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Easy five minute smoky eye makeup course

1 Nov , 2019  

if sometimes you wake up in the morning, and you wish you could have the best smokey eye of your life, but you just don’t want to spend a half an hour. Raise your hand in the comments section. I know there’s emoji for that. I think or there’s like this girl she’s my fave. So today I’m going to break down your lazy guide to the perfect smoky eye in five minutes and there are no brushes necessary for this look. You are just going to be using your fingertips.
This is such a throwback for me, because this is literally how I would get ready in the morning at 5:30 a.m. before, I had to grab the bus and go downtown to sell makeup at Nordstrom, and I just did not have the time and it was cold Outside and I just I wanted to wear makeup and be pretty, but I was so tired that I would hit that snooze button and I think we’ve all been there, so I’m going to teach you all my tricks and we are going tohop right in okay. First things: first, I’m going to go in with a shadow stick now you could use a cream shadow in a little jar. If you wanted to, I would suggest using something that is more of an actual cream base than shimmer base. So in my head, I’m like something a little thicker, not necessarily color pop, not necessarily something that has a metallic finish. That’s why I personally, like these shadow sticks this one. I have on hand, don’t scream you guys. I know. Forgive me, it is the only one. I have right now that is matte. I used to do eye makeup like this all the time and I would use different options which I’m going to list in the description box below, but the one I’m using today is by by Terry, and this is very expensive, but this is the black star shadow. Stick, it is really really good if you want to invest in something like this, it smudges out really nicely. This is a really nice one, but there are plenty of options, so don’t feel like you are limited to just this I mean we’ve all seen a deep espresso rich brown like this before so you know, I just don’t want you to feel like. Oh, my gosh, I don’t have like the biggest budget in the world, and that means you can’t do this. Look you absolutely can there are options at the drugstore? Ok. So what I’m doing first is I’m just going to go and very messily.
I mean this. Is this is all look cute, I’m just going to go and color this on lid. Now I’m not going to get up to the crease, because I’m going to be blending up there with my fingertips, I’m going to go pretty close to the inner corner. Alright! So I’m going to take my middle finger and I am going to kind of almost Pat and pull away in and pull down. So if you see I’m going up a little bit above where the color is and I’m pulling it down, but it’s smudging that edge out now. This is your a high and you don’t want to create a ton of wrinkles so be as gentle as you can use more of that dabbing patty motion than pulling. But you are gently pulling in and it creates a nice kind of a smoked out effect and then once I have it kind of smudged out, I will then take the finger right next door, my ring finger and that one does not have any product on it. At all – and I will continue doing the same thing until I have it kind of smoked out the way I want it to be well, I thought it was noisy outside now. I did get a little bit underneath that happens. Sometimes just take your pinky and kind of pull it upward, I’m going to be smoking out the lower lashline anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. You can be kind of messy with this look and that’s what makes it so fast. Now, I’m going to take this from Maybelline. This is a color tattoo. This is the shade, creamy chocolate and I’m going to go over everything that we just put down up to the crease again, and this is going to further lock things in, but also brighten and lighten things up just a little bit alright. So I have a pretty good base down now. You don’t have to do this. You can take an even lighter shade, I’m just going to show you what it looks like layered on top, because I’m going to end up using more of a copper shade, but just to show you as an option. This is more of a bronzey lighter shade. This is from Marc Jacobs. Now I can put this right in the center kind of Pat it in, and you can see. That brings like a whole level of light to the center of the eyes makes it not soharsh, where it just looks like this flat. One color on the lid, which is something that I don’t want to call a mistake. You know you do you do your makeup, how you want, but if you want it to look a little bit softer, this is the better way to go.
The other bonus of using creams like this and layer them on is this is not going to move until I wash it off at the end of the day, it’s going to look exactly like this from morning till night and it is not going to lose color Or have any flaking or fallout, which is such a huge win? You don’t have to even think about your eyeshadow at all, so now we’re going to move in to this guy right here. This is touching soul. This is the medalist liquid foil. Now this is just because I created this look the other day, and I was like this – is the prettiest combo ever that I am showing you this, but you would be welcome to you know, throw on some liner work on the lower lash line and call this Right here, a great smokey eye and be out the door, but something that I really like doing that, I think, is such an eye-catching look is foiling just the center portion of the lid with something that is really loud and really bright. So for me today, I’m going to use this guy because it is really loud and really bright. So I’m going to focus just above my pupil right on the center of the lid and I’m putting down the first step, which is what gives the glitter something to grab to and then Pat it. In with this product, there does tend to be a little fallout which kind of sucks, but you can just kind of brush it away or you could do this whole thing before you even do your face makeup. What I’m going to do for my lower lash line is go back with the first product that we used from by Terry, and I am just going to dry this. I don’t want to drag it too low, I’m going to focus kind of like I am lining. My lower lash line, I’m going about 75% of the way in and I’m working one eye at a time because you don’t want this stuff to dry before you have a chance to blend it out. I am then taking my pinky and I am just smudging. I’m kind of doing that pull up kind of a thing. Alright, the next thing I’m going to do to add a little bit of brightness to that lower lash line into the inner corner is take something that is not champagne. It’s not overly bright It’s not going to match the lid, but it is a touch lighter than what we have here, and it has a little bit of a metallic finish.
So this is from Jordana This would be made to last liquid shadow in dusk, till bronze, and I am just going to place this right on the lower lash line right here and it is starting to come together Okay, so now I am going to line my waterline, I’m going to take this five-dollar automatic pencil from Jane Cosmetics That is one of my very very favorites, it’s very rich in black pigment, it’s great for the waterline and I’m just going to pop that in there Then I’m also going to line the upper waterline as well and if you feel like there is a need for a little bit of blending, this does take two seconds You can take a crease brush, you don’t have to I mean you could walk out the door with a little mascara on top of this and be totally good, but if you want to take it to that perfectionist level, you definitely can use powder products in with this, and I’m just going to very very lightly Go above where the end of that cream color is just on the outer edge just to give a little bit of a transition there, I’m going to use my Marc Jacobs mascara This is the Omega lash and I am just like re obsessed with this mascara It is so good it thickened lengthened it’s fantastic, so I’m going to go in and give a nice few coats of mascara I’m not even going to apply false lashes I think this kind of a look works without false lashes I mean you absolutely could add them on, but something about the smoky eyes It’s like smudgy kind of rock and roll a little more effortless, even though it is really intense, and I like the look of it without so This is the completed look and, if I wasn’t, you know babbling about through every step This is something that you can literally be like: pat, pat, pat, pat, pat pat, you know smoking lower, lash lines, rolling a little mascara and boom You are out the door I have literally done this makeup on a bus, I’m not even joking So if I can do it, you can do it and I hope you guys try this look out If you do be sure to tag me on Instagram or Twitter, please give it a thumbs up I love you guys so much

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