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Does your girl bring you the joy of autumn? Chat Makeup Course

30 Sep , 2019  

Matter where you find yourself no matter what kind of stuff is going on in your life guys, I am back to like come my old roots, I’m back with a good out full makeup tutorial. I really don’t do that. Many makeup stores on my channel anymore and that’s kind of where this all started for me, was like a makeup, look and then the ones following that did like brown, smokey eyes and just like. I don’t know – and I really really missed it like I miss just like good, simple makeup tutorials.
I thought we need more of this back on you cheap. You know like eff, the drama, let’s get some popping makeup, tutorials and called assholes back. I mean I don’t know about you guys for me personally when I want to find new makeup products or what’s new or what to spend my money are like I come to the tube, so I want to be that person. I want to be that bitch that can help you out their makeup. Look that I’m wearing right now is the makeup.. It is so full so awesome so this time of year – and I am obsessed with their the inspo that I got for this whole entire look is from this picture here she looks beautiful and I just like how to recreate it like this. I need to spit on my face if you want to know how I did this to my face: hey guys, just keep on watching, see you in a sec, I’m so ready to get some makeup on my face like makeup, do you know I’m saying like by The way I have a helper retainer in so if I sound like hen LSB, don’t mind it right. I was to prep my lips, I’m gonna be using the NAS attended, smudge proof eyeshadow base I’ve really been enjoying this stuff. Normally I just use concealer. I it does a pretty similar thing, but considering a half this I thought: hey, I’m gonna shoot it. I do really really like the color of it as well. You just mix a nice base, I’m gonna kind of use it to also like curve. My brows, I’m not going to set this or anything because I really want my eyeshadows be pop. Okay, none! I’m saying the pattern of choice today, ladies and gents, this is by one of my all-time favorite brands. This is the Nexus where buyer I should have Hilaire, which I have been freaking obsessed with the colors. The form of this eyeshadow palette, like everything, okay about this palette, NYX, you’ve, you’ve outdone yourself, this time, apples, you love it there’s just so many looks that you can do I’m actually gonna start by going in with this little guy. Here this, like orange econo moment like these eyeshadows, just aren’t messing about either piggelin is rhodium, use it and I’m just gonna keep building our up eras pigments it actually what I’m gonna really drag it back here as well, like I’m not worrying about this Battle we’re gonna clean it up later we’re gonna be in a niche got motion.
You go girl, I’m now gonna take the yellow in the palette. I’m just gonna use this to buff out the edges of that orange shade. So it’s like a nice blend up to the brow. Well, I think that’s what we’re hoping for anyway, I’m not a makeup artist, so we just pray for the best in this channel when it comes to makeup when in doubt just buff it out, that’s nothing. No one actually says that okay, cool man cool – I feel like that. I don’t do don’t ever play in the words of a minimum of Mitchell, there’s blending and there’s over blending. So imma listen to him because his makeup skills are insane and yes, they did meet human person. And yes, I was fine girling and literally loving my life, and I met you first. At the same time, want to see of my life over the past week has actually been crazy, but those of you who are like what the Frick is, this bitching about wiggles. She crazy, I went on stuff a store. I went on store with Jeff Easter. I went on tour with Jeffrey star was one of the guests. I was like doing the show with and yarrow died inside, not that for me, I’m gonna mix together this brown here and this red kind of burgundy color. By the way it was with beautybay by the way, that’s all it was so sick and they’re. All just so lovely I’m focusing that on the outer corner and then I’m gonna start to really lightly kind of drag it into the crease and pack her on blender. Oh now, I’m gonna cut the crease with some concealer. This is the Too Faced Born. This Way multi-use sculpting concealer, which is like my all-time thing, I’m gonna do some like half cut crease it. I’m just gonna cover a little tip by the way. If you get a brush, that’s kind of like rounded, as you can see, my like a little cannot half circle, and you do I’m doing now and you kind of like stump the brush along. It starts to like, naturally create that shape for you, and it makes it so much easier. Okay, now we’ve got to go in and make sure we set her real good um. Otherwise the shadows and stuff on top Michael will be patchy. There’s no. What you want by the way this is the Diego de la Palma, I shadow in 1, 5 2. This is the best like set in and like putting in the inner corner and just like brightening in general, and now we’re just gonna go back in with the colors that we used in our crease, but kind of like in Reverse.
I’m gonna go dark from the outer corner and, as you go into the lids go to like orange, and you know how you don’t I mean you know the feels. Okay, this is like full-out central, I’m just gonna clean up the edge clean land. Yes, there we go that that’s a clean life. You asked me, I’m not gonna lie that took me a little bit longer than a publisher. Now far, I forgot these eyeshadows when you do a cut crease, they work so much better. When you haven’t set your lid, so I would just say: set the outer corner with like a plain eyeshadow plane, a plane. I shadow okay, and they will stick so much better and he won’t be stuck here for the next year. Trying to put onto your eyeball. Now I’ve never done this before. I think, of course, it goes right. Otherwise I don’t have an answer. This is the NYX of vivid brights eyeliner. This is in vivid halo, which is their yellow on. I freakin love these NYX again I love yous and basically, what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna, like line up its alike here like half way, are you sure you want to do this f it? You know. I just said that: well, am i living in 2016? I don’t know okay, let’s go, but I mean that’s not sure I mean I don’t hate it, I’m just like making it thicker and thicker, I’m sabotaging myself. Okay, awesome. I think it is time a to stick on some lashes, so the ones I’m gonna be using today are the adult Beauty ones. These are in the style of lace top it on at my trusty shoe. Oh I’m just gonna pop on any kind of mascara doesn’t mean one too much because you know lashes will take over, but this one is a fade. This is new to face and better than sex mascara. Is it better than sex i’ma? Leave that up to you to decide, I mean hey, I think she’s cute does a good job. I guess just depends on the person. Well, I’m actually talking about sex right now in a makeup store. If that doesn’t sum up, my channel, I don’t know, does when the glue is a little bit more attacking the lashes they’re gonna go straight on. I want to say these eyelashes are dead, easy to apply like super simps. I’m just gonna use my tweezers to kind of like push up on the lashes at the lash line. Just so they sit more like not like something like and I’m like. No, these lashes are literally everything. I’m obsessed, I’m obsessed right me, laughs, um. Once I’ve gone and completed this eye, we are, could you move onto skin for my skin, I’m actually just gonna? Do a quick little prime I’m gonna take my mac fix+.
This is actually in the coconut sandwich. Smells so good, quick, Lola one two one. Two, maybe three: four five, six, seven, eight nine ten. Just to give me you know a little bit of moisture gets it going Foundation. Now, I’m gonna be taking the Beauty Blender bounce liquid whip, long-wear foundation made controversial, uh kurt’s foundation. I feel like it’s kind of calmed down a bit about this, but I’m pretty sure they’re releasing new shades that could be Y by totally get what people were saying. The first launch, like people, there was like four dark shades and I was like I freakin will laughs the package in there like it feels nice. I love the lock on it as well, so you know when you’re traveling, you know, get information over everything that exists in your bag. We do not want that squaring all over the place. I’m just gonna dock that all over the skin and then just gonna start kind of like buffing. Oh, it’s kind of has like a Juiz satin kind of finish, but it does have really really nice coverage at the same time and it’s just like a beautiful, beautiful donation and then by the way, I’m using the color 3.55. It’s a really nice kind of like a neutral shade. I feel like I don’t wanna lie. Oh must can be looking at all right, so flawless, oh right, I mean, if they can, we make it with foundation. Concealer now I’m gonna be taking on one of my all-time faves, like Top of the Pops top of the shots number one out, there gets the Too Faced Born This Way at multi-use, sculpting concealer. I just love this. The coverage is fab. The way it looks on the skin is fab, just everything about it like it does exactly what I want to consider today, at least together two shades. You can see like a lighter one in a darker. One just depends on how town I am really. Oh, that was a good pot. This one here is golden beige. You know I’m putting a pretty generous amount underneath and then this one is vanilla. I just kind of like lightens up as a slightly and then blend that in with my Beauty, Blender, well, everything in place, I’m gonna be taking the oldie, but a goodie, Laura messy yay. I feel like we’ve all we all know about her. Like Laura. You powder a skirt, I’m gonna pack. Someone does anything my eyes, I’m not really gonna bake them, I’m just gonna, like really press it into the skin. The only place that I don’t set, though well I like try to avoid, is where I would place my highlight, because I have found this highlighter combo and it’s least you like the best thing ever it’s a liquid one and then a powered.
Oh, you don’t really have to use the liquid one to be honest, because the powder is like whoop on its own, but you know how it goes sometimes over here on the Jordan Lipscomb chanel. We just we just go for it. I’m gonna jump in with my fav bronzer. This is my makeup forever. This is their pro pro infusion and a 25 l. I believe I love this stuff is so much like. I’m just we’re just gonna start to bronze up the face and the parameters. So cheeks I go onto my forehead as well. It’s just such a nice bronzer has a really really nice like soft, like Sheen to it. It just looks beautiful on the skin. I love it like honestly. This is like my second or third one of these and, like this one’s running, a load of life, I’m gonna do a little bit of a contouring. Now this is makeup: geek, tawny, bronzer. This is just a little bit cooler than the makeup for everyone. So she’s gonna give me a little bit more kind of shape. I’m not gonna go crazy. We’Re gonna pull a little bit dip in. I don’t know if the cameras picking up, but it just gives me like a little bit more to me cuz. I was I’ve got a moon face, I’m not mad at it, but I’m I’m just saying this is me pretending that I didn’t just eat my chicken sandwich and chips for McDonald’s. I’m just gonna like cheers our way out we’re gonna hit the cheeks with some at the lush. Now I love blush like it’s actually one of my faves to put on my face. This is pixi by petra. This is in the color. Beach Rose. It’s just a really pretty like pinky blush, not much else to say about that. I apply really light pressure by the way I kind of like hit the apples and then swirl back into the bronzer just to kind of like get it all seamless highlight it now. So, to start the glow off, I’m actually go in with this. This is by zoeva and this is their like kind of jelly highlighter, and this is in the color party, Leah Helia. I don’t know, but it’s a super pretty like golden e whoa. I still good. I’m just gonna take some like, so it’s such a funny consistency. It literally is like jelly, I’m gonna warm it up on the back of my hands and then with my finger, I’m just gonna press it onto my cheekbones It’s pretty subtle, but it gives you like more that, like wet base that wet glow the highlighter, i’m gonna use is actually a loose highlighter, so this will give that some ink to stick to if that makes sense, but it’s super, pretty though it just gives You that, like oh that’s about so cool and wet, but that the highlight i’m gonna be using, i have literally been obsessed with.
Not only is this a drugstore high later it’s a savings from coins, so you get so much product and it it’s just like Hi, this is the makeup revolution, pow lights and loose highlighter in the color True gold You need like a super small amount, and here the cheekbones like it genuinely looks that on the skin, see how it just like sticks onto the zoeva like jelly highlighter It just looks like it just looks insane I’m literally obsessed with this, and it’s this little guy a little bit o of a lotta bit on my chin I love that and then I’m just gonna really really gently here The tops of the brows, I’m also gonna, go on the brow bone and the real quick, I’m just gonna finish up underneath the eyes Think I’m just gonna go in with the orange and then maybe the brown, just just just how everything together and then it for lips, I’m gonna go in with a really nice like warm kind of like brown It’s like one of my favorite lip colors to wear this time It yeah, sir I’m gonna Take the NYX lip liner and this is in cocoa and then the actual lip color, which is one of my favorite Brown, literally ever her and it’s by barium, good or bad So you mat me up matte, liquid lip paint in at the color so chic To finish off this, look I’ve been obsessed with doing this I’m actually gonna add a little beauty mark here I just think it looks dead to you I’m actually gonna do this with the ICO skinny liquid liner good Oh look! All of this all our hard work in place with the Mafia, continuous setting spray witches and that everyone is this awesome Glam look complete This is a look I really hope you love this look and if you do recreate it don’t forget to tag me and also don’t forget, to show at the girl who originally did this Some love I’ll leave her Instagram down below because she’s so bad anyway That is everything from me I really hope you enjoyed this makeup Look I’m definitely gonna have more coming super super soon on my channel If you love the makeup, I got you girl If you did enjoy, don’t forget to do with her, like you, cheap things bums up subscribe If you want to see more of me, share with your friends, go crazy, go world! Thank you guys I love you

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