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30 Sep , 2019  

Guess who’s that no no back again pineapples back! I have friends welcome back to my channel today, I’m getting everything ready for my holidays, and I’m just so, but today I’m gonna show you how to look good on your hearty box. I will be wearing the one look, the whole time most likely. So this is the basics of the first I’m gonna be wearing, and you can add that things yourself to amp it up whether it’s glitter or a different lip whatever and yeah. Let’s just get stuck in, I guess I don’t listen.
I don’t I don’t tan. When I go away, I don’t burn, I don’t do anything. I just say this color ight and my buddy using self tanner. This is the people three to one. I’ve been using that a lot recently. Actually all you guys have been asking me, but it’s nobody, but a goodie, and you go luck. She set me out a big package and I was in a house remembered how much I know anyways. Let’s go, you want to start off, first of all by priming your skin. This is the banana bright primer that we are actually going to Tenerife. So you know the climate is very different there than what it is in. Ireland generally make a blast really well. On my skin, but I do like to take extra steps just to make sure it doesn’t budge. This one is going to be present very much so so I want to be the most glorious shiny princess in all the land. So I’m going to take my Becca shimmering, skin perfecter, liquid and I’ll pop that auto body instantly glowing. You can, of course, pop this on your body as well. You will look like a tin man. It’s fine foundation, I’m obsessed with nice finish and nothing new here when I wear all the time is enough to read it long where it is a little bit more full coverage, but I find it does last. Oh so well, it’s so so! Well in the heat, and then if you want a more natural kind of glowy finish, you can go for the sheer glow, I’m actually gonna use sure go clear just for the shits and giggles no one’s shedding no one giggling, but anyway, this used to be My oh gee foundation. I wore this one all the time for a fact. Yes, one guy just allows your skin to peek through a little bit more and I’ve actually been liking, my skin he can through and not actually wearing too much foundation. My skin is kind breaking that around this area here, but I don’t care, I just changed into freckles. They don’t want it to freckles, and my tan is still development, so it might be a little bit of a different color. So do not come for me. I acknowledge it there’s just nothing I can do about it at this present moment in time. Okay, now I’m planning on quoting tan on my face tonight, so my panelists won’t really be peeking through, but this foundation is victory.
It’s like a second skin nurse. Just do the best skin products, that’s just the way it is. I don’t make the rules, but I’m gonna use, reading creamy concealer just popping this and all the usual areas. To be honest, I might not even use fiendish and a lot of the time. What I like to do is just get my foundation brush and use whatever’s left on it and kind of run over like this. Oh god, I forgot the most important thing that I should have done, though, that forgot before doing this SPF, please make sure you are SPF and hung big eyes. Spf protects you from the Sun. This sun makes you old. Yes, it can make you lovely in tan, but it can also make you old and it’s very dangerous for your skin, and I know there’s like so many I don’t know. I know some beds are very popular at the moment: yada yada yada. I actually heard in the radio the other idea, what I can you got any Mars and that it can increase the chances of getting skin cancer by 70%. I don’t want to burst your bubble, all right, I’m just speaking to the ones who are on the sand board as me. Maybe who feel a bit looking sickly pale and you know hit having to put on your tan or whatever, but it’s fine guys. I am with you on this sunbeds. Just isn’t the thing for me: it’s not my journey, guys, twelve skin, I’m going to use my snowsuit contouring stick in the shade warm. So the thing about creams creams make your skin look a little bit more natural, and I not the way I’m doing it right now. Hello, they don’t last as well on the skin. Powders is what makes them kind of sick, but cream sperm cells make you look. Super glowy super fresh, like I said, not as kids as what a powder does when you put a powder on your skin. That’s when it starts to look like makeup, I’m not just skin. So if you are just going to the beach or go onto the pond or whatever and you’re not going to be there for too long, but you still want little something on your. Of course you can throw on your cream products at the door. But if you want to make it last and you will need to use a smidge of powder, a new product mantra is the charlatan Bigelow chasm. Listen, this should teach cousin. I think this is gonna be too dark for me, but it’s supposed to be like a highlighter.
This is quite peachy, so I think I’m gonna use. That’s like a highlighter and blush in one. Don’t go! Oh! No! Oh dear yeah! Oh it’s gone! Oh okay, all right at like blends reading my sans disconcerted, but I didn’t need to be worried about anything. It’s just loaded up, then so already there’s a big piece of glitter stuck to my face. This is rude. I’m calling their parties! Okay, that blends really nicely into the skin. There isn’t actually a lot of color payoff, honest, which kind of scared me whenever I first put on, I thought it’d be far too dark for me. Both Wow look at me glowing because it has a tiny amount of color on it with that peach, it stops it from looking too white. I actually really like that. I didn’t think it was gonna. You can leave this as it is maybe powder just underneath your right stop crease in and go do whatever else. Stick on your eyebrows, I don’t know and you’re ready for the beach or whatever. But, to be honest, I probably won’t even be wearing makeup unless I’m going out that night. So that’s when I do watch the last little bit longer. So that’s why I’m gonna use powder. I want to use my Charlotte elebrate airbrush finish. This is what love does you can see we’re just gonna pop this everywhere, the eye crease yeah. This is my favorite powder, because it’s super lightweight, so even when you top it off, it doesn’t keep kicking up it’s very, very finely milled and for topping up it’s just the drain, because again it’s not too heavy bronzer. I’m going to use my floor, my bronzer, that is the size of my head. I really like this bronzer. I get all my friends together. This isn’t this Sun kiss it’s just so handy. I am gonna apply a little bit less than what I normally would we’re not going for a full-blown cake face, we’re just going for like a cupcake face. You know we’re just cute, I’m using a big fluffy brush as opposed to a smaller, more defined one. This is gonna give her more of a bronzey look as opposed to contouring us such where I’m full equality. Then, when I hello bringing that slightly up onto this lid space here, I think so for my blush, I’m using this wet and wild and pearlescent pink. We talked about this before it is peach, I’m okay with it. It’s fine. I think blush really does help to get that more unnatural. Cutesy look. So I’m loading this on as preach, and what I’d like to do is whatever is left in this brush. Unless you just run it over the rest of my face, because this has got a slight like pearl essence to it, I just feel like it takes away that green powder enos and also stops it from looking like really white in the center to Reedy darker and The edge of the face – you’re, not saying no, you know this is the part that I’m a little bit afraid of fire.
You want to because I’ve seen Nicki makeup too, and it’s from and she makes everyone look flawless and I want to look flawless so here we go now we are using the back yet shimmering skin Perfector liquid again, so the thing will be used all over face. First, I’m going to use this to highlight. I know I used to Charlotte Tilbury already brides expecting that to be a little bit of a blush situation, but it wasn’t. You could just go in with a normal highlighter right now and that was set this Charlotte celebrate that we already out on top, as you can see, it’s given a gorgeous natural glow. If you do put a powder highlighter on top that’s, what’s gonna, give it a more makeup II, look as opposed to a more natural. Oh, my god. I am so naturally glowy. What are you talking about? Look so I’m gonna try this hmm pray. For me, please, okay, so what Nicki makeup does is she takes a tiny in mind? She says on a brush. This can take off your valuation and everything underneath or is a technique to it. So I’m hoping that I can master the technique, so I’m hoping I don’t fluff it up. Basically, she always works in a handsome try not to take up too much of my Prussia read kind of walking into it too much and then we’re just gonna apply. This right to the highest point and opera and the temple: that’s where you get like super super, Oh anyways explain you guys can see Wow my chickpea vendor, I’m just very late. I’ve. Let you just apply the tiniest amount and I’m being super super careful not to brush too hard, I’m being super delicate, but guys look at that glow. My skin looks like glass, oh my god that is holidays skin right there. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve done that’s this size with the glow, and that’s this I just with the Charlotte Ella green. I bear in mind. I did prepare over top of it, so that would have done the Dane. So you know this is absolutely fine. This is normally whenever I do a step like this. I always prepare them eyeliner. On top, I can’t stop myself cuz, you know, whatever you put a powder highlighter on top of a cream, it makes it super intense and just blinding, and I’m always like I wanna – take it there, but today we’re not taking it there today we’re going for Fresh glowy glass like skin, oh, my god, I cannot get over how like nice, that looks anna hasn’t taken off my foundation underneath guys.
Do you see this? That’s it roped into my hands corners here anywhere that you did go to over what he just take your powder brush, I’m just fine! So far, all I’m really excited by that from her okay, I’m gonna go. Do my brows off camera because that’s boring! This is what we look like night with our eyebrows on it’s just a little bit more. I don’t know you kind of get the full picture a little bit more. I guess moving on to eyes, I’m not gonna be using my pedo a space. Oh yes, I know that is kind of just more so for Instagram love. I find it’s just a little bit too heavy for this kind of look, because we are kind of going for more glowy or whatever I feel like the pedo is based, does give you such a blank canvas, whereas in this situation, that’s not what I want to Be honest, you could just pad your eyes, stick on an eyelash, don’t even have to put on mascara left and off you go, but I am going to put on a little bit of eyeshadow just because with photographs I feel like my ice and luckily but to Whites know what you kind of do is this: you just get your bronzer and just all over across the eye. I am gonna be taking see if you’re from my urban by the Pollack, just because I do prefer something. That’s a little bit more yellowy Brown. What I like it’s, what I like and with this like, I said, we’re not gonna, be too precise with this, usually can’t just this on today’s. You know. Let’s just leave me on then there, so you can see properly we’re just getting rid of any of the crease in what I’m gonna do is go in with Sam your first and we’re literally just banks in this all over the lids do not have to Be neat with this at all: we’re just building up the color up packing it all over the lid right into that last night. All me into the inner corner, you better bring it right up, just until you get to the crease area. So what we’re doing at the moment is just my panic or mapping it out very harshly like so we’re done, haha. Yes, so let me get to this stitch. What you’re gonna do is this. You just use whatever’s left on your brush and you’re just going to very lightly blend the edges, and that opens at the crease area. As you can see, it starts to diffuse that harsh line I didn’t set my crease just cuz, that’s what I’m used to. But if you want to set your crease of course you can then on a slightly bigger fluffier brush.
I’m just gonna take the bronzer that I have in my face and we’re just going to blend the very edges of that I kind of diffuse the eyeshadow more. I think, using your bronzer on your eyes is the best thing ever. It kind of just keeps everything quite monochromatic, and you just know it’s going to blend seamlessly into your skin, because your bronzer is on your skin and Sun. You know, do you feel me doing the exact same thing then, underneath because it is gonna be a little hot here and it’s weather and things are gonna crease a little bit more and you like to bring the eyeshadow underneath the eye I cut into The crease area, obviously your eyeshadows and your bronzer, our pyatters, so they’re, going to have with the creasing situation I’ll go crazy, what’s name I’ll bear with me. The reason why I want to show you this look is because it’s so interchangeable and so easy to okay, tweek and the littlest way about makes such a big difference so, like I said this does give you a little bit of color a little bit of want A little bit of I mean effort, but I actually use one or no kind of deal you can wear with. Eyelashes have definitely amped it up or you can definitely wear what eyelashes as well. Without looking like a bald ego, I always nothing. Well, you go. I’ve got nothing in my waterline, but if you wanted, you can make it super smoky where you could brand in the waterline all right, so you could go for a nude and your waterline we’re just gonna make your eyes look even bigger if you feel like You’ve got small eyes and you just wanna look super fresh. I always recommend going for a nude eyeliner in the waterline. Why it’s a little bit too Stern. I prefer a nude, that’s just me and of course, I’m gonna go for eyelashes, because that’s just the way I roll. These are my eyelashes in the style really just not as structured as my other two and I feel like they’re, the perfect lash or holidays they’re super flexible and super easy to put on. Oh, my god, eyelashes. It’s super close to my lash line. Is I actually Escarra on first and then what I do is they get my fingers and I squid the two together. I know some people like to put on the mascara after they do their eyelashes, but that just ruins them next month, goofy, if every time you’re putting on an eyelash, you put mascara on, of course, gonna get all clumped in one.
So I like sprawling mascara before hunt thick, the eyelashes on while the mascara is still kind of wet and then squidge the two together. It’s squid your words. I don’t know if I’m making that word glitch, it’s a fun word to say a squid, so I’d say the more oh, not sure how the fact I’ll just take and prophecy for my Paula on a little tiny little paintbrush and we’re just gonna find some Freckles on you already know, would it be me if I didn’t do this hello? We just reads that natural makeup effect. That’s it for my face time when I actually set it with the Anasazi Beverly Hills, dewy setting spray. What this does is it kind of just makes any of the patterns that we did use kind just melt into the skin. I can stop the from looking a little bit too powdery, I’m not gonna say it just feels good team honestly in regards to actually making your makeup last longer, I don’t if Sutton spreads do that, but what they do do do do is make your powders Kind of melt into your skin, so it definitely is something that I could not leave the house without doing, I cannot get over how glossy look and my skin is. I much prefer a wet highlight, as opposed to powder highlight I feel like it just looks missing this excuse me. You could pair this with whatever type of lip combo you would like, so you can go for nudes if you’re on your honey box. Obviously, you might want to go for a red orange red or maybe you want to go all exampie with a dark lip. You can do whatever you want and that’s why I feel like this is the perfect holiday? Look, if you will don’t know if I mentioned, but of course you could I glitter over top of this, do you wanted to bring a little bit more Sparkle? I wanted to go from that. I feel like it’s been a while, since I did like a nice matte eye, you know her lips, I’m gonna be using my Laura Mercier lip liner in the shade NIC once my left planner is on. I’m gonna apply a little bit of lip balm. This is the fatty Beauty content Pro Catherine lip balm, the gasps name, I’m not gonna put it straight on because I hit whenever the things get like covered in color, you have on already does my nothing. So you stick whatever glass or Nothing or whatever you want from the center might have been dry as recently. So this is what I’ve been doing to have the situation. I found something about the highlight hello good There we have a finished fast look and for my body normally, I always always always love my Norma double radiance primer, so so gorgeous across the chest gives it a bit of coverage as well, but because I’ve got developing channel, I don’t want to master that army.
So I’m just gonna take ice I sleep every Hills, I’m Reesie highlight and just pop that on all the highest points, get a little life going on here You know, I think, all your stuff look, I don’t have to I’m gonna, have to explain I try sticking my hair, but I can kind of given it that wet look holidays vibes I just emerged from the ocean like this it’s sitting, but that’s because my hair is greasy but anyways and I’ve uploaded a nurse Briana But I don’t know how I feel about it, because I know people are gonna ask I think I got these heaps from Topshop now you can get pretty similar ones, pretty good thing misguided, since there is basically the finished look with the nude lever Just for the laughs, I’m going to show you how I’m gonna change never had let Powers go over with my foundation brush What Fred look am I going to wear today, a long about you, but I’m using am a cherry lip liner This has been in my collection for a very, very long time that lip liner by itself, I’ve worn so many times it’s a real blue red though there is blue red under it sandwiches What I really like, I feel like blue red undertones, is what makes your teeth look really white, I’m grand, but that’s on top, just because I want to this Is the Mac retro liquid lip color in fashion legacy, and this one is kind of warm like a true red, just kind of brightens up CLI go sand Blue rides, make your teeth, look whiter or Birds Orangey reds are more summery and kind of holiday II, but they do bring out the yellowness and your teeth so just be mindful just to be mindful boom There’s the red lip version What do you guys think? I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial like I said this is what I’m gonna be wearing on my face the whole time, if you recreate this look a front half up or whatever then place, I’m sure to give a big thumbs up I will be on my holly Bob Sun In my sales, I will have a clothing haul comment with everything that I’m wearing on my holidays, so stay tuned for that and yeah

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