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Drive with me!

30 Sep , 2019  

Everybody welcome back to my channel and today, as you can tell, we are in my car, so I’m gonna be doing a drive with me and I’m pretty hype about it because I feel like I’m always in my car and I hit my best notes in The car, with singing better than I do in the shower – I always am just like on the phone friends, either partying or crying listening to sad songs, um almost getting car crashes just kidding yeah, hopefully not – and I don’t know so. I have no destination in mind today, kind of just want to drive with you guys talk about life, the world social media.
Who knows, let’s just talk about life and um: let’s go so. I’m gonna leave my house right now. Alright, I am definitely prepared for people to look at me like. I am crazy because I am talking to a camera in the front of my car, so sure, weird and also I’m sitting super uncomfortably in my car so that my camera can fit and see me. So I’m like lifts right out. It’s pretty great. It looks ahead of my neighbors, my favorite said hi to me. I love waving at my neighbors. I feel like it’s so fun, I’m like feel like an adult. Alright, I think trying to think of where I want to go right or left out of my neighborhood. Alright, let’s get this party started like a woman from in that clip, you can see why I don’t have a single or an album, because singing is definitely not my forte, but you know what I tried leaf referent. Also, if you don’t know that song, you need to go know it, because it’s so good at a dance. When I was younger, if you don’t know the song I might freak out, I don’t even know how this angle is or how it looks, but it keeps falling. So just let everybody know I’m trying. I am really trying to make this good, but you know sometimes me and my camera. I just get into a fight, I’m really stupid and I try to think about how it’s supposed to be fall. You know like it’s October, I mean but first we’re talking about Honda stupid because it is currently 85 degrees outside and I’m I’m in a big sweatshirt like police comfy, but like really hot sweatshirt, and I don’t know why I do this to myself literally every time. I do this to myself, I’m like oh, it’s fall, I’m gonna get a hot drink and like put on a jacket, no don’t do it, don’t do it just don’t do it. This is weird just looked at me and then waved. I don’t know what to do, but so I really uncomfortable I can officially say, but um did he drive away and then I can finish.
I get really uncomfortable really fast. Actually, not true, I’m like a pretty outgoing person, like I’m, a pretty crazy outgoing person. If you ask me or my friends, I don’t know, if that’s always a good thing though, but I feel like I’m pretty like I’m pretty chill too I’m not like. I actually love my car. My car is the best. Like I love sitting in my car. I feel like the first two years of driving, I’m starting to get over a little bit, but like the first two years of driving, it’s like you have a car. You feel like. I have your own freedom if you ever just want to like leave. Well, I don’t know my parents are sometimes show sometimes I’m the drive can get a little macho, but sometimes just like okay, I’m starting to just leave the house whenever I want, which is probably not the right thing to do, but I always bring her back like A Starbucks or judge Prez or something and then she’s, although something like a website again so yeah, that’s the thesis. I think everybody should go. Watch the chilling Adventures of Sabrina, because it’s very spooky, but it’s kind of hard to follow up. First, like I’m not gonna lie like I get a little confused like every ten seconds, I’m like what’s going on, like I’m scary, but like what’s happening, but it’s good. I like it comment down below if you liked it if you’ve watched it. Okay, I think I’m gonna go to Starbucks now so and Rao is it in route in route in route Grammer? I think it’s in route, I’m gonna sound stupid, either way, so whatever I’m in route to Starbucks and I’m pretty hype about it. What should I get? Well, I just hit a yellow light, so I always do that whenever I’m in the intersection at a yellow light, I don’t know why we do it, but I forget why we do it. We’ve always done that. I’m very superstitious in ways like on dance halls and stuff. Like this whole thing, they like shake it out thing. If I didn’t do it before I went on stage, I guess where I would be way worse, so I always did it no matter what even if it was like. I was competing with my other dance studio. I would always do that. I don’t know it just became like a ritual after a while they called my mom, because I want to see if she wants anything, hey, hey, I’m going to start bass. You want anything. Oh you want kpop cuz he’s a Starbuck. No, she wants a cake pop. Okay, I’ll get my cake pops.
You want anything. Aha, then came pumpkin, latte iced with nonfat milk and know what Wow can you please text that to me this car is in my way. No, I can be a really aggressive driver. If I want to be when I’m in Los Angeles driving, I think that, like everybody’s rage, just like get to put on me, the seven like a new person like a legit, you like it’s not even Kalani in my body anymore, it’s like somebody who’s spooky and Wants to and I’ll be driving in Los Angeles yeah. That’s pretty true, though witches brew. Definitely don’t want that hi. What is in this witch’s brew thing, so there’s Jesse and the purple part is okay, I’ll. Try that kinda stew at all and then can I do a cake pop nope. That’s off! Thank you! Okay, so I got that witches brew thing, because it looks absolutely disgusting and I feel like I should try it for you guys, unless you guys have had it before it has a lot of calories and it so that’s really exciting, because I’m trying to be healthy Right now, because you know holidays coming up and then I’m just gonna eat, like legit crap every single day, like pumpkin pie literally every day. So thank you. Thank you dear. Thank you. So I think she like forgot my drawing for a second and she was just like doing a lot of other things and I was like still sitting out there and she looked at me like. I was crazy and I was like dude you’re, the crazy one um. I got my drink yet now I’m going to get in the turn lane. Well, I’m driving! So give me a second, oh I’m stopping. So I can try this for you. You know safety first, so here’s this witch’s brew thing Starbucks, which is blue anyways. I’m terrified at this. Like anything, that’s like purple, I probably like shouldn’t be drinking and house like little seeds in it like this. Just doesn’t look that just want about tasty, like for my taste buds. This doesn’t seem like it’s gonna, be the one for me and I don’t really like whipped cream and it has green stuff on it, and it’s just not that right. So here we go trying it for the first time with you guys with me, that was not proper English, but let’s go it tastes like a cereal This literally tastes like Oh, what is it? What are you something I don’t really like it, but like fruity, something um? Is it tastes like like a mix between like Twix all right, not whoa? I called it two bikes of tricks like tricks up for kids, yeah like that and like pretty pebbles.
That’s like the mix, it’s like my like right, not what I like to see I eat or drink and like these seeds, I’m gonna seed yet got a seed, not very good I’m going to show you like my actual drink I don’t like this So sorry Starbucks sponsor me but like I don’t want, maybe it’s sponsored with this drink So I’m not always like the biggest fan of don’t go I was crossing an intersection I sometimes get spooked I need to stop saying spooky I hate that word, I’m so over It I keep saying it anyways, so wow, I’m the most sidetracked person there could ever be on this leg Hurry like this isn’t good we’re back on the road we’re back in motion I wonder if you can see me, my camera doesn’t have like a little great view thing So I don’t really know what my angle is If it’s really bad or really not So, let’s just hope that it’s great oh and there it goes I’m just gonna drive very carefully cautiously, like I should in the first place, but let’s be real here, you get nowhere as a conscious driver No we’re just kidding That’s so not true drive with caution Okay, should I like call a friend, maybe would that be fun? I just like call somebody, let’s see what some people are up to Oh hi, I’m doing a drive with me say hi to my friends on my second speakers Throughout my car you know, I know I can tell the difference in your voice when I brought in your car and we were just talking yeah I know I’m like yeah You are definitely on speaker I always tell you when I’m in the car they’re, like I never don’t, I’m always like I do all my phone calls for like interviews of stuff like in the car yeah You always pull me in the car Like anything, you call me and it’s not at night, I don’t guarantee it’s you’re in the car I get super lonely and I just like I just need to be with somebody, so I call you well, I’m here dude welcome to my house We are home sort of hi neighbor How are you, okay, I’m so close to the wall and I’m gonna get even closer once I get in all right the lighting probably sucks right now If you liked it make sure to LIKE subscribe comment, all the fun things that you’re supposed to do, that like every youtuber says so I’m just saying it because I’m supposed to – and I love you guys so much have a great day

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