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Eat all my pregnancy desire!!!

1 Nov , 2019  

Well, because it’s just about time for second breakfast hey guys, so what is up, I hope, you’re all having a fantastic fantastic weekend. Hopefully it’s a little warmer where you are than where I am right. Now and today we are going to be eating all of my pregnancy cravings if you couldn’t already tell by the title – and that is why you’re here, because pregnancy cravings are super interesting and everyone’s is a little bit different though there are some consistencies across the port.
Usually pickles.. Seeing the types of food she was eating versus what I was eating, and I thought you know what I’m off duty today. So let’s eat some food, I’m currently 16 weeks long right now! Oh you can’t really talk. You can’t really see the bump, because big sweater, by the way in case you’re.. At the same time, Chris is gonna be joining in and trying some of these foods as well we’re gonna start with some breakfast foods, so we’re gonna work our way through the day feel, like my arms. You see this, that’s a weird camera angle. I’m doing change it, so the first one I want to talk about is one that really helped me a lot in that first trimester when I was really really sick, and that is some homemade chocolate chip, banana bread or banana muffins that my mother-in-law made now. I just have one slice here. This was not enough for me. No, I had more like for every morning, but we’re eating a lot of food today, but I always had it warmed up with some butter. On top it just sat really well in my stomach, it absorbed a lot of the excess like acids and everything I had a lot of I had to have done. I took a lot of gas, it’s gone for a while fair. I never ended up with any sort of stomach ache afterwards or, like I had to like lie down for a bit. It’s just and it’s so like I hate this word. I hate this word so um I’ve got it applies here moist. It is just a very rich and delicious banana bread, and, like I mean you, can’t go wrong with banana loaf. You know and oftentimes like the kids would help Trish. My mother-in-law make all these different banana loaves and banana muffins and all these different things and yeah. No, I ate Vick squeals mmm, oh it’s so bad. By the way none of this food will be going to waste at all. All of us who will be either packaged up immediately or eaten between myself or any of the children Russell Chris.
Obviously, Chris will be eating a lot of this okay. This next food is a little weird, maybe for some of you, but I’m telling you. It is delicious, probably started this craving like maybe a month ago or so, and it’s something that my dad had a lot when I was growing up and yeah. I just just thought of it randomly and I was like I made it, and it is shredded wheat, like those big works of shredded wheat, most often associated with the elderly, or at least from the commercials that I remember growing up there. So good, though, don’t don’t judge them, and so what I would do is I have a nice bowl of warm milk like a cat and then I would take either shredded wheat or these are like Muffet. I never had these, but this is on sale, so we bought some and then I would take out probably two of them up the Muffit ones, but like one of the shredded wheat ones, because they’re a little bit bigger and then we just plop it in to The warm milk you know soaking up all that, milky goodness and then the piece de resistance we take some peach jam. This is the President’s Choice: Black Label peach jam, and it is phenomenal if you like, like a good like chunky jam, which I know is not everyone’s vibe but like I love it, and I would just take some of this and now there’s a way of doing This, no, I would take the jam and first you have to put some into the milk first. Half of it goes into the milk so that it makes the milk kind of sweet and it like warms up some of the peach jam and then the rest goes on top of the shredded wheat /ml bit not pit, and then you turn it over. And then you just like dig into it and still like this is still a craving of mine, and I have this almost every single morning, like you, got to grab a little bit of the peach jam a little bit of the shredded wheats and milk mmm good System, okay, Chris, go Chrissy! Oh, this is your my weird I don’t know breakfast soup comes. It doesn’t look great, it’s so good. Did you get the peach damn with it? No, it’s very important. It’s an important part of it. Actually, you know what that’s better than I thought. Thank you. You know I’ve indicated it’s like mini week, yeah big kind of soggy mini week. Okay, that’s that’s fair! That’s sorry! I’Ll! Take that I, like the peach jam with it. You have to get the big.
The big pieces of peach jam with it that’s the best part. It’s like finding all the marshmallows and looking turns retired brown sugar instead of peach jam. No just just add more, should I put some caramel on top, I’m glad you like that yeah. Thank you. Next up is actually a pretty common breakfast food, but it isn’t a food that I would normally have reached for like pre pregnancy, but it’s something I have wanted so much this pregnancy and that is scrambled eggs and Chris makes a phenomenal scrambled egg, and I just Will eat like a giant bowl of it with an English, muffin, they’re, nice and creamy and phenomenal, but like I, I’m not as good at making them for whatever reason they’re, just not as creamy they’re, just really good and they’re good for you, nice protein, you know Mmm so good, you know some scrambled eggs Christopher. I do make them they’re so good. I put a lot of pepper on what’s wrong with that is that are normal, but they’re so good YUM. Now, let’s move on to lunch dinner foods, one of the cravings. I really loved early on in the pregnancy. I talked about it a little bit in the announcement. I had so many salads with Julia when I was pregnant with Julia as well, but this time around same sort of thing, lots of like carrots and dip a lot of salad and I needed on my salads every single time, this giant bag of crispy fried onions. It’s like having chips with your salad and like I’m, not mad at that, so I would sprinkle a huge handful of these. On top of my salad with cucumbers and tomatoes balsamic, I would either do like a Boursin cheese or a goat cheese or something on top, and it was just so good and things like I mean you could just eat them out of the bag. This is what I’m gonna do right now, but like this is what they look like just like little crunchy things. Oh, they smell so good phenomenal. Just like fried crispy deliciousness super salty. I love them mmm. Another thing that I always want when I’m pregnant and I think it’s because most of the time I can’t have it or it’s it’s not recommended to have, and that is sushi now. Obviously, there are different types of sushi: there is cooked sushi and there is raw sushi. It is recommended not to consume any raw fish or anything like that, while you’re pregnant. So I ended up having a lot of California rolls with the fake crab in it, which is actually cooked Pollock.
So again it is safe and I would just have this like ravenous craving for it, and so I would finish my dinner and then I’d be like sushi. So I’d have my sushi tons of soy, sauce tons of wasabi as well, and I would just sit there and demolish this entire thing. After just having finished dinner – and I liked it nice and spicy too, like I wanted a lot more wasabi than I would have normally put in and again everyone’s taste preference for spicy food. You might see this and be like that’s not spicy right job, but for me this is a lot more than I would normally do, and I love it. I’m gonna put more wasabi on top of my sushis. I don’t think I put enough in mmm. I just got the perfect amount of kick to it and it just like really satified satisfies that craving for sushi. Do you wanna buy to sushi? I put some wasabi anyway yeah. I know we’re gonna have some chicken yeah. That’s right! It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday! Today, we’re gonna have more sushi ready, ready. Oh it’s not the same as like going to a restaurant and we’re there like professionals that, like or being in California or honey, it’s good for what I can have right now. Let me have this one. Next, up on the lunch list. Do it no exception? So, for me, mine was NW and not just anything from a NW. No, no, it had to be the chubby chicken strips chicken fingers for light. I remember there’s one day: oh my gosh, they smell so good. There was one day in particular and we were heading to a friend’s house or something, and we hadn’t told anyone that we were pregnant yet, and so I was feeling so sick and I just needed something to sit in my stomach and sit well in my stomach And I was like chicken figures: that’s that’s the only thing I would be able to eat, not not a hamburger, not a chicken sandwich and want any bread, just proteins, and it worked. I felt so much better afterwards. Aww. Thank you, of course, there’s literally no point in having chicken fingers, if you don’t have it with like plum, sauce or sweet and sour sauce or honey mustard. You don’t like. I like the sweet, sauces, mmm, oh and there’s still warm. Oh, you didn’t get any plum sauce, oh cool, again, mm-hmm, a craving that you guys have probably seen on insta story.
If you follow me along on Instagram, if you want to know more about what I’m eating or what makeup I’m wearing, you can go. Follow me there, but this one is like a staple, and this has been a staple for like basically every single prank, every single pregnancy right, Chris, the PC white cheddar in bulk. Thank You oven. This is purchased in bulk. We buy so many of these and I go through every one of them they are. This is so good and has a nice bite of the white cheddar, it’s not too much. It’s nice and creamy. I usually overcome the corona, which is perfect for me and then what I do is I always need to make sure that I add a ton of pepper on top like it like a ton, so you first you gotta, do the first layer and then you’ve Got to mix it a little bit cuz, then you can get some more pepper on and you add some more pepper. On top, I make it super peppery delicious. This is using. This is actually your your lunch today, Christopher. No, no, you can’t have my chicken fingers. No, this is a pregnancy craving, but Chris will have it with me. If I do make it so it’s kind of garbage food, so I don’t need it if you’re not pregnant, but if it’s here I mean – and I know you’re probably wondering Rachel – where are the pickles? I know I know, don’t worry it’s coming now, because something that I have been really enjoying with this pregnancy in particular is salmon cam salmon, and I have it in a multitude of different ways and, of course into said, salmon goes a lot lot of pickles. So, first of all canned salmon, so I know that in pregnancy you have to be careful with how much of different types of fish that you are consuming. There are safer alternatives out there. Obviously so this isn’t something I have all of the time, but it’s something I just had like a stint of like a week where it was all I could think about. So I mixed the canned salmon with Dijon and mayo salt and pepper five dill on hand. I really want to throw in a ton of gel, because that is just like the perfect combo for me and then, of course, pickles got to cut up a whole ton of pickles, just chop them and like stick them right in and then I’ll have this. It’s a little too big. Let’s quarter it either as like salmon, melts kind of like tuna melts and I’ll put them on like an English muffin and put some cheese on top or I’ll. Have it with crackers like it’s a dip and we’ll get to the crackers in a second? Those are very important. I have a very specific kind of cracker, and it’s just it’s really delicious full of protein.
I mean salmon is very good for you to see how much pickle I’m throwing in here like I’m, not I’m not even done yet. I know pickles are such a like a quintessential pregnancy food group. Yes, it’s a food group and then the types of crackers that I like are the Breton ones and Kris gets foot a giant packet that this this isn’t even all of them like we have like another three of these packages downstairs. They have a bunch of different flavors and my favorite. My favorite are these ones, which are this like rectangular ones, and I usually have a box of these on my nightstand because I usually get hungry in the middle of the night, and I just need something to settle my stomach. Otherwise, I will wake up and feel super sick must have crackers in all places. At all times. I even have some in my purse, okay, so I’m just going to put some on normally I just kind of like dip it in and just put a whole bunch on try to get a nice good, balanced cracker for it. You know it’s so good, fine I’ll. Let you slide on this one, that’s very good, so piccoli I feel like I don’t just like open up like a can and I’m like, eat a whole bunch of pickles, except in Winnipeg. Oh pickle. This is a human craving. You just need those in your life. They’Re, so good only homemade ones, though your grandma makes the best pickled beets in the world. Does she have a recipe for him? Can I take it? Oh I’ll be my snack later, not all of it at once. Part of it will be my snack. Another thing that I really needed a lot of, especially when I was feeling really really sick early on. I need a lot of cream of mushroom soup like full-on good old, Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup from a can was a staple for me, and not just that. Sometimes what I would do is, I would take some pasta, especially bowties I mean. Can we all agree that bowtie pasta is the best shaped pasta? There is, unless it’s like the k-t, what was it? They did all the shapes and what I’ll do is. I will take the cream of mushroom soup. I will use about half a can of milk to the concentrate versus like a full can of milk. So it’s a little bit thicker and then I will sound so gross. I will pour it over top of pasta and it just makes it creamy it’s a little bit of a sauce. It feels very comforting for me again. It sits really well when you’re feeling real sick, so I just like take some and I like it like chunkier.
I, like the cream of mushroom soup with like the chunks in it and I’ll just pour it on top just like, and it’s it’s so good, Oh pepper, we can’t forget pepper man like seeing all of my pregnancy cravings out like one right after the other, like I thought I was pretty normal with my craving, so it’s like, I don’t know, salads and stuff lemonade, but now that I’m how strange some of them are and that’s just like no soupy, delicious pasta, nice and creamy very comforting. You know – and Chris will have this with me – this isn’t just me Chris you’ll eat some of this mushroom soup, pasta right now. What I thought you enjoyed it this whole time. I was just thinking that he was gonna, enjoy it too, but apparently cuz. I do okay now, let’s go on to like snacky foods and I feel like. Maybe this is just my experience with it, but I feel like pregnant women are like very snacky. I’m just always hung I’m either not hungry at all or I’m constantly hungry. There is no one between for me, I just grazing all day like a sheep or cow or something another one. It isn’t really a snack, but it is something that I had throughout the day and I had to make them from scratch and it’s ginger chews, I’m gonna find the recipe. So I can like talk about it now. You can obviously buy ginger chews. There was a really good one from chimes. I tried one of them cuz Chris bought some because I wasn’t feeling very well, but I’m allergic to nuts and they make like a peanut and ginger flavored. One so could could eat the rest of them, but the recipe of the one that I made is from the website heart of wellness org, and they had a ginger to recipe on there. That’s the one that I followed, but that was like crucial for me and I’m so glad that I took the time to make them. It was 100% worth it for me. Actually, my dad really enjoyed them just because he enjoys ginger and yeah. It was like it was a really good recipe, so highly recommend that one next up another. So this one I took from my daughter, I mean technically we bought it for her for school and then I saw them and I was like well. I need to eat all of these sorry Julia and is goldfish crackers, and it’s so funny that I wanted these and all these different, salty snacks, because I am such a sweet girl.
You guys know I love my cookies. I love brownies, I love baking sweet things and this entire pregnancy. I’ve really not until like now, I’m starting to bake cookies. Again, don’t worry, have no fear, but up until now, I really haven’t been wanting anything sweet. So I’ve been all about all the salty snacks. The Doritos, the goldfish crackers basically and another snack actually heading into the next one, is a popcorn. We actually bought a little mini popcorn maker because we want to do a popper maker in our basement, which we’re still in the process of like just furnishing it now. But it’s basically all done, cannot wait for you guys to see it. It’s so good! Well, we bought this one off at am almost lost alone. We bought this one off of Amazon. It’s by Hamilton Beach. It’s been working pretty well for us. It uses hot air to pop the popcorn, which is healthier until you lost the lid again until you add all G butter and salt that I put on mine, I have not wanted popcorn at all for the last, like oh five years, and now I make it Basically, every single day, apparently that was the dramatic conclusions we have our delicious popcorn here, but we don’t leave it at just this because apparently I just need to make it super unhealthy. So I’ll do a mixture of butter and a little sprinkling of some sea salt on top, and then she is good to go. I’m gonna mix it around make sure you get all the layers this also. This butter has a little bit of an herb. Seasoning tuned for the next snack, I’m gonna talk about, but normally it’s just plain butter and then sometimes, if I’m feeling super fancy I’ll throw some some goldfish crackers in there too cuz, then you get a little bit of cheesy get a little bit of a Salty buttery thing going on, you know: mmm, there’s one steak here and eat this Lotus hangout chat, meet some popcorn /, bold fish and then for basically my only sweet craving that I have had so far this entire pregnancy. It is ice cream, french, vanilla, ice cream. This is chapman’s because it’s a few that I can eat – and I will have this with a surprising topping because I’ve talked about this before and how much I’m not a big fan of it, but I will have it with caramels – are a bundle. Normally I don’t like caramel syrup at all, but when I have this ice cream, I need it with this.
They can need it and what I’m gonna do, because I am only having one bite of this, because I have a lot of food here in front of me I’m gonna go all in and I’m just gonna take a bite right out of the box, because I can I’m pregnant and do whatever I want and like a little drizzle on top Am i right, then, we’re gonna take a pickle and put it right now, I’m just kidding normally, I’m not a big fan of caramel, and yet it’s so good with this mm-hm and I feel like ice cream is another one of those classic pregnancy cravings that A lot of women really enjoy – and I am no exception to that rule – is very good Also you’ll note that it is open from the side here and not from where it’s supposed to be open Where is it here? Don’t ask me why I don’t remember who openness but yeah, pretty sure I’ve already got it going and then another very specific craving that I’ve been having recently is for the Red Lobster cheddar Bay biscuits They look like this They smell unbelievable, they’re, nice and doughy and rich, and just again they just they taste good they’re comforting and they sit really well on my stomach I don’t eat like this all the time, but we’re just talking cravings here like I do Try and you know interspersed some fruits and vegetables into my daily routine as well Oh, my gosh a little light and flaky There can’t be any calories in this It’s too good Chris, do you want some cheddar Bay? Biscuits are really good get in yeah before I eat them all so yummy right it was a journey Today I made a lot of food mm-hmm, some of it good All of it was delicious know what you’re talking about very nice My food is delicious baby think so anyway I hope it was fun for you cuz they’ll leave them down below I get all of your insta Deion’s I see you guys sending me all the the tasty in the so your recipes I get them, don’t worry I’m on it, but I hope you guys are having an awesome awesome weekend you all say here Russell is biscuit mmm, I better be good with a salmon It was the right thing to do thought I did that No, this is fantastic I’m so glad I have another four of these

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