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Dolls will never be too old / 7 do it yourself Barbie out of school supplies

1 Nov , 2019  

A glue bottle chair, a compass, lamp, a ruler, stand and a shower, and a ring binder learn how to make to you. Barbie furniture out of regular school supplies find more new ideas and light packs on our brand new channel wahoo follow the link in the description. Yay we’re on vacation, but what should we do with all our youth school stuff? Instead of throwing it away, we can use it to upgrade our Barbies apartments. That’s a great idea. The first piece of furniture is ready.
It’s a lavender bookshelf, made out of an old ruler, cut an old wooden ruler in two parts. Color the pieces with acrylic paint bend a stick of sparkly hot glue, slightly cut the arch press in hollows on the legs, with the hot nozzle of a glue gun. Attach the pieces of the ruler to them fasten another hot glue: leg to the other side, place little Barbie items onto the shelves. Well, we made a lovely shelf for a Barbie room, it’s cute. Now we have something that will hold all our toy things. You can always find a ton of useless things in my pencil case. Here’s an old case with blades. How long has it been here? What if I turn it into a pretty vase for Barbie cut pieces of thin wire cut paper tape, stick wire into the tape and cover the end with it shape the tape into a leaf, make a few pieces color them with acrylic paint use lighter paint to Define edges and veins coat an old utility knife blade case with acrylic paint and put in the leaves bend them to shape a bouquet. The old container looks so different. Now awesome, it turned into a wonderful vase with leaves now Barbies interior design is even nicer. What a great way to use school supplies! I could build a whole house when my friend is talking on the phone or I can make a comfy Barbie chair out of this empty glue, bottle. Let’s get to work, take the label off an empty glue, tube cut off the top part and theneck cut it in half and cut off the bottom round.
The corners with scissors trace the pieces on fabric cut them out, leaving some extra around the edges, wrap the pieces in fabric using double sided tape, fold up the edges and hot glue them make cheer legs out of broken pencils, hot glue, the seat and the back Coat the pencil with acrylic paints Wow. This chair is amazing. Let’s test how comfy it is. Do you like this chair, not bad move? I want to try it out. Oops. This chair couldn’t hold two dolls. We need to fix the situation we’ll make a soft stool out of a sponge for the second Barbie cut a use, paint sponge hot glue it to the lid of a round. Modeling clay pot, cut a circle out of fabric and wrap the top of the stool. In it, hot glue the fabric to the lid cover the pot with decorative tape. There you go, this duel is all done, sit down now the Barbies don’t need to fight over the chair. Each doll has her own comfy seat. It’s time for dinner, we need to go, get some treats, but the dolls want to eat right now, where is our cutlery? We’Ll have to do everything with our tiny doll, hands Wow the Barbie set the table so well. Look at these tiny glasses. We just have to set out some candles cut. The needles off push pins trim, the rounded tip using a utility knife cut a piece off a hot glue. Stick he did send over a candle and attach the pushpin heat theneedle and stick it into the hot glue. Stick as a wick make a few candles of different colors and sizes burn two candles, so it looks like melted wax. These doll candles create a warm atmosphere. It looks very realistic. Now we can enjoy our dinner. It was so hot at the party. Even our Barbies got tired Everyone needs to shower, and here is the perfect binder for it cut the bottom and one side off a broken plastic bag make holes with a hole puncher along one side.
Stick a pencil into the holes, gather the plastic to be a shower current hot glue, plastic Counting sticks together to shape a square frame with bars, that’ll be the shower seat Take the extra pieces off a big binder with a broken fastener cover The inside of the binder, with wrapping paper, remove a dispenser out of an empty glue, tube put in light clay poke holes using an awl, make it look like a showerhead cut A cocktail straw attach the showerhead hot glue, the piece to the center of the binder cut, a straw into small pieces, hot glue them to the side to the binder, attach a small binder clip to the wall Put the binder on a table cut a paint sponge put the piece of the sponge onto the clip shelf place the seat on the bottom Stick the pencil with a curtain into the straw holders It’s a portable Barbie shower how convenient you can shower wherever you want Whew we may as well shower to the horror movie Can Frankenstein is on geez watching it with the lights off? Is so scary? Please make a lamp for us Take the part with the sharp end out of a broken compass Bend the round fastener unscrew Another compass attach a third leg at an angle Put the screws back, cut three pieces off a colored hot glue Stick heat the sharp ends of the compasses over a candle and stick in pieces of the hot glue sticks, Bend a paperclip into a lampshade cut off the excess Put the fitting onto the leg of the compasses hot glue, a roll of decorative tape On top as a lampshade adjust the hot glue legs with the hot tip of the glue gun, now our cute lamp lights up the whole room and it scares monsters away We aren’t terrified of anything so that you don’t miss new Barbie hacks on trim True

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