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DIY test Polygel nail kit from Amazon Prime-Gershion Polygel Kit

30 Sep , 2019  

This is hey guys what’s up and welcome back to my channel, so today I’ll be using the Gershon poly gel kid. I did a review on this a couple months back that I will link down below, but this kit comes with 6 30ml poly gel tubes. Dual forms base coat and topcoat and a brush and spatula tool, and this kit is available on Amazon, Prime. This is the booklet that it comes with, and it shows you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do poly gel nails.
I have my natural nails here and I need to do some prep. So first, I’m going to take my cuticle pusher and I’ll gently push back my cuticles. This footage is sped up, but I am being gentle and then I take the opposite end of the cuticle pusher and scrape away any of that dead skin. That is on my nail plate. Next, I’m gonna take the hand file, that’s included and I’m going to file down my nails and also a lightly itch the surface of my nails and then I’m taking some alcohol and I’m just gonna wipe my nails, taking away the dust and any excess Oils, so I will be using tips for this set and these are my absolute favorite nail tips. These are the bu, long stiletto tips and I get these from Amazon also. So once I pick up my sizes, I’m gonna use the IBD brush on nail glue to apply the tips once I have all the tips on. I am just going to trim them down with my nail clipper and I like to trim them a little bit longer than what I want the final lengths to be, and then I use the hand file to clean up the shape. So after the tips are shaped, I’m going to go in with the base gel coat and I’m going to apply this to all of my nails. So I’m just concentrating this on my natural nails. It’s not necessary to apply this to the tip, and then I carry that in my LED lamp for 60 seconds. So for my slip, I’m using 91% alcohol – and this is the brush tool that it comes with.
It has the brush on one end and the spatula on the other, and this is the color that I’m going to use. This is the skin color. I suppose they mean nude, so I’m just gonna squeeze out some and apply it to my nail and we’re just going to Pat this in place, and I just love how easy the Gershon probably gel is to use. It is not super sticky and it just moves and glides where you want it to be, and it doesn’t slide all over the place. So I never really know how much poly gels to put on the nail. So, as you can see, I had to scrape some off after smoothing out the shape some. My cuticle area was a little flat, so I just had to add a little bit back there all right so once I like that shape, I’m just gonna move on to the next nail. So for the next nail I decided to squeeze it out the tube onto the nail. I’ve seen Femi do this here on YouTube, and I see why, because it is super easy and I seem to squeeze out the perfect amount that I need for the nail. So after padding that in place, I went ahead and cured both of these nails for 60 seconds. In my LED lamp, the poly Joe has hardened. It is fully cured, so I’m just gonna move on and do the rest of the nails you don’t have to cure each nail after doing it, if you don’t want to the Gershon poly gel, does it shift or move, but I’m clumsy. So I just wanted to go ahead and care two nails at a time. So that’s what I did. The Gershon poly gel is so easy to work with your brush doesn’t stick to it all crazy-like and you don’t need a bunch of alcohol either like I only use a small amount and I was able to pet and smooth this out very easy without it. You know sticking and just being a mess, so Garcia really does pride themselves on making the poly Jo easy to use. So this is definitely beginner friendly So, after all of the nails are done and cured, I’m just gonna wipe off the tacky layer with some alcohol before I get the filing and then I’m doing my shaping and filing with the hand, file poly gel is so easy to file that you don’t Need a drill, so this is, after the nails have been filed, shaped and buffed, and I’m gonna go in with these colors and some coffee.
So this look is inspired by Kylie Jenner’s Coachella nails that were done by Sean Legend on Instagram I thought the design was so cute and I wanted to try it out So these are the nail art brushes that I’m using I got these from Aliexpress and I’m just gonna start by drawing a star and then filling in the lines once I kind of like the shape of it, I’m just cleaning up around the star to make it extra crisp Then, once I’m satisfied with that star, I went ahead and cure that in my LED lamp, so I won’t mess it up and I just repeat the same thing for all of the stars This is, after all, of the stars are drawn and cured, and I’m going to be adding a little bit of bling, because y’all know you like some bling, so I’m applying the Poochie snails bling gel, and this is how it looks it has like a thick Vaseline Consistency, so I just applied that all over the nail and without caring I’m going to go over that with a Gershon topcoat and just applying a nice, even layer of that, and then I’m going to place the crystals into the wet gel And once I like that placement I went ahead and cured and now I’m applying the top coats of the rest of the nails and do my final cure in my nail lamp Next, I’m applying this cuticle oil from the nail Cakery It smells so good You got it and this is the final look I love the simplicity, these turned out so cute I really really like the stars I love the shape and I really like the color of the poly gel If you’re interested in the Gershon poly gel head over to Amazon

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