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DIY bathroom decoration of dollar tree farmhouse

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey I’m Megan and welcome to my channel glue guns and roses where I’m totally stoked, because I have a bunch of easy, cheap, DIY bathroom decor to share with you today. All the items are from the Dollar Tree for my first DIY, I’m just using one. These black little baskets from the Dollar Tree fires pulled off the handle, pulled off the piece that holds and handles, and then using some rope and hot glue, and I’m going to attach my handles on the opposite.
End. Take rope wrap it around three times in the top one little piece of rope on the inside to cover up the rim, and then I just wrap the Rope twice around the bottom, and this bad boy is done. Super easy super simple and super cute for my next DIY. It took me a little bit longer, but that was just because I was practicing using the clear contact paper. I peel it back and I’m riding with an extra marker. The word hand now I’m writing this. Under the sticky part and on the wax paper, it is kind of easy because you can see the little square, so you can kind of see where you want to write. But if you do mess up, you can just take a little q-tip and wipe away any of the marker. You don’t want, then it was all done cut it out and I am putting it on a Dollar Tree. Mason jar smoothing out the bubbles applying some Mod Podge to keep it sealed in and to give the glass like an aged look. Then I’m gonna take the top of the mason jar put a nail through the middle, taking the pump off of a Dollar Tree. Soap pump, I spray painted it black and I’m going to put the bottom to the side. I already put a nail through the little mason jar top and using scissors. I just make my hole a little bit bigger and then fires to peel it back like this was really really easy. Literally took me less than two minutes, then using hot glue and crazy glue. I attach the pump to the mason jar filled it with soap, and here is my super cute farmhouse soap dispenser. I love it now. We’Re gonna use these flowers from the Dollar Tree and I’m not gonna attempt to say the name. They start with an A I divide: the white flowers from the greenery, and I did this to two flowers. Taking the bottom, our soap pump. I added a little piece of rope with hot glue and now it’s a base and I’m going to add some of the white flowers into the soap pump, because it’s a base now and here it is, it’s super cute waste nothing. Next, I got this book from the Dollar Tree around fall time, but it doesn’t really go with my decor taking wood grain contact paper or the lighter one I just cover the book up and then I do the same thing with the darker wood grain to a nother dollar trees up – and it looks like this and then this book is also from the Dollar Tree.
But I liked the way it looked, so I left it as is then taking some twine I just wrap the twine all the way around the books and then tie a little knot This was super easy Then I took the little white flowers tied a knot with twine on them as well set them on top of my book and there it’s done Rustic decor for my next DIY, I’m just using an 8 by 10 frame from the Dollar Tree Doesn’t matter what kind, because I’m using black acrylic paint to paint over it? I printed this off online I just searched three rest room signs, painting the back with black acrylic paint, because I was planning on doing this DIY differently and also I didn’t want to print it out again and waste more ink Whilethat dries, I just cut out some of the light wood grain paper, the same size as the frame and then once my little people dried, I just cut them out, so you could definitely print off the people in all black it’d Probably make more sense I’m just super cheap and didn’t want to waste more ink so and I’m almost out of ink – and I just use scotch tape – to attach the peopleto the wood grain I put the frame around so I could get an idea of where they’re gonna go Whenever I can frames from Dollar Tree on the wall, always reinforce them with hot glue, because the frames are like a step above paper they’re, so easy to break And I’ve had frames break on me before then rope and hot glue and that’s how I’m actually gonna hang the frame So here it is my little restroom fine frame, I’m digging it then this is so easy It’s really not even a DIY, I’m just using a mason jar and a little jar I got from Dollar Tree twine around the top and rope around the top q-tips cotton balls and this one’s done Lastly, I’m just taking this just in the Dollar Tree spray painted it white super simple and then three of these long stemmed dogwood branches from the Dollar Tree and stick them in my face, and here it is all finished I really love it now This is actually my half bath, but I will be putting this stuff in the guest bathroom, slash children’s bathroom because I’m giving it a makeover right now, but I wanted to set it up and get an idea of how it was gonna look I still have a few more DIYs and budget-friendly updates do in my children’s bathroom My goal is to keep it under $40 Let me know in the comments, because I’m still working on that project Thank you so much for watching and see you next time

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