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DIY Rainbow Fluorescent Pen! Virus Pinterest hacker test!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, it’s me again and today we are gonna, be doing something really fun. We’Re gonna be DIY on our very own, rainbow highlighters. This idea is all coming from that viral rainbow highlighter that was literally all over the internet. All over tumblr pinterest blonde youtube we’re doing tutorials on it and testing it out, and i still never got my hands on it. I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s something practical enough for me to spend money on, because it’s a rainbow highlighter.
It’s really really cool, but I don’t know if they’d wear it everyday and if it’d be worth me spending the money on. So why not DIY it, because I still want it in my life but I’m cheap. You know. I’ve definitely seen some other people DIY the rainbow highlighter as well, so it definitely can be done and I wanted to give a shot, but before we get this started, I do want to give major credit to the person who came up with this rainbow highlighter. It’s a very small shop on etsy called. Was it called? I figure it bitter release, beauty so definitely check out the shop. If you want to see what else they make it’s like little handmade cosmetics really really cool. Before we get started. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel below if you’re not subscribed already, of course, we do throughout the week also drop what you’re doing right now and enter my iPhone and giveaway, because I’m still giving away an iPhone 7 and you have a chance to win so make sure you go ahead and check out the link in description below or hit the info card. I think it’s on this side so hit the info card and you can enter the giveaway good luck to everybody. Who’s entering and without further ado, let’s start this DIY so to make the highlighter you’re gonna need some eyeshadows and lucky. For me, I had this older BH Cosmetics palette that I haven’t touched in so long with the shimmery is the most colorful eyeshadows ever, which would work perfect for this and then you’ll need to mix in some sort of highlighting powder into the eyeshadows. So they are a little bit more shimmery and give you that metallic super glowy look, preferably an inexpensive one, since you’re gonna see we’re basically gonna destroy it, and then you need something to mix all of the eyeshadows.
This is a random container with six compartments that worked perfectly. It’s leftover from Valentine’s Day for my chocolate strawberries that Charlie got me, but you can just use like a plate or really anything just try not to get the colors mixed together and then you’re gonna need some rubbing alcohol, the higher the percentage, the better mine’s 91% and we’re gonna use this to create a paste with the eyeshadows. The first step basically is to take apart the highlighter that using unless you already have a shattered one, but I’m just using a butter knife to wiggle out the highlighter from its case. So we’re gonna actually use this compact from elf to put the rainbow highlighter in since I ended up destroying the product. Inside of it anyway, now create your eye shadow piles for each color of the rainbow. So I have red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, and just like I took out the highlighter from the elf compact. I also do the same thing with the eye shadows from the BH Cosmetics palette, and I have to use three eyeshadow pans for each shade. Just have enough powder to use for each color, because the eye shadows I was using were so small. But if you’re using regular-sized shadows, you should only need probably one or maybe even two and once you’ve emptied out your eye shadow pans and have all the right. Colors, you can just go ahead and take your highlighting powder and break it up into little pieces into each of the colors as evenly as you can. I kind of just eyeballed it though it’s not that serious and then the next step is just to mash. It all up and make the powder as fine as you possibly can – and I just use the back of my butter knife to do this and I just mash it up until there was no lumps and like bumps in the powder, and the next step is to Make the eye shadow into a paste so for a little bit of the alcohol and at a time I use the cap to do this, and then I would just mix it in and then judge.
If I need it a little bit more careful when pouring it. In not to pour too much it’s a lot better to start out, slow and then add a little bit more as you need it. Then it is to pour too much alcohol and make it too runny. And then, when it’s the perfect consistency, you can go ahead and put it into the container. I went back and forth between using my finger and a butter knife to kind of flatten it in and make it the shape that I want. And then you can move on to the next color and so on and so forth. So once you’re done, you should end up with something like this. It’s a little bit messy. I warn you so all I did to clean it up was just take a makeup. Wipe and run it along the edges of the compact and that really helped to clean it up and make it look more pretty so now you’re gonna want to leave it to dry for a little bit. I left it for about a couple hours, and then I went back in and just put a paper towel over top of it and kind of flattened it. This part is optional, it just depends on how pretty you want it to look and that just helped us smooth out the surface and and make it look a little nicer. What’s up guys, it’s been like a second for you guys or for me it’s a whole new day and I have let my rainbow highlighter dry overnight. It probably would only take a few hours, but I started filming really late, so I just went to sleep but look at it. It actually looks amazing and I may have messed up the colors a little bit with orange and yellow, but it’s okay. It still looks amazing, so I would say the hardest part about making. This is actually trying to get it into the rainbow form. But if you get the consistency like just gooey enough that it’s not gonna be too watery and not too thick, then it’s really easy to place it in and kind of just morph it with like a butter knife or your finger. So that’s basically what I did I also think that, maybe, if I had something like the cover effects, drop highlight that would really really increase the intensity in the shine of them, which would be so cool all right, and I think it’s so cool that we could make our very own a highlighter, Especially rainbow because who doesn’t love rainbows, so I’m gonna try it out with my ELF brush, it’s kind of like a flat brush, and it’s really long here.
So, let’s test it out, I’m just gonna rub the contouring brush all along it and try and get every color whew it worked Wow The blue is a little crazy, but it looks really cool with one swipe You get like a full-on rainbow on your face I’m basically a unicorn right now This is so cool okay So let’s do it again for the other side, Wow, I’m so amazed that it actually comes off as a rainbow on your brush That’s so cool okay whoa! So this is literally with just one layer on each cheek one swipe damn and it looks really cool like you can tell you have a rainbow on your face I mean it’s not a natural look by any means, so I don’t know if I’d wear it every day, but it’s really fun all right So I put on a lot of layers I just really wanted it to look like a rainbow You definitely don’t have to do as many layers as this If you wanted to be something a little bit more wearable, but I mean I would still wear this It looks so sick Ask me about gay rights This just worked so well that I’m definitely gonna Try this out to make my own kind of custom highlight shade, maybe something a little bit more rare ball So that’s it for this DIY I’m just gonna do my outro this way, because I want you guys to just take this in I definitely enjoyed making it This is so cool and make sure you tag me on my socials If you decide to recreate this, is I want to see your pictures of your rainbow highlight? We can all be unicorns together and that’s all for now, if you haven’t seen my last upload, go ahead and click the box right below me and check that out and to make it easy to subscribe For you guys, all you got to do is just click Thank you so much for watching bye, mmm peace,

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