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DIY? Vases and Candlesticks

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone welcome back to my craft room. If you’re new to my craft room then welcome today, I am working on a really fun little project that I wanted to do for fall, and it’s these cute little um theses decorated up for fall just using napkins that you can find at the Dollar Tree or Pretty much anywhere that you can find some pretty napkins this one I did with these napkins on the Dollar Tree. It’s real simple move this out of the way and I’ll tell you about that in a minute, you’re, just gonna take your napkins, whichever one you decided this one I wanted to use just like it have the pumpkin.
You know down at the bottom edge here and there are two ply napkins. So when you’re doing this, you’re gonna want to take them apart and separate the other piece and just pull it off like that easy peasy, and then I always save this one and use this the person cleanup or whatever I need here on my craft room. So that’s all we’re gonna do with these napkins is just separate them and use these pretty little napkins, and then they have this one. That has the big pumpkin on it. But I didn’t want to use that one, but you absolutely could, depending on what you want to do, and then I have these napkins. I don’t believe these came from the Dollar Tree. They’Re called unique, I’m not sure exactly where I picked these up or someone sent them to me. I don’t remember, and then they have the little cocktail napkins in it. I guess and that’s what these are, that match. I’m gonna be using those in the DIY. Then I’m gonna show you guys how to do and then the other thing you’re gonna need is a vase from the Dollar Tree. Now they have these in two sizes. This is the smaller size. This one is, let’s see this one’s about seven-and-a-half inches tall, and let me show you what I did here with your favor: we’re just gonna take our napkin and we’re gonna modpodge it onto our vase, and then I added a little bit of jute string At the top, with a little bow – and I used this jute string that I have leftover from Walmart – it’s a little bit thicker, but you can absolutely use the jute string from the Dollar Tree to make it a true Dollar Tree DIY. If you want – and then I just filled only tip this up here, so you can see I’ll give you guys a good shot of this one we’re all done here, but I just threw in some of the pretty sunflowers and cattails and things in the in the Vase – and I think it looks just adorable, so let me move this one out of my way. So the first thing you’re gonna want to do is figure out what pattern you want now on this one and I separated them. It did not not show you here, which is the case with a lot of the napkins.
It only has the big print in one spot and then it does have these really cute ones that you could piece on there too, but I took them apart. So it’s only one ply and I cut out the pieces that I wanted for this. So I actually use two of these napkins to get this big pumpkin print and it’s got nice gourds and things in it. Someone to use this and then it doesn’t quite fit. But the top I’m gonna be putting the jute string around. So I think this is gonna work out just fine, so we’re just gonna need to start our jute string right about there when I’m done. Okay. So now, what you’re gonna want to do is take your Mod Podge and get this at the Dollar Tree. This is the matte finish. I really don’t think it matters if used the matte finish or the gloss finish. I really don’t think it’s gonna make a difference, and I just put a little bit of that on here and you’re not going to want to do the whole thing at the same time. I try to do it probably in thirds here and make sure you get it all the way down on your edge all the way up on the top and your edge. If I keep going here, it’s going to be half, I just make sure you have it nice and even on a lot of big lumps in there, because once you start putting these napkins on here – and you know, try to get very careful when you’re straightening them Out or they will rip really easy, so all right now stay okay, so then you’re just gonna take your napkin put that right down to the edge on the bottom and just really carefully straighten it out trying to get any little bubbles out. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect. It just looks really nice, no matter it has a couple little lumps and bumps in there. You want to try to get most of your big ones out. I’m just gonna. Do a real gentle just push that on there. Like so that’s the beginning of our face here and some of these little bumps here that you see you know it’s got a lot of glue under it will straighten out once it starts to drying once it starts to dry, because this one was the same exact Same way, and it pretty much smoothed itself out, so it comes out pretty nice when they dry all right. Let’s go stick my hand inside here, I’m gonna add a little bit more here. To get this piece finished, look down, oops, not that much here we go so now. We have that side all down and this one I just need a little bit more here. I might have enough on my brush to go in behind this one there.
So now we have half of it on here. I think that’s gonna look so pretty with some nice flowers in it, and if you want it do you could match. You know for your having the Thanksgiving holiday dinner, whatever you could match your napkins to your vase, just squishing these down a little more it’s better. If you just kind of push on it and not pull because once you start pulling on it, it will rip because it’s very thin right now. Okay, so now I’m gonna take my other piece here and I want to make sure I don’t have any of the white showing from the napkin. So let me trim this off just a little bit more here and it doesn’t have to be perfect because it will all blend in really nice together all right. I think I got most of that off of there. Okay. So now I’m gonna lay this back down. Then I’m gonna start over here on this edge. It’s nice. If you can find a napkin, you don’t have to you know like split up or whatever, but I love this one and I like the print on it, so we’re gonna piece this one together and hopefully it’ll be just as nice. All right now stay you rip that little piece off there. We go, I’m just gonna make sure it’s nice and even on the bottom, and you want to overlap it a little bit. That was my mistake right here. I put it too close. You know, let’s see where this is gonna end up yeah. This is the pain in the neck of trying to piece it together, but you’ll see once it’s all glued on here. Nice and you’re gonna leave just leave the top piece, as it is until you’re all finished okay. So I think this is gonna work out great with this piece or before I rip something with it, this one and then, when this dries, I’m just gonna go down this edge with a little more of the Mod Podge just to make sure it’s goes Together nicely Betsy, you really don’t even that side, you do a little bit more, but this side it just kind of blends right in together, put some on the outside of this one, because I’m gonna rip it – and you can absolutely do that too, and if You want to when it’s all done, if you want to put another coat of Mod Podge on it, you can absolutely do that too, in this oval right through your napkin okay, so we gonna let that dry good before I end up rubbing something here. So now, for the top of this one, I’m just gonna trim it off, so it like maybe a quarter of an inch or whatever around the top, and then I’m just gonna fold that over and glue it down. That’s why absolutely with these you’re gonna have to use you know like soap, flowers or whatever. I really don’t want to put water in these, because it’s just gonna wash off your napkin.
They have so many pretty all flowers out right now go around the edge here and then tuck your ends right over there. You have a nice finished edge, so I’m going to set this aside cuz. I keep messing with it. I’m gonna end up ripping it. You want to set it aside, let it dry really good and, like I said, if you want to put more Mod Podge on the outside, to make it shiny or whatever you want to make sure that it’s dried, really well all right. So we’re gonna set that over there and let that dry really good. But what I did I have a couple of these um, my other one, not where is these little candle holders from the Dollar Tree, and then I took one and I just decorated it with some of the smaller napkin. It had a lot of the acorns and stuff on it. I thought that would be really cute and put a little bit of the chewed string around the edge and, of course, you’re gonna want to use flameless candles with these two. You don’t want to set them on fire cuz, it’s paper and string, so definitely flameless candles. I think that’s gonna look adorable sitting next to it and I’ll show you how I took those. I just took the bottom pieces of these little napkin and I separated it and I just tried to cut as straight as I possibly could right over the acorns here. I really like those and then for this you’re just going to just glue this right to the edge there like that move them down all the way around same way. We did that one just with some Mod Podge and same thing here, just leave a little bit and tuck it underneath the bottom. So let’s go ahead and do that real, quick here, while we’re waiting for that one to dry and what’s really cool these napkins. If you want it, you know make it look more like a decoupage kind of thing. You can cut out some of these little acorns and stuff and just piece them in here, and that looks really cute too. So I’m just putting Mod Podge on here, oh and we don’t want to drop it like that. That shows you what not to do thinking Eric edge down. These are just a lot of fun and so inexpensive. To do you just get. I mean you get like what 12, how many this pack was. Twenty four napkins one store. The Dollar Tree have 14 napkins in it. So it’s like you could make these for friends or whatever it will be real, inexpensive, little gift to take with you or you know, for the holidays. Alright, I’m just gonna wrap that around there like that straighten out whoopsy. I pulled too hard on that when it ripped a little bit we’re gonna try to get it back together.
All right, you cut this off, it’s easier to work with there and there is your little votive candle holder. Of course, I pulled it too tight right in the front and made a little tear. That’s fine all right, so I think there’s enough there, I’m just gonna glue this one right around the edge of the bottom, just put a mod podge down there fold them over. I probably could have cut a little bit more of that off, but in there there is your little votive candle holder, some real. Let this one dry too, and then all we have to do is put a little bit of the jute string on this one and then we’ll have too much and candle holders for the table all right. Let’s just set this one right here and we’ll let these nice dry and then we’ll come back and finish decorating them okay. So this is nice and dry now, so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to attach my jib string to it. Let’s figure out what I want this to be the front, so we’re gonna start back here and I’m just gonna start right up along the top put right along the edge, and I just love the look of the jute string for fall, especially for fall. I like it on you, know summer things too, I think it looks really nice. You know if you want to go for that beachy theme, but I really really love it on all things fall. I think it just gives it a little more of a rustic kind of look all right, so I got it all the way around the table edge. So now I’m just going to wrap it, keep wrapping it pulling it tight and you really don’t need to glue all these just kind of push them together and when I get down to where that white ends, it’s really easy and quick. I think I gotta. Go around one more time, alright! So now on this last round here, I’m just gonna go on it along the bottom edge here and glue this one up and then I’ll hold all these right in place. So there’s no need to you know, glue each individual round that you’re doing there, but you want to push them tight together, so you don’t really have any spaces, and then that covers up where that pattern ended, and it looks like one bee-utiful. Okay, now here we are on the back. I would start it. I was gonna cut that off and then just glue our end down and there you go. Do you eat status? I think that just looks really nice on the top there Of course they got a little glue or it’s not supposed to be like that’s right now what I did for the other one I made a little bow, you don’t have to do that or you could add a cuff you little flowers or something around the edge.
If you wanted to do, but for my bow I just took a long piece I don’t measure anything, so I can’t tell you exactly just you know, probably about a foot long and then I leave old enough here cuz This is gonna, be my one tail Cuz we’re gonna cut this in half, and then I just make my little bow just a regular bow Nothing fancy, however big you want it or you could do three You could do more too if you wanted a thicker bow, but I don’t want this too Big just a little something at the top there there and then I’m just gonna cut these off I’m gonna pull them together and make them even and there you go You just have your little jute bow So you add a little hot glue back here Put that right over top of the pumpkin, if that is it, that’s all I’m gonna do this I think it’s just nice, just simple like this, you could add more stuff to it if you wanted to by all means, but I think for fall I just that is all I want for my vase because the flower is gonna, be so pretty in there So let me turn this up Oh and actually I’m sorry the little thing I just did the same thing on this I glued three rows of the jute string on there and that’s all I did for the candle holder So we have our little matching votive candle holders and then I have two of the it’s A little battery operated candles that you can get at the Dollar Tree and these are actually two for a dollar So that’s a good deal right there So let me clean up all this mess I’m gonna add some flowers here, put our candles in and light them up and see how cute this came out Alright, everyone there it is, I think that it’s just lovely I like it so much I mean the sky’s the limit With these guys I mean whatever beautiful napkins you can find for any season any occasion you could do this with and then of course afterwards you can always soak these and you can take them off and redo it if you want to for another holiday So you don’t have like a million little vases sitting around, but they look really cute and there’s our little tea light candles in there from the Dollar Tree And I stuck a few of the gourds that I had picked up at the dollar tree and I absolutely love these flowers that they have this year So I think they look great in this little vase So that is it guys That was my little project for this afternoon I hope you guys enjoyed this I will see you all next time have a great day Everyone

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