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Do designer clothes… Gucci was shocked… I’m kidding. They’re good.

1 Nov , 2019  

where I forget to do an intro I’ll make it really quick. Today we are going to be attempting to make designer clothes, enjoy we’re going in to find the stuff to make our designer clothing or in the markers. So I’m looking for a white marker for my Balenciaga. Why are these murderers walk up so expensive, they’re? Like $7, I knew finding a white we might have to find like a chalk marker, okay, I think we’re gonna have to find a chalk line. Why is there Halloween stuff out? We found it.
It’s a paint, pen, tape and it’ll be thin enough to write Balenciaga, hopefully yeah. This looks good and there’s two yeah perfect got it now we have to try and find some molding clay and also gold paint to make the Gucci belt. So, let’s see if we can find that there’s some metallic metal paint gold. I don’t think I need something that big though there’s the gold – it’s huge, I don’t know, got it here. We go loving, autofocusing, camera love, a quick focus. Jeff just found a different one: splendid gold, glorious gold. That looks almost like better. I think I’m actually gonna get this goodbye. We are on the right track. There’s clay right here! Okay! I actually think this kids clay might work. It’s this little stuff and I was reading on the back and you can put it in the oven. You need it and then fake it, so I wonder how many of these I’d need? Maybe three: should I get white or should I get like yellow okay, it’s probably an easier way to do it, but I’m gonna get these claims perfect. We have everything. Oh, my goodness, my hair, I need to get on okay, so I believe that is everything that we will need. I already had this belt and I think it’ll work well because it’s got like this weird extra ring piece and I think that what I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna make the Gucci sign. Oh, that my paint is falling and then I’m just gonna flip it up after I’ve tied the belt. I think that makes sense it’s a little bit confusing, but here’s the belt that made no sense. Then, of course, we’re gonna make the buckle with the clay and then the gold paint, so I’m just gonna grab my laptop and find a picture of the Gucci and alum to replicate. Now this isn’t gonna come as a shocker, but I actually have never owned or owned anything from Gucci, but if there was ever gonna be anything I’ve actually personally wanted. It was this Gucci belt that a lot of people seem to have I’ll insert a picture and that’s what we’re gonna be trying to make, because I don’t want to drop $600 on a belt.
But I want to see if we can make it so there is the inspo picture. Let’s get started, I’m just gonna open up these clays. Now I did take pottery for two years of my life. So I’m hoping I’m not the worst at this, but I didn’t make the best stuff. I really like these. They looks so satisfying. I think I’m gonna have to make the G. Oh wait. It’s to G’s, I’m gonna make a G, and then I’m gonna try and overlap it on the other G, I’m just realizing how bad this is going to turn out. Oh just shaping it after the picture, it’s actually difficult to do this with nails. I thought they would be like a tool to use to my advantage, but they’re actually kind of difficult. This is so bad. Two hours lay down for how long that took it shouldn’t. It should look so much better than this, but I mean I think it still resembles the Gucci belt. So I’m gonna go grab a pan and then I’m going to put it on there and hopefully finish it off a little bit smooth it out got my cookie sheet. My cookie, I mean I gotta, do it? Oh, oh, I should have made it on my cookie sheet – all oh, no! No, I’m just gonna reshape it a little okay. That was like sushi labels. I think it might be a little bit too mungus as a belt buckle, but I mean so. I gotta go put this in the oven. Let’s roll, let’s go downstairs, shall we a stunning emblem, so I googled how long it is supposed to cook for – and it said 250 for 30 minutes and then let it dry to room temperature and you should be good. So that’s what I’ll do I’m gonna? Let it cook and then we’ll see, yeah okay. So, as you guys can see, I have my Gucci emblem right here: here’s what it looked like after it got out of the oven. It’s not really smooth, I’m hoping once we paint it. It’Ll look better, but I mean the idea is there? I also think it’s pretty big, so I don’t know how big an actual Gucci belt is, but this is definitely huge. So so now I’m going to take my gold paint and this is metallic gold. It’s called splendid gold, acrylic paint, and you guys saw I got this so now. Let’s paint this, I’m really hoping this gold is what I’ve been looking for, we’ll see ooh, it looks really pretty. Oh, I can already tell it’s. Gon na need quite a few coats. That’s okay. We have all day, I wasn’t sure if I should get like gold spray paint for this. Maybe that would have been a good idea. I don’t know if it would have been more opaque, but we are going to get this to the absolute best gold.
We can okay, so that’s the first coat, I’m gonna, let it dry and do another one later that same evening, alright, so around three coats later here is what the Gucci emblem looks like not bad, not bad at all. I gotta grab my belt. This is not going as planned. This is. This is not good. I might glue and then, when I flip that over it’ll be like that, okay and have it like that, but I want the belt to still be able to work. That’s upside down! Oh my goodness. This is ridiculous. Here’s the Gucci belt that we have to deal with, I think the last touch that I should probably do is paint the silver black, because it’s kind of too eye catching, so I’m going to lay it down now. This paint hasn’t been opened in like 50 years. Oh yeah. It makes the illusion that it’s just the belt behind when really there’s another buckle. Why do I think this looks good? Okay? Here is the belt we made I’m gonna, let it dry and then let’s try it on Wow. First off, I should have measured the size, because this is a belt buckle. This is a old belt buckle, it is humongous, so I don’t think anyone’s buying that this is real Gucci. I think they know the jig is up. The jig is up all right. So the next item that we’re going to be making are these Balenciaga sock runners. I’m gonna Google a picture right now and I’ll reference it on the screen. Okay, so here is what they look like. As you can see, they have a really really big white, sole and then kind of a looked like a sock to me and then on it. It says Balenciaga by the way I have no idea. If I’m pronouncing that correctly, I don’t really follow, go and see a guy. I don’t really know what they sell. I just know that it’s big, so I have these shoes that I don’t wear and I know what you’re gonna say: you’re cutting up shoes. I don’t wear them, I ask my mom: she doesn’t want them, so I’m just going to use them for this. Hopefully we get a better pair out of them. I’m gonna cut this to the sole and then I bought these black little socks and I’m gonna glue it down and then, like you guys saw. I got the paint pen, so I’m gonna write, Balenciaga and then we’re gonna have ourselves a pair of Balenciaga runners. Let me see how much these are It seems like they range from $1,000 to $1,200 kind of in that ballpark, the most expensive pair of shoes, I’ve ever brought bought was $150 most expensive ever so what I got to start off by doing is basically ripping these shoes apart, which does Hurt me, even though I don’t like these shoes that much anymore thought I did, but they just don’t go with anything that I owned the silver, so the hoarder in need really wants to keep these metallic laces, but I’m just wow.
I thought this was gonna Be a lot easier I thought I was just gonna be able to rip it all out, but I think getting close to the soul is gonna be really difficult Do I lay down that took so long and I definitely almost broke a nail, but here are the soles of the shoes They still have like a little bit on the sides, which is really annoying Hopefully it still looks good I just honestly can’t get anymore than this, so okay, I’m gonna move on into socks Oh my goodness, it actually kind of oh, oh, my gosh, it actually kind of looks like it not really grab my glue Stick! Okay! I got both the shoes here They are, they look really flat, but I think once my foot is in them, they’ll look more, but you know what not even gonna justify we’ll just see So I’m gonna look at the logo cuz This is where I think it could flop Even more is writing Balenciaga So let me just test on one of the other socks, because I don’t mind if one of my sucks is Balenciaga, are you serious? Oh, you can’t even tell dang it You know what I’m just going to say I’m not writing! Balenciaga! On them that really really sucks but they’re, inspired by it, it’s kind of obvious, but I just couldn’t find a thin white marker I thought I got it, but okay, but I would like to try them on So let’s do that Okay, so the moment we have all been waiting for I’m sitting on the ground, cuz we’re gonna try our Balenciaga is on Oh, oh! So what is there to say? First up, I think it would look better against the wood I should really vacuum in here now that I have real authentic Balenciaga Honestly, they look less like Balenciaga more like aqua shoes that you can like we’re in the water So five hundred said I just want everyone to know that after I made these, I took them downstairs and my mom genuinely loves them and she wears them around So the least they happy used Alright, yes If you guys thought this So if you like it, though – and you want to see more – let me know so anyways – I real I hope it didn’t waste your time and I will see you guys in the next one bye you

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