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Easy smoky and sultry Gram Dylan Sabah

30 Sep , 2019  

I’m talking about my nexthey guys. We are going to start immediately with the skin, I’m using Mario Badescu lavender facial spray, which is super super hydrating, and it smells amazing as well so for foundation. I’m using one of my favorite foundations, it’s a drugstore one and it’s Maybelline, a dewy and smooth one and I’m using the shade 220. And what I really like about this foundation is that it gives a very sheer finish, but it’s very buildable as well.
This is it’s heart-shaped tape, concealer and I’m loving this because it gives a lot of coverage and my dark circles were not playing this day. So I’m using a little bit more concealer than what I used to I’m, also using the all-nighter Urban Decay concealer to get a little bit more coverage, so 2 cream contour my face, I’m using the hoola bronzer by benefit. You all know that I will love this one, it glides on very, very easily very smooth, and I also really love the undertone of this color, also contouring, the sides of my forehead because of a pretty wide forehead, and now I’m going back in with my damp Beauty, blender and blend everything to is all blended and smooth for blush. I was actually pretty scared to use this one. It’s the first time that I’m using this NARS liquid blush, but I actually really loved how subtle this blush actually is, and it gives a very nice glow without being like too much. This is the Laura Mercier translucent powder and only using it all the places where I would have normally be a little bit more oily and I’m not baking. But I am defining my contour line. If you know what I mean, because if you use a lot of cream products, it can end up a little bit smudgy on the cheeks. So I’m defining this to make it tight and nice so to bronze up the face. I’m using dark, chocolates bronzer from Too Faced, I’m not only bronzing up the face, but I’m also setting the places where we’ve used the hoola, bronzer and yeah. You guys know that I like to be bronzy and glowy. This is a product that I’ve used for the first time. This is Too Faced. Unicorn tears, it’s actually a highlighter and a bronzer in one, and that was very curious and it came out a little bit more pigmented than I thought, but I actually really loved it too. You know get a whole all-over glow and this highlighter was not kidding This is the color pop boy-next-door highlighter, which was recommended by Karen from I love sorry, and this highlighter was just like next level.
I’ve used a couple of times, but I’ve never seen it like this beautiful So for my brows, I’m using the ferocious eyebrow pencil from the balm and dark brown This was the first time that I’m that i was using this pencil and honestly my brows and never looked good like this before it’s just I was actually pretty very surprised that my brows looked this good, so this is a brow gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills in caramel As you all know, so, I’m moving on to the eyes I’m using block party shadows from those of colors which are insanely beautiful They are so so so pigmented and I’ve used three shades, which is a hot mesh That’s the one that I’m applying right now and I blended this eye shadow with the morphe Jaclyn hill palette, and I just blended, I’m blending a blended till I thought it was smoky enough, so this is next shade that I was using This is wild free and, as you can see, I’m just building up the color to get more You know shimmer going on make it a little bit more smoky, and this was the last shade that I was using from the block party collection and it was wild and free So this is the Urban Decay eye pencil in whiskey Honestly, Urban Decay has one of the best eye pencils out there, and this color is just very, very beautiful and I think it suits everyone Just a nice dark brown color So this trick right here, I didn’t show it on camera, because you know it’s a pigment and it could fall off very very easily, but this is the shell pigment from those of colors and, as you can see, this just finished the whole Look, it’s so beautiful! It makes it very very glossy and shiny, and I don’t know it gives like a kind of like an edge to the eyeshadow I’ve also used it on my inner corner as well, so for the lips, I’m using a 1993 lip liner Now Last but not least, I’m using my soft touch, lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which is one of my favorite favorite shades, perfect, perfect, pink nude and I’m also using the blush of Anastasia Beverly Hills to make it a little bit more pinky Since the NARS was a little bit more Coralie, if you know what I mean, and that is it for the final look, I hope you guys loved how it came out It’s like smokey eye Newt lips, and you know that it’s completely in my street, so yeah don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

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