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Eighth grade Prom makeup tutorial 123 supreme crease cut silver glitter

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey everybody, I’m bad, please like share subscribe. It is prom season prom season, so today I’m gonna teach you guys how to do a 123 supreme. That’s called a 1-2-3 with glitter ak8. A cut crease way. Glitter first step is to make sure the eyebrows are nicely shaped. I like to use a razor blade to sharpen the eyebrows before sculpting it. I always shave above the lip, because if you don’t, it will show a shadow after a makeup application, not for her eyebrows.
I’ve killed it in a matte cosmetic brand. I said oh and I’m sculpting it with a lighter concealer or foundation now I’ll be using black opal stick foundation in the color Julie topaz to cover concealer, underneath her eyebrow bones, then I’ll be using the same foundation to cover above for eyelid as an eyeshadow base. Next I’ll be using the shade nutmeg by black opal to apply above for eyebrows to cover up that concealer. You can tone down the eyebrows as much as you like, but I am. I am a little dramatic and that’s how I like my eyebrows, there’s no wrong. The right way to do eyebrows as long as you like how you like your eyebrows, set, it’s all about working and blending that foundation into the halo to make it disappear next I’ll be using my benign clown white cream paste as my eyeshadow base in the last Video you guys learn to 1 2 3 method. Now you guys going to learn to 1 2 3 supreme, which is a priest cut with a pop of glitter. So I’m going to use a British colour in a crease, then I’m going to use a dark black or brownish color on the tips now to cut the crease I’ll be using la girl Pro warm honey to cut the crease, I’m using the flat concealer brush. You can use any flat concealer brush to cut your crease. I always stop my creep at the end of the black tail up, the high shadow now I’ll be using silver eyeshadow to fill in the crease cut, I’m using a silver base eyeshadow for the crease cut, because when I use a silver glitter on top of it, Just in case the glitter don’t catch, everything of the crease cut, the silver were capturing, make sure you use a small little brush to get the detail of the outline of the crease cut.
After applying this silver eyeshadow, you have to go back and blend the tail with the server now I’ll be using duo. White adhesive to place only on top of the silver eyeshadow make sure use a fine brush to make sure you get the detail of the outline of the eyeshadow now with the same brush, I’m using a silver glitter by by cosmetic to press the glitter. On top of the lid, you also do the same technique for the other side of the eyes. After you’re done with the glitter application, you have to go back and touch up the tips with a little bit. Black and brown make sure and look to blend it into the glitter. Litter could be somewhat messy, so you will have to use either makeup wipe or take to remove any fallout that, on the face now I’ll be using my favorite liquid eyeliner call the muse one application with this. Liquid eyeliner is very strong and you’re super black and waterproof next we’ll be applying false lashes. This brand is called a dramedy wispy IUD with me. As a last faith, then I’ll be adding a second lash on top is called wispy. I love to stack my lashes. I’m using fancy eyelash glue and don’t forget the clamp as you go every time you apply eyelashes, you should use the tweets of to clamp it down next I’ll be using Becca, matte poreless primer, all over her face. This is some strong primer, so I suggest when you apply it, you have to move fast before it dries. It’s very good for oily skin, especially when you apply foundation on top of the primer. It does something and it pops to make up even more this. The best product I’ve ever done in my makeup kit now for a foundation, I’m using my cosmetic NC 45 on the inner inner area of her face, then I’ll be using Mac cosmetic and see 50 on the outer rim of her face. I always mix more than one foundation to create the perfect look when mixin foundation, I always try my best to mimic the skin.
If I see your inner skin is lighter in the outer-rim, is darker I’ll try my best to mix whatever color, I think, is suitable for that skin type. The second shade in 350, I always place it on the outer rim of the face to mimic the dark shadow that she has around her face, and I also blended in towards the NC 45. This will create her perfect foundation now for her concealer I’ll be using la girl, warm honey after concealer in highlight the brush that I’m using from crown brushes. I purchase it at like a trade conviction for makeup. I can’t remember that number because I watched it so much that the letters came on. I came to find their breasts, but that’s my favorite brush. I use for everything so right now, I’m just bought testing her on what foundation I’ll be using the concert her. So I’m playing with the NW 48 by MAC, Cosmetics, Studio Fix fluid and the n w 58. I’m pretty happy with the foundation that I made for her skin tone, but I don’t want to mess up her foundation, so I’m very cautious on hard dark. I want her contour to be sometimes I amaze myself of what I can make that brush do during the nose console with the brush is so much easy to me it’s easier for me to do a concert with a brush the next make of convention. Avanti crown brushes again, I will purchase about 20 of those brushes because I cannot find them online now I’ll be setting her face with makeup forever HD powder in the shade 173. I only set the inner area for face, not the outer rim of her face next I’ll be using mac, cosmetics, Kingfisher and the shade Dark Descent. Her outer rim of her face now I’ll be using banana powder by benign cosmetics to give it a highlight for our blush, I’m just using a mixture color from the Juvia blush palette. I know that the blush looks a lot, but normally when it’s rosy, like that, all I do is use the same foundation brush to blend it down. So you should never be scared of blush As long as you have your foundation stick or your foundation brush you just Pat it on the blush and they’ll tone it down so I’ll be giving her an ombre red lip.
I’m using a color from OCC called Dalia black dahlia Then her lipstick is by mac Cosmetics movie room – I am NOT gonna lie to you doing a red lip or armory lip is from what part you gotta, be very precise, now be dusting off all the baking powder The highlight powder for her waterline I’ll be using the line black pencil by my cosmetics, then I’ll be smudging, her eyeliner with a little brownish black color just much underneath her eyes I like to always use like a piece of paper, a little cardboard just to place, underneath the eye to stop any fallout from smudging underneath the eyes Now I’m using the NYX pearl white pigment to pop her in the crease of the eye, they’re, not abusing any mascara just to pull the bottom lash in the top lash now Finally, it’s time to use my favorite glowing products buy my cosmetic gold deposit to give it a shimmer and give it a glow Give it a warm Goldy, looking Goddess feeling, so I’m just using a little shimmer to highlight underneath her eyebrow bone and she’s all done and don’t forget to set her makeup, I’m using urban decay d slick setting spray, so I just gave her the mirror to act On she liked to make up in like her reaction, I’m so happy and pleased as she loves to make up now, she’s ready for prom, and if you guys from know how I take my pictures, I use snapchat snapchat with the flash I will not lie to use snapchat has good days It will take good pictures and bad pictures, so today, Able’s acting right This is a quickest way I always post my pictures on my social media Make sure you check me out on Instagram at face caption and also follow my snapchat face Caption snapchat was I can write today I got me some good pictures and some good footage I hope everybody enjoyed this look Please like share and subscribe and please don’t forget to comment you

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