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Doctor’s response to Dr. Redit was examined on Wednesday.

30 Sep , 2019  

I’m a little late to the reddit game, but we just created a sub reddit Doctor Mike spelled out please. Someone instantly shared with me in a private message that there is a thread with the question posed to the doctors of reddit “. What is something you wish? Everyone knew about their body. ?” Has sixteen thousand responses. I’m about to weigh in on this. React to what people are saying.. Are you ready I’m ready Bear? Are you ready Bee-woop? What do I want people to know about their body? You need seven to nine hours of sleep as an adult.
. I don’t want to hear people say that they think they function better on five hours, because it’s just not statistically or scientifically true. Superman. Wonder Woman still need seven to nine hours as an adult to be healthy. On average. Antibiotics only work against bacteria. They are not some kind of wonderpotion that cures anything and they should not always be given.. I’m sick, right, now.. I know that statistically ninety percent eighty percent of the time this is viral. Fact that I’m getting better slowly my fever’s going away., It’s not bacterial.. If all of a sudden, my fever, spikes, then I’m gonna go and get some antibiotics’cause. I know I’m getting a bacterial super infection.. Most of these are viruses, and if your doctor gives you a once, over. Does a proper history and physical and tells you you don’t need antibiotics., Don’t force their hand. You’re. Only doing this to service yourself. Tell us what drugs and alcohol you’re on We aren’t. Gon na tell the cops.. We aren’t gonna lecture you., But it might change the anesthesia. I give you. Some stuff, I give you might kill you. If you drink a thirty pack a day tell me. Okay. This goes into the whole idea of patient confidentiality.. So, first of all, if you tell your doctor, no one else in the world is going to know about it. Unless you give us the rights to share that with that person. There is a lot of drug drug interactions that we want to avoid. Very commonly, at least in my line of work.. What’s happened is a patient. I can sense – or I know they have a history of cocaine, use. And if you give a medication as a beta blocker, which you give to slow the rhythm of the heart, improve circulation to the heart after a heart attack., You don’t want to give these two Medications together.. So when patients come in, I ask them.
, Tell me what drugs you’ve taken. Tell me what you’ve been taken most recently., They get all nervous thinking, I’m going to call the police.. That’s not what we’re asking for. We’re asking for it to make sure to give you the best possible care.. When we ask you your last drink of alcohol, it’s that so we can avoid a condition known as delirium tremens.. It’s a very dangerous condition that can lead to seizures and even death. Trust us we’re looking after your health., Nothing else., There’s a wide range of normal., Don’t be embarrassed by your body.. Having said that, if you’re concerned about anything, ask your doctor., We generally have heard it all before and trust me. We have nearly always seen it all.. Maybe you have something that has been bothering you for ages, but you were too scared or embarrassed to ask about it. So just ask., It might be nothing and you have been stressing about it for no reason. And if not, then you are at least one step closer to getting it fixed.. No one can help if they don’t know.. There are no stupid questions, so ask away.. I think this is a really good point. When patients ask me the very simple question of when, should I go see my doctor.? The answer is: if something is bothering you or if it’s giving you anxiety. The longer, you wait. Two things happen.: You build up more anxiety about the issue. Or two. You can actually make the condition become worse and worse and progress to the point where treatment might not work as affectively.. Some people seem to think if you act healthy for a bit, it’ll make up for being a wreck. There’s a lot wrong with this. One example: antioxidants are like gas for your car.. You can store up a certain amount of vitamins, but your tank can only hold so much.. If you binge and overfill your tank, it doesn’t do anything except excrete it as waste, and you can’t expect to go the next several months without gas., Just because you’re bringing in extra materials that we know you need to maintain a healthy liver bones brain function, whatever It is., It’s doesn’t mean you’re, going to get better bones if you have more materials. The same way that if you’re building a building and all of a sudden, I say, “ Well, you know what instead of me, giving you the materials you need for this month.
I’m just going to dump all the materials you need for the next year.” And now does the building get built faster, It’s doesn’t.! It would help if more patients knew their family. History.. Prevention is becoming more and more important in medicine, and treating a disease in its early stages is a lot better than catching it late.. That’s very true.. I think that in general we as a society are not very good at keeping track of our medical history.. Many of my patients come in and can be taking ten medications, not know what they are outside of the color size and shape of the pill.. They don’t know what medical diagnosis they have., Which ones have resolved and they no longer suffer with that illness. And then the family history is obviously in addition to that. The more we can stay on top of that and be leaders for our own health., The better Outcomes we’re gonna have. ibeatmymeats., Okay, not the greatest name to have.. Don’t do DIY surgery or hold off on reporting things that are obvious warning signs., Don’t be the guy who tried to remove his skin cancer with a knife. Duh Yeah. Please don’t do your own surgery…. Stop that Stop that. Just’cause, doesn’t mean you’re qualified to do that.. It looks simple, but there’s a lot of things that can go. Wrong. There could be a blood vessel there that you pop and now all of a sudden, you can’t control the bleeding.. What are you gonna? Do then? What happens if whatever cyst you took out actually turned out to be cancer? Now you’ll never know cause. You didn’t send it to pathology. Good point beat my meat.. You need some kind of exercise., Doesn’t matter how you feel right now, sitting for twelve to sixteen hours a day will have negative consequences. Hundred percent true.. In fact. That may sound funny, but it’s so true. Sitting is like the new smoking. Is a slogan: that’s been used by media companies and some people say “. Oh, it’s overblown it’s overblown”. The amount of risk is overblown., But the fact that sitting for too long effects your mental health, your physical health, your cancer risk muscle aches and pains. Netflix YouTube all this stuff. Take a break. Stand. Up. Go for a walk., Get a puppy go on a date. Get some water go pee.. Whatever your excuse is, walk around and be happy and healthy. Your kidneys and liver cheerfully. Do all the toxin elimination you’ll ever need.
I love that term. Cheerfully. Cleanses and other detoxifying products are B.S. woo and a waste of money.. The people who sell them are predators who only care about your money becoming theirs.. That’s a hundred percent true.. As I said in my TED Talk., IKA experts are interested in one thing and one thing only. And it’s not slimming your waistline.. It’s slimming your wallet. That administering CPR compressions as soon as possible is one of the greatest indicators of successful outcomes.. You are right. And that’s why we say “ Chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions” Instead of saying hands only CPR like saying chest, compressions chest compressions chest: compressions’cause, that’s the first thing you should do if you feel no pulse and someones not responsive. You’ll not only save A life but you’ll be proud that you too have some medical knowledge and can improve this world.. Some things just don’t belong in your rectum.. I would go ahead and say most things don’t belong in your rectum.. I think some is and understatement there.. You often will feel normal even with high blood pressure.. It’s found incidentally.. So don’t wait until it gives you symptoms. You don’t want to go through. Very good point here. Too many of my patients think that, because they feel fine that there’s nothing wrong with their blood. Pressure., It’s not something you feel., It’s something intrinsically happening that your heart has to battle against.. Therefore, you increase your possibility of developing heart disease. And, as we know, that’s not good. And also strokes, even worse.. Not only should you be listening to your doctor and taking the medications or treatments that the doctor prescribed to you., You should be taking it regularly and consistently. I’m a vet, but I’m sure doctors will have come across this too. Amputated limbs do not grow back.. I’ve had too many people asking me ho long it’ll take for their pets, amputated limb to grow back.. So I’m assuming a few doctors out there will have patients asking the same of their own missing. Limbs. Yeah limbs don’t grow back.. If you reattach them the right way, they can heal., But they don’t regrow.. Oh Kofiko., Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. How did I not give that one to you guys in the beginning.
, I’m so passionate about that? If you are not healthy mentally, it will reflect in your physical health Give you a simple example If you’re very stressed or depressed that can effect your blood pressure When your blood pressure is high, it causes increased rates of heart disease and stroke If you’re depressed and your cortisol levels are high, which are your stress hormones, it constantly keeps your body in a high sympathetic, state, Basically a fight or flight state, It doesn’t heal Well, it doesn’t digest Well, you don’t get nutrients from food, very well You could see how a worse mental state will give you worse Physical state outcome Believe it This isn’t woo Just because a part of your body hurts doesn’t mean that part of your body is damaged or out of alignment or needs to be repaired You can have tissue damage without pain or you can have no tissue damage with a lot of pain, Absolutely correct, Absolutely agree, And the reason why I actually discourage my patients from rushing to get MRI’s Here’s what happens if you take a hundred people who have no back pain, You scan their backs, meaning their spines with an MRI you’ll find that seventy to eighty percent of them will have some sort of finding on that MRI What that finding means is pretty much Nothing because clinically they are pain free, They can function well Now, if you take someone who has back pain and then you find one of those findings, then you might be able to say “ Well, they have this herniated disk They have back pain It’s probably because of that” Ninety percent of sports medi injuries, like back pain, do resolve with conservative treatment like physical therapy So one of my first and foremost treatments that I give to all my patients outside of the home exercise program, osteopathic manipulation that I do is physical therapy, Do not rush for unnecessary surgery or even worse, unproven treatments, which there are a ton of Please, Even though I love Bear As always, stay happy and healthy (upbeat music, )

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