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Draw my life! |Saffron peeling machine

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel. I really hope you guys enjoy make sure you smash a big thumbs up if you do and make sure to subscribe, if you’re not already and let’s get straight into it. My full name is saffron autumn darker, so it was the 24th July 2000. When I entered to blonde – but let’s go back before that before I was born for me, there was my dad, my mom and my brother Casey. My brother Casey was 5. When I was born when my mom gave birth to me, I had the umbilical cord tied on my neck, which therefore meant I could breathe and everybody got really upset scared.
I’m very worried. After a few apparently very long minutes. I took a breath on I screwed there for making everybody very, very happy, although, according to my parents, I didn’t stop screaming for the next two years. 18 months later, my baby brother Jeff was born, and that then made us 5 crazy had already started school and didn’t know already close growing up. I used to dress him up in two tiers, an tiaras all the time. At three years old, I took my first dance lesson and I had a rule. After this, it was my favorite hobby, and I carried on doing this until I was 11. I started school only four years old enough making new friends. Many of them are still my best friends. Now I love school so much. Unfortunately, I did not know what happened because, as I’ve got older, I’m not loving it so much myself and gerbil in and out of hospital quite a few times as we both have really bad problems with our ears and hat our forests. One time we stayed in together for two nights as we had our tonsils and adenoids out, but it was okay because we had each other. When I was 8 years old, I joined a singing group called Brian’s got a singing as it looked like so much fun and it definitely was a coven of years later I entered a local teen. Competition called the bottom DJ instructor and I was so proud of myself because I got last days.
One of the judges was Simon, Cowell’s. Mum said because of this we had a big write out in the Sun newspaper about it. I was literally over the moon. This was a very big deal for me, so you’re, dancin and actin was all I ever did in my spare time. I don’t know every single day after school and I even done it on the weekends too. In 2012, one day, our singing teacher asked myself and my three best friends would like to form a band, and that was when warned blush was formed me and the girls, but everyday rehearsing and practicing singing became my life and the girls were my world. So, moving on to 2015, when I was in year ten in February that year I went on a skiing trip for the first time with my school to Austria. We all had so much fun, hey, there’s me! That’s my skin and I just want to point out at this point: if you have a notice already, I cannot draw at all on the last day. Everybody was really sad, but I was over the moon because I plucked up the courage to talk to a boy. I thought was kind of cute and we then exchanged numbers. His name was Jane Jake and I talked to face hand every single day and became closer and closer. We knew we both had something special between us from the mineable. First in June I went to her foot to see Jake and when I was there. You can check this out on his channel. I’Ll. We tried Italian and E Jay became the love of my life, and I was so so happy. Although a few days later, Drake went on holiday and the worst thing ever happened. I was absolutely heartbroken and all my dreams were crushed born to blush, had split. All of us was really upset. I was actually devastated and cried for days. I literally didn’t know what I was going to do in my life and I needed a plan B. Then Along Came my knight in shining armor by the way This is supposed to be a horse, not a lizard Jake was amazing, support and suggested.
I start my own YouTube channel So I thought why not give it a go so that was that August first I sell my own YouTube channel and do my very first book called change Others fears I had started a YouTube channel and I was really lucky that some of you guys came over to watch me and enjoyed what I was doing and subscribed I really appreciate you guys for giving me a chance Thank you This channel was growing so fast on the 20th of October I set up my second channel, where I do my daily rolls This is called sacra, Barca vlogs I absolutely love logging and I love this channel I feel as if on this channel, you guys get to know me a lot better and I get to interview guys a lot It makes me so happy My vlogging family is growing and growing and growing, and currently there is eighty four thousand five hundred and seventy seven of ours, which is absolutely crazy To think that many of you love to watch my everyday, then this happened February The second I cried with happiness I adhere a hundred thousand subscribers on my main channel I was absolutely over the moon and I cannot thank everyone of you enough It gets better later that month I released my own merchandise, which is absolutely crazy and response has been overwhelming Thank you guys again I love you and I love doing YouTube so much I wonder how I would ever live without my YouTube Family I’ve met so many amazing people and had so many great opportunities, so I’m currently in year 11 and taking my GCSEs, which include dance Spanish, I perform an art I’ve got three months left and then No More school for me So that’s my life so far I really hope you guys enjoyed and for the future you know watch the space Thank you so much for watching I love you all Bye!

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