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Dollar tree DIY autumn porch decoration

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey, I’m Megan welcome to my channel blue guns and roses: oh I’m all about sharing budget-friendly home decor ideas and easy DIYs, so I pulled out everything I had my crafts, mainly dollar trade, because I know I want to make like a dollar trade, DIY, porch, decor, Video, but I really don’t want to spend any more money because my craft stash is like seriously turning into more of like a craft hoard. You have to feel me if you’re a crafter or maybe you don’t – I don’t know so.
I have a few ideas in my mind and if they turn out, like I’m thinking, they’re going to my mind or if they turn out in real life like they look in my mind, they’re gonna be amazing.. I forgot the apostrophe and that it’s forgive me and thank you seriously for correcting me. I am the worst proofreader just like when I made my DIY chalkboard with pumpkin spice and everything nice added, an additional a in that one. Also this DIY for spring. I made never saw the light of YouTube ever because I forgot a tea in Matthew, so all I want to say is thank you so much for your grace and I used to call a cricket a circuit. So thank you for all the corrections. Now. Let me show you my DIY for the first DIY: all you need is one of these welcome mats from Dollar Tree which, by the way, is super cute, as is, and the great thing is they’re sold year-round so January July. It doesn’t matter, it’s seasonal. Go in store or online and you can probably find them take any tape. You have on hand, I’m using duller generals, painters tape, but that’s only because I got it on clearance any table work. Then one of duller trees, sticker letters. I thought you’d need two, but we only need wise. The mat itself is like 23, it’s 23 inches and some change wide. So I measured down to eleven point five inches and then to the left spell out to our starting with our and then to the right patch and the lines of the mat really make. It simple, like super simple, to get straight line straight letters, which is amazing, make yourself a rectangle with some tape and then to make it a little more fancy or step up your cuteness game cut off the corners with some more tape. You see it I’m saying here one of the best dollar tree craft supplies you can pick up or in my opinion, is the clear contact paper. Now, if you can’t find that at your DT Dollar, General and Walmart has been known to carry it as well or you can use whatever contact paper, you can find it clear.
Just makes it easier, then snatch up whatever around objects. You have trace out three circles and freehand a stem to make a pumpkin. I made three different sizes, just because I don’t know I like variety. I guess I thought it looks cute. Then all you have to do is snip into your contact paper and cut those bad boys out. Walmart carries spray paint it’s less than a dollar. This is not high quality, but it’s great for DIYs across like this. I did. One fix super thick coat. Really, I don’t know, maybe two coats depending how you look at it. I didn’t wait in between dry time. Let me put it that way, rip off the contact paper and then rip off your letters now originally. I was gonna stop here, but stepping back my pumpkins look like apples and it needed something else. More dimension and other color contrast. So just taking a plain, ol sharpie go back and I traced out the letters from to our patch and then colored it in same thing with the pumpkins. Well, I didn’t color them in, but I trace them out and then the middle part. Instead of trying to do a circle like I originally traced, I just did an oval free-handed it and then traced out the rest of the pumpkin and then same thing with welcome, because it looked really plain being that bright white. I went back and traced it out with the same sharpie. Now I’ve made DIY rugs or mats like this before and my mind is blown how easy it was to use a sharpie first using paint like seriously. I may never go back to painting a rug again. I found this never wet wrist oleum set at Dollar Tree and I couldn’t believe it. So I tried it out on my last DIY rug and I loved it all. You have to do spray step, one wait, 30 minutes and spray step 2, and it really does repel a lot of the wetness and grime and whatever it may be, like I said I did try it out on my spring DIY rug. First time I ever use these pans, and this is the same set by the way blown mind-blown seriously about how well it works. So if you could find that use that, if not just use regular spray, acrylic or whatever else sealer that you may have, I don’t know many sealers. Forgive me $1 tree baby, blanket the Buffalo check and I didn’t measure out exactly. I just used something straight, which is actually an old blind. I had another DIY and just use the checkers as my outline to kind of trace how big I want it. My under Lane mat to be now one option is you could use this non-slip rug, underlay from Dollar Tree, but trying to use what I have.
I had this old Dollar General rub, wasn’t my style so from where I use a sharpie. I don’t know if you can see on camera, but I just kind of traced it out took the rub: flipped it over and hot glued it backwards. Now my words may be stumbling, but, like I have full confidence that you can see what I’m doing, I’m hoping that you can see what I’m doing. I cut that last piece off because I feel like I may be able to use it another DIY and then just hot glued it to the back. These rugs the only thing that stinks, even though this mat has turned out way better than I expected, and I love it. They’Re really lightweight is flimsy, so I did hot glue it down to the bottom mat and I do love it. I love the way. The mat turned out, the only thing I’m not like wild about is the Buffalo check part um, I mean it looks like I glued a piece of fabric around another rug, which is exactly what I did, but not what I was going for. So what I might do is either a I’m going to just cut around the edges, so it’s not like tucked under or be find a differ rug or you know, hey give me an opinion here. What should I do because it doesn’t look right to me now. The mat itself that we just made, I love that it’s the under mat that I don’t like for the next DIY. All you need is two of these pumpkin clip packs from Dollar Tree. I believe they do come in white. My dollar trees never carry them, but I’m also trying to just use what I have and I picked up a bunch of orange ones from last year, so painted them white perch. The stems back in when I was done so I have a total of six. All of these florals are from Walmart, so my habit $2 eucalyptus, I’m only using one of each by the way. 97 cent clean in place and 97 cent lamb’s ear as well, and then one of dollar trees, larger willow reefs. It’s like supposed to be 12 inches, give or take 2 or 3 inches. It’s from Dollar Tree, get what you paid for. You know what I’m saying: pull apart, that eucalyptus and seriously for 2 dollars. This is a great deal. So, even though this isn’t a dollar item for two dollars, I feel like you get more than you would get if you paid $4 at Dollar Tree or Walmart and just kind of spread it apart I’m not hot glowing yet, but once I kind of get it evenly out, then I pull other pieces off and then I hot glue next, adding the Queen in place once again placing it down how I want it to go spreading it out evenly hot glue, that Down and then I add my pumpkins now I did take the little pic part off or the clip part off, because it was sticking out way too far placed them where I want it to be eyeballing it evenly and hot glued it down.
The pumpkins were more of a bear to hot glue They didn’t want to stay in place, so I did have to hold them down I didn’t film that it was a struggle, but yeah just so you know you may have to like push them down a little bit longer or it may be a deal just glue them down Lastly, adding the lamb’s ear and actually I had a little bit of lamb’s ear left over I may just go back and hot glue that on the wreath I don’t know what I would need three leaves a lamb’s ear for, but yeah just so you know no This part’s optional, but I had the thankful heart left over from a previous DIY and the previous DIY I use the Buffalo check part and I just had the thankful sign, so I thought this would be super cute Just to add to the wreath I didn’t want The Green pumpkins showing on the sign so I kind of adjusted it so those would be hidden, hot glued it and then to hang the wreath I just bent a little piece of a floral stem that I pulled off hot glued That, and just so you know, the thankful sign was not perfectly even it’s it’s off-center, but you can’t tell like, when it’s hanging my door and here’s what that looks like I really love this wreath like well You know what, if you’ve watched my channel, you may or may not know I really do have like a wreath fetish, but I do I love this wreath for fall, because my goal for fall this year is to be a little bit more, not totally neutral, but I want to do like greens and teals blues yellows I want to cut out the oranges and reds like the harsh oranges and reds If that makes sense anyways I love this route I love the way it looks and it was less than seven dollars ish For me, I also love my rug, I’m not sure what my favorite is You know what the rug really surprised me of how well it turned out, I’m just not sure about the Buffalo check You know plaid underlay part, so I’m still need your opinion on that One thank you so much for watching I will definitely catch you next time

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