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1 Nov , 2019  

Thank you just like Shakira, no, no, your receipt Marina. So I put toner in my hair because the lady told me like this toner would turn it like really light blonde, and now it’s like gray so anyway. So I’m going to a doctor’s per hand. Then I’m gonna go to a coffee shop with my friends to do some homework, so I’m just gonna get ready and you can like spend the day with me. Okay, I’ve been doing this thing lately, where I wear two different contacts, and I know you’re like huh for why, but I really like it.
No anyway, we love looking like a crack in my favorite. Okay, I’m doing so freckles because I’m just not as lucky as the people who haven’t actually so I feel like I haven’t done like a makeup. I just sit down, I kind of want to do a makeup tutorial soon, but I feel like nobody likes makeup tutorials, so should I fill my eyebrows? No, I’m just a little natural. I always brush my teeth after I finished my makeup and then everyone came from my neck and I was like sorry apparently other people. Don’t do that. So I’m ready my hair super frizzy and I was like you know, I’m not about to take a shower when I literally have like 10 minutes to get ready. I just left it frizzy and just throwing some butterfly clips. Let me run you through my fit, so we have the hair, the butterfly clips, yeah, just blue, butterfly belt and barrettes. Obviously, birds always like yeah. The camera is gonna switch from my camera to my phone, so the quality is gonna, but it’s fine. Okay So we’re in the car, my sister doesn’t want to be in it because I’ll be in it like this hello gonna do some car karaoke, but we’re gonna bleep it out with me, because we don’t want like just to clarify.
I raised the pitch on this next clip, so I’m not actually that high-pitched, I just don’t, want to get copyrighted, so I made it super high-pitched and so yeah You could probably tell I don’t know why I needed to explain that But thank you What are you? I’m being um user, we’re all right the thing with the DNA on it, yeah mitosis, says hello, meiosis biology This is just me and my sister arguing for 30 seconds about how she didn’t want to record me getting my blood drawn, but I was begging her to sneakily Do it so you’re so weird, quick little warning if you get queasy by looking at blood, really easily close your eyes for the next 30 seconds, so here my friends are spilling tea I had to mute it because you know confidentiality and I hope I heard some tea Oh my God look at my hair I really like and like she was like, oh this week, hi So I just got back home from here My friends um Oh man, I’m a mess I was gonna, get ready right now and then I’m gonna go to the gym and then probably come home and edit this and then upload So I might try toning my hair one more time, but I don’t know I don’t want my hair to fall out, but it kind of looks bad So I don’t know we’ll see: okay yeah, but I’m just gonna put my hair up, throw my hydro and then go I forgot to film an action Are we surprised? No, it’s currently 3 am the night before this goes up I’m so sorry, we’ve been new, I’m the worst youtuber ever, I’m so sorry anyway, and let me o beautiful eyes:

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