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DIY mirror inlaid pumpkin

1 Nov , 2019  

a few of you noticed this beautiful mosaic pumpkin. Well, I picked this up from home goods and I wanted to pick up a few more different sizes and shapes because it was so pretty. But since one of you asked if I could recreate it, I thought why not let’s try it so I was able to recreate my own large mirror mosaic glass pumpkin and a few little pumpkins. Here’s in a couple of different techniques and Dollar Tree pieces. Here’s how I did it why the supermarket this week, I was lucky enough to find these plastic pumpkins that were just the right size to match my home goods pumpkin.
So I picked up one that was on sale for just 399, so I’m going to show you two methods of making this mosaic pumpkin and we’ll start with the traditional way using glass pieces. First, for my home good style, pumpkin, I’m using a medium size, plastic pumpkin from Dollar Tree. I picked up a couple of 8 by 10 mirrors, a spool of burlap ribbon, Mod Podge wooden craft sticks and a hammer and screwdriver from the craft store. You’Ll need silver spray paint, i’m using a lookingglass spray paint, I’m also using a pre-mixed black tile grout, a small sponge gorilla, clear grip glue and the hot glue been my HomeGoods pumpkin is silver, so I’m going to start by spraying this pumpkin with a silver spray Paint and I’m spraying mostly to stem and at the top, because the rest of the pumpkin will be covered, while my pumpkin is outside drying. I’m gonna make what I call a cracked mirror towel. I’m taking my eight by ten dollar tree, mirror out of the frame and I’m gonna turn it upside down. Then I’m take in some burlap ribbon and I’m gonna cut five strips that are a little bit longer than the width of the mirror. I’m also cut in the wire on the edges off because I just want the burlap material. Next, I’m gonna use my my Podge to paint a really thick layer on the back of the mirror and we want to make sure every part of the mirror is coated, especially the edges. Now I’m taking my burlap ribbon and I’m gluing the strip’s onto the back of the mirror, and I’m sticking those down by putting more glue on the back of the strips. After all, five pieces are stuck down, I’m putting more glue on top of that. It’s really important that every part of the mirror sticks to this material, so I’m really soaking this Mod Podge in and you’ll see why, in a minute for this project, you’ll need to do this to two mirrors, so I’m gonna let this sit under a fan And dry completely for about an hour or two after it’s completely Drive, I’m going to take the mirror and put it inside a large plastic bag.
You could do this outside on the concrete, but you’ll want to have this on a large part surface and I’m gonna use a screwdriver and a hammer. I’m gonna hold it a little over the edge and tap lightly to start cracking the mirror. Then you want to make light taps all around the edges to make cracks throughout the mirror and on the inside and the middle part of the mirror. You can hold the screwdriver at an angle on the cracks to make more cracks after you get enough small pieces. So that you can bend it put on gloves so that you can protect your hands now. The idea that I had when I created this technique was to make the Tau eat something like when you’re puttin ceramic tile on the wall, and it comes in this big sheet that is flexible and all the little pieces are together. So you won’t have to put every individual piece on I’m going to use this as a sheet that I’m going to wrap around my pumpkin. Now I’m gonna use a paint brush to brush some of the glass dust off and I’m gonna lose some of these pieces. That’s why it’s really important to have enough glue on the backing, but I’m using this sheet to cut manageable size pieces so that I could wrap around the pumpkin and the good thing about this is I could cut whatever shape out like I could actually cut through The glass, while it’s in this sheet form and instead of having to pick up individual pieces, I can just have a whole group of glass pieces that I could go on at a time to glue these on. I’m using the gorilla, clear grip glue in the center and then around the edges, I’m puttin some hot glue. Now, sometimes some of the pieces on your street may be a little too big and you need to bend them in a certain place. You can use pliers or some glass antolĂ­n tools and you can hold it on the side of the desk and be very careful with your hands. But if you just sort of bend it back and forth, you can break the piece into smaller pieces.
One sheet will cover about 3/4 of the pumpkin, so I actually had another piece of sheet half a sheet that I use for another project on this project. I use a nylon backing and after doing this, I think the nylon back and worked a lot better. As far as keeping the pieces on and being flexible, so if you wanted to use a different material, I just use nylon black size that I got from Dollar Tree. These were black stocking socks and I just cut them open and glue them to the back. With the Mod Podge okay, so this is what it looks like when I’m all done, and there were some little spots and that needed pieces filled in, and I would just take the little pieces that that were left on a desk and just glued those in. But it looks fantastic, I’m just brushing all the hot glue webs off, but I love it like this. I wish I could just leave it this way, but I’m gonna put some grout on it to smooth it out, and I think actually this will look great with white grout, but I’m gonna use black route because that’s what was used for the HomeGoods pumpkin And I want to make it pretty similar to that okay, so I put this in the bone tub I use for crowding and I’m using this pre-mixed tile, grout and black, but you could use sanded, grout and mix it yourself. So I also have these little palaces. Little wooden craft sticks to mix it up and to spread it, and I have a sponge in some water. Okay, so I’m gonna work in sections and with the wooden craft stick I’m spreading the grout on and then I’m gonna kind of take some of the excess off and after I do one section, I’m just gonna use my sponge and just lightly wipe Some of the grou away so that it’s not too thick when it starts to dry. Sometimes it dries very quickly and by the time I get all the way around it, it might be too hard to wipe off. So I’m just taking a little off right now. I’m going around each section and I’m gonna put grout on the bottom and the top and just sort of smooth that into the pieces. Then we’re going to let that sit for about 15 minutes after we went all the way around and after that, dries we’re going to come back with the sponge and really white been clean and expose those silver pieces.
But we want to try to make it a smooth transition between the pieces and the grout. I got some glue on the outside of the pieces, so the grout tends to stick to that. So if that happens, sometimes you need to use your wooden pallet to just sort of scrape off to grout in some places. But here’s what it looks like after I got all the grout cleaned up and it cleaned up the glass pieces, very sparkly and pretty fabulous, and here it is next to the home goods piece. The home goods piece has smaller pieces, it’s lighter grout, but I think it’s very comparable and it’s the perfect complement on the other side of my buffet table. I love it now. If you don’t feel like doing all the grout and all a glass. Let me show you another technique that I use to make these little pumpkins look like they’re real mosaic pieces to make my small mosaic. Pumpkins I’ve picked up a few ceramic pumpkins from Dollar Tree for this project, I’m also using the Krylon silver looking glass prepping and a matte finish: acrylic black brown and white craft paint, I’m gonna start by taking my little ceramic pumpkins outside and I’m gonna Spray them all around with a silver looking glass spray paint and, as you can see when it starts to dry, it gives any shiny surface like glass or ceramics a nice brilliant mirror finish. I’m gonna be contrasting that mirror finish wood. This matte paint I’ll be painting what will look like grout lines on the pumpkin, so using a very small brush. I am going to use the tip of the brush to draw crack lines all over the pumpkin, I’m going to start by drawing what looks like veins and then I’m gonna break those parts up with little lines and different angles in between those veins. Something like this and then I want to go back and define each shape in between the lines, and I want to make sure the shapes stand out more than anything. So I’m going to go around the shape and I want to make some of the shapes irregular. So I might have been or thick lines around it. I might make some of the shapes a little broken, but I want them to look like individual pieces So it’s better if the grout lines are not even that way, the silver pieces stand out and it doesn’t look like painted lines and when the paint does dry, it has a doll, chalky.
Look that looks a lot like real grout and could very easily stand up Next to my real home cuts mosaic pumpkin and after looking at that home cuts pumpkin, I see that the grout is not actually black, it’s more of a brown or gray color So I think I’m going to mix a matte Brown with a matte black and come up with a crowd That’s closer to the home guts pumpkin, just to see how that turns out It does look a little bit more like the HomeGoods pumpkin, but I think I like the black grout better There was also this bronze colored pumpkin that was already shiny and mirror-like, so I didn’t have to spray-paint this, but since the color so dark, I think I want to try to use a white grout to see what that looks like So I can to make sure this is a matte white color and I’m gonna just paint those grout lines on this piece and here’s what that looks like so now I have a whole set of shiny, sparkly, beautiful mosaic pumpkins from my dining room and my living room Now you can pick up all my favorite crafting supplies and products used on this show with the one-click ez shopping and fast delivery Convenience of Amazon on my new Amazon shopping, page type in amazoncom slash shop, slash your house, a home TV and you’ll find all the supplies for my newest project All my crafting supplies project, pieces, home, decor, kitchen garden and more and pick up our your house, a home metallic multi, surface acrylic paint with a shimmering colors You can mix millions of colors and paint on any surface indoor or outdoor to create endless home beauty and, while you’re there add to your cart our book of elegant home crass volume, one fill with step-by-step instructions for your favorite projects available here in paperback and ebook, See the information tab for the hardcover get this and all the supplies you need for your next project, all in one place I’ll be working every day to add great products to make home crafting fast and easy Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and snapchat at your house, a home in your house, a home TV for daily home food and gardening tips

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