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Dollar Tree Cosmetics Tissue Layer

30 Sep , 2019  

The party family song, coming at you with another makeup, related DIY, some be showing you how to create a makeup organizer here using dollar trade products. Not if you want to say this, when you buy the drawers it’s a stackable on men, I never really like read the label objects of its packaging. So I actually put up a tutorial Beckham December, using if some of the acrylic organizers and I did not make up a piercing just because the door said stackable organizer on it doesn’t mean.
I got the ideal for this from that. So I want to get prior credits. Do there is a youtuber named dismissed. Muffin is my lover, her name’s April I’ll link it down below. I highly suggest you check her out. She had some of my favorite Dollar Tree haul.. It’s not just Dollar Tree hope that she does. She does like story times and reviews, so she has a daughter named ugly, who is so cute like she’s adorable. be sure I give credit where credit is due because for me it’s very important. So I decorated my tear differently from her. So if you want to see a different way to do it again, but I’m gonna try. So. Please give a thumbs up if you liked it and make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel children notified every single time. I upload showing the barking family – let’s save our money here so with that being said, let’s begin to create this I’ll be using for the stackable organizer drawers from Dollar Tree. You don’t need to use, for you can use a little bit less or more. It’s up to you make sure you take a good look at the drawers to make sure they’re not broken before purchasing yours. I did it and ended up with one being craft to attach the drawers to each other use a glue. You can use regular school glue, but it dries white. My favorite options for glue are a glue, gun, East 6-thousand, glue or super glue.
You can purchase super glue at Dollar Tree, I’m using a glue gun because it dries quickly if you use e6000 or super glue. You’ve got to give us some time to dry once I’ve got the stackable drawers glued together. I go to the very top one of these makeup organizers from Dollar Tree a time to decorate you can buy this construction paper pad a dollar tree, I’m using a baby pink paper. I cut four square pieces to fit inside each drawer. This is customizable like I said, so, you can choose any color. You want. I don’t glue the paper to the drawer because I like to be able to customize it whenever by taking out the previous paper and putting in a new color. If I glue the paper to the drawer, when I try to take the paper out, there’s going to be residue left over, so that’s why I don’t glue it. The weight of your makeup will make the paper lie flat. Now, I’m using a decorative tape to decorate the containers Dollar Tree has an array of colors I’ll be using the gold in this pack? I take the tape and add gold stripes down the sides of the chair, using a scissors to trim the tape you can use whatever you like to decorate this there’s other stickers at Dollar Tree. There are rhinestones at Dollar Tree, there’s buttons. You can even buy a spray paint and spray the entire container, whatever color you like, it’s just up to you. This is like I said, an idea. This point in time. I started to fill up the makeup drawer with makeup, and then I took the makeup drawer. I put it in the spot that I was going to have it in, and I realized that it needs a little bit more to it to match the rest of my decor. So what I did was I take the gold page and I cut right down the middle of the gold tape, so I have a thinner strip that I applied to the bottom of each drawer and then I was like. I need a little bit more pink This needs to be a little bit more girly, so I took these heart stickers that I got from Dollar Tree.
I think the smallest part sticker and I put that right over each handle of the drawers, so it makes it really fun and girly, and that’s all I did for this here now – there’s different ways like I said that you could decorate it and there’s different things You can do you can make this rotate and if you’re not familiar with my rotating makeup tutorial So you can click one and see how I got it to rotate But that’s just another idea for yours here: Dollar Tree carries so many different container makeup, organizing containers, so you don’t have to do it exactly the way you just saw before this One just involves me taking one of those opening containers That’s just like a box and then gluing some of the makeup, organizing containers on top of it and the makeup are demonizing containers, I’m using here right now I actually showed you how to do a while back in December, and I like to reuse myself I don’t end up keeping it exactly the way It is all the time I will You know, put spray paint on something I’ve already done or I’ll end up, adding something else to it So that’s basically what I did right now, there’s already silver strips around it I added some silver to the bottom container and then added some gold and the heart So that’s an easy way to save money If you are trying to redecorate go ahead and take stuff, you already own and then just spray paint it or add some more to it to go with your new decor Please give a thumbs up and make sure you check out Miss muffin is my lovers I will have her link down below, like I said Thank you so much for watching I will see you guys next time take care bye You

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