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Easy eyebrows tutorial!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi everyone I am back today, I’m gonna, be doing my brow tutorial.. I’ve been doing my brows for over five years, and I’ve tried many different products for my brows and what I’m doing right now is by far the easiest technique. I’ve done. I really hope it helps you out. So let’s get started alright guys so before I do begin with this tutorial. I just want to point out the obvious. I know I look so different without brows. I think brows are honest, are really important.
They can honestly change your face completely and clearly I mean it changes mine cuz. I look so different. I mean it’s something that I’m really really insecure about, because you guys have really been requesting an eyebrow tutorial and I hope it really helps you guys out too drawing your brows, I’m first gonna begin With the Anastasia Beverly Hills, brow is and dark brown. So what I do is just brush on my little hairs out, so I’m just gonna do one brow for you guys first and then I’ll do the other one. What I like to do is just start. Shading right underneath the brow and that kind of did over pluck my brows the other day. So what I do is just kind of fill in a little bit underneath that and bring it out. I usually just stop like right about there. Some people just like to put an object across our face like this, and it kind of tells you where to stop. I don’t really use it. I just kind of just do it. I just like to go over it and just make it a little bit darker and the same thing goals coming right in the inner part of the brow. I just like to stop right about there. They also say to put something right there like that, and it should stop right about there. They don’t really do this, but if it helps you out go for it now, I’m gonna go ahead and start shading from the top, so my brows are kind of thin right now, so I do like to make them a little bit more thicker. So I’m going to go a little bit just a little bit above my brow. If you don’t have an arch, you can always just create it, but I do have one and I’m just gonna connect it to the bottom. The next thing I do is, I use my on the side of a beverly hills, dipbrow pomade in dark brown, and this is how I fill in the rest of my brows.
Now, if you don’t own this, you can always just use an eye shadow or just you know any other brow product. You have and fill it in the brush that I like to use is this Sigma small angled east 65 brush? This is not mine by the way. This is my sisterĂ­s and I loved it so much. She always lets me borrow it, but I need to get myself one because it works so good. I just start from the outer part and just fill it in you when I took it to the inner part I just like starting from the bottom and working it upwards slowly, you don’t want it to be too intense in the inner corner, and this is a Mistake that I would do a lot before and a lot of you guys would actually tell me – and I don’t know how I didn’t realize it. I would have my brows super intense from the middle now. What I do is go from the bottom and also bring it down a little bit like this, and when I’m in the inner corner, I like to not push so hard. I like to really grab my brush from the very end and do that so make sure you use a light hand for this. I’m gonna go in with my brow, Wiz, and it has this bully at the end, and I like to comb out my brows. Not the whole brow, but I just like to comb out in the inner corner and what that’s gonna do is just really give it that nice faded effect in the inner corner. As you can see, it’s really blending it out, and then I like to go in here as well and blend more, and it is completely normal for some other product to fall off. As you guys can tell I’m just gonna go back on my English brush. You don’t even have to pick up any more product and just use whatever is in the brush and go back in there and fill in whatever possibly came off. Don’t go all the way to the inner corner. Just focus right over here, and sometimes what I like to do is just going with my fingers. If I feel like I went to in – and I just go in there and fix it – I’m gonna clean out my brows with this Mac, a studio finish concealer, and this is in the color and c15 I don’t use this all the time, though I try to only clean on my brows when I just really want them to look extremely perfect, I’m going to be using this alter Beauty, tapered or what you call this flat definer brush.
I think, and I’m going to clean out my brows a little bit and I’m just going to clean them up from the bottom right here You, if you do want to clean the top of your brow, make sure you use something: that’s exactly your skin color, because if you use something the same color as the bottom, it might end up looking a little bit too much This is something that I would also do before I used to use this exact concealer above the brow, and it just makes it look, I think, a little bit too fake and then what I do is just drag it down a little bit and blend it out, but not just gone with my fingers Now this step is really not necessary, but it really does make a difference It really cleans up the brows and makes them stand out a lot more I’m just going to go back in with a brush and fix it A little bit I’m gonna go in and set it with my Anasazi Beverly Hills Brow, Jo – and this is just the clear one I barely even have brows but believe me They do move around a lot I’m just gonna go ahead and apply this It is crazy what broster to your face, I mean: are you guys looking at this right now, I’m gonna go ahead and draw this brow in I will still film this for you guys, but I’m just gonna speed it up So that is how my brows look now I know they don’t look exactly the same, and that is completely normal They do say, eyebrows are sisters, not twins, alright, you guys I really hope you guys enjoyed I know this Video has been highly requested and I’m sorry it took me so long, but I’ve recently started just doing this technique and I’m really glad that I got to show you guys how I do it, because this is by far the easiest technique I’ve done for my brows, and I know it’s gonna help you out as well If there’s anything that I left behind comment down below and I’ll gladly reply to you, if you’re not subscribed to my channel, please subscribe, it would mean the world to me and if you are subscribed, thank you so much I know I’ve been getting more subscribers lately I recently hit 20,000 and it really means a lot to me Thank you guys

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