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DIY challenge: laudy vs. Alex Vasabi

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, what’s up it’s Lauren and I’m here with my boyfriend Alex hmm. I think you did that exact evening in the boyfriend. No so today I’m doing something a little bit different and I thought I’m gonna put my DIY skills to the test and because I’ve had a little bit more experience like a little bit more expensive DIY than Alex I’m gonna. Do the DIY blindfolded. Oh, my gosh, you underestimate me, I don’t know my skills are known far and wide are they it doesn’t make it to me, may be nearing clothes.
Morally, so we’re gonna be making a geometric wall decor art piece that I think I’ve actually done. I’ve done it before so we’re gonna recreate it me blindfolded, alex is being Alex. So she, let me know in the comments down below who you think won, because it’s gonna be me nah. Nah me no, and also, let me know what youtuber you want to see me do was with max buddy. Oh this bad anyway, I love to watch. You say no you’ll be so impressed. You’Re gonna want to follow. Love me all over again yeah. I still prevail. Okay. How long can a long piece there you go? You are super to hard. Are you out DIY now? Can someone tell me what you’re making? Oh, oh? Is that how you do it? I don’t know it already looks good alchun recorded over there with coke. Never I’m focusing okay. I have to show you that I can be your di UI King one day. Oh my god, this is a symbol of my love. Oh No sit there get it off. Let me get off. Stop daya Stacy’s, stop Oh technique. Ah I have a little more pink than blue all right here. We go. You promised to pick a blue. Yes, just pick a blue No, not you! You! If you sabotage me, okay, I accidentally sabotage you a little bit, but I was actually I got a little bit yellow on there on accident, but it’s not on purpose.
That’s not my fault! Here you go You can at least chose that cater color To put in my hair, oh you said more pink than blue than that I know I bet you’re lying There’s! No trust in this relationship You’Ll have to show the boy yo My boy wait! How’D! You get all that pain in your pocket Oh no! Oh! No! Oh, no there’s so much pain in my pants, join it for the tape somewhere I don’t want to litter, don’t get Matthew This is there’s so much paint in my pants I know it does I didn’t paint my face Look at yours First, oh you competing with me Hey you look I know I don’t know what happened you’re, getting really messy you weren’t you’re insane wow you’re cute! Don’t like it! I don’t like it here You can get your revenge on me in this color Okay, my looks good Yes, don’t look good, I know Oh, I went yours is actually good I know I’m Actually it actually looks nice, but I think mine is equally good and I had no bitches That’s very push them together Yeah, okay, really yeah ready 1 2 3 right wow It looks better now I think I got a little bit of you or me, Oh down the comment down below who do you think won, and what youtuber you want to see Do a DIY challenge with me Next, you didn’t win Put that finger down I win! Well, you have a nice a little ombre goatee, it’s like blue to purple, and if you haven’t subscribe to out his channel, he has a daily vlog channel to Hide lots of us together and also a main channel where he does like skits and stuff You have a scribe, go ahead and do that and all my social media will be in the description box below If you want to check that out – and thank God say thank you for doing this – baby

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