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Easy and shiny makeup + Suitable for any lip gloss!

30 Sep , 2019  

. Really nice sultry eye makeup. Look for hooded eyes! I give you guys some tips and tricks like I always do to pull off this eye. Look because if you have hooded eyes, you guys know that sometimes eyelids could be challenging so I’ll show you guys how to get this look. I’ll be using some of their products that are part of the love you so muchi collection and the love you so muchi collection has two eyeshadow palettes, and the formula of the eyeshadows are so freaking cool they’re like spongy.
It’s SuperDuper cool, they have to highlight palettes, and then they have the really cool, it’s just the most interesting formula ever because they’re, not a liquid Lipstick they’re not just a lipstick, they feel so airy on the lips, I’m wearing one. Now, and I don’t know it’s just the most interesting lip product. I’ve tried so far like it’s like a powder but a cream. At the same time, because I show you guys how this I look Paris with every single one. So if you guys want to see that then just keep on watching – and I hope you guys enjoy it – okay, so as you guys can see, I already have one eye done. The first thing that I’m going to do is prime my eye gonna take a little bit of eye primer and just apply it to my whole eye. Next, I’m gonna go ahead and take a fluffy brush and a light tan shadow, and I’m going to use this as my transition shade, with this shadow, I’m actually going to wing it out a bit because I feel like this adds to the soul tree effect. I’m gonna take a shade deeper, not too deep and I’m gonna apply this right on top or doing this to add some dimension, because if I just do one flat shadow and then move on to this shimmer and then move on to this, the eye. Look is just gonna look not so complete. It’s also gonna look flat, so you want to add some dimension when doing a look like this and then for our last match shadow for the top part, we’re going to take a shade, even deeper, but again, not too deep. We do not want this to be SuperDuper deep or just creating some nice. I guess floette Shrieve, I don’t know, I described it, but this parts gonna be the focus, but we still want this part to have some attention too.
So we’re just kind of building up the intensity in the crease area without making it too intense, and then I’m gonna go ahead and use my finger to con just fluff this up, because I have that a little bit too much. If you ever do that. Just use your finger to lightly kind of blend it now for our lovely shimmer, I’m gonna take the love you so muchi palette and we’re gonna use two shimmers in this palette, and now I’m going to take the nyx multitasker mixing medium. If you have hooded eyes, a mixing medium is crucial because otherwise you’ll get a lot of transferring and you do not want that. Let’s go ahead and open it up. I got a YouTube ami, putting a little bit. On the back of my hand, I’m gonna take a flat brush just grab some of that mixing medium and before I do this one go ahead and show you guys the colors we’re gonna use today from the palette. I’m going to take this shade right here first and then this shape to go on top to add some dimension. I want to show you guys this first, because once I put this on my eye, I do not want to look up, otherwise it will get all over the place. So that’s one thing I do want to give you guys, like as guidance, because I know sometimes people, they see the products I use and they go and they use them. I okay like why? Is it not working the way ELISA showed me, so this is telling you do not open your eyes if you put this mixing medium on the eye until you put your product and let it dry down, so I’m gonna do now. You also want to make sure to put a very thin layer, because if it’s too thick and will crack and then since the mochi eyeshadow is so soft, I’m actually gonna apply with my finger and then taking my finger again. I took a little bit more mixed-media, I’m gonna tap on to the eye, and I’m going to apply our other shade, which has a little more sparkle to it. For my next step, I’m I go ahead and create a winged liner I did a really medium-sized wing, I would call it it’s not too big, not too small.
It’s also kind of flowing in a more curvy fashion versus like straight and the reason I chose that sort of curve is because it goes really nice in my eyes, shut up if my eye shadows kind of winged out as well So I really want that kind of curvy wing and set up a straight wing, because it’s just gonna flow really nicely with this eye Look next, I’m gonna go ahead and apply some lashes, or I definitely prefer a lash, more fluff and volume because it just kind of pulls it together I feel like at the lashes, are almost too thin It may look just not as like sultry and also with any lash they do happen to put on I highly recommend cutting it because, as you guys can see, my lash is more so focused on the outer part that I would just really emphasizing that outer part of the eye and that’s kind of what I want I want to be very, like outer eye focus outer corner focused, so with any lash With this look, I would definitely cut it so that it’s more focus on that apart I now for the bottom part of the eye, I’m going to apply a little bit more eye primer and I’m going to go ahead and apply a black eyeshadow and, as you can see in this eye, it has some sparkles So I actually took this shade in the love you so muchi palette and I’m gonna take some mixing medium put on top of here and then put that shadow on So here is the finished eye Look really nice and sultry, and this eye look can actually pair well with a lot of lip shades So to demonstrate that I’m going to show you guys how it looks with each of the new NYX professional makeup powder puffs lippies Just so you guys the whole effect okay, so here you guys have the finished look and, as you guys can see, I do not add highlight to where I know I’m Li highlight I only did my nose and my keep it slow only because I really want the focus to be the eyes and that’s why I decided to go with a more toned down lip of the powderpuff lippies So yeah here you guys have the finished Look

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