpose of doing that is to just make everything smooth. It’s not it’s not to take off color, it’s not to do anything other than smooth it out and before you apply any of your other layers of polyurethane, don’t want to go through and wipe off any dust. Do it a few times? Do it with the color drag or colored paper towel, just to make sure that everything is coming off yeah, it feels so good. Now it just feels a lot better. Maybe it’s just my taste, but it just is smoother and it feels better. We also redid our cabinets, as you can see, we painted them a light gray color, and for that it was a really simple, really easy process.. But the main thing that I wanted to point out, what we did is we got our supplies at Home Depot and they’re. Really good at helping you out: let them know what projects you’re working on and they’ll give you let you know the paint and primer that best suits you So for our kitchen they recommended this one-two-three primer.
Sorry I dumped the paint all over it, but it is a water-based, it’s a water-based primer and they said for cabinets This would be our best bet, so we went in and this is a white primer You can usually tint your primers, but since ours was already a really light, color that we chose, we didn’t do that so for our actual color I love the way this color turned out I think, is my favorite gray color, I’m sohappy It came out this way, but we use this bare color It is in the color hush It’s a cool light gray is how I’m gonna describe it, but the lady explained to us that this works best in kitchens and for cabinets, especially the best part about it Is you don’t need to do a top layer of polyurethane no top coat, no sealant or anything? So all we did is two layers of primer and two layers of the paint, so that made it a really easy painless process, so it feels really smooth it Just it feels like you sanded in between each layer, it feels like there’s a co of polyurethane on it, but much less much less hassle So I’m really satisfied with these paints This was $18, the primer was $18 and the bear was $35 We still have plenty of each left Our kitchen is just a standard sighs, but it came out beautifully So I would definitely recommend these two for your kitchen They explained to us that this I’m not sure how to pronounce it, but this was especially meant for kitchens So it’s perfect, for you know high humidity, those you know when you’re using your kitchen and all that goes in there So this is our final look at what our kitchen renovation looks like everything For us, it was $250 because we got a new light A new light fixture as well, but if you are just looking to do your cabinets in your countertops, you can do this for a hundred and fifty dollars, probably even less if you get different types of paint But if you want to copy exactly what I did, you can do this for a hundred and fifty dollars now that is a lot better than the eight thousand dollar kitchens I was looking at Lowe’s and Home Depot, so feel free to do this If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I hopefully will get back to them, but it was a really easy process and enjoy

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