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Eat vegan food all day long (stressful)

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens are welcome to my channel, so in today’s here I am gonna go begin that for the day, okay, so I feel like this is gonna open a massive jar of worms, because, I’m scared, I’m actually really scared, so we’re gonna go buy some groceries and I’m gonna cook everything um I mean I could order things in, but I thought it’d be a better experience to cook everything. Okay, so obviously you guys know that being a vegan is not using or consuming any animal products, so I’ve just gone ahead and googled pros and cons of being a vegan.
So some of the advantages over they can diet, it says, may help lower cholesterol may help lower blood pressure increases antioxidant intake. It helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Heart attacks, strokes, obesity, some cancers, so there’s a lot a lot. A lot of pros disadvantages of a vegan diet, a radical change. I don’t see how that’s a disadvantage at all difficulty when dining out I mean I do have a vegan friend and it definitely was a lot harder for her to eat out. But you can obviously just choose restaurants that have vegan options and then you don’t have a problem, so I don’t think that’s really. I mean you have less options. That’s for sure. I feel like this is a really touchy subject for a lot of people. What people consume so it’s going to be interesting and try to just relax in the comments. This is just something that I want to do and I just want to see how I feel at the end of the day, if I feel a lot better, because I know what I ain’t meat, sometimes I do feel really sick and I’m I’m not. I know I know a lot of people will have different opinions on this, but I don’t think that humans were designed to eat me. I mean I still do so. I can’t really. I can’t really say that, but it just like. I understand why people go vegan. A hundred a hundred percent – I have so much respect for them because I could imagine it would be really hard. So yeah, that’s pretty much all I have to say just relax.. I’m just experimenting. I just want to see if I feel better and how hot it is. So let’s go shopping by the way. It is seven o’clock in the morning, so yeah hopefully closes or anything. So let’s go okay, guys, sir I’ve narrowed it down. We have the tomato and basil bruschetta if, like that, would be good for breakfast and then this juice, I feel like, would be nice with it, and then I have like all of these other options here that I’m just gonna have on the side like.
I can choose from all right: let’s do this. Oh I’ve got washing in there. That was stressful. All right. I only dropped the can of tomatoes, brother, okay, so my first thought of going shopping for all of this vegan food was, I guess, because I’m not used to it. It detect a long time. I couldn’t find anything. I’ve never bought Hegel in my last like crazy. I know but Kaelyn my life like I couldn’t find the right bread. I was looking at like the back of like all these biscuits, so I could put hummus on it and excuse me if any of these products aren’t vegan. I honestly try my best but like i was reading the back of all of the ingredients and it was like this may contain milk or egg, and I’m like cool. Do you want do not contain milk or egg, because I need to know because I can’t eat it. Okay, and also when I was going through all of the recipes I kind of chose things that I would generally eat. So if I was to ever go be, you know vegetarian or whatever at least, then I will kind of have an idea of what I like to eat. Stuff. Sorry for free.all mushrooms, oh okay, sir, we have my tomato here. You guys are literally gonna kill me for the way I cut like tomatoes or anything, because I literally just don’t care like I mean update the days it’s gonna, be in my belly into smithereens. So, like I just don’t care, I still like it or not how expensive all this stuff was just three bags of groceries. That’s just not! Okay. The next thing that we have is garlic, cloves hello. Does that mean that garlic is dead? I’m just gonna take the light pot. Cuz, that’s to be googy. That’s don’t need much. Garlic anyway come on. I remember I did hospitality and every time I caught up with my fingers would stink for like a week chives and I’m also gonna put some solder. Oh, my god, you guys have no idea how hot it was to find bread that didn’t have like a meal couple egg in it impossible. Well, it’s impossible! Okay! So I’m just gonna put this in the oven, yeah! Okay! So I’m just gonna go in with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. Oh my god, I’m just in it just a little bit folks on us dry, oh my god, I’m so hungry mm-hmm! That’s so good! I’m glad I run. I mean a rush. Well, lots of likely about I’ll see you guys. Next, it’s been a few hours now and I’m still not hungry. For some reason, usually I’d be eating by now cuz it’s 12 o’clock.
It’s like time for lunch, but because I’m not hungry, I’m gonna make myself eat something a little, because I do have to work for the next two hours and sorry. So I’m gonna make a juice, I’m so excited this cuz. It way still so refreshed. So you have celery lemon, spinach apple, pineapple and kale. I’ve never tried kale. Ever in my life, that’s gonna be interesting and also a big chunk of ginger. It’s a really good for you. So we have my juice get my juicer here. So I’m just gonna start shoving everything in there jeez, I’m gonna be all sugared out after this, but at least it’s not sugar guys can, I just say something really important. I literally forgot to mention that the biggest pro of being a vegan is obviously not killing animals or harming them in any way. I don’t know why I did much that had started completely. Let me say: that’s like the most important thing. That’s why spurts to cut it fast and I’m just lazy? Oh ok, it’s ready, Janka huh, I feel like so many people will be able to relate to this like when you try to eat healthy. Like oh, no trap, I think it’s the kale. It’s kind of better how you’re Jason pineapple. It’s really not that bad, I’m just being dramatic, so I just got nice a light bulb on the ground. I don’t know if like helps a vegan, but I’m about to giggle, and if it’s when I’m gonna be really upset cuz, I just want it. It says mercy, my lollipops ah stay with the vegetarians yuck. I don’t even wanna know. What’s in that guess, you got a haircut my little bubbly, oh wow, guess what guys I’m going vegan for the day, yeah be proud of Mommy! Oh now, I’m gonna make myself a soup. This one is called spicy black bean and corn soup with chili. So I’m going to add a few of my own ingredients, but it’s just when I got off taste. I always leave it true late and I’m like already so hungry. So we have celery sweet, potato corn, capsicum tomato paste, garlic, black beans, red onion, pine nuts and a pasta okay. So the first thing it says is to add black beans into the saucepan. I don’t even like celery. Maybe this is what tasted really gross this morning in that drink and then I’m just gonna go with some chunky. Garlic paste I like originally was first to do like fresh garlic. I love garlic. Just keep that in mind great um, but my thing is smellin. Na+, never ever, oh, my god guys are literally just read the recipe and it says, put all the ingredients in a slow cooker for seven hours, hon Iran.
They got 30 minutes. Not even that I don’t care. I’m just gonna sit Larry. My welp I’m using like the biggest snuff you can get for this like little job. Does that get some other taste? I literally just thought to myself: oh my god, this would taste so much he’s on it, Jerry setting vegan, okay. Lastly, I’m announcing my notes, say it back, really love them so much. Alright, please, okay, sir! I’m about to try it it kind of just like spaghetti bolognaise, but instead of meat. It’s got beans in it. I literally go away. I love pasta. Mm come over the pine, not just sharpen. Usually I would eat this with me and your client tastes like it’s missing something, but, like I’m glad that I’m not eating me, sir, I just read the back of the roasted salted cashew nuts and it says, may contain traces of eggs gluten milk, peanuts, sesame seeds, Sweetly, why, like? What do you mean Mei? What does that mean? Does it mean it’s like it’s like? These are made at a factory where there’s like egg and milk, and there could possibly be that’s like people in there that are allergic, but that not it’s not actually in it. I think that’s what it is remember it anyway. So instead, I’m gonna have a Punnett, almost roll brace. Oh my god stories, my favorite, I’m not gonna lie there. I really really do feel good. Actually, I think I’m full. I can’t figure out how I’m feeling, just because I don’t eat this type of food, all the time like, usually, I literally eat eggs every morning for breakfast and then I eat a chicken wrap for lunch, and then I eat steak for dinner or something, oh, my God you guys gonna be surfers out. It has been a few hours now I am leaving. It is time for dinner, sir. I wish they don’t have anything left, that’s vegan in my fridge and I refused to have that pasta stuff again, because I’m just not feeling it. It just didn’t just didn’t work for me, but so Monica rates right now and I just typed in the vegan and the first thing that popped up was if veganism pizzeria. So I’m gonna order a super supreme pizza with like vegan ham, egg and cheese. All that stuff, so I feel like that’ll be really cool to test that out and then I go to sprite a cart and Kelly said that the coke isn’t a vegan Is it Megan, I’m pretty sure coke is vegan I’ll be feeling there’s something I might have done a speech ever it says you should know that a few of our drinks do contain small traces of fish and gelatin.
Does that maybe gelatin Spig feet feet pig hoofs brand up people? That’s really disgusting! Okay! So that’s pretty just arrived, I’m here with Kelly and the tree dopes because they obviously want to join in But this is what it looks like it’s really small, there’s glue, looks good, looks good This was $16, I mean it looks good It kind of smells like dog food mm-hmm Being what do you reckon Ben? Do you like it yeah she does Her nurse is going Oh I’m so scared, that’s good, mm-hmm yeah! Also it was different You know I better Take it Take a big chunk of for making him and cheese mm-hmm What guy? How do they make the hand? Is it beans, smashed together beans? It looks like ham, I don’t no idea, not serious I think that I think that’s hella It’s like tofu II It doesn’t taste anything like hammer, nine, it’s very powdery You got a bit of vegan on you I like it, not pepper I needa don’t like dirty shoes, yeah No, it’s just bland, it’s just like wet cardboard That’s all that we were eating I mean it was a riot at at an odd, probably guy, for I’m very like six, but I dated again if I was a vegan, if it what if it was the last thing I had to eat, it’s definitely be, I would have happily ate it yeah I mean I had to choose: No well obviously, there’s better vegan food in the world than that, and maybe I just don’t like vegan ham and all of that, or maybe just not that kind So I will train more So I do feel really good for my eating meat or like animal products I feel like I’d, have to be doing this for like a good week If I really want to see how my boy reacted, I don’t feel like yucky and my stomach at all, which is good, because if you wait too much, if you ate a lot of meat, do you feel domestic? Yes, yeah honestly, don’t think that we’re designed to eat me interesting I feel like I look then let me know – and I could maybe like go – eat out and stuff and just like see how hot it is to eat out so give this Video a thumbs up again, I have a lot of respect, people that are vegan, I feel like It is a little bit harder than not being vegan, but obviously it’s for a lot of good causes so kudos to you, I enjoyed being the in for the day, sir please you

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