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Drag queen’s gold pool make up ELLE

1 Nov , 2019  

The first time I came out was to my friends in high school When I told her she looked like girl, don’t take it up, rarity knew When I told my mom about it, she was actually pretty supportive She uh, you know, I support you being gay Just don’t tell your brother or dad, I don’t think I’ll ever tell my brother or my dad that I mean gay, why she doesn’t know that I did you heard I became kimchi three years ago my friend was like hey, I’m gonna try a drag for The first time on Halloween do you wanna? Do it me – and I was like yeah sure why not so we went out and then we got booked for a show the first night we went on a drag shortly after that I started getting hooked and then eventually it became a full time thing about a Year and half ago, Kim Chi is a demure young Little girl, I mean Kim Chi, identifies himself as a female, but also I mean the jig is up like I’m a man in a wig You know when I’m dressed with kimchi, I feel like I could do anything I feel like when I’m in the persona I get to be as stupid as I want I get to be loud as I want I get to be as obnoxious as I want in a way I feel invincible being in drag out of drag, I’m kind of like a quiet shy person I definitely feel more in confidence when I’m as kimchi I tried to give my 200% every time I get in drag regarding hair and makeup and look there’s definitely a lot of confidence that comes from that, what I’m usually a guy I just like to wear all black and kind of bloody, be in the bathroom It’s almost like a mask that I put on and even just like the way I do my makeup and even just the way I dress it’s very clearly, not like a real woman if fantasy, when I first started doing drag, I was really inspired by the world Of fashion, my goal and drug is to look different every time, I’m in it I see my face at the blank canvas and I can paint on whatever I want to paint on I would like to do drive as long as possible until I can’t pick up that makeup Brush anymore yeah, you

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