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Does the new box baby have a peach palette? Templates, tutorials and numerous comparisons

30 Sep , 2019  

Hello, my beautiful friends, its Amanda here and today we’re talking about yes, another monochromatic, 9 pan palette from colour-pop. This one is called Baby Gap peach and it’s a peach palette. This palette is launching on Thursday August 22nd as soon as I get the launch time. I’Ll put that down in the description box, for you it’s usually either a a.m. or 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. As soon as I get that confirmed, I will put those details down in the description box, as you can probably tell from my background here.
Looking pretty empty, I am in the process of moving I’m actually getting ready to move this weekend. So I’m not gonna go through this entire peach collection. There are some other things. A couple new things couple Reap remotes. I am wearing all three of the new blushes on my cheeks today, along with this whoo, this highlighter is from persona cosmetics, but today I’m just gonna focus on the palette. I really really want to try to get this out for you guys before the palette launches, even though I am totally in crunch time. My makeup room is just packed in boxes all around me in shambles, I am just talking about this palette because I do want to do some in-depth swatch comparisons, and things like that. This palette, of course, will be retail priced at 12. Us dollars, just like all the other 9 pan palettes, it does have their standard packaging for these palettes. The heavy duty plastic, with a locking, clasp closure – and there is a nice mirror inside. There are a few things that are different about this palette and I want to point them out to you. First of all, as you can see, we are getting the shade names pictured on the back. We do have two shades here that have the eye safety warning. Neither of these are new shades. These are currently existing. The pressed glitter hungry go and then this bright, peachy pink shade in the center called centerfold. These were both already existing and, as you can see, those are marked with that not for use in the eye area. Warning, however, something that I want to point out here, they did put the shade names next to the pants. They pretty much always do that now, but they put that star next to the printed shave names next to the pants. I think this is in response to people complaining that they didn’t notice the warning on the back. I’m really happy to see that they’re putting that eye warning more front and center for people.
This is really encouraging for me – and this is probably one of my favorite things about this palette, but we’ll get into the review later. First, let’s just go into the details. I’m gonna go ahead and show you some swatches of this palette and then we’ll do some swatch comparison. As always, I will be doing both finger and brush swatches, except for that pressed glitter. I always recommend applying that with your finger. So I’m not going to do a brush wash it’s pretty useless. All the other shades will have a finger swatch on top and then a corresponding brush swatch pictured below. I will be using my busted yet trusty, elf, flat eyeshadow, brush and I’ll clean the brush off. In between each shade, using my pheromonal color switch to prevent transfer between sheets, let’s go ahead and take a look at the babyGap peach palette swatches. Now it’s just a reminder that the finger swatches are on top and then the brush watches are below. I was pretty happy with how this watched I felt like all the shades performed well with the brush. The only shade that I really struggled with is that matte on the bottom row called ochre. Okay. However, you want to say it: okay, that one it was not out curved with me now that you’ve seen this palettes washed. Let’s take a look at some comparisons. The first comparison I want to show you is with the sweet-talked palette. Typically, I don’t compare the nine pans to the twelve pans, but guys when I was going through my palette collection, I have every single color pot pressed powder palate that has ever been released. So trust me when I say this is the best match. If you already have the sweet-talk palette, you basically already have all of these shades. Just look at these swatches. These are almost an exact match, so that’s baby got peach on top and then the sweet top palate is watched below next, let’s take a look at a comparison with the orange you glad palette. When I first put the ax side by side, I didn’t think they were gonna be as close as they are, and this is this is pretty darn close. In my opinion, the orange you glad palette is a little bit more saturated a little bit more bright. It’s sort of like the baby got peach palette. Is the orange you glad palette with the volume turned down? These aren’t as many dead-on dupes as the sweet-talked palette, but they are pretty similar they’re, giving me very similar vibes.
So that’s baby got peach on top and orange you glad on the bottom. The last comparison that I want to make is, with the strawberry shake palette now, overall, these are not very similar, but there are two shades in here that I do think are pretty close to being dupes. These two shades are from the baby, got peach palette, and these two are from strawberry shake. So this is the shade perky compared with the shade paper straw get even compared with very fine. I mean, I think these are pretty darn close, these two really look alike. To me, in all honesty other than those two shades, these two palettes don’t really have much in common, but I did just want to kind of throw that out there for you. Some of these regular staple kind of neutral shades are gonna, be pretty commonly found. Not only across the color pop palette line by just in general, in any collection I mean to face sweet peach Anasazi. The soft Glan, like you’re, probably gonna, find a little bit of overlap here and there. But when it comes to full-on color story orange you glad and definitely sweet-talked are the two major ones worth comparing now that you’ve seen all the swatches all the comparisons, let’s jump into a quick shadow tutorial, I created this peachy. Look that I’m wearing today. Of course, using the baby got peach palette. So let’s take a look at that and then I’ll wrap up all my thoughts at the end, I am priming my eyes just like I always do with my favorite eye base. It’s the Mac Paint Pot in the shade painterly. I do this to cancel out the veins and just give me a nice smooth base to work on, and that’s also why I set it with a little bit of just regular face powder, then, for my transition shade, I’m gonna be building up two different shades. First, starting with this one called darlin: this is the lightest peachy matte in the palette, so it just really gently layered that up, focusing mostly on the center part of my crease, and then I went back in with this shade called perky. This is a little bit more of a brighter pink e’er peach, and I just built that up on top sort of blending those two shades together, so that I would get a really soft peachy transition shade. Next, I’m going to be using ready or yacht.
This is a longtime color pop favorite for me, just using my pinky finger and really liberally applying that around the inner corner. Now I’m going to go with half-baked. This is the deepest shade in the palette I do wish this was a little bit deeper. Just to add some more drama to the look, a little bit more dimension to the look, but I added that to the outer part of the eye. Now I’m gonna get to work on that lower lash line. I’m just building up this soft peachy matte shade. Then I’m going to go back in with half-baked that deeper matte and on a pencil brush. I’m going to add that to the outer part of my lower lash line, then taking get even and with my finger just applied this all over the rest of my lid curled, my lashes and added some covergirl exhibitionist mascara and that’s my finished look. This is just a really go-to everyday, very easy, peachy. Look, that’s definitely what you’re gonna get from this palette, and I actually really like it. Okay, I have very mixed, complicated feelings about this palette. Like I already mentioned, I’m really really glad that they decided to bring those I safety warnings more to the forefront. I think this is amazing. I hope they continue to do that in all of their pallets. you know I talk a lot about these warnings in my previous life before I did social media, I was a certified ophthalmic technician and I just saw a lot of people with eye injuries. I worked in a cornea clinic for most of that time, so I saw a lot of corneal abrasions and it’s just you know it’s bad business. This is part of the reason why I pretty much just hate pressed glitters. I know a lot of people love them. Ah, I just I can’t I don’t like press glitters, I’m not telling you not to use them, I’m just making you aware that you know there is a safety issue, there’s a reason why these are marked is not intended for the eye area, because there’s no guarantees Even if you use glitter glue, you still might end up with a chunk of glitter in your cornea, and that that’s enough of that. So I am glad that they chose to bring that warning a little bit more to the forefront and just make their consumers more aware. That’s always a good thing for everyone. There are three shades in this palette that are currently existing. The two that we talked about with the eye safety warning, Hungry, Ghost and centerfold, and also this shade called ready or yacht.
I really really like ready or yacht I own it in a single, and I use it quite a bit as an inner corner highlight like I did for this look. You know I prefer it when they release palettes with new shades and then later bring out the shape that singles instead of incorporating existing singles into palettes. That’s just me, I don’t know I I already have all three of these shades. So it’s like one. Third of the palette is not new to me. I really really wish that. Instead of this glitter, we had gotten a beautiful like white to peach duochrome. I would have loved that definitely would have preferred that over hungry ghosts, that may have been a tipping point. For me to love this palette instead of just like it, I do like it. I, like the eye. Look. I do think a lot of people are gonna be drawn to this color scheme. It’s very monochromatic. They definitely got it right there, but I think maybe a little too monochromatic the shades perky and okay. You have to say it like that. Okay, these two shades end up, looking really really similar when they’re swatched out. I wish that one of these shades had been just a regular like peachy, pink shimmer or maybe even a little bit of a deeper shade. Half-Baked is the deepest shade in this palette and, as you can see, I’m wearing it on my eye and it’s not like smokey by any means. So I do think that one deeper shade would have made this palette a little bit more. You know varied a little bit more versatile and it also would have made it more appealing for deeper skin tones, because this is pretty like light/medium in color scheme, I’m just so torn because I want to like this color scheme. I love peach. I like the way my I love turned out. I like the idea of this. I just just find myself wishing for something a little something else. You know I’m saying especially because, after doing those comparisons, the fact is that my favorite shades in this palette are ready or yacht, which I already own, and this shape called get even which, if you saw the comparisons. You know that it’s pretty much a dead-on dupe for a shade in the strawberry shake palette, which I actually really really love the strawberry shake palette So I just just like diminishes my love for this palette more.
I hate to say that if you don’t have sweet-talked, if you don’t have orange, you glad and you don’t have strawberry shake This might be a good way to get a really condensed concise version of some of those looks particularly If aren’t you glad it was just a little bit too bold for you, I don’t think it’s bad I just don’t love it Oh, I’m sorry sorry color pop, so those are my thoughts, but you know I always love to hear what you guys think about things too Do you agree with me? It kind of already have a version of this palette from colour-pop, or are you loving? This? Is this finally gonna be your foray into peach eyeshadows? I always love to hear all the different opinions you guys have So please leave a comment down below Let us know what you think and as always This highlighter is freaking Bum persona does not get enough love, so I’m actually wearing two of the shades mixed together I’m wearing Zuma with Laguna on top holy crap, but it looks like James Charles photoshopped My highlight for me was that shady I usually never get involved with that I’m almost sorry that I said it, but it was funny So that’s the most key we’re getting on this channel Oh boy, alright, anyway, poor little well, my palettes are getting packed up I left my super shock shadows just that I’m scared to pack them Frankly, I don’t want them to perfect net neck next, next, next ma’am, okay, no matter what palettes I compare to there’s always somebody! That’s like you should have compared it to this You should have compared it to this like a random single shadow, that’s not even available anymore I can’t I’m one person Look I mean I’m moving Okay, I’m doing the best Thank you I’m doing Alright, I mean my eye Look is cute, it’s just like Could I have done this with three other color pop palettes that I have? Yes, oh sorry, like seriously persona did that this highlighter is sick and I just like kept putting it all over my face because, as I was applying it as a call, if you don’t get that excited about highlighter, then I’m sorry, because I do, and it makes Me happy so get on my level Hmm I give up I give up Palette has some but references who doesn’t love that okay, I’m gonna go I’m gonna go edit Okay Wish me luck

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