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DIY dollar tree autumn decoration 5 projects!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone, its Shannon, welcome back to my channel. If you are new and you enjoy Dollar Tree projects in farmhouse decor, you are definitely in the right place. You can hit that subscribe button and stick around so you can join me every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday for new inspiration. So I definitely am into the whole right gun, collection, craze. You can see behind me. I have a few of my mugs back here. It’s definitely hard to find some of those seasonal and holiday items, though so today we’re going to be using some Dollar Tree items to create fall, decor on a budget.
Let’s go ahead, get started all right, so here are the items that I grabbed from Dollar Tree. I have a white coffee mug. I really like the Dollar Tree. Has this style now it’s not tapered at all and it’s flat on the front. So it’s gonna make it really easy for us to work with. I also have a silver metal oval tray. I have two of these posters, so these are really nice because they have the cork on the back. I have one of these cute little pumpkin signs. This one is the cream color. You could pick up whatever color, but we’re gonna paint ours white. So I grabbed the cream color, so it would be easy to paint over this one says gather with grateful hearts and if you just want to use this for your neck or it’s super cute by itself too, but we’re gonna give this more of that Ray Done look and then I also have a clear glass cutting board, so we are gonna get started working on our mug first alright. So I grabbed my decals out here. These are brand new. I just added them to my Etsy shop, which is cross my heart com, so you’ll get all six of these in that set. If you have a vinyl cutter or a Cricut machine, I use a silhouette cameo. You can recreate these using a matte black vinyl. I use or coal number 651 for these, and these are about two and a quarter inches tall by three inches wide. So you can recreate these. The set says gobble thankful, feast, pumpkin, spice gather and family, and the reason they are this size is because I basically made them to fit these mugs really easily and really well. So that’s the first thing we’re gonna.
Do I’m going to show you how to apply these decals and the great thing about these? Is you don’t have to use them just on coffee mugs and that’s what I’m going to show you today there’s several different projects: we’re going to recreate using all of these decals. Just to give you some inspiration, alright, so this part is I’m going to be adding the transfer tape to the top. If you are ordering these off of my Etsy site Crossing my hair com, they will come like this. You don’t have to worry about this. If you are creating your own decals, I’m sure you’re gonna be asking me what material am i using for my transfer tape because I just started using this. This is aura mask I actually really really like it. It’s really easy. I just put my decals upside down on the aura mask and I let squeegee it down flip it over, and then you just cut them apart. So now, like I said, if you order these on my site, they’re gonna come ready to go I’ll. Have these all cut down for you, all you have to do is apply them, so I’m just gonna cut these apart real quick. That way we can get it to. Finally, our coffee mug, all right so here, are all of our decals cut apart and then to keep my mug from kind of sitting crooked or rolling around I’ve. Just put this little Mod Podge bottle under there to keep my mug straight for us to add the vinyl. I’m gonna go ahead and add pumpkin spice to this mug because it seems appropriate, since usually you have pumpkin spice coffee, so I’ll show you how to easily apply your decal to the mug alright. So what I’m doing now is I’m just adding pressure to the top of the transfer tape, to make sure that my vinyl will stick to that transfer tape. Just keep squeegeeing it down, heal up, make sure all of your vinyl comes away. Alright. So here is a look at my vinyl on the transfer tape here and we’re just going to lay this in place on our mug. You just want to make sure you get it lined up and it’s straight and even and then once you lay it down, you take your squeegee for a credit card or a popsicle. Stick is what I always say and just press your vinyl onto the surface.
Here you want to make sure your surface is clean, always use soap and water. Don’t use chemical cleaners like Windex or like a kitchen counter cleaner. You just need something really clean that way. Your vinyl easily sticks to the surface. You remove your transfer tape and you’re left with a beautifully customized designed coffee mug all right. So here’s that we are going to add decals to all the rest of our projects. I wanted to start with that one to show you how simple it really is and how quick and easy it is all right for our next project we’re gonna work on the cutting board and what I’ve done here is I’ve printed off a shiplap pattern. So if you, google search shiplap background or shiplap scrapbook paper, or something like that, you’ll find lots of different options. I just picked that picked one that was really really basic and simple and printed it off and made sure it was big enough that it was going to cover this, because we’re going to use this as a background. So I’m gonna cut this paper down to size, and then I use my Mod Podge, which is from Dollar Tree as well, and I’m gonna Mod Podge that on to the back side, the underside and the side with the feet of this glass cutting board. All right, so let me just catch you up, I cut it down to size, and then I had to use my exacto knife to cut out the little rubber feet that are on there and then I use my Mod Podge put the paper on top and then Mod Podge dit over again, so this is going to take a little bit to dry, maybe about 30 minutes to an hour, so imma let this sit and I’ll come back and we’ll finish it now. Moving on to our trade project, I want to give this a faux. Enamel look, so the first I want to do is use my white chalk pick here. I’m gonna give it a couple coats of that and then we’re gonna come in with our black chalk paint to add some accents around the edges. I’m going to use my phone paint brushes to do that all right So I added three coats of the white chalk paint to the tray and now we’re going to use the black chalk paint and our foam paintbrush to sort of just touch the edges here and there to give it that chippy.
Look and here’s look at my tray with the pho should be paint and enamel look and I’m going to use my gobble decal for the middle of this That seemed appropriate since it was a tray and now we’re going to work on this cute little pumpkin I really want to give it that whitewashed weathered look, so I’m going to take the sticker off the back It’s wet my hair dryers out force like it heat it up, melt it and get this sticker off the back I’m gonna leave the front as it is just so then it’s double sided, so we could use this side or we flip it over and use this side so to whitewash it I’m going to get it one coat of this darker gray, chalk paint, let that dry and then come back and do streaks with my white chalk paint and then I’ll give it that whitewashed look once it’s dry I will be adding my little thankful decal to the front you and now our last project we’re going to create some farmhouse style fault posters like I said these has a really nice cork on the bottom and what I want to do is paint these white So we can put the decals on them, but they also want to give them a little bit more detail So Dollar Tree has this similar style, jute or rope It’s called medical rope I thought I had some apparently I’m out, so I have this Instead, it’s very very similar it’s from Walmart It is four ply jute, but you can’t find this at the Dollar Tree, but I’m just going to use my hot glue gun and put the rope around to the coasters to give it a little bit more of that Farmhouse style don’t forget to check the link that I’ll have down in the description box below to my Etsy shop, which is cross on my heart comp We can order and use these fall decals for your own projects Also, let me know down in the comments below which one of these five fall Decor raid uninspired projects was your favorite If it inspired you, you can also hit that subscribe button, and I have tons more DIY projects in the link Next to me, thanks so much again and I’ll see you next time, bye, everyone

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