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DIY makeup skills and beauty skills!

1 Nov , 2019  

Let’s start by creating an edible sprinkles lipgloss, this thing looks so incredible and gives your lips an amazing shine. Take an empty lipgloss container, open it up and we’re ready to fill it up with sweet yumminess grab any transparency, reply, corn syrup or even honey squeeze it directly in your lipgloss container, make sure to not fill it all the way up, as we still need some Space for the sprinkles, you can choose any kind of sprinkles that you like you know me.
I love the variety of bright colors, so my sprinkles have to be super colorful and happy with blue, yellow, pink green and some white. These sprinkles are just perfect for me. Okay, enough of this gorgeous sprinkle shots, let’s pop them inside our lip glass container, you can pour in as many as you want. In any case, your lip gloss will turn out so unique and pretty I am obsessed. I made another version of lip gloss where, instead of sprinkles, I used blue, edible glitter, just as we did before for it inside the lip gloss, bottle, filled with transparent syrup mix it up or shake it a little bit, and you got yourself the most sparkly and Sweet gloss ever these two are just so adorable and the fact that they’re edible makes them even more epic time for the candy cane lip scrub in a little container, combine crushed candy cane and some honey. I also like to add some grapefruit juice for that bitter. A sour kick to it, cut a grapefruit in half and squeeze out some of the tea ami juice. Do you guys like grapefruit? I love it, but my boyfriend doesn’t like it at all. So let me know, because I’m interested give your lip scrub a little stir until all the ingredients are evenly incorporated now, it’s time to transfer the sweet, gooey awesomeness in a lip-balm pot, so you can have it on hand wherever you go. How flippin cute is this purple squirrel? Is this a squirrel or some other animal whatever? It is? I think it looks adorable these awesome. Lip scrub will keep your lips soft and moisturize, which is perfect for the winter. Delicious strawberry lip gloss, yes ma’am. This is definitely the best tasting lip gloss ever existed. Take any kind of lip gloss container. This time I went for the squeeze tube version, take some strawberry or any berry flavored syrup and open it up using a syringe suck, some of that goodness out nom nom. This looks delicious now you can easily transfer the strawberry glaze to the lip gloss tube and fill it up to the top. If you want your lip balm to be even more pigmented, add a few drops of food coloring and your lips will be pop in that’s.
It the lip gloss is done. It smells amazing tastes even better and gives a nice rosy tint to your lips. What more could we ask for? I’m not just gonna show you how to fix a broken eye, shadow or blush instead I’ll show you how to make something way more awesome out of it. We’Re making a pink galaxy blush, take a few old or broken blushes and eye shadows in different shades of pink and purples. Put each color into a separate pot. I’m using a white purple 3 pinky colors and a little bit of glitter get a bit of alcohol into the dropper and squeeze it out into each of the pots where you have powders. We’Re doing this. Just to get that pasty texture, which is easier to work with, give all the colors a little stir, set these babies aside and grab an empty blush container. All we gotta do now is scoop small chunks of different colors and place them randomly around the container place, a tissue on top of your blush and press it down using a rounded object. This will make the blush nice and flat remove the tissue. Let it dry for a couple of hours and you’re finished. Look at this gorgeous pink galaxy blush that we’ve just created. This is a great way to recycle, broken or old, eyeshadows and blushes. If you want to just repair a broken eye, shadow or a blush and leave it as a solid color, all you have to do is squeeze some alcohol into the container with cracked powder flatten it down and leave to dry. Here. I also made an eye shadow recycling, my old, pink purple and blue shadows. How pretty turns out right and we’re a fun way of making unique and epic designs on your blushes and powders looks familiar right when you are in a desperate need of an eyeliner. You run out of it. Well, don’t stress out girl, because I got your back instead of liquid eyeliners, you can use liquid lipsticks. The best part is that they come in a ton of fun shapes, so I decided to try out a multicolored eyeliner look starting with a hot thing, take an eyeliner brush loaded with some product, and you can draw your cat line as usual. I applied it on the outer part of my eye. Liquid lipsticks are long-lasting, don’t smudge and they’re easy to apply, which makes them perfect to use as eyeliners. If you want to make a classic black cat eye, you can simply dip your brush in a mascara, but if you want to create a funky colored line, then liquid lipsticks are absolutely amazing. I mean look at these epic colors. Besides hot pink, I also use blue purple and light pink.
I love how they look together. Who would have thought right experimenting with makeup is seriously the best thing ever you can stick with one lipstick shade and make a solid, bright, colored eyeliner, look which is very wearable but still looks very cool or you can go all out, making a multi-coloured bright liner. This one is perfect for a night out with friends, festival, birthday, celebrations or other fun events and, of course, there’s no limit in makeup. You can wear whatever you like and whenever you like, rock this cool eyeliner, tidying up your house or gardening, because who says you can’t sometimes an emergency happens and we need to look extra pretty. But we cannot carry the entire makeup collection to school right. An amazing hack is to use the usual coloring pencils as lipsticks. I use them as eyeliners before, but I was quite skeptical to see whether they will work on the lips and oMG they’re, just perfect for some hot water into a glass and pop in your coloring pencils, with a tip facing down. Wait for about 10 seconds and pick the color of your choice. I went for the classic red guys look at this color payoff. These coloring pencils are literally working better than many of the lip liners and lipsticks that I own. I was afraid the color will be quite clumpy and difficult to apply, but I was so wrong. The colouring pencils were simply amazing, smooth to apply no streaks or clumps whatsoever. I gave this life hack a massive thumbs up, make sure to use non-toxic coloring pencils and keep in mind that these are not made to be used on the lips every day, so only use them on special occasions like Halloween, for example, when you want to experiment With some freaky lip colors when the color dries, it looks exactly like a liquid lipstick matte and it doesn’t smudge at all. It’s amazing. I know why we’re a plain lipstick when you can rock this epic polka dot lips they’re super simple to make and they look amazing grab any lipstick of your choice and apply it on the lips. As usual, I went for classic red, but literally any color will work to make the white dots. I’m gonna use a white liquid eyeliner, take a bobby, pin and dip its tip in the liquid eyeliner. Now you can easily make the perfect white dots all over. Your lips bobby pin works like a stamp, but a great trick right. If you don’t have a white liquid eyeliner, you can just use a black one or even the usual pencil liners just have fun, experimenting and see what works best. I like the liquid eyeliners because they’re very opaque and make the dots really vibrant this polka dot lips, look so retro and pinup.
Inspired to me no leaves they could ever make your lips so extra and cool. This simple lip art is perfect for a party carnival or Halloween, but you can have so much fun. Trying different makeup looks every day I mean who doesn’t like playing dress-up all year around right. I love my new lip gloss, such a pretty color. Why is there no color on my lips? Why did I buy you? Has this ever happened to you? Well, don’t you worry girl because there’s an amazing hack that will make all your lip glosses super pigmented and gorgeous thicker lip gloss and an eyeshadow or loose pigment. I use a pink eyeshadow to intensify the color of my lip gloss, scrape some of that shadow on a piece of paper. If you’re using loose pigment, you can of course skip this step, prep the lip gloss and pour in the eye shadow powder. I made a little paper funnel to make that part easier if you’re having troubles getting the powder into the lip gloss, bottle a toothpick or a kebab. Stick will come very handy mix the gloss and the powder together and boom. Look at how much more pigmented gloss. We’ve just created it’s hard to believe that these glosses were the same only a minute ago. Our new lip gloss actually gives a really nice pinky color to the lips, in contrast to the original glass which was transparent and didn’t, do nothing at all, lip glosses. Always look so gorgeous in bottles, so I often buy that when I put them on, they look completely transparent, like where’s that pretty pink color at least now we have a solution. I love this life hack. This is the original lip gloss, nothing special and here’s our pimp lip gloss. The difference is enormous and think about how many different lip gloss. Colors. You can make I’ll mix this pretty silvery pink pigment with some transparent lip gloss for some of the gloss into a little pot, add a bit of pigment or eye shadow in any color and mix it up. I seriously enjoy so much making this makeup DIYs because they are just so satisfying. Take a look at this liquid silver wow. So pretty we need to make a swatch to see if it’s good enough for the lip yep. Definitely, let’s do this a pretty epic and a little crazy lip color right. I love it. I also made one using metallic pink pigment. I know I’m obsessed. I want to try all the colors having a transparent lip gloss is so handy because you can simply mix up any gloss color that you want, while getting ready, put a blob of clear gloss on the back of your hand and a small amount of pigment or Eyeshadow mix up and you have a brand new and uniquely plus in second so yeah, never throw away a lip gloss.
Even if you’re bored of a particular color that you own, you can always revamp it and make a completely different product out of it plus mixing up different makeup products is so much fun. Who makes me feel like a little less scientist. I got something to tell you. I know you may not agree, but I’m old enough and I wanted this for years, so sweetie you’re, scaring me you know you can tell me everything. Well, I got a tattoo if you want to get a tattoo, but your mom doesn’t let you or you’re afraid to commit to it for the rest of your life. A great idea is to try a temporary tattoo. First I’ll show you how you can DIY your own metallic flash to take a pencil eyeliner. You can use a black one, colored or metallic one like I did. First, you need to draw your design on the skin. I decided to make a henna inspired tattoo on my hand, I started making some silver dots along my middle finger and up my hand. Then I took a golden bronze eyeliner and draw a v-shape and so on. You can be really creative and make so many different designs, and the best part is that if you mess it up simply erase your errors with a makeup remover, I also drew some triangles dots and lines to finish up my tattoo when you’re happy with the design. Take a hair spray and spray it all over your tattoo. The hair spray will make it way more long-lasting and will prevent smudging. How cool is that such metallic? The tools have been so popular lately and I think they look stunning, especially in the summer, with a bit of a tan. If you’re attending any music festivals this year, they’re definitely a must-have accessory. You can also make your own tattoos using liquid eyeliners, which will make them even more vibrant and long-lasting. All in all, I think this DIY is a bomb and I’m obsessed with it most. Those girls have that special bond with glitter. It’s like we connect on a level that some people just can’t understand the world without glitter would be a boring place. Glitter is just so sparkly magical and beautiful. Until we try to put it on the face, then it just becomes a big old mess. Glitter all over the face on our clothes everywhere, I hate glitter. Luckily, there’s an epic life hack that will make the glitter stay exactly where you put it all you need is any kind of lip gloss, open it up and apply a very thin layer on the lids or wherever you wanna apply the glitter. Now it’s time to take the star of the show: glitter lovely the gorgeous the most beautiful thing in the world. Okay, I’m gonna stop I’m using this pinky holographic stripes, but any glitter will work pick some of this magic sparkles onto a flat brush and gently tap it on the lid.
Now look at that the glitter stays exactly where you put it no mass whatsoever. My first eye is done and, as you can see, my face is not covered with glitter fallout, which totally happens when you’re not using a lip gloss. Underneath now. Look at this perfection on the eyes. This hack is seriously a lifesaver when it comes to epic eye makeup, look great for a date night out with your friends or you can totally rock this on a daily basis, because you go girl. You can do that thing anyway. I hope this life hack will give you the courage to open the glitter container more often, because now you know that glitter and mess don’t come as a couple. The lip gloss hack is so potent that it even works with beads. These little bits would never stay on the lids, but when you apply some lip gloss underneath they just won’t budge. Isn’t this amazing? You can basically stick on the lids wherever you want, the lip gloss has you covered? Some mascaras have two sides: a black and a white one, which is a primer if you’re like me, then you almost never use it. Who has time for this instead of throwing away this white mascaras, you can actually use them to create amazing, colored mascara, that’s right! How cool are these? All you need is an eye shadow in whatever color you like, I chose blue because blue is my favorite color scrape some of that pigment on a piece of paper. How pretty is this blue color? It will make the lashes look amazing if you get some bigger chunks like I did, you can crush them into smaller pieces with a toothpick. Take your white mascara primer and open it up. I made a little paper funnel, which I’m placing in the opening. Now I can pour the eyeshadow into the mascara tube. You really don’t need much eyeshadow to color up your mascara, so don’t worry about wasting it. There we go. Our blue mascara is all ready to use, see how pretty it looks. Any works amazing just make sure that you’re using quite pigmented eyeshadows or loose pigments. This will make your lashes look. Super nice and colored. Look at my crazy lashes. I also made another mascara using purple shadow. I love how you can make a mascara in any possible color out there. These colored mascaras are perfect for parties they’re, so fun for all of us who, like playing with makeup and experimenting with different, looks my purple. Mascara turned out just as amazing as the blue.
I really need to try making a hot, pink and green one. I bet they will look awesome. This DIY lifehack is so quick and easy. Plus it’s really fun to make and your lashes will be slaying, love it don’t worry, we can fix it. That’s right! You can always pimp up your transparent or poorly pigmented glosses. I’m gonna transform mine into a gorgeous sparkly lip magic. All you need is non-toxic glitter of your choice and a clear lip gloss to make the mixing part easier. You can DIY a little paper funnel and place it in the glass opening it’s time to have fun, choosing the glitter color. This always takes ages because they’re all so pretty. In the end, I decided to go for this amazing silver that changes colors depending on how the light hits it. You can see everything from pink purple, green and blue reflections so gorgeous. Alright, let’s pour the glitter in the lip gloss container, put a little plastic lid in the opening, and your little lip gloss is all done. You may need to shake it a bit so that the glitter distributes evenly throughout the container, and this is how the finished product looks like you can wear it when it’s on or you can apply it over a lipstick of any color. Since this gloss is transparent. It won’t affect the color of the lipstick, it will just add a beautiful shine and sparkle to the lips. Let’s make another glitter lip gloss, which, besides giving sparkles to the lips, also adds color grab a transparent lip plus some glitter and an old eyeshadow. This time I decided to make a pinky glitter gloss, so I chose pink glitter. galaxies and you’re right. I do have a problem, it’s serious, just as we did before. We have to pour our glitter into the tube to give our glass a nice pink pigmentation. We need an old, pink eye, shadow or loose pigment, scrape some of the eyeshadow on a piece of paper and the more shadow you use the more pigmented your lip gloss will be that’s enough for me. So let’s pour it into our lip gloss container. If your shadow gets stucked in the final like mine, a toothpick comes in very handy there we go place on the little cap mix, ingredients together and you’re ready to use your new lip gloss. Besides the beautiful sparkly glitter and shine. This one will also give your lips a pretty rosy color, I’m in love with both of these lip glosses and not gonna lie. I literally want to make one using every single theater color that I own here you can see the swatches, our pink glitter gloss gives Sparkle and rosy color, while the silver one gives just the sparkle.
This makes it perfect for layering on top of any kind of lipsticks. With this lip gloss, you will innovate double your lipstick collection, because for every lipstick color that you own, you will now have a sparkly Stardust version as well. How brilliant is that getting bored of the same old eyeshadow? Look that you wear all the time. No worries this life hack will help you slay the eye shadow game in seconds. All you need is a nail art tape or just a normal scotch tape. If you’re using the scotch tape cut it in stripes using scissors with the help of these tape pieces, you can now create awesome eyes. Shadow designs. I decided to stick for tape strips on each of the lids vertically and diagonally like that. When you’re finished, with your tape design, all you have to do is apply any eyeshadow of your choice. I went for a navy blue on the outer corners and yellowy green shade on the inner part of my lid. You can apply your eyeshadow with a brush or using fingers. I like using fingers when I want the shadows to be brighter and more opaque when you’re done simply remove all the tape strips and reveal your eye shadow masterpiece. Wherever you had the tape, you get a stripe of bear skin, which makes an epic contrast with the eye shadow like look at that. Isn’t it insanely awesome such an amazing eye shadow, look that doesn’t require any makeup skills and not even a makeup brush. I think this is a great idea for a party or any other special occasion. I bet all your friends will be asking you: how on earth did you do that also be creative with your designs? You can make horizontal lines triangles or even a hashtag sign. That would look so empty. Okay. This makeup hack may not be something that you use every day for school or work, but it’s just so cool that I have to include it I’ll show you an easy way to make a gorgeous mermaid makeup. I started with coloring: the lips in white white face will give a beautiful contrast to the colors which I’ll apply later now, for the fun part, take some fishnet tights and pull them on your head. Like this, I know it looks scary, but we only need this temporarily. Let’s start with lips dip a small brush in any eyeshadow of your choice and apply it on the lips make sure to tap the brush on the lips instead of swiping it back and forth. This will make sure we don’t ruin the fishnet design we’re going for for the lips I decided to combine dark blue light, blue purple and pink colors, I’m now switching to a bigger flat brush and I’m going to apply light blue on my cheeks and temples.
Again You stepping motion instead of swiping back and forth Lastly, I’m going in with pink and I’m applying that below the blue If you want to create a pretty gradient between the blue and pink just have some of that pink over the blue When you’re happy with your design, pull the tights off your face and look at this epicness, I mean you need absolutely no makeup skills and you can create something so gorgeous Of course, this could be perfect for Halloween or masquerade makeup, but I think it’s an amazing party makeup too, if you use the usual blush colors like pink or peach and rosy or red on the lips, you actually get that subtle, fishnet pattern that looks so beautiful And not over-the-top arrow you What hmm is this? A lip balm or a sweet potion, oh well, actually is both and besides that it’s also a great idea to prank your friends, the main ingredient honey I love honey It is sweet, but, unlike play sugar, it’s also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and has anti-inflammatory properties I like to put it in my tea on pancakes or on my fruit, but today I’m gonna put it in my lip balm Get your lip balm container ready How gorgeous is this unicorn with it sparkly wings obsessed fill the pot with honey You can totally finish here if you just need a clearly bump, but you know me: I love color I decided to keep it classic and dripped in a bit of red food Coloring One drop is more than enough So let’s give this baby a quick little stir How quick and easy was that right? We got ourselves an amazing moisturizing thing that lip balm in less than 30 seconds through the history Honey has been known for its healing properties due to how naturally moisturizing it is swiping A thin coat on your chapped lips will make them baby soft in no time it’s also high in antioxidants that help repair daily UV damage On top of that, it tastes amazing, plus it gives our lips a shiny, rosy color, especially in the winter, when our skin gets extra dry This tinted lip balm is a must-have You don’t need to spend a ton of money on makeup products when there’s so much You can do from what you already have and you don’t need to be a makeup Artist to create awesome makeup looks either All you need is an open mind and some epic life hacks

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