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Do we really want to be influential? Partner: Shoren Lester!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey you guys. It’s literally the most excited. because it is a collaboration with my favorite youtuber named Shallon Lester. I will leave all her channel information down below. Of course.. If you guys like me, because you like the way that I tend to take all these messages and things that we’re seeing happen in the beauty community and then I tend to dissect them and talk about them, I don’t know a way that kind of helps. You learn something from it. If you like that, you will love her.
I know you will she’s hilarious she’s super smart. Basically, what she does is she takes typically celebrity scandals because she used to be the editor of a celebrity magazine. So she has a lot of insight and information about these people. That is super interesting, but what she does that, I think, is even more interesting. Is she unpacked these things and gives you guys the lessons that you can learn from them and she doesn’t in a really farts fart? Oh my god, in a really smart funny way. I just love her seriously. I’m so excited that she agreed to do this with me. Today we had decided to talk about the Olivia, jade scandal and, more importantly, her recent emergence back into social media, which guys I just so many better moves could have been made here, but I’ll get into all that here in a second also hi, shel entourage. That’s what she calls you guys, so maybe some of you guys are here. I don’t know, let’s get started. This is a chit chat, get ready with me, so I’m going to have a naked face in three two one. Okay, so first things first, my opinion on this subject is probably not going to please Olivia Jade stands and it’s probably not going to please the types of people who will stand any given influencer in general. I am speaking about a very specific kind of influence there. You know it when you see it and I do feel the need to be as politically correct as possible, most of the time, because without sale, no matter what I say or how many disclaimers I give some human equivalent of a Smash Mouth song will most likely Be in the comment section minimizing any valid point I make by calling me a hater. I have talked many times about influencers on my channel, particularly ones in the beauty community, who tend to deflect blame and criticism, no matter how, based in facts or in truth, the aforementioned blame or criticism, may be simply by calling it hate and negativity.
And I always say that if, in your real life you hood up to your roommate and you were like hey ya, Dakota um so turns out you’re, actually like a hundred dollars short on rent this month. And it’s due in a couple of days and Dakota. Looked at you dead in the face and was like: oh hey horse, you were at work and your boss came up to you and he was like these sales figures are a little lower than we had previously discussed them being, and you looked over to him and You were like it’s so interesting to me how, when it comes to situations in our real life, we might have a very specific vantage point of it, but somehow, when it comes to people on the internet, not so much, if there’s one thing that social media has Taught me it’s the uncanny ability. Some people have to kind of compartmentalize shitty behavior from people, and not only that they’ll do things like calling it iconic Ruth Bader Ginsburg is iconic. Michelle Obama is iconic. This is not iconic Olivia even now. After all, the scandal has like 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.4 followers on Instagram. Those are pretty sizable numbers. Miss Olivia Jade has used her social media platform to discuss such hot-button topics like how to look okay in five minutes and also what luxury items she got for Christmas. I mean, I guess you can’t really blame her, because this is what a lot of 20-somethings are doing with these platforms. So it’s not like she specifically should be villainized for it, but Olivia does kind of embody. This very curated kind of image that I feel is based on a successful formula that many aspiring or existing influencers tend to follow the influencer blueprint. If you will just so we’re on the same page about how I feel towards her actual role in this scandal, I mean in a perfect world, she would have a lot more Grace and maturity about the situation. I honestly don’t know how much I think this is her fault. I mean like in the broader sense of the word, because it was her grown as parents who decided to foster and enable this mentality and their child, I mean through their own actions. They have shown her that she is literally entitled to whatever she wants. It doesn’t matter what she has to do in order to have those things.
Basically, the world is hers, so I mean like this really shouldn’t surprise. Anyone based on those types of parenting principles – she’s, not the first person with a successful platform on social media to do something that might be considered shameful or disrespectful, and then their clean up or damage control. It’s almost just as disrespectful or shameful. I mean we got people who flat-out will lie in their apology, because it’s you or using your third string. Susan Lucci fake tears to like try to garner sympathy whilst refusing to take any accountability for the situation you find yourself in like this is not new. The consistent thing here isn’t so much how they deliver their response to the criticism of the scandals that they put themselves in. It’s that taking accountability for their actions is never ever part of the game plan. There’s literally always someone or something else to blame. Let me tell you something: if, in your real life, you find that you tend to the same tactic: you’re, basically teaching yourself and others that you have no control over your own life. You in fact, are very powerful and can definitely make happen both for the good and the bad, and if you want to run away and point fingers and essentially like need others to take responsibility for your life when things are bad, I have a hard time believing That you’re going to have any kind of agency and your life when it comes to even the good things, or even being totally aware that you’re capable of making change in your life at all. I don’t really believe that people are the way they are some of the time just take responsibility for your screw-ups. Everybody screws up, stop running away from yourself. What’s interesting here! Is that she’s clearly attempting to give this get you guys, I’m about that life kind of vibe, while clearly editing the absolute out of her comment? Section aka, I’m gonna stir the pot, but I’m not gonna get no soup on me. The Snoop Dogg shirts, a nice touch to like privileged white girls from places like the OSI like trying to egg jeet up, will never ever stop amusing me. But this girl has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and we’re supposed to believe that not one person on social media has anything negative to say about her the scandal or this post in itself. What’s interesting is she’s not only choosing to minimize deflect and ignore the entire situation, but she’s also determined to go kicking and screaming into shaping the narrative that nothing’s wrong like not only did she do nothing wrong, but nothing’s wrong, everything’s! Fine everybody loves me so sayeth in the court of Instagram comment, section flipping off news outlets that covered this and then removing any comments that are not supportive of her.
It’s basically her like doubling down on this, like truth, is in the eye of the beholder thing. We’Re like it’s not a lie if she believes it once again like put this in perspective for your real life. Okay, imagine a scenario where you got in trouble at work and for the sake argument. You know social media is her work so how she showed up on her first day back at work. Imagine if you showed up on your first day back at work after you got in trouble. You walked in your first day back and you’re, just flipping everybody off, and anybody that comes to talk to you you’re. Just like that’s nuts, could you imagine or don’t even imagine you doing it? Imagine if one of your co-workers did that you, wouldn’t nobody wouldn’t be like once again, we tend to think that what people do on social media and what people do in real life are totally different, knowing damn well, if we experience this in real life, we would Not stand this girl, we would not think it’s cute, but if she’s got enough followers – oh my god, I thought and believe it or not. I still haven’t really got to my point about why this irritates me, so what this girl does on her social media, for all intents and purposes, not really my business doesn’t really concern me. However, I will say that what does concern me is the mass amount of young girls who are looking up to something like this and finding this to actually be a good move, a good idea, or that this entire thing, like her lifestyle and the way she approaches Stuff, it’s somehow aspirational or people who want to be in social media who feel like because they’re not anything like this cannot be a part of it. They don’t have what it takes. If that makes any sense and we can start off just by simply unpacking the word influencer, I honestly feel like we tend to take that word for granted.
The definition of influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behavior of someone or something or the effect itself, and yet we rarely question what we’re actually being influenced to do. What I can tell you is that brands use influence. There’s. Oh, my gosh take a shot every time. What I can tell you is that brands tend to use influencers to get them to influence your buying habits. What you spend your money on they’re trying to influence you to attend their festival or buy their car or stay at their hotel they’re influencing your decisions? That’s what that’s! What it is so don’t get in the comments-section beating, bitch Davis meant to be. You need to be rumen and so need. Hearing me cuz a newsflash. Nobody signs up to be a role model. It’s not like you go downtown to some building stand in line, fill out some forms and apply to be a role model. It’s obviously not how it works, to say that an infinite ear has no obligation to be a role model is to say that your lamp’s have no obligation to light your home they’re, paying their bills off of their ability to influence you to do something that benefits Themselves and a brand, but I guess we’re supposed to believe that any responsibility begins and ends there. I want to be excited about the fact that her entire angle with her channel is supposed to be sort of following a young girl and her time in college. I think that’s awesome, influencing young women to get higher education or the very least set any kind of goal and then pursue it. It’s exactly the kinds of things we need more of. However, there is a huge disconnect between her concept and her message to get on your channel, that has 1.2 million subscribers and audaciously loud and proud. Declare that you do not care about school when your channel is about being in school makes zero sense to me. It’s as if to say, I’m going to have a youtube channel dedicated to my dog Herman, but then to say I don’t really care about my dog Herman. I barely got those words out because look at him look at him, Julie and some who wouldn’t love and care about him boy. But that’s that’s why it’s so strange to me a lot of that whole. I don’t care about school, but here’s.. People don’t like influencers is because there’s a big lack of authenticity there, it’s as if the frame work in 2019 to be a successful influencer rests solely on having the wealth and all the trappings of success, but showing no actual work that would ever go into.
Why or how you would have acquired it? I mean the fact that they are even called influencers at all. I think shows that, like we don’t even know what they do, we’re just kind of like. Oh, they didn’t fluid cess like full. Stop. That’s all you need to know side note. I found an article recently that said men, which is something I hadn’t even considered. I’m not gonna lie. You guys I couldn’t even name a single male influencer that was not in the beauty community. I still can’t really, but anyway, apparently most men in the social media space reject being called an influencer, because they feel that labeling, what they do as an act of just simply influencing others versus creating content or being a creator, is kind of a gross under some Plication of what they’re doing, and they kind of find that to be an insulting term and I’m not gonna lie, I kind of gotta side with them on that one. I find it interesting that most women in this space who decided to label this hard-ass work that we’re putting into this career as simply influencing it’s kind of like when Kim Kardashian gets offended, because people want to say over and over again, no matter how successful she Is that she’s famous for nothing or that she doesn’t do anything I’ve heard her say in interviews before things like well, I wish people could see actually what I do and I kind of look at that and I’m like well, why don’t you show anyone what you’re Doing like I’ve seen her Instagram stories and snapchats the most work that she shows her doing regularly is on getting her super hot bod. Other than that, you can’t blame people for having no idea what you do. Cuz. You have no idea how much work goes into making this so influencer are very happy to kind of show the material manifestations of the effects of all that hard work in the form of their G wagons and their cardio bracelets, but they’re not gonna show you Anything that goes into achieving it so ensure someone like Olivia Jade, who is influencing and in college and basically being able to show that you don’t have to do anything in order to achieve that level of success.
You don’t even have to do anything to get in to the college that your YouTube channel is about if you’re her. I feel like it kind of perpetuates this narrative, that becoming an influencer is something that just kind of happens to you and then on top of that, that the idea of being an influencer just for the sake of being an influencer is a good idea at all. You guys, I always wonder what people’s end games are in this industry. Do you I mean cuz, let me tell you something: people are fickle. There will always always be newer, younger and more influential 20-somethings, vlogging intense to Graham to start their journey in the social media. Space every day and the existing wave of influencers that we’re seeing now like it or not believe it or not, are going to get older also and then, as a result, their priorities will change. Their worldviews. Will change they’re, just they’re, not gonna, be this way forever. So my concern, as I said in the beginning, is that too many young women are looking at this form of influencer culture as the end-all be-all of aspirational content without ever unpacking what it might be in five years time for them, and then my other concern becomes That too many girls see this as the only way to be an influencer at all. Once again, what exactly are they influencing? Is it something you want to influence like all these things? We just don’t really examine as much as I think we should. I don’t care to see any more influencers. I want creators and we need creators. We need creators of change, we need creators of community of movements of progress of unification. We don’t need anymore people showing us what to wear to Coachella. We got it. I challenge any any women. It definitely doesn’t have to be only 20 year olds to get into the game, and you know actually I pray to God that more women and their late 20s and their 30s and in their 40s, find a voice out here and share it. Because there’s a lot to learn like the advantages of youth and the benefits of youth are plentiful, but you know, as you get older, you might lose collagen, but you gain a lot of wisdom and that is truly the kind of information that I feel like. We should be disseminating and truly will benefit people and influence them in a great way It’s a big part of why I really wanted to do a collaboration with Shaolin in the first place.
Cuz when I found her channel, I just felt like she’s, taking this thing that a lot of us know way more about than I think we even realized, which is celebrity culture and teaching lessons to young women that are super valuable It’s a lot of stuff that I certainly wasn’t aware of her didn’t hear and messages that I wasn’t receiving when I was in my early 20s and had I been it would have saved me so much trouble It would have like changed my life You guys should be very thankful that she exists I want to do my lips off camera because I can’t talk while I’m putting them on anyway and then I’ll be right back to wrap all this up Okay guys So, in closing, I just want to say that I challenge you guys, if you’re interested in being in the social media sphere, to focus so much more on the act of creation as opposed to influence and, more importantly, tap into the part of yourselves that identify whip And admire influencers at all like what is it about that type of career that calls to you so much? Is it just a whole, like kind of aspirational lifestyle thing which sidenote you were only seeing a very small portion of so you just genuinely have no idea? What’s going on behind the and what that actually looks like in real life? Is it like the numbers yeah? Is it the the measurable amount of people who deem you worthy of being followed and if so, have you considered that numbers are infinite and that will go on and on and on? If that’s just the thing that you’re willing to chase is just another thousand subscribers or another thousand followers, it’s going to stop being fulfilling a lot sooner than you realize But if you have something worth saying and worth creating, that’s when you can really and truly influence Some all right guys I had so much fun Making it make sure you check, shaolin’s, say hello to her I know you guys are gonna have so you love her I hope you’re having an amazing day, took the downbar also for all the links to all my social media, and I will see you the next one Bye

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